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Posted on 04/16/2002 7:50:58 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK

There is an ongoing, planned war against common sense. The goal is to displace our loyalties from the God of American liberty to a dark, alien political system, known today as socialism. This is a war that takes place on two fronts, one of which involves you and everyone alive.

Every internal conflict you have is the evidence of an internal war between what you are becoming, through overreacting, and the person you could be if you didn’t overreact. Resentment toward injustice reverses the natural order of self-control, from within your soul to, and in favor of, the intimidator. Hostility disconnects you from your common sense and reconnects you to the source of injustice — manipulation. Such an internal disconnect serves a deviant political purpose.

Emotions that are subject to common sense are vital to the preservation of personal and national sovereignty. By intensifying emotional extremes of love and hate, the free spirit of both man and nation is lost. By way of sophisticated mass media techniques, the minds and hearts of entire populations have been compromised. Very few people will ever be aware of the subtle changes in their loyalties after one decade of exposure to America’s mass media. Many people are becoming communists at heart while still believing they are Americans. Sixty years of subversion is being realized right here in the United States, the last bastion of common sense.

Albert Einstein once said, "No problem can be solved at the same level of awareness that created it." The opposing forces of good and evil operate at different levels of consciousness, one from within and above and the other from without and below. In much the same way the sickest family member often rises to the top to rule many generations. So does evil rise to power in nations of demoralized people.

Like the Wizard of Oz pulling strings behind the curtain, social engineers are running this world into the ground. Hard-working people support the lazy. Conservatives are maligned in the media while those who hate our nation party. Those doing the most good struggle to exist, while leeches thrive as the wealthiest non-profits in America. Turning our emotions against us, socialists work to extinguish mankind’s free and noble spirit.

All the suffering that ever was or ever will be comes from without and below. We all contribute, by overreacting to subtle psycho- political pressures heaped upon all of us. There is method in this madness. Injustice, cruelty and shock are employed to serve one main purpose. Someone wants to unbalance the nation, forcing us all to connect to the without-and-below, the antithesis of common sense.

Another way of saying this is that resentment causes us to doubt our common sense, compelling us against the indwelling will of common sense. Excuses become an evolution of lies explaining away what they made us do. Lies, on every level, have programmed America to become mentally ill, dependent upon pharmaceuticals to correct fictitious "chemical imbalances." In this way your corrupt lifestyle is preserved and you go on getting worse, thinking that science will save you.

Before 9-11, left-wing doublespeak was boldly dragging America down. Socialists were successful at confounding and confusing nearly every American about what reality is. This condition continues to drive us all to make all the wrong decisions, especially the political ones. Scoundrels are glorified while noble candidates are vilified, sending America’s destiny into imperious danger.

Highly paid media dupes have twisted reality, compromised our schools, churches and noble institutions. The "hidden ones" have used entertainers and talking heads to trick Americans into electing enemies of liberty to high office.

All the miseries of history have come through an insecure, homegrown class of betrayers willing to exchange their souls for power. Power intoxicates. It shuts the door of their minds against reality and the misery of their countrymen. An ancient spirit has awakened in them, instructing their base instincts. The ambitious are not inwardly conflicted because their orders come from their dark side. Their like-minded followers instantly recognize these amiable scoundrels as saviors incarnate.

Media complicity has normalized vile behavior. The result is that the power of anti-Americans has evolved in direct proportion to the abuses of their elected offices.

Once in power, the hyper compassionate proceeded to grant "civil rights" to the worst in human nature, all in the name of compassion. The real purpose was to create envy and social chaos by down-breeding two or more garbage generations to out-vote noble Americans. Their hearts being incompatible with our Constitution, demoralized citizens are like illegal aliens. Deceived into seeing freedom as license, they party and vote away our way of life in exchange for welfare and handouts.

All too many Americans are too "secure." They are afraid to see that their enabler, the left of two major political parties, has been compromised and is being acted through as if an instrument of a foreign power.

Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf wrote, "The German people have no idea of the extent to which they have to be gulled, in order to be led. The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed. The masses of the nation are more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around. They can be made to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise." Hitler inherited this knowledge from his dark side, just as surely as good people inherit potential paradise from the bright side of the force.

Our moral laws are necessary to keep predators and their mobs at bay. Nations with laws based upon the Commandments, common to the hearts of all good people, threaten the demoralized Third World mentality. Compassion for such people will never, ever cure their problems; rather, it will weaken us while proliferating hate toward America. More than $6 trillion and 40 years of compassion for America’s poor did nothing but create more poverty and discontent. Likewise, continued compassion and welfare for the demoralized world, addicted to their despots and our handouts, will eventually spell the end of us.

Socialists see themselves as liberators from what they consider "the straitjacket of the law." As inheritors of paradise lost, they have slithered into America’s institutions, operating as enablers for all our failings. In the 1950s many began to sense something was terribly wrong. But the persistent drumbeats of the powerful media caused nearly everyone to doubt himself or herself. Their tactic was to hold up absurdities as reality, then imply that something was wrong with us for seeing something wrong with them. Doubt multiplied through resentment and confusion. People’s loyalties slowly began to change and adapt to the confusion sowed by the left.

Like knights in shining armor, the hyper-compassionate rushed to rescue the very families they destroyed, first through confusion and then with their enabling, compassion. Always rising to fix the problems they created, a parade of experts, whom Karl Marx called "useful idiots," continues to give us all the wrong answers, designed to make everything worse.

This is a conspiracy of progressive involvement, intended to create a dependence on an emerging shadow government. Global Marxist schemers plan far beyond the comprehension of most Western thinkers, hence their global success. The main thrust of their attack is against our core values. By politically and economically increasing social and economic anxiety, they render the masses more suggestible and by this means, slowly but surely, separate us from reason and the sovereign power of common sense. Violence and drugs have now engulfed America’s cities. Darkness prevails, so it seems.

Outrageous media-sponsored behavior presented with a straight face is meant to shock and frustrate. Our own helplessness is compounded by anger as we see our country descending into slavery.

A liberalized form of Christianity, known as "liberation theology," is also complicit in this infernal mischief. You can rebel against God but never the devil. Confusion over what love and compassion really are adds more misdirection, leading to more bad choices. Socialists encourage a mindless rebelling and conforming to authority. This is the basis of all confounded loyalties and our addictions to people, places and things. All who sin, "or fall for the outer lie," are slaves to doubt and become enemies of those who still live in reality.

God gave the first man only two choices. He was to love, which is to say cleave to his Creator, or to rebel and fall to arrogance through the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. To this very day insecure, power-hungry elitists gravitate to work in government. They drink in rote academic, religious and secular knowledge as food for their backward souls. They think that the more they know the more they are. As power intoxicates and corrupts, the ambitious begin to see reality in a whole new dark light.

All too many of America’s university professors are quite mad. Our greatest peril lies in the reverence we give to these and other false authorities. Their confidence is based on their arrogance, which increases in direct proportion to their success in demoralizing people to doubt themselves.

Education, more often than not, serves an evil political force when the pride of learning displaces common sense with the rhetoric of arrogance. When stupefied people are anointed to sit unholy in the place of the holy, it portends the end of civilization, a condition we almost reached a decade ago.

Former President Clinton, like a pimp, presided over his party’s stable of political hookers. His followers overlooked the obvious flaws of this form of prostitution. Similarly, in the guise of government programs that subsidized tens of millions, too many people overlooked the many betrayals, while their man held office for eight years. The treason at Los Alamos; the intentional flooding of California, New York, Arizona and other boarder state with illegal aliens for votes; the gruesome sexual scandals; the tampering with FBI files; the selling of nuclear secrets to China; accusations of money laundering and even reports of drug abuse inside the White House, were all overlooked in exchange for their continued pleasures and "securities."

Even now most Americans are unable to realize what the enslaving compassion has done to them. So, they go on electing scoundrels to high office. Worse yet, they fail to see the danger of their romance with Third World nations, most ruled by charmers and some of whom rose from the ranks of pimp to dictator. Thank God for George Bush and that we avoided electing another pimp as president

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1 posted on 04/16/2002 7:50:58 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK
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2 posted on 04/16/2002 8:06:25 PM PDT by Mad Dawgg
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To: AlexanderTheGreat
4 posted on 04/16/2002 8:17:23 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK
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After hearing him on Hannity's radio show I went to his website and ordered his book and a tape set. Roy Masters is right on the money and I highly recommend checking out his site
5 posted on 04/16/2002 8:56:04 PM PDT by MilburnDrysdale
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An accessment that rings true.

Now it is a choice as to what to do about it. Nothing. Activism. Party hardy. What impact can we have on the current state of affairs?

Immigration ... nothing has really changed.

Spending (federal) has increased by approximately 25% in one year.

No vouchers for education.

No removal of the corrupt legislators.

Our troops are still in Bosnia.

Osama Bin Laden (the phantom) is still being sought. He is more valuable to the government if he isn't ever caught. It justifies further actions.


6 posted on 04/17/2002 10:32:22 AM PDT by Countyline
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To: MilburnDrysdale,dixie sass,47carollann,chesty puller,antivenom,bigun,smallstuff,pocat,sunshine,jd
We listened to him last night in PALTAK American Conservatives room he made a great bit of sense about many issues in Conservatism
7 posted on 04/17/2002 2:13:29 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK
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8 posted on 04/17/2002 2:14:59 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK
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A more sober and convincing assessment along these lines is detailed in Bork's book, 'Slouching towards Gomorrah'. As he puts it, the left has pushed along two major lines, "radical egalitarianism" and "radical individualism", neither of which is well supported by the Constitution. These two trends manifest themselves in the sorts of political and social trends described above, which have been undermining American society since the late fifties/early sixties. It's more than just an emotional, media-based attack--though not surprisingly, given Bork's position, much of the blame for America's acquiesence falls on the courts and on the educators. Very good food for thought for conservatives.
9 posted on 04/18/2002 4:53:52 PM PDT by HassanBenSobar
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