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Pope: Priests Must Stay Celibate
AP via Yahoo via Drudge ^ | 4-20-2002 | NICOLE WINFIELD

Posted on 04/20/2002 4:14:07 PM PDT by Notwithstanding

In a strong message days before a summit of U.S. churchmen on a sex abuse scandal, Pope John Paul (news - web sites) II said Saturday that priests must live celibate lives and avoid scandalous behavior. Bishops, he said, must investigate such behavior and take action to end it.

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KEYWORDS: catholic; homosexual; pope; repeatcondemnation; scandal
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To: St.Chuck
You, sir, have made an excellent point. And your analysis largely explains why the Church has been such a target for so long: she is not trendy.

The promise of a trendy Catholic Church that people saw with Vatican II never came to fruition, thanks to the God-sent reign of Pope John Paul II. That he stymied this hoped-for trendiness is something Diane Sawyer and Bryant Gumbel etc cannot digest and will never accept. Their permanent indigestion is widespread but worthless, as we all know the Church will never be trendy.

21 posted on 04/20/2002 5:00:10 PM PDT by Notwithstanding
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To: Excuse_My_Bellicosity
Don't worry, I was just concurring with your post and using it to add something to the argument about celibacy.
22 posted on 04/20/2002 5:02:02 PM PDT by Conservative til I die
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To: Notwithstanding
Manhattan may diappear, the US may fade away, and we will all surely die, yet the Church will be here in the year 3000 teaching the same infallible doctrines she always has.
23 posted on 04/20/2002 5:02:37 PM PDT by Notwithstanding
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To: nmh
Here come the harpies! Their Father has sent them out to this thread.

Don't worry about celibacy; worry about the important things that Bible Christians should be worrying about: Marilyn Manson, Harry Potter, and the NWO.
24 posted on 04/20/2002 5:04:05 PM PDT by Conservative til I die
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To: nmh; Notwithstanding
The spiritually discerned won't get it. Unfortunately you fall into that category

LOL. Notwithstanding, I think the Holy Spirit inspired nmh's words here. Folks who are indeed spiritually discerned will not understand nmh's "logic."

25 posted on 04/20/2002 5:05:24 PM PDT by Brian Kopp DPM
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To: Excuse_My_Bellicosity
The only way that I could do that is if somebody had me quick-frozen. I gotta hand it to anybody who does this and really sticks to the rules. There's no way I could.

You mean that you feel it okay to cheat on your wife? Or force a man/lady/boy to have sex because you are lustful? Or do you buy it? Most married couples have times, sometimes months or even years, where sex is impossible (pregnancy, having to work away from home, illness, or the fact that you have to take turns with a sick kid and are too tired).

ADULTS know this: it is not being quick frozen, it is being grown up, where not everything you wish for is available, or because something is worth more than a quicky (one's marriage, one's relationship with the creator, one's self respect, for example)

I realize that the feminists and playboy types look down on adult responsibility as a burden to be shunned, and the lack of sex as something abnormal, but these same types talk about "living life to the fullest" and "do your own thing" and "he who dies with the most toys wins".

There is another way to look at things: That a child is a gift, not a burden. That sex is the human expression of our deepest feelings, not a quick fix for lust, that God's rules may be hard, but in the long run we are happier and better for following them, and that sacrifices for the sake of others is a good thing.

26 posted on 04/20/2002 5:09:27 PM PDT by LadyDoc
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To: Dr. Brian Kopp
I am still trying to figure out what that term means. (I did not come across it in the Bible.)
27 posted on 04/20/2002 5:10:23 PM PDT by Notwithstanding
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To: Conservative til I die
Right on.
28 posted on 04/20/2002 5:11:35 PM PDT by Excuse_My_Bellicosity
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To: LadyDoc
What thoughtful words you have posted.
29 posted on 04/20/2002 5:11:41 PM PDT by Notwithstanding
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To: Conservative til I die
For some of our FRiends this sort of thread is like an orgy.
30 posted on 04/20/2002 5:13:15 PM PDT by Notwithstanding
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To: Notwithstanding
31 posted on 04/20/2002 5:15:01 PM PDT by De Fide
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To: Notwithstanding
The sex drive has always been strong, but promiscuity used to be considered morally reprehensible by most people - today promiscuity is largely accepted as part of life.

The sex drive like many other appetites (with the exception of eating) loses its pull on a person when they don't engage in it for a long period of time. Most people require affection for sex to be satisfying; one night stands or casual sex do not provide much of this sought after component; especially in people over the age of 25 or 30. Having sex for the sake of the act itself is no different than eating when you're not really hungry. Too much of that and you become fat; too much sex without meaning and you become hollowed out. Celibacy is not that hard in my opinion; once the intital period of adjustment has passed.

32 posted on 04/20/2002 5:19:55 PM PDT by Aedammair
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To: Notwithstanding
"The value of celibacy as a complete gift of self to the Lord and his Church ..

What value is this policy proving to be? It seems to me the only thing it is really accomplishing is drawing homosexuals to the priesthood.

Maybe someone with broader knowledge can explain it. I certainly don't recall in the Bible it being mentioned as a requirement to properly serve the Lord.

33 posted on 04/20/2002 5:26:46 PM PDT by evad
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To: sinkspur
Ours is the catholic (universal) as well as Catholic Church and the rules ought to apply everywhere. In this case, the rule of celibacy is a rule of the Roman rite only, a mere discipline, not a dogma, but a discipline nonetheless in the rite where the rule exists. Unless JP II or a successor changes things, it is the rule in Texas and Illinois as well as in Italy and Africa.

It may well be that rules may be changed by the next pope but Cardinal Martini is now no longer viewed even in his own mind as papabile since his retirement from Milan. Walter Cardinal Kaspar's chances were probably non-existent before the compelled resignation of one of his colleagues for sexually abusing a woman during an EXORCISM!!!! No one takes any American candidacy seriously considering the state of AmChurch even before the sorry handling of recent scandals. Roger Cardinal Mahoney certainly need not apply. Godfrey Cardinal Daneels is not a hot candidate either. Whoever JP II's successor will be, he will be elected by a conclave attended by cardinals, all but about 5 of whom have been JP II's appointees. Good bets include Cardinal Re, Castrillon Cardinal de Hoyos, Francis Cardinal Arinze and the Vietnamese Cardinal. A policy has to be adopted first by 2/3 vote and must be accepted under oath before the Holy Eucharist as a pre-condition of accepting election as pope. I bet we all know what issues will top the list at this conclave and it won't be married priests or women's ordination. Perhaps purging the lavender Mafia while purging the churches wherever it has been tolerated. That would be a good start.

There may be one more consistory in this papacy. He should purge now and fill up the voting vacancies.

34 posted on 04/20/2002 5:32:32 PM PDT by BlackElk
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To: LadyDoc
Frigid female tirade acknowledged....
35 posted on 04/20/2002 5:34:11 PM PDT by Excuse_My_Bellicosity
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To: evad
Don't criticize what you don't understand. See St. Paul on the question of dedicated virginity in Acts.
36 posted on 04/20/2002 5:38:35 PM PDT by BlackElk
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To: De Fide
God gives to the men whom He calls to the priesthood a special charism, or grace, to take up the spiritual weapon of chaste celibacy. Like all graces, it can be sinfully refused at any given moment; hence, the importance of the virtue of chastity, also God's gift.

This question is meant respectfully, not to trip you up, and I won't think bad of you if you don't know the answer.

I understand that priests may be married in the Eastern rite Catholic churches, but not in Latin rite Catholic churches. Except that the Vatican, according to news accounts, does not allow married Eastern rite priests in countries like the U.S. where the Latin rite predominates. What is the theological reason for this?

Of course, it could be that in a perfect world the Eastern rite would adopt the Latin rite practice. Also, I'm pretty sure that a married Eastern rite priest is not going to become a Cardinal, since I never heard of a married Cardinal, so, obviously, the Eastern rite also encourages celibacy.

37 posted on 04/20/2002 5:39:02 PM PDT by Steve Eisenberg
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To: Excuse_My_Bellicosity
Don't criticize what you are apparently incapable of understanding. Arriving in the defense of Ladydoc:


38 posted on 04/20/2002 5:40:23 PM PDT by BlackElk
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To: Steve Eisenberg
The Eastern rites do not allow the married to be bishops either. There is no geographical prohibition on Eastern rite churches or their married priests and most, if not all of those rites may be found in the United States.
39 posted on 04/20/2002 5:42:39 PM PDT by BlackElk
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To: umgud
"I don't see the need for celibacy (I'm not Catholic), but even so, the current problem has more to do with inappropriate behavior (criminal also) than celibacy."

Neither, do I. No where in the Bible does it speak of celibacy. That is enough proof I need to say it isn't necessary.

40 posted on 04/20/2002 5:51:03 PM PDT by auggy
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