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United passenger dragged off flight identified as doctor with criminal past ^ | April 11 2017

Posted on 04/11/2017 12:46:11 PM PDT by confederatecarpetbag

The United Airlines passenger dragged off a flight was a doctor who said he was trying to get home to his patients.

The Louisville Courier-Journal says Dr. David Dao is a Vietnamese-American immigrant who specializes in pulmonary disease in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. On Sunday, he was one of four United Express Flight 3411 passengers "randomly selected" to be removed from an overbooked plane in Chicago bound for Louisville, 40 miles outside of Elizabethtown.

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To: ALPAPilot
How about if the crew member told him to do his best bucktoothed Charlie Chan imitation?

Ridiculous? So is giving stupid people unchecked power to act capriciously.

It appears that the flight was NOT overbooked. The "guests" were booted (and beaten) to accommodate airline employees. Poor planning on United's part will cost them dearly, and a rent-a-jackboot, or three, their job(s). Rightfully so.

41 posted on 04/11/2017 2:12:39 PM PDT by Thumper1960 (Trump-2016)
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To: klb99
Little surprised at all the whining on FR....this moron is the only one to blame for this whole soap opera. He should have had the sense and the class to get up and leave quietly. People are bumped all the time. Put on your big boy pants, grow up, and suck it up.

I agree completely, and now the idiot Dr's dirty laundry is exposed to everyone in the USA (and China). That's how stoopit this guy was for not getting off that plane.

42 posted on 04/11/2017 2:16:34 PM PDT by EnquiringMind
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To: confederatecarpetbag

It’s hard to believe all the snowflakes on this one. Dr. Dao woke up and had a bowl of Stupid for breakfast. 4 people were asked to leave the jet... 3 left “peacefully.” The Dr. decided to play “Occupy United” and pretend he was going to die on his mission to save the plane. When you are asked to leave a plane by a law enforcement officer and you refuse you enter a whole new level of stupid. As you are being escorted off the plane you can do all the whining and complaining and moaning and not break federal law. Once you refuse and resist... you better have a good lawyer to find a loop hole in the law that allows you to hijack an aircraft with a load of people who want to get home. Over 40,000 overbookings took place last year! How many “Dr. Daos” did we hear about. This guy was just playing martyr.

43 posted on 04/11/2017 2:20:13 PM PDT by missnry (The truth will set you free ... and drive liberals crazy!)
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To: confederatecarpetbag

I’d say the context is irrelevant.

Since he was selected randomly, not based on his history, it didn’t matter who it happened to.

44 posted on 04/11/2017 2:27:40 PM PDT by fruser1
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To: LouieFisk
Yup, anything else is just smoke-screening. It was airport rent-a-cops from what I understand, by the way.

They were Chicago Department of Aviation security officers. Interestingly, the Chicago PD (which was not involved in the incident) released a statement saying the guy fell and injured himself!


...a Chicago Police news affairs officer — not the aviation cops — initially released a statement to an unnamed media outlet saying that a “69-year-old male Asian airline passenger” became “irate” aboard the flight and that aviation officers “attempted to carry the individual off the flight when he fell.

45 posted on 04/11/2017 2:30:56 PM PDT by Ken H (Best election ever!)
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To: EnquiringMind

Well I think it is time the people woke up and stop meekly accepting being treated like cattle.
If I paid you in advance to transport me to a destination at aagreed time you damn well better do just that. The airlines shouldn’t be permitted to disrupt paying customers lives simply for airlines incompetent scheduling.

46 posted on 04/11/2017 2:31:01 PM PDT by hoosierham (Freedom isn't free)
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To: confederatecarpetbag

Criminal background is irrelevant. He had a good job that he had to be at the next morning. It’s hard to get a good job with a record. I don’t blame him.

47 posted on 04/11/2017 2:34:21 PM PDT by Sasparilla ( I'm Not tired of Winning)
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To: confederatecarpetbag

I was bumped from a British Airways flight from St Petersburg to London n 1996 when it landed in Warsaw. I was offered no compensation, hotel accommodations, or an explanation. When I asked why I was being removed, the only answer was a stern: “You have to get off.” I figured out for myself that the flight had been overbooked. I complied and had to spend the next 26 hours in the waiting room seated (when I wasn’t walking in a circle keeping my eye on my luggage) in a hard-plastic, unupholstered banana seat until the next flight to my destination. I could not venture into Warsaw because I had no visa.

48 posted on 04/11/2017 2:44:37 PM PDT by luvbach1 (I hope Trump runs roughshod over the inevitable obstuctionists, Dems, progs, libs, or RINOs!)
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To: PhilDragoo

How do you sneek back on to a plane you were escorted from? Also, belligerent passengers are cheered when being removed, this one was the opposite.

49 posted on 04/11/2017 2:59:26 PM PDT by defal33
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To: confederatecarpetbag
It doesn't matter if he was or wasn't a convicted felon. He has paid his debt to society. This is the old "Blame the victim" ploy.

In reality United Airlines, treatment of one of their customers and paying passengers who had already boarded the plane and taken his seat was treated criminally. They beat him unconscious and illegally removed him from the airplane. If they had wanted to remove passengers they have to do so before they board the plane and have taken their seats.

United Airlines is about to deservedly get the pants sued off of them. UAL lost nearly A BILLION DOLLARS in value today alone.

50 posted on 04/11/2017 3:30:28 PM PDT by Jmouse007 (Lord God Almighty, deliver us from this evil in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.)
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To: confederatecarpetbag

Actually it is quite a simple analogy, if you are asked to leave, it doesn’t matter why at the time, you are obliged to leave. A taxi driver can evict you from his taxi, just like the airline. The reason doesn’t matter, you can’t refuse to leave.

51 posted on 04/11/2017 3:32:37 PM PDT by PJBankard
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To: LouieFisk


52 posted on 04/11/2017 3:33:12 PM PDT by PJBankard
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To: defal33

I noticed out of all those people whining about him being dragged off the plane; not one of them volunteered to take his place.

The captain had already stated the plane wasn’t going anywhere until the 4 people selected to be bumped (something the airline has every right to do to keep their planes flying) left the plane and 4 crew members were seated so they could be at their destination to crew another plane so hundreds of other people would not be delayed. This one person had essentially hijacked the plane at that point by refusing to leave.

Now we find out this so-called doctor has a record and limited medical license allowing him to practice one day a week! This guy doesn’t have any patients who are an emergency to see. He’s a pulmonary doctor anyway; not a cardiologist.

Then he said this: “I have to go home! I have to go home!” he said. “Just kill me. Just kill me.”

They sent the wrong people in to remove him. They should have sent the mental hospital staff with their white coats and a padded room to put him in. This nutso drama queen got his 15 minutes of fame. He can slither back into obscurity happy now.

53 posted on 04/11/2017 3:46:18 PM PDT by Boomer (The MSM and Radicalized Dem Party are One and the SAME!)
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To: Ken H

“Interestingly, the Chicago PD (which was not involved in the incident) released a statement saying the guy fell and injured himself!”
Well, it is CHICAGO, after all. Could have been worse, he might have accidentally fell and hurt himself as the PD were trying to suit the guy up with cement boots.

54 posted on 04/11/2017 4:18:15 PM PDT by LouieFisk
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To: Reno89519

I do not Fly. But I am a retired Police Officer. IF THE law gives the airline the right to remove him under these circumstances I say they did right. This also inters what the passenger that took the film said last night on FOX. If I understand correctly he said the flight attendants ask him to unboard,he refused. Then someone else asked and he refused. Then the Cops were called and he was flailing his arms and creating a disturbance. IF the airline was within its right to remove him he has not a leg to stand on. The rules and law applies to all. I SUPPOSE THEY will pay him off though.Right is right not wrong.

55 posted on 04/11/2017 4:21:26 PM PDT by Herman Ball
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To: Herman Ball

“If they had a legal right to remove him,no problem he was resisting.”
I doubt being dragged passively over 2 seats and down the aisle would be considered much in the way of “resistance”.

But either way, United will be paying out the Lottery Jackpot bigtime to both the victim and to other passengers who will surely be looking to get bucks for psychological trauma. Stupidity can be expensive sometimes.

56 posted on 04/11/2017 4:25:14 PM PDT by LouieFisk
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To: Bloody Sam Roberts

“And if such a person grabbed me like that, he’d have two hyper-extended and likely broken elbows for his trouble.”
In this particular situation, I might say if they upped the offer to 10 grand, cash on the spot, I’d give up my seat - or - they could drag me off and pay me 10 million later in an out of court settlement. Their choice.

A person could make a good living if he could haggle the price upwards to at least 5 grand per bump.

57 posted on 04/11/2017 4:31:40 PM PDT by LouieFisk
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To: PJBankard

Ah, but unlike with a taxi, an airline ticket is considered by most passengers to be similar to a binding contract. You bought and paid for your ticket, in return for being taken to your destination. The airline has your money - you have no leverage. Whereas a cab driver gets paid at the end of the fare. Ergo, being asked to leave a plane w/o sufficiently plausible reasoning justifiably raises a customer’s ire - they are not receiving the services for which they have already shelled out money.

Certainly an airline could forcibly remove a passenger who poses an imminent threat to interfere with the flight. Based on what has been reported thus far, that does not appear to be the case here

58 posted on 04/11/2017 4:32:01 PM PDT by confederatecarpetbag
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To: LouieFisk

I guess the Capt Should just have refused to take off.

59 posted on 04/11/2017 4:45:41 PM PDT by Herman Ball
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To: PJBankard

In today’s America I suppose that doesn’t matter.

60 posted on 04/11/2017 4:46:51 PM PDT by Herman Ball
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