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Just need a lead, a start, anything ^ | 05/17/96 | Brian Brazil

Posted on 05/26/2002 1:22:07 PM PDT by Dubbl

Topic: White Water Larry Case

Free Speech Newsletter 5/17/96 Brian Brazil

"Larry Case and The Clinton Cocaine Video" - Brian Brazil, Free Speech Newspaper, May 17, 1996

In early April, Free Speech Newspaper was contacted by Larry E. Case, a retired investigator from Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr. Larry Case advised Free Speech Newspaper staff he desired to place an ad for what amounts to an archive of Bill Clinton related video and audio tapes. Case submitted ad copy for the proposed sale of the tapes. Free Speech Newspaper made a verbal contract to create the ad and put it on the Internet. Mr. Larry Case has not paid this contract and as of this date has refused to answer numerous calls concerning this payment. The tapes included inter alia what Mr. Case claims is a videotape of Bill Clinton in the presence of cocaine and cocaine use with Dan Lasater and Don Tyson at a ballroom in Little Rock, Arkansas. The audio tapes purport to demonstrate criminal cover-ups of a variety of investigations in Arkansas.

Because of the sensational nature of the tapes we sent our researcher to Little Rock to view the tapes. Mr. Case again represented to Free Speech Newspaper that he did in fact have the "Clinton Cocaine Video," and it was in the large group of tapes he gave our researcher. After reviewing the audio and video tapes we found no recordings which contained pictures or the voice of Bill Clinton. The video tape of Roger Clinton does contain references to his brother. It clearly shows Roger Clinton and his associates using cocaine and talking of trafficking further in drugs. The audio tapes contain many conversations with national journalists, Larry Nichols, Jack Paladin, L.D. Brown, Tommy Goodwin, and numerous other individuals in Arkansas involved with the various Clinton investigations.

There is an extended interview with Michele Perdue of Oklahoma City, where Michele gives account of her sexual liaison with then Governor Bill Clinton when he occasionally visited her. There is a discussion of marketing of clandestine surveillance tapes by former members of Mr. Clinton's security detail while he was governor.

According to Case, the Clinton staff made arrangements for negotiations to purchase "The Bill Clinton Cocaine Video" and offered Mr. Case a position in the Arkansas state government. The voluminous cassette recordings indicate that Larry E. Case was working closely and unabashedly with Betsy Wright and Jack Palladino during the 1992 presidential campaign when numerous women came forward revealing not only sexual relationships with Governor Clinton, but also claiming that the relationships were used as ways for the women to obtain favorable governmental decisions in Arkansas.

According to Larry E. Case, he was repeatedly under surveillance by Tommie Baker, a suspected contract operative of the Clinton team. Mr. Case advised Free Speech Newspaper researcher that he had recordings of discussions with the Director of the Arkansas State Police concerning video recordings taken from the premises of Barrett Hamilton after his death in New York City. According to Larry Case the videotape recordings involved Bill and Hillary Clinton in compromising sexual activities with Barrett Hamilton and lady friends of Barrett Hamilton.

The timing of the appearance of the Case tapes was our first indication that something was very wrong. The tapes appeared at the time that noted journalists were speculating that Bill Clinton would resign as president, and that key members of the Democratic Party had approached Bill Clinton about his resignation. The Free Speech Newspaper Internet site is one of the largest archives on Whitewater and the Vince Foster Scandal and has established a following among journalists as an alternative news source.

In order to evaluate the Case tapes we contacted a number of respected journalists to review the tapes. Included were Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph and Krassimir Ivandjiiski of the Bulgarian Confidential in Sofia. We were in contact with television sources in Toronto and in Bulgaria who were prepared to release the tapes and interviews of Larry E. Case. We were flooded with inquiries from Korea, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Britain, Europe and from hundreds of media sources in the United States.

The Murdoch-controlled Fox Network began negotiations for the viewing of the "Bill Clinton Cocaine Tape." Michael Reagan agreed to interview Case on his nationally syndicated radio show, provided that Larry Case would allow him to view the tape prior to going on the show. Larry Nichols blasted Larry Case on the Jim Quinn radio talk show in Pittsburgh and speculated that "the tape does not exist." Free Speech Newspaper advised Mr. Case that it would continue to assist him with the negotiations with the media, but that it would not run the ads about the tapes until Free Speech Newspaper had examined the tapes, including the tape where Mr. Bill Clinton was in the presence of cocaine.

Our journalist contacts have all agreed that the recordings submitted by Larry Case are extremely interesting. But the video of Bill Clinton in the presence of cocaine was the only reason we became involved in the project. Mr. Bill Clinton's voice or photograph does not appear in any of the recordings. Mr. Larry Case specifically and unequivocally told members of our staff that the "Bill Clinton Cocaine Video" was among those we were given in Arkansas. This was not done. Mr. Michael Reagan has not seen the video tape nor has the Fox network.

It is our most carefully considered opinion that Mr. Larry E. Case has purposefully lied to Free Speech Newspaper and others about the tape. We will not speculate about the tape's existence. Mr. Larry E. Case did not tell the truth to us and that is the end of his story as far as we are concerned.

Sherman Skolnick has recently written about attempts to extort from the President or his friends as much as $10,000,000 for the compromising tape or tapes. Colonel Hayes says that Case "is the man" and that the tapes do in fact exist. A reliable Washington source says that Larry E. Case has been employed by and is receiving weekly payments from individuals close to the Democratic National Committee since last November. The Los Angeles Times had spent months negotiating with Larry E. Case for the same tapes in 1992. We are informed Larry E. Case has started negotiations with another web site to sell his tape archives. We highly recommend that journalists consider our concern with Larry Case, and avoid his not-so-subtle attempts at disinformation. In a time of terrific tyranny Free Speech Newspaper has no time for fools.


Barrett Hamilton?

Posted by: Freedom of Speech Wins () * 09/14/98 02:24:27 EDT


TOPICS: Editorial; Free Republic; US: Arkansas; US: Connecticut; US: New York; Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: clinton; crime; dead; death; government; help; investigate; investigating; killed; murder; research; suspicion; suspicious
I am halphazardly posting this plea of sorts. I apologize for not taking more time to familiarize myself with your forum here, but I simmply (and urgently) need assistance. At least guidance to someone who can assist, or to guide me to someone who can guide me to someone who can assist. I am interested in understanding more about the suspicious death of Barrett Hamilton, a distinguished businessman of Arkansas, and an apparent associate of Bill and Hilary Clinton. I have friends who have "the need to know", who have many questions, and few answers. Please don't let the date of the referenced article discourage you from providing at least direction if you think you may be able to provide it. For some, there are no stale dates concerning this issue. Thanks.
1 posted on 05/26/2002 1:22:08 PM PDT by Dubbl
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To: Dubbl
Do you know of Scott Wheeler? He is a friend of mine and worked on the Clinton scandals in Arkansas. I can put you in touch with Scott.
2 posted on 05/26/2002 1:43:40 PM PDT by Conservativegreatgrandma
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To: Dubbl
You might find something at Alamo-Girl's Downside Legacy site:

3 posted on 05/26/2002 1:50:59 PM PDT by Jean S
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To: Dubbl
I see Alamo-Girl's site has been recommended- it is the archive and archtype... most of what I have ( be sure to follow all the links within links ) is here:

The Holiday *Best* of Bill Clinton & his Friends!

Just FYI--

Description: An advanced search engine. There are many configurable options, both in simple as in advanced search mode.




Profusion searches more than just web pages and sometimes yields results you can't get from the others. Good luck.

4 posted on 05/26/2002 4:45:09 PM PDT by backhoe
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To: Dubbl
Pat Matrisciana, Citizens for Honest Government, may be able to help. He is in Hemet and should be listed. If not, his phone number is at the end of THE CLINTON CHRONICLES video.

Gary Parks, son of murder victim Luther "Jerry" Parks may be able to help. He is in Arkansas.

L.D. Brown now has a private investigative firm in Little Rock.

Regarding Bill Clinton cocaine use:

- he used it in Sally Perdue's presence
- L.D. Brown has a picture on the back cover of his book showing Clinton coked out of his mind in Boca Raton
- Gennifer Flowers would not let him use coke in her presence, probably as a result of him doing it in front of her
- I think Gary Parks knows of his coke use
- L.D. Brown used to drive him to Lasater's office and drive around the block or park for awhile. He came back in a short time with a whole new attitude.
- Sharline Wilson provided coke to both Clintons at Le Bistro in Little Rock. She testified about Clinton coke use to a grand jury in Saline County which was disbanded right after her blockbuster testimony (I think in 1989 or 1990).
- Dr. Sam Houston in Little Rock knows of Clinton's coke use. Bill was treated at the emergency center of the U of Arkansas medical center. An associate, Dr. Suen, did work on Clinton's nose.

5 posted on 05/26/2002 9:27:50 PM PDT by doug from upland
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To: Conservativegreatgrandma
I would love to keep that option "at bay", if you'll let me. I am actually taken back by the substantial amount and highly resourceful responses I got with this. I will communicate with those who are inquiring on this issue, and I'll be in touch again soon. I realize now, I reversed the order I wanted this displayed (article-to-comment vs the other way around), so I appreciate your extended attention here. I certainly will reach you, one way or another, and again, thank you.
6 posted on 05/27/2002 4:42:31 AM PDT by Dubbl
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To: JeanS
Thank you much. I sifted through just about every last link there (the navigation there...dizzying). Thanks for the reference and speedy response, it is appreciated.
7 posted on 05/27/2002 8:22:05 PM PDT by Dubbl
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To: backhoe
Yes, I went through Alamo Girl's (hesitant at first, assuming it was somehow an interjected ad for net-porn). I've done all the search engines, including the newly-flawed Excite but only received nominal hits. I then went to Arkansas periodicals materials and located related things in their archives. Where the hell's the technology behind our s.engines? Thank you for responding so quickly and for the additional references. The next time I see a far-reach like those I'm posting all over the damn place, I'll run to their aid (well, nothing to change there really). Thanks.
8 posted on 05/27/2002 8:28:24 PM PDT by Dubbl
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To: Dubbl, martin_fierro, backhoe
Good luck with your search. I should have pinged backhoe and martin_fierro to this post earlier. I see backhoe has already found it.
9 posted on 05/27/2002 8:33:54 PM PDT by Jean S
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To: JeanS;dubbl
Thanks for the ping, Jean.

Here's a link to an article posted on FR concerning Clinton's alleged coke use in Florida. There had been a picture of a very red-faced Clinton there, but I can't find it now.

All I've been able to turn up on "Barrett Hamilton" is that it's a liquor and beer distributor in Little Rock, AR:

Barrett Hamilton
3801 West 65th Street
Little Rock , AR 72209
ph: (501)565-4641
fx: (501)565-8561

See also here, here, and here.

The only specific reference to a dead person turns up here.

10 posted on 05/27/2002 9:58:26 PM PDT by martin_fierro
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To: dubbl

Here's that photo of Clinton allegedly zonked on coke.

11 posted on 05/27/2002 10:07:29 PM PDT by martin_fierro
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To: Dubbl
There is one link regarding your subject here:

-Some old strange clinton "stuff"--

12 posted on 05/28/2002 2:42:49 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: martin_fierro
Thanks much! Yes, Barrett Hamilton was the founder of Barrett Hamilton Wine Distributor. His name hits a number of things like the still-active Barrett Hamilton Children's Art Contest, there in Little Rock. He was an upstanding man, from what I gather. Then showed up dead in NY. The coroner who performed and recorded the autopsy was one who habitually performed them for such cases, and his "findings" of the death of the healthy man were described as 'death by undetermined cause'. Thanks to you for the diligent response. Continuing
13 posted on 05/30/2002 2:24:07 AM PDT by Dubbl
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To: JeanS
Many great "thanks" -
14 posted on 05/30/2002 2:26:02 AM PDT by Dubbl
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To: backhoe
I guess it will take some sifting there. (Did you mean specific to Barrett Hamilton?) I see about a hundred links with this reference.
Thanks very much for your help. Man, you guys around here are resourceful as hell! Frankly, I've been opened to a world I probably could have done without, but...I'm haunted with the question I'm sure can't be answered. Who the hell is following up on these activities? Seems like one hell of a lot of inference without much amounting to anything but the validation (and continuing validation) that there's a pattern that reeks of bad chicken blood in our society.
Is there anyone heading up a true die-hard (no pun) investigation to all this? My eight ball says "not likely" - probably because most people value their lives...?
Thanks again. Great community here.
15 posted on 05/30/2002 3:27:10 AM PDT by Dubbl
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To: doug from upland
Thanks for the numerous resources! You've - along with the others here - have surged us ahead. We're indebted, whatever the results.
Thanks again.
16 posted on 05/30/2002 3:29:38 AM PDT by Dubbl
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To: Dubbl
I could write a pretty long screed & rant about any of the issues you raised, but to mention just one:

Seems like one hell of a lot of inference without much amounting to anything but the validation (and continuing validation) that there's a pattern...

There were always several problems with most of the "clinton scandals stories"--

1- no one, single, "killer story" that could be instantly comprehended by an idiot ( as we used to say about advertising copy )-
2- a worshipful Press/Media that "didn't like to talk about it..."
3- information overload- the more you looked, the more you found. All of it ugly!

Anyone with a background in criminal investigations would see in a heartbeat that there was a "pattern of criminal activity," dating back into the 1970's- and so would the public... if they had been properly informed by the press.

17 posted on 05/30/2002 3:46:54 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: martin_fierro
Thanks for posting that picture from the back cover of L.D. Brown's book. He was well-received in S. California when I helped him with a book tour here a few years ago. We had a great time with BobJ and his wife at dinner, some musical entertainment, and a comedy show.

Clinton never dared do coke in L.D.'s presence. In Boca Raton at a governors conference, Clinton was ingesting in a bathroom stall. He had been gone for awhile and L.D. went to check on him. He figured out what he was doing and L.D. took the memorable picture a little later in the evening.

18 posted on 05/30/2002 7:56:38 AM PDT by doug from upland
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To: doug from upland;dubbl

Ah, that oily, glassy-eyed look the Clinton boys get when stoned.

19 posted on 05/30/2002 8:47:59 AM PDT by martin_fierro
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