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What Is The Best 12 Gauge Shotgun Load for Home Defense?
Me ^ | November 5, 2001 | NoControlling LegalAuthority

Posted on 11/05/2001 5:07:23 PM PST by NoControllingLegalAuthority

I would like opinions on the best shotgun shell load for use in a 12 Gauge Shotgun when being used for home defense. I have heard of using bird shot, buck shot and slugs - standard or magnum loads. I have heard of progressive loading such as first round-bird shot, second round-buckshot, third round-slugs.

Considerations seem to include whether you want to blow the door or wall down in the process of stopping the intruder.

TOPICS: Editorial; Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: banglist; homedefense; shotguns
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
Texans use a Mossberg 550, Riot gun with sawed off barrel and stock,VEG~

41 posted on 11/05/2001 5:49:07 PM PST by Bad~Rodeo
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
Use #4 or #6 bird shot in 2 3/4 in hunting loads. Not skeet loads. At home defense ranges (<30 ft) the shot will not spread more to than a few inches in diameter (unless you have an open or spreader choke or something). You don't need the 3 in rounds at close range and the extra round in the mag can make the difference between living and dying.
42 posted on 11/05/2001 5:49:50 PM PST by athiestwithagun
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To: WilliamWallace1999
I have owned a Benelli and it is a wicked looking and perfect functioning weapon. It's only drawback is really bad recoil. BTW it is no longer being imported by H&K. I forget which company is importing it now but according to the "American Rifleman" Benelli is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beretta.

I diasagree that it is the only one. The old Browning Auto five is also reliable as is the Remington 11-87. I personally would choose a Remington 11-87 if it were set up like a Benelli.

The 870 is the best ever, but the Mossberg and Winchester 1300 are perfectly usable.

I live in a rural area and keep a pump loaded with 2 3/4 inch short magnum BB loads. I would probably only use it outside so overpenetration is not a problem. I like the BB load as it is heavy enough to do damage yet has enough pellets to insure a hit. Number 4 buck would be about as good. 00 Buckshot is an awsome load but only 9 pellets leaves possible holes in the pattern.

43 posted on 11/05/2001 5:50:54 PM PST by yarddog
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
1) Use a pump, I just love the sound. 2) Remove the plug. 3) First two OO buck shot followed by three slugs. 4) Get low and fire upward to prevent shooting those you don't want to in the next room.
44 posted on 11/05/2001 5:52:02 PM PST by HoustonCurmudgeon
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LOL!!! FDR's contribution to homeland defense? Is it morally acceptable to sharpen the edges?

Perhaps a blunderbuss with a barrel full of broken glass...

I like the way you think, AP!

45 posted on 11/05/2001 5:52:30 PM PST by Joe 6-pack
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
Benelli M1/M3 or the Beretta equivalent, alternating 2 rounds of buck (any size will do; I prefer #4) followed by a slug. Use the Federal tactical buck and reduced-velocity/recoil slugs available from either Federal or Remington. Birdshot lacks the stopping power you may need against a heavily clothed intruder, and magnum loads are overpowered and reduce your magazine capacity.

A light mounted on the shotty is also very helpful if you are properly trained in its use. A tactical sling like the Giles is also a must-have.

46 posted on 11/05/2001 5:54:37 PM PST by Give Piece A Chance
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
12 Gauge, 3" magnum 00 lead buckshot is the best, in my opinion.
47 posted on 11/05/2001 5:56:59 PM PST by ableChair
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To: Bad~Rodeo
This Texan still has a Street Sweeper loaded with Pirana and Terminator's. If it comes out no one will walk away. I'll try and be there tomorrow at 4:30
48 posted on 11/05/2001 5:59:20 PM PST by thorshammer
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
Mossberg 590, although make sure that your load will fire a full 9 shells without stopping -- mine has shown some problems feeding Sellier & Belloit shells. If you're just looking for loads, I'm fond of #4 shot -- it tends not to penetrate two layers of drywall. Anything down to #6 will pack a huge punch and tend to remain in a nice group for any kind of home defense distance.
49 posted on 11/05/2001 6:00:23 PM PST by FateAmenableToChange
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
1-1/4 ounces of #7-1/2 shot turns an intruder's guts into hamburger so that all the King's men won't be abled to put it back together again.

Plus you can use it on any quail that happen to fly through your house.

50 posted on 11/05/2001 6:00:41 PM PST by E. Pluribus Unum
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Comment #51 Removed by Moderator

To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
My 12 gauge Mossberg 500 is loaded with Winchester buckshot loads 2 3/4 inches 00 Buck (9 pellets).
52 posted on 11/05/2001 6:05:13 PM PST by Doctor Freeze
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To: logos
Rock salt.

At the likely ranges inside a house, it has the same punch as lead or steel bird or buck.

What are you talking about? Same punch as lead or buckshot? Salt? I don't think so. About 20 years ago I used to load a lot of shotgun shells. Rock salt won't even go through 1/4 inch plywood at 20 feet. There's no way it'll go through a good leather jacket. Nor will #8 or 9 shot except at very very close range. #2 is dangerous out to 80-120 yards. If you have thin walls and are worried about missing the perp and hitting someone else by mistake then #4 would be ok. If I was gonna use a shotgun for home defense then I would probably use anything from #4 buckshot to #00 buckshot. I wouldn't bother with slugs. If I wanted penetration I'd use my semi-auto Browning 338. The important thing is to practice. Skeet shooting or clay-pigeon shooting for a few hours every week is a fun way to get good.

53 posted on 11/05/2001 6:05:37 PM PST by wooly_mammoth
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To: We Will Win
Thanks to you and everyone . I am very appreciative of the many useful tips. Keep 'em coming!
54 posted on 11/05/2001 6:06:24 PM PST by NoControllingLegalAuthority
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Many factors need to be considered as to what works best in your environment. Building layout, construction, proximity of neighbors, etc. A good place to start researching this topic can be found at... Firearms Tactical And investing in competent, professional training is worth considering. The defensive shotgun courses I've attended really opened my eyes to many things I would have never considered on my own.
55 posted on 11/05/2001 6:06:59 PM PST by Chop Farwood
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
Just curious... where is the best place to practice shooting a shotgun? Do firing ranges let you shoot shotguns or pistols only? I guess you can always drive out in the "cuntry" and practice.
56 posted on 11/05/2001 6:11:23 PM PST by Doctor Freeze
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To: Chop Farwood
Does anyone know what #00 buckshot or slugs will do to concrete cinder block walls. That's what the walls are made of here at the compound. Thanks.
57 posted on 11/05/2001 6:13:20 PM PST by BigBlueJon
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To: Doctor Freeze
Most communities have trap and skeet shooting ranges available for public use. You may want to check your local community for such a range. I am fortunate to live in the country on acreage and I can practice on my own property.
58 posted on 11/05/2001 6:13:27 PM PST by NoControllingLegalAuthority
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To: Libloather
Its never birdshot. Otherwise, your local law enforcement officer would be using it.

I would pick two 00 buck or 000 buck, followed by slugs.

59 posted on 11/05/2001 6:13:50 PM PST by Frohickey
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To: NoControllingLegalAuthority
My vote is for 2 3/4 OO buck or #4, Remington Pump. Longer distance (say over 25 yards)for sure the OO or slugs if you want to try and stop a car or dent a 1/2 steel metal silhouette...

Remember shot and bullets will tend to follow a hard surface like concrete, if you err err on the low side it probably will hit the ground in front of the perp and knock his legs out from under him. If you miss high you miss completely and may also go throught the ceiling, 2nd story then roof... The same goes for shooting at a target next to a hard surface wall, it channels the shot so err on the side next to the wall. I suggest if you have an outdoor range or area, try shooting at the dirt in front of a target that goes from the ground to about 6" the results may surprise you. One of my biggest fears would be walking in a large drainage pipe and get shot don't know whether to stay still and get missed wide or lay down and get hit from a bullet following the doesn't work like on TV either..just as cardboard boxes and trash cans offer no protection beyond not being able to be seen through, most weapons will cut through them like they were invisible...

Don't be afraid to shoot through a wall or door either, you might want to check your house and practice on some similar materials..the slugs and OO are better for this purpose, so if you figure on putting the first round through your bedroom door to see if someone on the other side is armed, the heavier stuff is better..know your state law and always remember those sneaky burglars know all kitchens have tons of large knives...

AS a side note, I guarantee that the sound of racking a shell into a shotgun is known throught the world and usually is enough to stop a threat. Also don't try smacking someone with the butt of an 870 from the ready position, they aren't that strong and may beak and you may end up with a pistol grip..LOL...
60 posted on 11/05/2001 6:14:20 PM PST by rolling_stone
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