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CHECKMATE – Saudi Crown Prince MbS Sends Replacement Troops To Defend Kurds in Syria…
The Conservative Treehouse ^ | December 21, 2018 | Sundance

Posted on 12/21/2018 5:16:50 PM PST by bobsunshine

..."Saudi Arabia and the UAE have sent military forces to areas controlled by the Kurdish YPG group in north-east Syria, Turkey’s Yenisafak newspaper reported.

The paper said the forces will be stationed with US-led coalition troops and will support its tasks with huge military enforcements as well as heavy and light weapons.

Quoting the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the newspaper reported that a convoy of troops belonging to an Arab Gulf state recently arrived in the contact area between the Kurdish PKK/YPG and Daesh in the Deir Ez-Zor countryside.

This comes at a time when Ankara is preparing to launch an expanded military operation with the Free Syrian Army against the Kurdish PKK group in the northeast of Syria".

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: DoughtyOne

How many sons are needed to be sacraficed got them. 1:1, 10:1 100:1 Please have your son daughters grandsons granddaughter sighs up to be shot and killed by their trainers. Cool with you but not for me. Muslims have been killing each other and any others for 1300 years. We cannot zrop them. Arm our allies, leave the middle and kill the rest. Then GTHO

81 posted on 12/21/2018 7:26:16 PM PST by wgmalabama (Mittens is the new Juan. Go away mittens!)
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To: DoughtyOne

Glad to hear it!

82 posted on 12/21/2018 7:31:51 PM PST by fortheDeclaration
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To: bobsunshine

Not our problem now. Let’s invest the savings in the wall.

83 posted on 12/21/2018 7:38:07 PM PST by ArcadeQuarters ("Immigration Reform" is ballot stuffing)
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To: DoughtyOne
“When we walk out, we’re creating a void that WILL be filled.

We’re not going to like what happens.”

Someone needs to flesh out that notion! We've spent ourselves into a debt from which we may not be able to extricate ourselves without some very onerous levels of taxation. Fully three quarters of our national debt can be laid at the feet of our military actions in the ME. And even more importantly, we've shed far too much of the blood of our youth. We're way beyond participating in wars with our soldiers on the ground. Furthermore, I'd like to see just how what happens in the ME on the ground directly affects our homeland?
Thanks to our worthless President at the time, Harry Truman, Korea was left for 70 years for Trump to attempt to fix. My cousin has been “in the ground” for fifty years thanks to Vietnam, and there is no "discernible benefit” to us for that venture that I can see. Then there's all the ME crap, with all W. Booshes "nation building" on our dime. If we continue down this course, we will go broke, and needlessly kill our youth. At the end of the day, we need to stop getting into open-ended military ventures. It is a travesty to think that we've been in the ME for 17 years and no one seems to have a plan as to how to get out of there, save President Trump. And so far as I can determine, the ME was the genesis of Barak Obama's P-Residency with all the pain and divisiveness he brought to the table.

84 posted on 12/21/2018 7:39:37 PM PST by vette6387
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To: mrsmith

I was referring to military hierarchy, not the political executive branch. Of course funding for war has to come from congress, but that is besides the point.

If there are no wars or chance of a war, military generals become less important. Which is why the generals like wars.

85 posted on 12/21/2018 7:42:44 PM PST by entropy12 (One million LEGAL immigrants/year is too many, without vetting for skills, Wealth or English skills.)
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To: entropy12

I get it.

Just love to point out the wisdom of our Founders.

86 posted on 12/21/2018 7:45:31 PM PST by mrsmith (Dumb sluts: Lifeblood of the Media, Backbone of the Democrat/RINO Party!)
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To: bobsunshine

Curious, Is the Saudi Army 100% Saudi soldiers or do they use mercenaries?

87 posted on 12/21/2018 7:48:56 PM PST by Rebelbase
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To: bobsunshine

Ohhh boy shia vs sunni bloodbath anytime now. Then Turkey will drop bombs yeeeehawwww and yippie kai yae.

88 posted on 12/21/2018 8:30:50 PM PST by Karliner (Jeremiah29:11,Romans8:28 Isa 17, Damascus has fallen)
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To: DoughtyOne

*** I we want a say, we don’t leave. ***

Fine, tell that to a family I know who are permanently separated from a husband and father who was hit by an ied in Afghanistan, another long war which we lost.

He’s not dead, but after 27 surgeries, he is still unable to breathe unassisted, and also wigs out w/ guns shouting “pink mist” & doing very scary things.

Or my neighbor, a medic, who had so many of “his guys” die in his arms. He, too was hit by an ied, was trying to help his unit, not even realizing his own intestines were hanging out, and he had broken bones. When they put a harness on him, he protested. Then he looked down.

When he saw his own blood and guts, he collapsed.

They survived impaired physically, but they brought some of “it” home with them. Their minds draw them back. If they stray from a very narrow focus for a minute. If they are tired, stressed, or physically run down..they are back there.

Both good guys. One, probably never able to be in the real world again. Allowed contact with his Dad, no one else, except his keepers.

The other, at times, weepy, sad, struggling to keep it in check when remembrance catches him off guard.

I am not willing to support wars which do not benefit the US. I am not willing to support wars based on the department of fears lies to prop up corporations, or the hyperbolic “fight them over there or fight them here.”

I am not willing to support wars based on the whims/wishes of KSA or Israel to expand their territories.

No more regime change wars.

89 posted on 12/21/2018 8:31:19 PM PST by sockmonkey (I am an America First, not Israel First FReeper.)
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To: JPJones
"Why would Mattis et al, be soooo against this?"

If this had been the plan all along, I think General Mattis would have supported this. It realizes our objectives. Perhaps Khashoggi's death is paying off for us. The President realizes he's in trouble here and has to find a way out.

Hey Prince, do you have some extra troops lying around to send to Syria? That whole Khashoggi thing, fergeddaboutit!!
90 posted on 12/21/2018 8:33:26 PM PST by Old Teufel Hunden
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To: bobsunshine

Great! Now, if he would only send a couple of camel divisions to defend our southern border...

91 posted on 12/21/2018 8:35:01 PM PST by SuperLuminal (Where is another agitator for republicanism like Sam Adams when we need him?)
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To: mac_truck
"Don't forget NATO partner also...Article 5 and all that."

Article 5 kicks in if a NATO ally is attacked. If the NATO ally does the attacking, they are on their own.
92 posted on 12/21/2018 8:35:20 PM PST by Old Teufel Hunden
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To: griswold3

You literally just made all that up. :)

93 posted on 12/21/2018 8:38:51 PM PST by silentknight
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To: griswold3

We saved his life in Las Vegas. He owes us this much.

94 posted on 12/21/2018 8:43:10 PM PST by Mr. Jeeves ([CTRL]-[GALT]-[DELETE])
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To: bobsunshine

Due to the current prolific output of petroleum in our country, it is now feasible for a realignment in the Middle East without completely crashing the world economy.

95 posted on 12/21/2018 8:50:56 PM PST by Pox (Good Night. I expect more respect tomorrow.)
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To: DesertRhino

I think the Saudi long-term plan is division of Syria....probably into three or more ‘lands’. I don’t think the Turks will get any deals out of this, and will be forced to stay on their side of the border.

But the key thing here is’s NOT our war. We can say that for Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Once we established our oil capability...nothing made sense with this game we were playing in the Middle East.

96 posted on 12/21/2018 9:16:45 PM PST by pepsionice
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To: sockmonkey
works for me
97 posted on 12/21/2018 9:16:50 PM PST by Chode ( WeÂ’re America, Bitch!)
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To: DoughtyOne

It is a long time since the march on Damascus in 1917 and where is there any record of Saudi military prowess since.

98 posted on 12/21/2018 9:30:57 PM PST by xkaydet65
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To: bobsunshine

I hope this is true. Maybe Israel wil help the Saudis.

99 posted on 12/21/2018 9:46:31 PM PST by Stepan12 (potus)
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To: DoughtyOne

If the Saudis and UAE put significant forces into Syria to protect the Kurds (from Turkey) and/or other anti-Assad forces for their enemies, they will need two or three specific types of weapons to be able to succeed.

1. Good anti-aircraft, shoulder fired missiles (like the Stinger, the British Blowpipe/Stovepipe, and the French version). To keep Syrian, Iranian and Russian jets away or just to shoot their asses down.

2. Good, powerful, long-range anti-tank weapons as well as shoulder-fired weapons (from TOWS upwards). LAWS ain’t gonna cut it but a Javelin type will and something we had in Iraq that had a huge rubber ring on the frontend of the tube (AT4?). I saw a film bo both weapons being used in Iraq and they were devastating, esp. at relatively close range, but I know that TOWS have a longer range as well.

3. Some really good long-range artillery. The Russian stuff is the best in the field (ask the Ukrainians) so a good piece of arty is a MUST as well as counter-battery electronic tracking/firing equipment.

I suspect that Saudi and UAE air power will also be around (the UAE has combat experience, possibly in Afghanistan).

Turkey is the country that will piss in the pot to keep things boiling. They are the problem right now, though Russia isn’t leaving Syria, nor are some Hezbollah/Iranian units. Not for the foreseeable future but if they suffer more heavy casualties, then things might change.

100 posted on 12/21/2018 9:52:19 PM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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