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To: backhoe
Travis will undoubtably have something to add to this thread.
47 posted on 10/08/2001 3:53:24 AM PDT by He Rides A White Horse
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To: He Rides A White Horse~ALL
This just in:

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Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 3:31 PM
Subject: [PROVE] Nicholas Regush on Thimerosol and Anthrax

> Here are two recent columns from Nicholas Regush
> that are worth reading.  Dawn
> Thursday, October 04, 2001
> Finally. The Institute of Medicine released its report on childhood vaccines
> containing thimerosol. The message: The mercury-containing preservative
> should best be avoided. But there is no hard evidence linking it to autism
> and other developmental conditions. In other words, we don't really know for
> sure because absence of evidence of harm doesn't necessarily translate into
> safety. Unfortunately, Dr. Louis Z. Cooper, President Elect of the American
> Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), doesn't get it. He stated in an AAP press
> release this week that, "Parents should be reassured about the safety of
> vaccines." Well, no, Dr. Cooper, that's not what the report is all about.
> Please consult the smarter experts in regulatory affairs (and preferably not
> at the AAP) and they will inform you that safety must first be proven before
> reassurance is invoked. (See yesterday's "Red Flag" posted below for more on
> the AAP)
> To be fair, the AAP did recommend in July 1999, along with the U.S. Public
> Health Service, that vaccines with the preservative should be moved off the
> shelves ASAP. That's because it has become increasingly apparent even to the
> medical profession that high doses of thimerosol can be neurotoxic. And now
> the institute's report does raise the possibility that vaccines containing
> thimerosol could lead to brain damage in children.
> Thankfully, there has been a transition to vaccines free of thimerosol,
> including those against hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza, and a vaccine
> against diptheria, tetanus and pertussis. But not nearly quick enough. In
> fact, Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) yesterday once again requested a recall
> of all vaccines containing thimerosol. In short, there is still enough
> stocked on shelves in the health care system for parents to remain
> concerned. What are the vaccine manufacturers waiting for? They should be
> the ones cleaning house!
> If the AAP is so worried (as it appears) that parents will avoid vaccinating
> their children because of continuing fears about thimerosol, perhaps this
> group that represents some 55,000 primary care doctors and specialists
> "dedicated to the health, safety and well being of infants, children,
> adolescents and young adults" should bite the bullet and launch a major
> campaign to get doctors and clinics to rid their shelves of vaccine stock
> containing thimerosol.
> Monday, October 08, 2001
> Now that the United States has attacked targets in Afghanistan, many of us
> will be glued to our television sets to hear what the experts on military
> operations, Central Asia, Islam, the Middle East, home-front security and
> bio-terrorism will say about the progress of this campaign, its political
> and social implications, and possible repercussions. We all know, of course,
> or we should know, that much of that information will be speculative. But it
> will sometimes be difficult to determine who has new insight into the events
> as they unfold and who is blowing humid or hot air.
> As some attention on the airways becomes focused on the likelihood of a
> retaliatory strike against Americans, one can, for example, expect experts
> to appear who hold strong views about whether a biological attack is
> feasible. If this past week of newspaper and internet articles and
> television stories are any indication of what's to come, it's clear that are
> two camps; one believes that the bio-terror threat is overblown; the other
> considers it highly plausible.
> Because no group has been successful in using aerosolized lethal biological
> agents, some experts contest the likelihood that it can be done effectively.
> In the case of anthrax, which is not contagious, it is typically claimed
> that the chances are slim that terrorists could find a way to adequately
> release the "weaponized" anthrax in a wide plume, given the potential
> difficulties involved in finding a way to spray it, and the uncertainty of
> weather conditions. But other experts point out that this is all a lot of
> blather and that no one should underestimate the ability of a highly
> motivated group to develop ways to use anthrax as a weapon - and one that
> could potentially kill millions of people.
> My reaction to this all-too-common type of debate which receives a ton of
> media attention is to ignore it. The blather comes from both sides. No one
> really knows - and won't know, unless it actually happens. In this case, we
> should probably assume that an attack can be successful. We therefore should
> focus our attention on what we do know about our chances of living through
> it.
> So what do we know, say, in the case of anthrax? We know that a vaccine
> exists, but that it remains unavailable to the general public. We also know
> that the production of this vaccine has stalled because the Food and Drug
> Administration (FDA) has refused to allow any further release of the
> vaccine, made by BioPort of Lansing, Michigan, because of a series of
> manufacturing violations. The United States military, which has been giving
> the vaccine to its Service Members, has pretty near shut down its anthrax
> vaccination program. In short, we know that a vaccine against anthrax is not
> in the cards for us anytime soon.
> We also know that there is considerable debate about the vaccine's safety.
> There are numerous reports associating an anthrax shot with a wide range of
> symptoms, including fatigue, nervous system problems, and signs of
> auto-immune disease. And while a reasonable amount of media play in recent
> years has been given to the safety issue, the media have shed relatively
> little light on whether the anthrax vaccine actually works. We need basic
> facts in order to arrive at realistic strategies for self-defense.
> Well, today's "Red Flag" is that the anthrax vaccine doesn't have good
> science supporting efficacy. I've spent the last ten days digging into the
> details of the available science and have come away from it feeling that I'
> ve been conned by the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a
> variety of medical bodies and the military about the vaccine's
> effectiveness. For one thing, there are no human efficacy studies worth
> highlighting. And the animal studies, which include rabbits, guinea pigs,
> and Rhesus monkeys, at best, suggest the vaccine might be modestly
> effective. Even then, these rather inconclusive lab experiments hardly can
> be seen as representing war-like assaults. In fact, a weaponized anthrax
> attack might involve a genetically-engineered form of anthrax that the
> vaccine will be incapable of fending off.
> ABC NEWS COLUMN: For details on the effectiveness of the anthrax vaccine,
> see my Second Opinion column today, which is posted at
> For other critical views of the anthrax vaccine, see:
> and
> For the Department of Defense's latest report on the anthrax vaccine, go to:
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57 posted on 10/08/2001 2:42:23 PM PDT by backhoe
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