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My life has never been the same since I found (What about yours?)

Posted on 09/08/2001 6:21:07 PM PDT by TLBSHOW

My life has never been the same since I found

I was a normal kind of guy. I ate food went out for walks and even watched videos, eek! I took the wife shopping. Even talked to the wife once in awhile.

Then that fateful night of Nov 7th 2000. I had to go somewhere else to to watch the election results as I do not have Cable TV. I went to the pizza joint on rt 7 and then to my secret election watch hide out.(No one to interupt)

I wanted to watch Bush beat the socks off of Gore. I new it was going to be a great night. Little did I know I would never sleep that night or for the next 5 weeks.

It took me till the end of November to find out I was not alone. That there was a

Before I would tell people the truth and they all wouldn't have a clue or they thought, this boy is NUTS! It was a lonely life thinking Am I The Only One that sees what is going on with this country and what the liberal bias media and the leftist democrats were doing to it, let alone the Clintons and Reno.

Well to make the story short. I was watching the news and these great people were on TV saying get out of Cheneys house. There it was the sign said I copied it down and ran to my computer. I typed it in and sure enough The NEW WORLD WAS RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!

I think what would my life be if there was not a FR. If the rest of you were not here. That was enough to make me sit up and take notice. What can I do to make sure FR is here forever. Then I found out all I had to do was support the place and along with 70,000 other members make FR home. That we could change the world from here and with hundreds of thousands of people stopping by everyday we could tell the whole world the truth.

I would not trade all of you fine FReepers for any other world.

My life has never been the same since I found (What about yours?) Ok everyone has your life been the same since logging on to FR and what adventures have you had?

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And don't forget to check out the source and stop in and say hello to the fine FReepers over there.

1 posted on 09/08/2001 6:21:07 PM PDT by TLBSHOW
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To: BeforeISleep

FR is the #1 News Forum on the internet. Thanks to FReepers and Jim Robinson.

2 posted on 09/08/2001 6:23:21 PM PDT by TLBSHOW
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This is a most cool site. Way to go, Jim.
3 posted on 09/08/2001 6:28:13 PM PDT by Ciexyz
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Great post, and I do hope people stop at the source and donate also.

I found FR when Rush challenged us to find the Charelton Heston speech on the internet. It was here, of course. Haven't left since.

4 posted on 09/08/2001 6:28:20 PM PDT by bigjoesaddle
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Absolutely the #1 news forum.

I used to waste two hours a day watching the TV news, trying to glean from it a few minutes of useful information, as 'thin' as it was. Since I found FreeRepublic, I haven't watched a Total of 2 hours of TV news, and am MUCH better informed about the issues that interest me.

FreeRepublic is WELL WORTH the monthly donation I provide. It saves me precious personal time AND sharpens my mind.

JimRob ... I love you, man!

5 posted on 09/08/2001 6:30:31 PM PDT by AngrySpud
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I don't remember before FR.
6 posted on 09/08/2001 6:31:59 PM PDT by lonestar
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What's a TV?
7 posted on 09/08/2001 6:33:52 PM PDT by Rocko
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If this site DOES mean something to you, consider dropping a few bucks in the donation can as you read this thread

Donate Here by Secure Server

Or Mail your check to:

FreeRepublic , LLC
PO BOX 9771
FRESNO, CA 93794
Or drop by the Fundraising thread and help us raise some money to pay cost of keeping this site goiong.

You'll really feel good once you do!

8 posted on 09/08/2001 6:34:05 PM PDT by Vermonter
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FR is my sanctuary from my ultraliberal tree hugging commie college.

It's a good thing they don't read what I post about them here :D

9 posted on 09/08/2001 6:37:04 PM PDT by Hawkeye's Girl
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I USED to put in a full day's work at the office.

I USED to get studying done in the evening.

10 posted on 09/08/2001 6:39:38 PM PDT by LJLucido
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A BIG FR Bump!
11 posted on 09/08/2001 6:39:57 PM PDT by SAMWolf
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This is really bad. As I was logging onto the net just now I was thinking that I had no longer surfed the net. I only went to FreeRepublic and read articles.

I log on tonight and the second post is this one.

I spend about two hours each day in the evening ar FreeRepublic. But now it is getting worse. I login in the morning before work (I make myself get up earlier.) Then a short time ago I started logging on at work. Breaks, lunch, and even during work time

Thank God that I'm the president of this company or I would be in serious trouble.

12 posted on 09/08/2001 6:44:10 PM PDT by american_ranger
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I wish I had never seen a computer that way I wouldn't be addicted to FreeRepublic.

Many times I have Logged Off FreeRepublic and said I would never again get involved in Posting or Replys but so far success has eluded me.

I will just have to go cold turkey, can't afford rehab.

13 posted on 09/08/2001 6:46:53 PM PDT by VOYAGER
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I had an experience close to yours. During the election fiasco I was watching Fox News reporting the protests in Florida. The protesters were democrats with their "Count the Votes" signs. I was horrified at what I was seeing when through that crowd came a tall young man with a sign that said He looked horrified too, so I knew that what he was offering would be good. I went to my computer and typed in Newsmax and saw the truth being reported again. They had a link to which had an article there that mentioned and I felt like I had found a home. A sane place where people loved the truth and their country.
14 posted on 09/08/2001 6:47:32 PM PDT by Aquamarine
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To: LJLucido
Well one thing, I am going to cut off my subscription to cable TV, and upgrade my internet service. This is what FreeRupublic has done! Though sometimes the debates can get nasty(Libertarians vs Conservatives) I just have so much fun being part of the greatest group of Guys and Gals in the country! Thanx!! JimRob!!!
15 posted on 09/08/2001 6:48:35 PM PDT by mlibertarianj
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Before I found FR, I walked around talking to myself about the state the world is in. Most moms want to talk diapers or housecleaning(yuck, yuck, yuck). Since I've discovered FR(I think it was through I'm a fairly well-balanced person. (Balanced in my computer chair)When my two year old is occupied, I am here...but my poor husband......
16 posted on 09/08/2001 6:49:48 PM PDT by dubyagee
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It's really messed up my sleep schedual and has give me a one day jump on the newspapers. It has also given me lots of facts to win debates (arguments) with liberals, they have no answers for the truth so must resort to anger and screaming baldfaced lies.
17 posted on 09/08/2001 6:52:29 PM PDT by fella
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To: Aquamarine
I almost forgot about loud and newsmax. There were those signs and I did find them first but........when you find FR you just bookmark the others and homepage

Newsmax and Loud citizen don't get me wrong I love you guys too. But you know you are all lurking here all day!

18 posted on 09/08/2001 6:52:57 PM PDT by TLBSHOW
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Nice story. Thought you'd been on here longer than you've been here..He He.

Thanks for your contributions to the site.

19 posted on 09/08/2001 6:54:42 PM PDT by Gracey
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To: mlibertarianj
Thanx!! JimRob!!!


20 posted on 09/08/2001 6:56:21 PM PDT by LJLucido
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You guys have kept me laughing ever since I read the first "Caption This" on Free Republic. I was hooked, and now I'm totally addicted to Free Republic. It is my favorite source for news and a place where I know I can find other people who share the same views that I do. You guys are the greatest. A big

THANK YOU JIM ROBINSON for starting Free Republic.

God Bless you all and God Bless America!!

21 posted on 09/08/2001 6:57:21 PM PDT by sugar_puddin
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Although I do spend a couple (several?) hours a day on FR, I don't really think I'm all that much less productive otherwise. I still get chores done (mowed the lawn last month, shaved last week, etc.).
22 posted on 09/08/2001 6:58:21 PM PDT by LJLucido
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Great story. I had been lurking here since 1999, and then signed on and donated during the election. My life hasn't been the same either.....the first thing I do when I get up, coffee, turn on computer, and read FR. Plus check in all hours of the day and night.
23 posted on 09/08/2001 7:01:26 PM PDT by Giddyupgo
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Freerepublic has been a real eye-opener. Well, actually, going back to college a few years ago opened my eyes to how the educational world had changed. I could not beleive the garbage they were teaching there. I mean, aside from math, everything was so extremely liberal..

I was fortunate enough to have been reading "Atlas Shrugged" at the time that I started back to school. What a contrast!!

Anyway, not too long after returning to school and discovering the extreme liberalism that existed there, I stumbled across and I've been here ever since. Its great to discuss news items with people that have common sense, aren't constantly trolling, and aren't socialists for the most part. The few socialists that have passed through here have either been disruptors (and were immediately dismissed), have changed their feelings, or (in rare instances) have been cordial enough to offer a good arguement.

24 posted on 09/08/2001 7:01:42 PM PDT by meyer
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To: LJLucido
This does remind me of a current song that has gotten some popularity, "Cause I Got High," about a guy who "was gonna" get a bunch of routine stuff done except that, well, he "got high." (The writer claims it's to make fun of his former druggy self).

Just replace "got high" with "on-line," and you get this first verse:

I was gonna clean my room, but I'm on line

Was gonna get up and find the broom, but I'm on line

My room is still messed up, and I know why

Cause I'm on line, cause I'm on line, cause I'm on line.

25 posted on 09/08/2001 7:03:01 PM PDT by LJLucido
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To: AngrySpud,Jim Robinson,Bob J,Howlin,Sidebar Monitors?,ALL
I always said this was the #1 Conservative News Forum anywhere.

We will never run out of things to do again in our lifetime. Like restore this great Nation and keep it #1

That is a fact.

Please see source of this thread if you haven't already done so. It is amazing what 70,000 people can do. Let alone 400,000 of you lurkers. Stop lurking and post tonight and let Freerepublic welcome you to the most fun inside the blue and red zones.

What kind of a democrat rat could even think up such a thing? Red and Blue zone.

26 posted on 09/08/2001 7:09:25 PM PDT by TLBSHOW
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You should have been in the IRC chat with a mess of Freepers, during and following the election. I didn't sleep either. An experience I will never forget.

At least we knew Rita Cosby was wrong - we looked up the Supreme Court opinion online, and had it figured out before the reporters did. Same for most of the legal finagling afterwards.

Free Republic is a great site. A good number of the contributors are exceptionally competent, i.e. they are rigorous, smart, and demand trustworthy sources for information before they draw conclusions. No other place I know of can hold a candle to FR!

27 posted on 09/08/2001 7:11:16 PM PDT by Cboldt
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Free Republic is a gentle addiction-- one that's actually good for your health! When I've had enough of the alphabet soup idiots and their propaganda, I turn to FR and my blood pressure simmers down.

Thanks, Jim Robinson, for this added dimension to my life. I don't know what I ever did without it!

28 posted on 09/08/2001 7:12:08 PM PDT by Palladin (000)
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29 posted on 09/08/2001 7:12:50 PM PDT by PETRA (FPETOSA@WEBTV.NET)
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TLBSHOW, thank you for this thread. I 've met some of the funniest people here. People that make me laugh so hard I cry. I've met others who've just been so wonderful that they touch my soul. And then there's those bad boys who just keep me entertained with their antics. Even when I don't post to the threads, I love to read them. Some people here don't even know how much I admire them. Good. They might get fat heads!
30 posted on 09/08/2001 7:21:28 PM PDT by firewalk
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"My life has never been the same since I found (What about yours?)" I spend way too much time on the computer. At least with Freerepublic it's quality time.

31 posted on 09/08/2001 7:29:01 PM PDT by Godebert
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Welcome to the greatest site on the internet. Nice to have you aboard. Sounds like you've been busy helping already. I want to thank the 100's of thousands of others like PETRA that are doing some part to keep this nation on track.

You did great with your first post. Join in again its fun.

Neat posting name

Come on who else wants to join in. How was your life changed by finding out about freerepublic?

32 posted on 09/08/2001 7:29:56 PM PDT by TLBSHOW
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I discovered FR right after the Monica Lewinsky story broke. I found it on a link from The Drudge Report. I used it for news, but didn't register and didn't get involved.

Then I found out on FreeRepublic that Clinton was coming to Philadelphia on October 2, 1998. On October 1st, I called City Hall in Philadelphia, and they told me unambiguously that Clinton was coming that evening. I de-lurked in order to raise the alarm.

As it turned out, my post was in error. Fine Freepers soon set me straight with hard evidence. My wife, Mrs. Physicist, helped me to make a sign for the planned FR rally against Clinton. The sign said "COWARD!" in 450-point Helvetica Bold.

I got to City Hall at 4:30 on October 2, 1998. I was expecting to see hundreds of people arrayed against Clinton, as had been happening all over the country, along with many Freepers. What I found was an organized rally of about 500 people in support of Clinton, most of them carrying signs that said "Teamsters for Clinton". I was the only anti-Clinton protester there.

I remembered something I had read on a thread a few days before. Some Freepers were complaining about an anti-Clinton rally in Ohio, saying that it wasn't a successful rally because only a few hundred people were there. A wise Freeper pointed out that it only takes one person to have a successful rally. Those words gave me the strength to raise my sign. The police had inadvertently forced me to stand amongst the Teamsters, and I began my protest right in the middle of them.

It took maybe 30 seconds before they took my sign away, roughed me up, and threw me out. (I believe that I am still the only Freeper ever to have his blood shed by the enemy while Freeping.) My horrified wife watched on the couch with my young daughters as LuAnn Cahn led off the 5:00 pm broadcast of NBC 10 in Philadelphia with a verbal account of how there was only one protester, a man carrying a sign that said "COWARD!", who was dealt with harshly by the crowd. In reality I was not badly injured, but from the time I raised my sign until I was safely across the street, my only expectation was that I would be severely beaten.

Two and a half hours later, I witnessed the far more vicious beating of Don and Teri Adams.

It was the most terrifying experience of my life. Since that incident, I have organized about a dozen protests in the Philadelphia area, most of them to protest a Clinton visit. One of the reasons I do it is to prove to myself that, despite my acute fear, the Clinton brownshirts have not intimidated me away from doing what I thought was right.

Part of the fallout of the City Hall Putsch was the October 31, 1998 March for Justice in Washington DC. Prior to the march, I contacted Don and Teri Adams and got them to appear. It led to my involvement with the 4 court cases that came out of the Adams beatings. It also led to the formation of the FreeRepublic Philadelphia chapter.

But here's the main difference that FreeRepublic has made in my life: I can look myself in the face in the mirror.

33 posted on 09/08/2001 7:32:02 PM PDT by Physicist (
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To: TLBSHOW,everybody
Here's the link to the new fundraising thread, why not go bump them and keep them awake?

FreeRepublic Fundraiser -- Important -- FreeRepublic NEEDS Your Help! (Thread 35)
34 posted on 09/08/2001 7:34:31 PM PDT by firewalk
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TBLSHOW - ... life ... will ... never ... be ... quite ... the ... same ... now ... that ... I ... have ... FR ... in ... the ... blood. No ... more ... languishing ... with ... CNN/ABC/NBC/SeeBS ... as ... the ... arbiters ... of ... information ... and ... analysis ... of ... the... news. Honorable ... mention ... goes ... to ... Rush ... and ... also Matt ... Drudge ... for ... getting ... me ... started ... in ... this ... direction. Thanks ... much ... also ... to ... JR ... for ... spearheading ... this ... endeavor ... too.
35 posted on 09/08/2001 7:34:34 PM PDT by _Jim
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Hugs to you TLBSHOW!

My story is much the same. A friend sent me a link to FreeRepublic. I visited, imediately signed in and have been here ever since........ in between nagging living outside of cyber-world.

I support FreeRepublic because FreeRepublic supports me.

It supports me by giving me a place to share my thoughts with like-minded individuals thereby saving my sanity.

In a world over-flowing with left-wing, liberal, socialist tripe, FreeRepublic is an island of warm breezes and gentle ocean mists.

I love FreeRepublic. I love FReepers. I will continue to support FreeRepublic with my finances as long as I am able!

Thank you for this cool thread!

36 posted on 09/08/2001 7:36:10 PM PDT by 2ndMostConservativeBrdMember
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i had a life off of the computer before coming here in june!
37 posted on 09/08/2001 7:39:58 PM PDT by christine (<---seriously addicted)
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I honestly do not remember when I first found FR. I was reading Drudge and I found it through him, but it was sometime in 1998. I lurked until January of '99 when I could not stand it anymore and wanted to participate. I had already been to the March for Truth before I logged on.

Even though I am in New Jersey, I have been to about 10 or so White House Freeps over the last 2+ years. I was also able to make 3 of the Gore VP mansion election freeps. In addition, I was able to freep at Times Square several times during the Gore fiasco. And, of course, the icing on the cake was attending the Count the Silverware Inaugural Ball.

While my efforts can in no way compare to many, I hope that, in some small way, my participation has helped the cause of Freepers everywhere.

Of course, this has changed my life! I have traveled a bit more, met great people, and I feel as if I am a part of a cause greater than myself. In addition, I am not as reluctant to speak out about politics and things that I find offensive in our culture.

As for on the homefront, FR is the first thing to come on in the morning and the last thing that gets turned off at night. I cannot check in while at work, so it is the first thing I look at when I come home...even before my e-mail!

Yes, it is an addiction. My house has not been kept up as it used to be, laundry now piles up, and other interests have taken a back seat. I think I will wean off a little once time cures my anxiety attacks brought on by Clintonism in all of its forms. But, in the meantime, I am so thrilled with Dubya and the new administration that I am on FR a lot just to see how he is doing (the mainstream press does not give me enough info). Also, we do not live far from Hillary's stomping grounds, so FR helps me to keep an eye on her! And then, there are issues, old and new, they are very important to me and FR provides well-rounded coverage and insight on a wealth of subjects.

So, I guess I am going to be addicted for a very long time. Well, there are worse things.........

38 posted on 09/08/2001 7:57:30 PM PDT by Swede Girl
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Nothin' like 'dinner jazz' on lurking softly in the background as you type a reply......

Nothin' like looking up Alamo-Girl's extensive file and reports for an in-depth perspective of significant events which has affected all of us during the last few years...
39 posted on 09/08/2001 7:59:44 PM PDT by prognostigaator
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I know exactly what you mean.

I have been on FR for over 3 1/2 years.

I used to be an active poster - but over the last few months - not nearly as active as I used to. I still do a lot of lurking, though.

And yes - my life has never been the same either. It's amazing!!

40 posted on 09/08/2001 8:02:20 PM PDT by MasonGal
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Sounds familiar. I first heard about FR when newt and the crow showed up at a pro-Bush rally out in Washington County early in December. I went to their rally across from the local rag's HQ the following Saturday, went to the next one at Cathedral Square Park (with a lot more people). That one was the "dark morning/bright afternoon" Saturday, and you should have seen us (several hundred) light up when the word came down from the Supreme Court stopping the manufacturing. I finally had enough time to sign up just before the inauguration, and most of the rest was, well, history.
41 posted on 09/08/2001 8:03:18 PM PDT by steveegg
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Yes, my life has changed dramatically since joining Free Republic: My teeth are 50% whiter, my ring around the collar is gone and the kids are bringing home A's on their report cards! Thank you, Free Republic!
42 posted on 09/08/2001 8:11:02 PM PDT by rabidralph
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This is like one of those "Where were you when------" questions! LOL!

I'll never, ever forget the first time I found Free Republic. It was thru the 'Whitewater' link from Drudge in March of '98. I clicked on --- read a few of the threads --- and called downstairs to my husband and said "Jim --- you should see what I've just found!!!!!"

As with the rest of my fellow Freepers, life just has not been the same. Bedtime has changed, no more daily 'NYTimes crossword', and until I got a laptop to take with me when I traveled, I just stayed home! I remember being in a hotel one night, and I didn't know how to hook up the laptop. It was HORRIBLE! There I had my computer, but couldn't use it! To be so close to, yet not able to take part!

I have become so politically savvy about all that is current, and I have to thank all of you for your informative input, analysis, humor, and - well, you all know what I'm talking about.

But first of all I have to acknowledge the one man who is responsible for all this:

~~~~~~THANK YOU, JIMROB!!!!!!~~~~~~

P.S. Because of the nature of Free Republic, I have the jump on the news before others (except Freepers). The morning after the plane crash of that young singer, I mentioned the overweight luggage problem. No one else had heard of that as a cause. I've become a font of knowledge because of - be it politically heavy news or some light stuff. Yesterday, at Schundler's HDQ, someone passed around a joke. Everyone howled over it. Guess what? Old stuff to me!

Has my life changed? You betcha!!!!!

43 posted on 09/08/2001 8:16:21 PM PDT by Exit148
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I recently quit lurking and registered on this unbeatable site. My ISP has informed me that, for the first time, I have exceeded my free hours. Well, it's worth it! So many news sources to click on, so many humorous articles, so many great passionate conservative people to interact with. I no longer yell at the bias-prone guests on the lib TV stations. I stopped delivery of the slanted newspaper. I can handpick reports of the actual, straight news events on JimRob's superior site. For all of the above, I am proud to support FR with pledges.
44 posted on 09/08/2001 8:17:40 PM PDT by okimhere
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To: Swede Girl
"Yes, it is an addiction."

Yes, and that's why I'm living under a viaduct now, jobless, but still checking my Self Search on the free machine at the Public Library.(Joke)

45 posted on 09/08/2001 8:30:03 PM PDT by headsonpikes
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I understand, FR changed my life, too. Maybe I am a wanker with no life, but I don't care!
46 posted on 09/08/2001 8:35:48 PM PDT by Hillary 666
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Not only has your lived changed because of FR, as many have, but you have been a good poster here of articles. Thanks for your contribution here.
47 posted on 09/08/2001 8:37:06 PM PDT by Boxsford
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This site is very cool, but I it has not changed my life.
48 posted on 09/08/2001 8:39:50 PM PDT by Petronski
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To: Petronski
This site is very cool, but I it has not changed my life.

Nor has it helped my typing...

49 posted on 09/08/2001 8:43:04 PM PDT by Petronski
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