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Papers Reveal Nazi Aim: End Christianity .
Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | 1/10/02 | Edward Colimore

Posted on 01/10/2002 9:53:22 AM PST by marshmallow

A Rutgers journal will put rare Nuremberg documents online. A plan to rout the church and install a Reich faith is shown.

Take over the churches from within, using party sympathizers. Discredit, jail or kill Christian leaders. And re-indoctrinate the congregants. Give them a new faith - in Germany's Third Reich.

More than a half-century ago, confidential U.S. government reports on the Nazi plans were prepared for the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg and will be available online for free starting tomorrow - some of them for the first time.

These rare documents - in their original form, some with handwritten scrawls across them - are part of an online legal journal published by students of the Rutgers University School of Law at Camden.

"When people think about the Holocaust, they think about the crimes against Jews, but here's a different perspective," said Julie Seltzer Mandel, a third-year law student who is editor of the Nuremberg Project for the Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion.

"A lot of people will say, 'I didn't realize that they were trying to convert Christians to a Nazi philosophy.' . . . They wanted to eliminate the Jews altogether, but they were also looking to eliminate Christianity."

Mandel said the journal would post new Nuremberg documents about every six months, along with commentary from scholars across the world, on its Web site at

The material is part of the archives of Gen. William J. Donovan, who served as special assistant to the U.S. chief of counsel during the International Military Tribunal after World War II. The trials were convened to hold accountable those responsible for war crimes.

The first installment - a 120-page report titled "The Nazi Master Plan: The Persecution of the Christian Churches" - was prepared by the Office of Strategic Services, a forerunner of the CIA.

"Important leaders of the National Socialist party would have liked to meet this situation [church influence] by complete extirpation of Christianity and the substitution of a purely racial religion," said an OSS report in July 1945. "The best evidence now available as to the existence of an anti-Church plan is to be found in the systematic nature of the persecution itself.

"Different steps in that persecution, such as the campaign for the suppression of denominational and youth organizations, the campaign against denominational schools, the defamation campaign against the clergy, started on the same day in the whole area of the Reich . . . and were supported by the entire regimented press, by Nazi Party meetings, by traveling party speakers."

A second online journal posting - to be added in about six months - will spotlight a secret OSS document, "Miscellaneous Memoranda on War Criminals," about the efforts of various countries to bring Nazis to justice.

A third installment - to be included in the journal in a year - focuses on translated, confidential Nazi documents. A message sent during the Kristallnacht ("Night of Broken Glass") pogrom of November 1938 is titled "Measures To Be Taken Against Jews Tonight." Authorities were given specific instructions: "Jewish shops and homes may be destroyed, but not looted. . . . Foreigners, even if Jewish, will not be molested."

Mandel, whose 80-year-old grandmother is a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, said that allowing the public access to such documentation is "phenomenal."

"Some of the papers will answer questions that scholars have been asking for years," said Mandel, 29, of Berlin Borough, Camden County. "What did we know? When did we know it?"

The documents are part of the collection of the Cornell University School of Law library, which has about 150 bound volumes of Nuremberg trial transcripts and materials. They are housed at the school and are being cataloged.

"Gen. Donovan kept extensive, detailed records of Nazi atrocities," said Mandel, who taught at Triton High School in Runnemede and at Shawnee High School in Medford, where she led a course on "Literature of the Holocaust."

She and other journal editors - Daniel Bahk, Christopher Elliott, Ross Enders and Jessica Platt - examined hundreds of documents at Cornell before choosing those to be posted on the journal site. "The project could not be published in a conventional journal without losing the international accessibility that it demands," said Rayman Solomon, dean of the School of Law. "This student initiative will make a significant contribution to legal history scholarship while being of great interest and importance to the general public, especially at this time in our history."

Greg Baxter, marketing editor of the journal and a third-year Rutgers law student, said the online project was "definitely pertinent in light of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack" and Bush administration plans to hold a military tribunal to try the accused.

"The Nuremberg trials provide a framework for today's trials," said Baxter, 24, of Winslow, Camden County.

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To: Campion
Well, it was, in a manner of speaking. It was on German Army belt buckles and other accoutrements, but it had been there for a long time before the Nazis and the Nazis just never changed it. Proves nothing about the Nazis one way or another.

I wasn't aware of the fact you mentioned. And I can't deny that the Nazis did try to appeal to Christian "tropes," if you will, when it was to their advantage, such as telling soldiers to execute Jews "because the Jews killed Christ." However, as you said, it proves no connection between Nazism and Christianity, any more than the Soviet regime use of the Orthodox Patriarchate to drum up patriotism during WW II proves that the CPSU was really "Christian."

51 posted on 01/10/2002 12:36:29 PM PST by Map Kernow
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To: ppaul
Hitler was a great admirer of Islame since he clearly recognized it as a religion of war and warriors. He hated everything about Christianity except the Jesuits which was used as an organizational model for the SS.
52 posted on 01/10/2002 12:36:58 PM PST by justshutupandtakeit
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To: Cicero
"...Naziism was esentially pagan. Like most modern movements which are obsessed with power and control, it wanted to rule over nature and human nature through magic and science. It refused what Christianity advocates: to submit to God and take one's proper place within the nature that God created...."

Strange. We have reached the opposite conclusion about the Incarnation of Jesus. All power oriented political movements (the Left in total) must work to destroy Christianity precisely because Christians believe that Elihom/Yaweh/God/Zeus/Allah actaully became man. It's a stunning reorganization of the natural order if every individual man knows that the Lord God was also a man--that he could be betrayed (even hurt?!) by common fishermen and other such laborers. It alters everything. Everyone's proper place, as you put it, is radically altered.

It's revolutionary in a way that all other fake "revolutionary movements" could never comprehend.

That is why Christianity is so despised. It's revolutionary central fact threatentens the pretensions of the faux revolutionaries of all stripes; And also why many other religions--especially, within the context of current event, Islam--are "respected" by the Global controlling class. Napoleon, the proto-Hitler, was confortable "converting" to Islam but despised Christianity.Those religions are more wisely "natural". Man submits to "higher authority" in the heavens, and more importantly for the Controlling Class, on earth. The apostles never "submitted" to Jesus.

53 posted on 01/10/2002 12:51:46 PM PST by LaBelleDameSansMerci
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To: ppaul
Bump against islam!!!(no cap intentional)
54 posted on 01/10/2002 12:55:14 PM PST by timestax
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To: marshmallow
"Important leaders of the National Socialist party would have liked to meet this situation [church influence] by complete extirpation of Christianity and the substitution of a purely racial religion,"

"This could be the New World socialists of today if substituted the word "environmental" for "racial".

55 posted on 01/10/2002 1:03:55 PM PST by Eva
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To: Leisler
Lol ... they were even into Canola Oil and other wholly artificial food substitutes.

Made for more uniform people and malleable brains, I guess.

Regards, Leisler.

56 posted on 01/10/2002 1:10:30 PM PST by Askel5
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To: Leisler
"...Give the Nazis a break. They were against smoking, even on the Russian Front...."

NAZI HEALTH TIPS---"Lingua Franca"

IN 1941 THE nazi magazine auf der wacht (On Guard) published an illustration reminding Germans of a new public-health ordinance. The poster showed a cigarette, a cigar, and a pipe, all smoldering beneath a menacing black boot and an eagle-and-swastika insignia.

The illustration, and dozens others like it, is reproduced in a new book by the Penn State science historian Robert N. Proctor. In The Nazi War on Cancer (Princeton), Proctor argues that medical and scientific research under Hitler produced some significant, verifiable breakthroughs. Nazi Germany was decades ahead of the democracies in discovering that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, and its scientists worked to identify carcinogens in the workplace and the environment. WhatÕs more, the Third Reich promoted a series of public-health measures that might well be called forward-looking: banning smoking in certain public places, running an aggressive antismoking propaganda campaign, and placing restrictions on how tobacco could be advertised. Proctor asks a stunning question: Could the most extensive cancer-prevention campaign of this century have been initiated by Hitler?

At this point, the answer is unclear. Though dozens of scholars have written about science and medicine in Nazi Germany, few have even glanced at the anticancer effort. For good reason: The cruel and needless medical experiments performed on prisoners in concentration camps, the mass sterilizations, and the "euthanasia" of those with mental disabilities and physical handicaps tend to command the attention of historians and medical ethicists alike. Even Proctor took a while to get interested in the Nazi war on cancer. His first book about fascist science, Racial Hygiene: Medicine Under the Nazis (Harvard, 1988), concentrated on the connections between racial ideology and medical practice. Though it included a chapter on the Nazi obsession with natural foods, Proctor presented that history as an odd sidebar to the racism and genocide. Only years later, when he was a fellow at the Holocaust Museum and needed a related research topic, did Proctor revisit the subject. "I started thinking that it had been completely hushed up, or ignored, depending on how you look at it," he says.

Cancer, little understood, and relatively uncommon before the late nineteenth century, emerged as a socially important, and politically charged, issue at the beginning of the twentieth. Germans, even more than their counterparts in most of the industrial world, seemed to be obsessed with the diseaseÐin part because Germany was a major producer of carcinogenic coal dyes and other potentially dangerous products and had a disproportionate share of cases as a result. In Nazi ideology, cancer became a powerful symbol, a disease of modernity the nation would have to purge. Jews were doubly scapegoated: Because they were imagined to spread "diseased genes," they were seen as agents of the disease; because they were metaphorically viewed as a tumor on the volk, they were also seen as cancerous themselves.


Hitler, needless to say, shaped many of these theories. A nonsmoking, nondrinking vegetarian, the FŸhrer promoted the idea that through asceticism one could improve the health of the race. This helped orient German medicine away from trying to cure cancer and toward trying to prevent it. Nazi-friendly researchers did important research on the dangers posed by long-term exposure to X rays, while other physicians warned early on about the dangers of asbestos and quartz dust. Perhaps most striking, though, was Nazi research on the links between cigarette smoking and lung cancer. Reviewing the work of dozens of now-forgotten Nazi-era German researchers, Proctor concludes that the link between smoking and lung cancerÐtypically credited to American and British researchers of the 1950sÐwas the consensus view among German cancer experts by the early 1940s.

History hasnÕt been kind to some of HitlerÕs critics in the medical professions. As researchers in Germany and elsewhere began to connect repeated exposure to X rays with cancer, prominent left-wing doctors worried that the findings would play into the hands of antitechnology eugenicists. So they dismissed the findings as fascist propaganda: A 1932 article for Sozialistischer Arzt, the journal of the Association of Socialist Physicians, chalked up the research to "racial fanaticism." Critics of the Nazi diet managed only slightly better. Martin Gumpert, an *migr* physician, laid into Nazi food policy in his deliciously titled polemic, Heil Hunger!: Health Under Hitler (1940). But a quick look at GumpertÕs main evidenceÐhe was concerned that Germans were eating more carbohydrates and not enough meats, fats, and eggsÐhardly suggests a crisis in nutrition.

The Nazis translated their scientific discoveries into public policy. Propaganda campaigns promoted the FŸhrerÕs clean-living lifestyle as a benchmark for all Germans, who were called on to live healthily for the good of the race. The Nazis began a temperance campaign, although they avoided demonizing beer for fear of alienating the German workingman. Smoking was a different story. The habit, Proctor reports, "was associated with jazz, and with swing dancing, with rebellion, with Africa, with degenerate blacks, Jews, and Gypsies, with many of the other fears that inspired the Nazi retreat into a paranoid, xenophobic fortress of purity, cleanliness, and muscular macho health fanaticism." The Nazis passed criminal sanctions against driving "under the influence" of cigarettes. Reich health fŸhrer Leonardo Conti worried that tobaccoÕs addictive qualities would compete with political loyalty. One medical paper discussed a final, if nonlethal, "solution to this difficult problem of smokers." And the Nazis even sentenced one unlucky worker to death after a stray cigarette ash started a fire at a spray-paint factory.


All this may sound like fodder for libertarians, who sometimes argue that any policy to deter a particular behavior leads us down the road to fascism (and who already compare Hillary Clinton to Adolf Hitler). But Proctor insists that isnÕt the point. A consultant for the plaintiffs in an Ohio-based class-action lawsuit against tobacco companies, Proctor describes himself as "firmly antismoking." And he points out that the Nazi propaganda campaign ultimately failed to wipe out the habit. "The best way to combat tobacco is taxation, and then to cut back on the economic advantages that the tobacco industry enjoys," he says. In Germany, tobacco fought back. It financed its own tobacco research center and took on the health fŸhrer when he tried to close it. In the end, the Nazis proved unwilling to dismantle the industry completely. They continued to supply the Wehrmacht with tobacco rations and eventually made a deal with German tobacco makers that guaranteed the industryÕs survival. Perhaps that's the important lesson for today: The tobacco industry was able to thwart even the Nazis.

Is there a danger in giving the Nazis credit for their medical insights? "We have to remember primarily Auschwitz and the role of doctors at Auschwitz," insists Robert Jay Lifton, the author of The Nazi Doctors (Basic, 1986). "These additional areas are very important to bring out, and much of their importance lies in their illustrating how an evil regime can have aspects of respectable intellectual and scientific behavior."

Proctor suggests that his predecessors may have passed on this project in part because "itÕs kind of an embarrassing fact. WhoÕs going to be interested? Even in Germany, they donÕt like to see anything ÔgoodÕ come out of the Nazi era." In the end, he argues, "We do not want to forget MengeleÕs crimes, but we should also not forget that Dachau prisoners were forced to produce organic honey and that the SS cornered the European market for mineral water."


57 posted on 01/10/2002 1:26:19 PM PST by LaBelleDameSansMerci
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To: LaBelleDameSansMerci
The foundation of the Nazis, Communists, Royalty, and modern government is built upon is that a person and his body are property of the state. After that is detail and style differences.
58 posted on 01/10/2002 2:17:27 PM PST by Leisler
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To: Leisler,Askel5
"The foundation of the Nazis, Communists, Royalty, and modern government is built upon is that a person and his body are property of the state. After that is detail and style differences."

Achtundachtzig Bumpskovitsches.
Nazi "Book of Virtues"

59 posted on 01/10/2002 2:49:34 PM PST by CommiesOut
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To: CommiesOut
Socialism means: "Not the same for everyone, but to each his own."

Go figure.

60 posted on 01/10/2002 2:56:47 PM PST by Askel5
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To: marshmallow
I'm going to bookmark this for the next one of those knuckleheads who try to claim that the Nazis were all good Christians!
61 posted on 01/10/2002 4:30:23 PM PST by FormerLib
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To: CommiesOut
Bookmark bump! Thanks.
62 posted on 01/10/2002 5:45:35 PM PST by Leisler
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To: marshmallow
From what I was able to glean from this past Christmas season, it seems to me that the Nazis were trying to do it the hard way. Political correctness, the "modern" education system, the media, the left.................even some simple-minded "pastors" and "priests"............are doing a great job attempting to eliminate the concept of real Christianity in this country.

Frankly, I'm more than just a little sick of it.........

63 posted on 01/10/2002 5:52:27 PM PST by RightOnline
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To: The Documentary Lady, Askel5, Free the USA, struwwelpeter,NewAmsterdam, Black Jade,Carry_Okie,jm
Nazi trial documents made public
The Nuremberg Project
64 posted on 01/10/2002 7:16:09 PM PST by CommiesOut
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To: Leisler
The foundation of the Nazis, Communists, Royalty, and modern government ...

At least in origin the English Royalty was not absolutist, constrained by both the Church and the ancient liberties of common law.

"Disputing over the body" is surely a common enough pastime of government, however. Let's not forget the latest and most insidious version of the Lie: persuading the people that they own themselves is perhaps the best means yet to keep them in servitude.

65 posted on 01/10/2002 7:35:37 PM PST by Romulus
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To: The Documentary Lady
Most of them were.

There weren't a whole lot of Polish, Czech, or Belgian Zorastroans ma'am.


66 posted on 01/10/2002 7:39:18 PM PST by Lurker
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To: Ward Smythe
Not to mention the World Council of Churches...

World Council of Churches=Atheists in miters.

67 posted on 01/10/2002 7:42:38 PM PST by AndrewSshi
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To: CommiesOut
Tonight entertainment is this Link
Some of these Kahanist think the @#$%&*@#$% Christians are responsible for everything. Kahane= precursor to JDL

See the post By Nazxul on Monday, December 31, 2001 - 05:53 pm:
See the Post-- By NAZXUL on Wednesday, January 02, 2002 - 04:59 pm (particularly the sub-post by Sam El)

68 posted on 01/10/2002 7:43:49 PM PST by jmp702
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To: jmp702
That's why Putin opened the gates to keep these paranoids under some control.
The rest of the world is watching DC.
69 posted on 01/10/2002 8:27:03 PM PST by CommiesOut
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To: marshmallow
70 posted on 01/10/2002 9:28:03 PM PST by Free Vulcan
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To: Romulus
I made but a short comment. The state also considers the mind and the soul theirs too.
71 posted on 01/11/2002 3:40:51 AM PST by Leisler
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To: Campion
I did not mean to equate Paganism and the Hitler cult with Religion.
72 posted on 01/11/2002 4:52:59 AM PST by ohioman
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To: Leisler
"The foundation of the Nazis, Communists, Royalty, and modern government is built upon is that a person and his body are property of the state."

The statement would have been truer if you simply wrote "the foundation of modern government." Certainly, modern democracies and republics also make the same claim. "Royalty" in the sense of Christian monarchy as it had existed in Europe up through 1918 made absolutely no claim that "a person and his body" (by which I assume you mean spiritual as well as physical ownership) were the property of the state. That is not the Christian view and every monarchy in Europe from 800 AD to 1918 was overtly, unashamedly, and officially Christian, complete with the sacramental investiture of the executive.

73 posted on 01/11/2002 5:43:07 AM PST by Goetz_von_Berlichingen
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To: marshmallow
Excellent Post!
74 posted on 01/11/2002 8:40:19 AM PST by Lent
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To: Goetz_von_Berlichingen
” These people mistakenly take the Nazis' advertising campaign, aimed at traditionally-minded Germans, at face falue. They ignore the actual "product" that was delivered, which includes the persecution of Christian groups and ministers.”

Excellent point.

The most heinous regimes of the 20th century advertised themselves as the opposite of what they actually were. The Communists in Russia during the Revolution promised peace, land and freedom to the Russian peasants. Of course we know what they really delivered. And of course, let’s not forget that Clinton promised the “most ethical administration in history.”

75 posted on 01/11/2002 9:24:55 AM PST by moneyrunner
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To: marshmallow
The Christian-bashers love to say that the Nazis were Christians. Of course this is not true, and one of the reasons the Nazis hated the Jews so much was that they blamed them for "inventing" Christianity. But the Christian-bashers never let the truth stand in their way. They will continue their ridiculous claim, despite even more evidence proving them wrong.
76 posted on 01/11/2002 10:25:21 AM PST by Michael2001
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To: RayChuang88
"Isn't this kind of old news?"

It is, but apparently the Christian-bashers haven't gotten wind of it yet.
77 posted on 01/11/2002 10:26:54 AM PST by Michael2001
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To: Map Kernow
"The irony is, Germany during WW I had a relatively good reputation regarding its treatment of its Jewish citizens."

When I was in college, I found a little booklet published by a Jewish organisation in New York (1916). I have been trying to track it down to cite it on this thread, but have not been able to locate it again. The title is The Plight of the Jews in the Eastern War Zone. It urged America NOT to go to war against Germany because Germany and Austria-Hungary were the Jews' only protectors in Eastern Europe. It would not surprise me in the least to find out that Jews were proportionately better represented in the German Imperial army and government than in any other nation's.

One reason the Nazis never played up the circumstances surrounding Hitler's award of the Iron Cross, First Class, is that the regimental adjutant who submitted the recommendation, was Jewish.

78 posted on 01/11/2002 12:30:30 PM PST by Goetz_von_Berlichingen
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To: Goetz_von_Berlichingen
You may get a kick out of this story too: Avraham Goldfaden, the "father of Yiddish theater," had various problems with Tsarist censors, who one time simply prohibited performances in Yiddish. Goldfaden's solution? He told the censors his next production would be in "German," and the show did go on!
79 posted on 01/11/2002 1:48:00 PM PST by Map Kernow
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To: CommiesOut
Take over the churches from within, using party sympathizers. Discredit, jail or kill Christian leaders. And re-indoctrinate the congregants. Give them a new faith - in Germany's Third Reich.

Nothing new here. Actually these indoctrination methods were first developed in the Soviet Union. The Holocaust of Christians under the communist rule still waits to be really probed. It is not politically correct to do so at the present time.

80 posted on 01/11/2002 2:25:11 PM PST by malarski
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To: Goetz_von_Berlichingen
Well, I bow with reservations to your opinion as I have a lifetime of modern statist enemies before me.
81 posted on 01/12/2002 5:56:35 PM PST by Leisler
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Comment #82 Removed by Moderator

To: Black Jade, Free the USA, NewAmsterdam, Black Jade,Carry_Okie,jmp702,jjbrouwer,malarski, Askel5,
What a big news, eh?
Using Christian holidays: A 1937 essay on absorbing existing holidays into Nazi culture.
Their most powerful competitor in this regard was the Church, which the Nazi Party fought hard to displace.
And for Sunday amusement: Comrade Erich Honecker said clearly in his speech to party activists in Gera: The plans of domestic and international counterrevolution will not succeed in Poland, the GDR or in any other socialist nation.
83 posted on 01/13/2002 11:16:38 AM PST by CommiesOut
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To: LaBelleDameSansMerci
I always heard that the Nazis banned smoking on public transport in Berlin in early 45 on the grounds that it was a danger to public health. Never mind that the Russians were shelling the place, which, supposedly, was a lesser danger to public health.
84 posted on 01/13/2002 12:04:45 PM PST by NewAmsterdam
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