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FBI agents said to oppose inquiry (shooting of Eagle Scout in Maryland)
Baltimore Sun ^ | March 15, 2002 | Gail Gibson

Posted on 03/15/2002 6:22:07 AM PST by Mulder

Edited on 09/03/2002 4:50:06 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

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To: all
I can't wait to see the FBI video recreation of this incident like they did with the Florida fiasco...ha what a bunch of crap...
141 posted on 03/15/2002 9:49:37 PM PST by rolling_stone
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To: Database
We as state citizens, should in turn pressure state officials to do this every time, like clockwork.

That would be nice, but unfortunately state and local governments have been quite effectively coopted by the chase for the almighty "federal" dollar, and willingly dance to the federal tune.

Es ist verboten, Staat Sekuritat zu kritisieron!

142 posted on 03/15/2002 9:49:52 PM PST by Travis McGee
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To: Travis McGee
And it will be admitted that he had to reload the gun twice while he was shooting himself in the head...
143 posted on 03/15/2002 9:53:30 PM PST by unamused
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To: GretchenEE
"You are either with State Security, or with the peasants."
144 posted on 03/15/2002 9:54:09 PM PST by Travis McGee
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To: antidemocommie
check your history. the shooting of Randy Weavers wife was not done by FBI agents. Put coin in slot and try again.

Are you trying for moron of the month, throwing around insults when YOU are wrong?

/1/ The original Weaver case was made by the BATF, (the 1/4" short shotgun).

/2/ The US Marshals, surveilling the Weaver property, shot young Sammy Weaver in the back killing him.

/3/ The FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver through the head while she held her infant.

Next time you try insulting someone on FR, do a minute's worth of fact checking first, so that you don't come off sounding like a total cretin.

145 posted on 03/15/2002 10:07:44 PM PST by Travis McGee
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To: unamused
The wound will be to his right temple: later it will be found out that he was a southpaw.
146 posted on 03/15/2002 10:09:44 PM PST by Travis McGee
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To: Travis McGee
...and they will ignore the fact that he had to reload twice....
147 posted on 03/15/2002 10:12:13 PM PST by unamused
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To: zog
What ever is your purpose in advocating the mistreatment of the shooter's wife and kids? Do you really think they did anything to cause or cover up this tragedy?

It's crap-talk like this that makes things unnecessarily personal and can lead to problems for this forum and possibly some of its members at the hands of JBTs and liberal/commie scum. We all know by now that this forum is monitored by trolls with and without badges....

148 posted on 03/15/2002 10:13:09 PM PST by tracer
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Comment #149 Removed by Moderator

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To: antidemocommie
"...check your history. the shooting of Randy Weavers wife was not done by FBI agents. Put coin in slot and try again..."

Not true--Hourichi was FBI agent in charge of sniper team.-

source--link to ---Court case--9th Circuit Court of Appealls--June, 2001 [requires Acrobat Reader]

Qoute from court case ---"Horiuchi, as leader of the sniper team, instructed his men about how they should carry out their mission. His instructions...."

151 posted on 03/15/2002 10:26:54 PM PST by gatex
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To: Donald Stone; OKCSubmariner
"Two senior agents from the FBI's Baltimore office told a private detective yesterday that the mistaken shooting of an unarmed Pasadena man likely would be ruled a "clean shoot," and discouraged him from looking into the case further, the investigator said in an interview. Dudley F.B. "Butch" Hodgson, a former FBI agent who has been retained by the shooting victim's lawyers, said he was told by one of the agents: "There's no middle ground in this thing. You're either with us or against us."

Man Imprisoned 30 Years for Crime FBI Knew He Didn't Commit
"What do you want, tears?" "It'll be probably a nice movie or something,"
Boston FBI agent H. Paul Rico

The FBI Coverup In Tommy Burkett Case

The FBI is a criminal enterprise.

FBI competition - BATF's "Nigger Checkpoint"

Ashcroft Orders Full FBI Review After Blunders and murders and lying and obstruction and witness intimidation and more lying and destruction of evidence and falsifying documents and more lying

"Identify and recommend actions dedicated to improving and upgrading the performance of the FBI, assisting the incoming director with the many challenges to be faced, and reinforcing the FBI's effectiveness as the premier law enforcement organization in the world," - John Ashcroft

"The war on terrorism will not be fought in Washington but in the field, by agents, prosecutors, investigators and analysts," - John Ashcroft

"We’re going to go after all crime, and we’re going to make sure people get punished for the crime."
George W. Bush - Presidential Debate at Wake Forest University - Oct 11, 2000

"It is not possible to 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed' while deliberately violating the law.."
John Ashcroft - Aug. 1, 1998 (Washington Post).

Man Imprisoned 30 Years for Crime FBI Knew He Didn't Commit

By David Shuster and Sharon Kehnemui
Friday, May 04, 2001

WASHINGTON — Representatives on the House Government Reform Committee showed a rare display of emotion on Thursday, as they heard the story of a man who spent 30 years in prison for a crime the FBI knew he did not commit.

"Your story of faith, your story of family, your story of courage and perseverance is a gift to your nation. And we cherish it," Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., tearfully told Joe Salvati, a Massachusetts husband and father of four. "Your testimony will insure no one else has to endure the outrageous indignities and injustices you, Mr. Salvati, and your family, Marie, and your family, have suffered."

Salvati was 34 when he was sent to prison in 1967 for a 1965 Boston murder. He had apparently owed money to an informant who told officials Salvati committed the murder, in an attempt to cover up the real killer's identity.

It took 26 years for Salvati's lawyer, Victor Garo, to uncover documents proving FBI agents and Boston police decided to prosecute Salvati to protect the identities of a few informants they believed would be endangered if the real murderer were identified.

Several of those informants later committed other murders. Documents also showed then-FBI director J. Edgar Hoover knew of the misconduct and false testimony but let the case go on.

Salvati, who was exonerated earlier this year — four years after his sentence was commuted — broke down Thursday while testifying about his experience, and the undying strength and love he gained from his wife over the years.

He also said that despite his 30-year imprisonment, he still had faith in the American justice system.

"I still consider our justice system to be the greatest justice system in the world. But sometimes it fails, as in my case," he said. "We need agencies like the FBI because there are many out in the world that want to hurt us. However, when the FBI or any other similar agencies break the law, they must be held accountable for their crimes."

Garo was less forgiving.

"It was more important to the FBI that they protected their prized informants than it was for innocent people not to be framed. The truth be damned. It didn't matter the truth," he told the panel.

Through tears, Marie Salvati told of how she raised their four children without her husband at home, but always with him in their heart.

"From the very beginning of imprisonment, I knew that it would be important for the children to have constant contact, with their family, with their father. And every weekend I dress up, pack a little lunch, and go off to see him for their hugs and their kisses and whatever went on. And he would give them their father's guidance, even though he wasn't home with them," Marie Salvati said.

Later in the hearing, retired Boston FBI agent H. Paul Rico defiantly denied he helped frame Salvati, but at the same time admitted the wrong man went to jail for the crime.

"What do you want, tears?" Rico shot back at Shays, who accused the agent of feeling no remorse for his role in case. "It'll be probably a nice movie or something," replied the ex-agent, when pressed on the matter.

Also testifying at the hearing was lawyer F. Lee Bailey, who represented Boston mobster Joseph "The Animal" Barboza, the first Boston mobster to enter the witness protection program. Barboza falsely implicated Salvati, who back in 1967 owed Barboza $400.

Bailey later filed a sworn affidavit that his client had testified falsely. That testimony helped to get Salvati's sentence commuted.

The FBI's Boston office still has admitted no wrongdoing in this case and has issued no apology to the Salvati family. But outgoing FBI director Louis Freeh issued a written statement on Thursday promising the bureau's cooperation in a criminal investigation of the agents who were involved.

Lawmakers are insisting on a complete investigation, as well as an apology and compensation for the Salvatis.


The Fall of the Republic

152 posted on 03/15/2002 10:47:12 PM PST by Uncle Bill
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To: Lloyd227
AMEN on that. There are a lot of "us".
153 posted on 03/15/2002 11:20:45 PM PST by OldEagle
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To: ChareltonHest
I think Nunya Bidness has an for Schultz.
154 posted on 03/16/2002 12:58:03 AM PST by Donald Stone
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To: Donald Stone;ChareltonHest
I think Nunya Bidness has an for Schultz.

Correction,should read

I think Nunya Bidness has an address for Schultz.

155 posted on 03/16/2002 1:12:27 AM PST by Donald Stone
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To: Unicorn
"When corruption.. has prevailed in those offices of... government and has so familiarized itself as that men otherwise honest could look on it without horror,... then we must be alive to the suppression of this odious practice and... bring to punishment and brand with eternal disgrace every man guilty of it, whatever be his station." --Thomas Jefferson to W. C. C. Claiborne, 1804.

"Time indeed changes manners and notions, and so far we must expect institutions to bend to them. But time produces also corruption of principles, and against this it is the duty of good citizens to be ever on the watch, and if the gangrene is to prevail at last, let the day be kept off as long as possible." --Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane, 1821..

The day is upon us.

156 posted on 03/16/2002 4:14:15 AM PST by KDD
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To: harpseal
Regarding #42...can't argue with your analysis. It's a shame that those in charge over at the Hoover building can't get past their Hubris in order to understand that they would feel exactly the same way if they weren't part of the elite. I'm afraid they will never come to understand their proper role in society until it is too late.
157 posted on 03/16/2002 6:24:18 AM PST by Abundy
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To: Database
I don't know anything about it myself, but the fact that these turds left a seriously injured young man handcuffed after determining that he was not even armed makes me furious. All these arrogant pricks had to do was to listen to a police band scanner. Someone in the chain of command of this gaggle of clowns failed to communicate with the local LE and the result was this shooting. Of course, I'm giving them a real break by assuming that much.
158 posted on 03/16/2002 7:00:39 AM PST by Twodees
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To: Don Myers
I saw four FCC weenies at the local WalMart (near Ft. Pickett) in black BDU's. They had FCC on the service ID strip on their blouses. A noncom I mentioned it to said that I would be amazed at how many bureacratuic desk jockeys were receiving weapons trainig at Pickett. This is unconscionable to me and should be alarming to anyone concerned with our country.
159 posted on 03/16/2002 7:05:58 AM PST by Twodees
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To: Twodees
"This is unconscionable to me and should be alarming to anyone concerned with our country."

I think the agencies are preparing for a federal/national police force.

160 posted on 03/16/2002 7:10:47 AM PST by Don Myers
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