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Socialism USA
Communist Party USA ^ | January 1, 1996 | Gus Hall

Posted on 04/13/2002 2:10:47 PM PDT by rapsux

Socialism USA Author: Gus Hall (1910-2000), former National Chair First published: Jan 1, 1996 by the Communist Party, USA

We Communists believe that socialism is the very best replacement for a capitalist system that has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs and requirements of the great majority of our people.

We believe that socialism USA will be built according to the traditions, history, culture and conditions of the United States. Thus, it will be different from any other socialist society in the world. It will be uniquely American.

What will be the goals of our socialist society?

A life free of exploitation, insecurity, poverty; an end to unemployment, hunger and homelessness. An end to racism, national oppression, anti-Semitism, all forms of discrimination, prejudice and bigotry. An end to the unequal status of women. Renewal and extension of democracy; an end to the rule of corporate America and private ownership of the wealth of our nation. Creation of a truly humane and rationally planned society that will stimulate the fullest flowering of the human personality, creativity and talent.

The advocates and ideologues of capitalism hold that such goals are utopian; that human beings are inherently selfish and evil. Others argue that these goals can be fully realized under capitalism. We are confident, however, that such goals can be realized, but only through a socialist society.

Why Socialism?

Since its inception capitalism has been fatally flawed. Its inherent laws - to maximize profit on the backs of the working class - give rise to the class struggle.

History is a continuous story of people rising up against those who exploit and oppress them, to demand what's theirs. Our own country's historic beginning was revolutionary. The ideals of justice and equality have inspired peoples for centuries.

Up until the time of Karl Marx, those that advocated socialism were "utopians", that is, motivated by ideals only. It was Marx and his longtime friend and collaborator, Frederick Engels, who uncovered the inner laws of capitalism, where profit comes from and how societies develop. They transformed wishful thinking for socialism into socialism with a scientific, materialist basis.

Communists say that capitalism won't be around forever. Just like previous societies weren't around forever either. Slavery gave rise to feudalism and feudalism to capitalism. So, too, capitalism gives rise to socialism.

The Foundations of Socialism

Political power would be in the hands of working people. Socialism starts with nationalization of the main means of production - the plants, factories, agri-business farms and everything necessary to produce what society needs. The large monopoly corporations and banks come under public ownership, that is, under the collective ownership of the entire working class and people, who have the leading role in building socialism.

Socialism also means public ownership of the energy industry and all the natural resources. It eliminates forever the power of the capitalist class to exploit and oppress the majority.

A socialist government draws up plans covering the entire economy. They are drawn up with maximum participation of the people, from the shop level on up. Such plans are achieved because they harmonize the interests of all, because there are no conflicts arising from exploitation of workers and no dog-eat-dog competition.

Production increases much faster than under capitalism, with a planned economy, advancement of science and technology, and the protection and preservation of our environment and natural resources.

A socialist government is based on all-around democracy, starting with economic democracy. The more people participate in running their own economy, the more firmly people's power is established, the more successful a socialist America will be.

Trade unions in a socialist USA will insure a fair balance between what workers produce and what they receive. They will have decisive power to enforce safety and health provisions, prevent speedup, and guarantee good transportation, working conditions and plant facilities.

Public services - schools, hospitals, utilities, transit, parks, roads - are crumbling under capitalism. And now corporations are "privatizing" government-run, publicly-owned institutions for private profit. Under socialism public services and housing will be vastly improved and expanded. They will be broadened in their scope beyond anything dreamed of under capitalism.

The U.S. will become a vast construction site. Homes, schools, hospitals, places of recreation will be built to end shortages, replace substandard infrastructures and public facilities.

Jobs and Education for All

Full employment will be quickly achieved as production is expanded to satisfy the needs of people. Automation at the service of the working people will lead to both reduced hours of work and higher living standards, with no layoffs. There will be no danger of over-production since production will be planned and people's incomes will increase in line with the rising output of consumer goods and services.

Poverty will be ended quickly with the recovery of the vast resources now wasted in war production, corporate profits and the extravagent lifestyles of the filthy rich.

All education will be tuition-free. Every person will have access to unlimited medical and health care without charge. These rights will be realized as rapidly as facilities can be built and the personnel trained.

With capitalism gone, crime will also begin to disappear, for it is the vicious profit system that corrupts people and breeds crime.

To Each According to Their Work

Some ask whether guaranteeing basic necessities, free education, low-cost housing and health care will encourage people to avoid working, or doing their best. The principle of socialism is: >From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her work.

Socialism provides incentives for working better, producing more and higher quality goods, acquiring advanced skills. It does NOT equalize wages. Wages vary according to occupation and efficiency, although everyone is guaranteed a liveable wage.

Under capitalism, improvements in skill, organization and technology are rightly feared by the worker, since they threaten jobs. Under socialism, they offer the chance to make the job more interesting and rewarding, as well as to improve living standards.

Socialism provides moral incentives because the fruits of labor benefit all. No person robs others of the profits from their labor; when social goals are adopted by the majority, people will want to work for these goals. Work will seem less a burden, more and more a creative activity, where everyone is his/her neighbor's helper instead of rival.

It is true socialism will nationalize or socialize all large-scale production, property and real estate. But socialism does not abolish ALL privately-owned business. It does not require nationalization of those small businesses owned by people who work for themselves and do not hire others to make a profit. Personal property - private homes, automobiles, etc., - will remain just that, personal property.

In highly mechanized U.S. agriculture there will still be a place for the family farmer. But the farm family will be relieved of the pressure of agribusiness monopolies.

There will be rapid abolition of racism and national oppression. Socialism will bring complete equality for all racially and nationally oppressed. There will be no compromise with racism, for there will no longer exist a capitalist class which profits from it. Racism, national oppression, anti-Semitism, sexism, anti-immigrant discrimination and all forms of prejudice and bigotry will be banned by law, with strict measures of enforcement. Affirmative action will be expanded immediately to undo and make up for hundreds of years of the ravages of racism. Full equality will be one of the main priorities of the new society.War propaganda will be outlawed.

The only privileged sectors will be the children and seniors, who have earned the right to a healthy, happy, secure retirement. The children will reap all the benefits of socialist child care, free nurseries and schools with the very best facilities and teachers. Children will have wonderful recreational and sports facilities. They will have the option to choose whatever career they wish, and the free education and training to achieve it.

Socialism provides the economic foundation for effective democracy for the masses of people. To carry through the socialist economic and social transformation requires political rule by the working class - a government of, by and for the working people.

Socialism USA

Socialism USA will benefit from the experiences, the mistakes and succesess of the countries who built and are building socialism. But mainly it will reflect the distinctive features of U.S. development and environment. Unique historical advantages, like the unequalled natural resources, fertile soil and perfect weather, coupled with the contributions of generations of working people, enabled U.S. capitalism to achieve higher productive levels and living standards than capitalism in other countries. So, too, the development of socialism here will have some distinct advantages.

We have a highly developed industrial society with a highly trained and educated work force. Free from foreign intervention, socialism will not have to divert human and economic resources to defend itself. Socialism USA will avoid the terrible problems of extreme poverty, illiteracy, civil wars, wars of intervention and world wars. Socialism USA will extend democracy to its fullest, taking as its starting point the democratic traditions and institutions of the American people. Path to Socialism

We say that it may be possible in the U.S. to bring socialism through peaceful means. Perhaps through the ballot box. One thing is clear, there won't be socialism in the U.S. until the majority of the American people want it.

I like to say that when workers enter the corporate board rooms to take over and the ruling class says: O.K. you're right, we made a mess of things and now you should run it all. Well then there won't be any trouble. But if the ruling class says: Forget it! And call out the army and the police and the national guard, then that is how revolutions become violent. It starts with the ruling class. Workers and their allies have to defend themselves and to fight for what is rightfully theirs.

We believe and advocate that a socialist society in our country will guarantee all the liberties defined in the Bill of Rights but never fully realized. These include the right of people to express themselves fully and freely through organizations of their choice and competing candidates who respect and are guided by the concept of building socialism.

Indeed, the freedoms in the Bill of Rights will take on far greater meaning for the great majority, who will now own the meeting halls, press, radio and TV, and will be able to exercise that freedom effectively.

That's why we call ours Bill of Rights Socialism, USA.

Socialism is our vision for America's future. It is a vision we are winning more and more people to because it is logical - really a great - replacement for capitalism. And because it is the next inevitable step up the ladder of human civilization.

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To: glockmeister40
Never believe a leader who promises utopia.

Because it takes totalitarianism to guarantee "utopia."

21 posted on 04/13/2002 3:13:06 PM PDT by Sam Cree
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To: glockmeister40
Renewal and extension of democracy;
What the hell does this double speak mean?

It means the tyranny of the majority in all aspects of life. "Extension" means that people you don't know or care about will all have an equal say, and veto power, over aspects of your life that should be none of their business. Such as determining what your "needs" really are, or whether the business you wish to start is "needed" or not by the community (to whom all is owed, after all), or whether the house you want to build is "too big", or blocks somebody's view, or threatens land set aside for a mosquito preserve. Nobody will be able to do anything at all without first getting permission from absolutely everybody else. Life in the USA will be one vast eternal committee-meeting.

Some people think that sounds like heaven.

22 posted on 04/13/2002 3:14:30 PM PDT by hellinahandcart
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To: rapsux
Ok, I've been meaning to write something on this subject for some time and this seems to be the right opportunity.

First and foremost, it's not "capitalism" that the communists/socialists/Democrats have a problem with - but rather "fascism". Fascism is, briefly stated, the "unholy alliance" between government and big business. And what could be a better example of such an unholy alliance than Bill Clinton's attempt to pacify Monica Lewinsky by obtaining a corporate position for her at Revlon. Another classic example is that of politically connected business leaders who are allowed to take nuclear "nation buster" submarines for personal joyrides (much to the dismay of any shipboard Japanese students who happen to be in the way).

When obviously worthless that guy who ran Enron into the ground...find themselves at the helm of multi-billion dollar public corporations, then you can just bet that you're no longer living in Kansas anymore, but rather in that wretched stew of public/private corruption that is fascism. The geenies see fascism and don't like it, and any non-corrupt conservative who sees it won't like it either.

Capitalism, on the other hand, is no guaranteed blessing to the business person. Every night the small shop or restaurant owner goes to bed wracking his or her brain for any strategy that might result in more and happier customers. For this reason capitalism is a more faithful friend to common citizen than any other economic system - more faithful even than the family dog.

I'm a pure capitalist, and I can tell you that I rise every morning and go to bed every night, focused on the singular goal of how might I make my existing and prospective customers more happy - how might I better serve you? This preoccupation is indeed the curse of true capitalism.

If America wants to become socialist or communist then I would invite any American reading this to do that very thing by voting straight Democrat and/or Communist in our public elections. I have for years sworn that I would recover the tennis serve that I lost when leaving High School, and when the opportunity to do business is no longer available to me then that's excatly what I'll do - that and of course cozy up as necessary to the politicos who come into power.

And you, America, rather than dealing with the "capitalist" who rises in the morning and goes to bed in the evening with no thought other than achieving your satisfaction and happiness, will instead deal exclusively with the worthless n'er-do-well bureaucrats with whom we are all already much too familiar.

Go ahead, make my day!

23 posted on 04/13/2002 3:15:04 PM PDT by The Duke
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To: moodyskeptic
A good read: The Politics of Bad Faith by David Horowitz. He reveals how the American Left simply ignores recent history (sort of like the stubborn Clinton supporters we know and love). David Horowitz is great. I read Radical Son and Destructive Generation. I enjoyed both. He made things crystal clear. No more ambiguity about the left's intentions, or methods.
24 posted on 04/13/2002 3:21:01 PM PDT by rapsux
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To: Sam Cree
"We've come quite a bit further down the road toward the horrors of socialism than many of us realize".

That is a serious understatement!Read this Quote:

The American People Will Never Knowingly Adopt Socialism,
But Under The Name of Liberalism
They Will Adopt Every Fragment Of The Socialist Program
Until One Day America Will Be A Socialist Nation
Without Ever Knowing How It Happened----

Norman Thomas, 6-Time Socialist Party Presidential Candidate
And One Of The Founders Of The ACLU.

Take a look at what the "Left" represents and read that again.People need to talk about statements like this.There it is, now the Question should be "What can I do to change the course/minds of my Elected Officials"?We ALL should be wondering what the heck is going on!

25 posted on 04/13/2002 3:34:27 PM PDT by Pagey
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To: Texas_Longhorn
MAybe we Capitalists believe that man has original sin and such notions such as socialism are a pipe dream for "Utopians".

Does anyone else find it ironic that the so called Socialists want to take EVERYONES freedom away? If Humankind was such a great bunch, why would we NEED to be controlled by a centralized group?

I think most people are stupid but I let them live how they want for the most part. Liberals think that everyone(Except us, LOL!) is so great but they wish to enslave the entire world. They TRULY are a bizarre lot.

I had a conversation with two of my employees today. It was about Communism believe it or not. One is a retired Harvard Law Review worker(ARRGH!!), and one is a student. The student said it would be NICE to have Communism if it could work. Of course, the Harvard whacko agreed.

I told them a story about when I was in the Military, there were five of us who received the SAME pay. On of us would stand watchs for other people or sew insignias, etc. Of course, he got payed for these things. I asked them if the rest of us should have taken that persons extra money by force after he had done these services for us. THey said of course not but since we had all received the same pay that it was not relevant to our conversation.

What the HELL do they think Capitalism is anyway? It is free-trade for gods sake! If some pizza guy works his ass off to make 1000 pizzas a day and then sells them, should he have to give the product of his efforts to other less fortunate pizza makers? Why should he? I asked if I could move into her house since I rent. You know, we are all a bunch of brothers and sisters, etc. She said that she "lived in a capitalist country". Are these people daft? Even if we lived in a Commie hellhole, some people would always be more enterprising and then we would have a black market. Why cant these damn people at least be honest about it?

Lets say we all got 100 pounds of rice and some money every month. What is to stop me from eating less and selling my surplus? Why is that action immoral to them?

What I find most amusing is that most of these "Socialists" are among the sleaziest most corrupt people alive that loot and steal and then call me who merely wishes to work hard and make money evil. THEY are the true evil. Socialism and Communism both do one thing, they murder the human spirit and IMHO they are the most despicable concepts alive in the modern world.

Cheers for Capitalism!!!

26 posted on 04/13/2002 3:35:00 PM PDT by Arioch7
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To: rapsux
"They have our very own, customized utopia planned for us".

They sure as H___ do!

27 posted on 04/13/2002 3:36:22 PM PDT by Pagey
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To: The Duke
IMHO, Fascism IS at least Liberal. I live near Boston and all of the Liberal business up here LOVE all that bullshit because thier Dem friends give THEM the tax cuts and let small business men such as myself flounder.

Worthless... if they finally win, there will be a new revolution. If that doesn not occur, I will just be a criminal. It will not be difficult when such a Utopia will be populated by morons and leechs. Either way, Capitalism CAN NOT die because it is NOT an ideaology, it is the fact that Human beings strive to make things better. Humans strive for acheivement. These people strive for slavery and they do not even know it.

28 posted on 04/13/2002 3:45:04 PM PDT by Arioch7
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To: Pagey
I pray more and more people wake up and see what's happening.
29 posted on 04/13/2002 3:45:41 PM PDT by rapsux
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To: Arioch7
I'm from Mass. and I'm glad to hear a statement from you because I agree with you 100%.This Kennedy/Kerry bull has got to go.They are just milking the system by giving out free candy for all of the deadbeats/losers who don't have a life.I don't mind giving but don't threaten me with prison because I can't afford it!
30 posted on 04/13/2002 4:05:57 PM PDT by taxtruth
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To: taxtruth
Glad to see a fellow Mass citizen but sorry you have to live here. :D

They just get dumber and dumber up here. We lost 82000 cars being shipped here because of a federal harbor tax that Rhode Island dismantled. Volkswagon was the company. So, after they lose all of this revenue, what do they do? Petition the Fed to MAKE RI institute the harbor tax.

Every time these idiots raise the cigarette tax, hundreds of thousands of people go to NH to buy cigs, AGAIN depriving Mass of revenue. What do they do, tax them more to make up the difference. The stupidity of our leaders would be amusing if we did not have to live here.

31 posted on 04/13/2002 4:13:04 PM PDT by Arioch7
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To: Arioch7
I'm looking for property on the border of we speak because of the nonsense that is going on in a bargain for people who work in Boston which I do.Goodbye Plymouth because the pilgrims would puke at what is going on in Mass.Don't even get me started on the big dig/big con game!
32 posted on 04/13/2002 4:23:36 PM PDT by taxtruth
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To: rapsux
We Communists believe that socialism is the very best replacement for a capitalist system that has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs and requirements of the great majority of our people.

Freedom will bury you -- over the long haul of time.

33 posted on 04/13/2002 5:14:22 PM PDT by FreeReign
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To: rapsux
BORG ALERT. If this plan succeeds, we will all be assimilated... It would be funny if it wasn't so scary!
34 posted on 04/13/2002 5:19:41 PM PDT by janetgreen
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To: rapsux
Production increases much faster than under capitalism, with a planned economy, advancement of science and technology, and the protection and preservation of our environment and natural resources

This the big lie. Production always decreases in a socialist economy because there is little incentive to work harder or be innovative. There has never been a successful socialist society. Socialism is born out of jealousy. Nothing good can come from it.

35 posted on 04/13/2002 5:53:03 PM PDT by Eva
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To: Pagey
I like your quote. I look around and sometimes believe that the U.S.A. is already socialist.
36 posted on 04/13/2002 6:02:35 PM PDT by Sam Cree
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To: Arioch7
Capitalism CAN NOT die because it is NOT an ideaology

You're right, I think. Socialism is a specific ideology with specific rules. Capitalism, like freedom, is the opposite, there are no rules, just opportunity.

37 posted on 04/13/2002 6:08:18 PM PDT by Sam Cree
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Comment #38 Removed by Moderator

Comment #39 Removed by Moderator

To: Sam Cree
The founders had it right,you can be a have or a have not but,you cannot put the haves with the havenots in a community because it won't work!I have learned this in Ma. via housing.Make your own way and stop crying because that is the American way!Stop looking for a hand out unless you are a vet which I will gladly give to.
40 posted on 04/13/2002 7:14:17 PM PDT by taxtruth
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