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Need Help Buying Gun
4-17-02 | PaulJ

Posted on 04/17/2002 1:32:29 PM PDT by PaulJ

My fellow Freepers have always been able to help me and I need your help again.
I have an 11 year old who is in the Boy Scouts and had his first experience with target shooting (air rifle)about 3 years ago. Two years ago we bought him his own air rifle and he saved up and bought a CO2 pistol.He loves it and seems to be a natural and is a great shot. I am now considering buying him a 22 but know nothing about them. I looked around the internet but couldn't find any helpful information.
I have never owned a gun but think it would be a great father & son thing to get into. He has only done target shooting but has shown some interest in hunting small game.
Here's where I need your help. What should I look for in a rifle? How much should I plan on spending? Are there any good web sites that are informative? What else do I need to know?
Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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To: Pern
Is he right handed? If he is, bolt or lever action is fine but if he's left handed like me a bolt action is clumsy and I prefer a lever action.
21 posted on 04/17/2002 2:30:57 PM PDT by Arkie2
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I didn't let my kid have a bazooka until he was smart enough to build it himself with only a little coaching. Now there's a great father/son project.

Loads of fun for kids from eight to eighty!

22 posted on 04/17/2002 2:33:24 PM PDT by the
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To: PaulJ
I'd say that one of the best values out there is the Ruger 10/22 for semi-autos. A terrific little gun, right out of the box. There are lots of accessories available for it.

My personal favorite is a Remington 571 (I think) pump action, that my grandfather gave me when I was 16. Terrific rifle, and quite accurate. It's got a tube magazine and can fire .22 short, long, and long rifle. If you like pumps, you might also check out the little pump action 22 Taurus, which I believe is based on the old Browning arcade .22.


23 posted on 04/17/2002 2:39:45 PM PDT by MarkL
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To: PaulJ
The Ruger 10/22's are a great rifle for all around use for a .22. I've been looking at rifles from Henry Repeating Arms Company. They have a complete line of .22 rifles in different models. The Golden Boy is nice but pricey. The .22 Lever Magnum model is real nice. I have my eye on the compact U.S. Survival Rifle. Can be broken down with parts to be stored in the waterproof stock, and comes with two 8-round mags. Very cheaply priced and very handy. Cache and BLOAT with these babies.
24 posted on 04/17/2002 2:40:44 PM PDT by BigBlueJon
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To: PaulJ
Ditto the 10/22, however if your budget permits, start with a single-shot bolt action and pick up the 10/22 when he's a little older.
Nix the .22 handgun for the kid, he's too young. (Or any other cannon somebody might jokingly suggest.)
Especially if inexperienced with the rifle.
Take it one step at a time as he gains experience and continues to exhibit maturity and safe handling.
(Now if Dad wants a .22 pistol to enhance his own target-plinking pleasure -- that's a different matter.)
But teach the kid responsibly on the rifle first.
25 posted on 04/17/2002 2:42:42 PM PDT by Willie Green
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To: PaulJ
The Ruger 10/22, as a number of people have already suggested, is a reasonable choice if you're looking for a semi-auto, although for a first plinker I would concur with those who favor a single shot bolt, for the reasons outlined, to learn fire discipline...

the infowarrior

26 posted on 04/17/2002 2:44:20 PM PDT by infowarrior
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To: Eagle Eye
I just saw a book called "Ruger 10/22 Exotic Weapons System".
I suppose the kid could buy this if he got bored with the rifle as is... :)
27 posted on 04/17/2002 2:44:55 PM PDT by MrB
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To: Pern
Ruger 10//22 Is my vote - I love mine and can shoot it all day for 10 bucks!
29 posted on 04/17/2002 2:46:34 PM PDT by ezo44
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To: MrB
Is that the one with 4 mounted 10-22's and a crank device on the trigger? No FFL required, either.
30 posted on 04/17/2002 2:48:53 PM PDT by Eagle Eye
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To: Eagle Eye
The only thing I saw was the book cover. The picture looked like a cross between an Uzi and an HK.
Big banana like magazine, bullpup stock, short barrel.
The description of the book said that it would go up to 1000 rpm.
31 posted on 04/17/2002 2:52:07 PM PDT by MrB
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To: PaulJ
I owned a 10/22, and i was one of the unfortunate few that bought on that jammed all the time. Never could figure out why. Replaced the extractor, didn't help. I have a 77/22 now, a very solid rifle that shoots 1/2" groups at 50 yards. Caveat: did a trigger job on it, polished the hammer and sear, put a Timney trigger kit in it, glass-bedded the action. From what I've been reading lately, check out the Thompson Center .22 Classic. Looks real solid, and from the reviews, you'll get a semi-auto that shoots 1/2" group right out of the box. Hard to beat that. Fairly reasonable price also, for a precision piece that will last a lifetime.
32 posted on 04/17/2002 2:54:58 PM PDT by FlyVet
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To: Willie Green
My daughters can handle the Mark II and enjoy it. I seriously think that an 11 year old boy, with proper supervision of course, can handle one and it makes a great companion to a .22 rifle.

If someone wanted to argue that a revolver would be better, I'd not argue that, but I put guns in my kids' hands as soon as I could do so safely, and 11 is certainly old enough.

33 posted on 04/17/2002 2:55:14 PM PDT by Eagle Eye
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To: PaulJ
May I suggest a Winchester 9422? It is a tube-fed, lever action capable of good, medium range accuracy. The advantage over the Ruger 10/22 is that there is no detatchable magazine to lose / miss place. Also, the 10/22 will fire nothing but long-rifle cartridges.

A Wincheter 9422 [or other tube fed, bolt action] will fire all .22 cartridges, save the .22 magnum. .22 CB shorts, and .22 CB longs are inexpensive and very...........quiet.

34 posted on 04/17/2002 2:57:06 PM PDT by Res Nullius
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To: PaulJ
F.Y.I. - Ruger also carries the model 96/22. It's your basic 10/22, only lever action. I've never fired it, but if it shoots anything like the 10/22, it should be nice.

Punch this for nice pics

35 posted on 04/17/2002 2:57:58 PM PDT by BigBlueJon
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To: MrB
I knew a guy that had a 10-22 with a bi-pod, scope, and drum magazine. He had other goodies as well. A 10-22 is like an old Chev 327 in that there's a lot that you can do to it.
37 posted on 04/17/2002 2:59:01 PM PDT by Eagle Eye
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To: MarkL
If you like pumps, you might also check out the little pump action 22 Taurus

Don't have one, but have shot one and they are a lot of fun.

38 posted on 04/17/2002 3:02:03 PM PDT by Eagle Eye
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To: PaulJ
For starts, bolt action rifles are the most accurate. I would concur that single-shot nakes the most sense for an 11 y.o. At a mininum, I would definitely avoid getting him an auto-loader. Any bolt-action rifle requires that some thought be given before a new round is chambered.

Now, as to brands, Ruger makes excellent .22's. There is a political issue with Ruger, however, that you may want to take into account. Bill Ruger testified before Congress in favor of the 1994 Federal Firearms Act (the "assault weapons ban"). To this day, many gun enthusiasts refuse to buy Ruger products for that reason. At least, to buy new ones. Me included. That legislation didn't affect the bad guys in the least; it simply made life more difficult for the rest of us.

I would not hesitate to go with Marlin, Remington, or Winchester. All have websites that are easily located.

If you find yourself considering a pump-action rifle, Taurus recently started manufacturing a replica of the venerable Winchester model 62. They call it their model 62. External hammer. This is a seriously cool rifle that neither he nor you will ever outgrow. Get the stainless carbine. It goes new-in-box for about $235 on discount (I saw one for that last weekend at a local gunshow).

Involve your son in the shopping process. Take him to a show or two. Shopping / anticipation is part of the fun, and an important part of the interaction between the two of you.

Don't forget to get him a cleaning kit and to show him how to use it. Any dealer will help you with that. There are also websites. Caring for, cleaning the rifle is an integral part of the responsibility of owning one. "Look after it. it will look after you."

For a ton of more information, you might do a Google search on ".22" and "rifle" on the rec.guns newsgroup. If you don't know how do do that, I'd be happy to help.

Do not forget the hunter's safety class. You go too. Make sure he understands that if he uses the rifle carelessly or irresponsibly, you will take it away for him. He needs to get the idea that a weapon is to always be treated as if it's loaded, even when he is absolutely, positively certain that is not loaded. .22's may be small in terms of their bore, but they can kill.

Be real careful when his friends are around. Us boys do love to show off our toys -- and that's when the sh*t typically happens.

The above rants, by the way, are one or the reasons to stick with a rifle that is either bolt-, pump-, or lever-action. The action can easily be opened to insure the rifle is clear and inoperable. This is always done when it is passed from one person to another. At other times also.

Teach him never, ever to put his finger on the trigger unless and until he intends to fire it at whatever he's pointing it at.

The list goes on...

Good luck! Have fun!! Be careful!!!


39 posted on 04/17/2002 3:04:51 PM PDT by The Other Harry
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To: fourdeuce82d
I agree with the single shot theory. About ten years ago, I purchased a single shot .22 from WalMart that was made by Daisy. Very small (kid sized) , seems like it was designed as a first gun for a kid. Only cost $35.00 then.
40 posted on 04/17/2002 3:05:45 PM PDT by JavaTheHutt
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