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UN Lawyer Turns Over Hijacker Info
AP via Yahoo! News ^ | Wed May 29, 4:06 PM ET | EDITH M. LEDERER

Posted on 05/29/2002 6:56:06 PM PDT by Spar

UN Lawyer Turns Over Hijacker Info

Wed May 29, 4:06 PM ET

By EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press Writer

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The chief U.N. war crimes prosecutor has turned over information about one of the Sept. 11 hijackers to the United States, France and the Netherlands, the U.N. spokesman said Wednesday.

The cooperation between the United Nations (news - web sites) and other countries, especially the United States, has raised concerns that Washington may be exerting undue influence on the world body.

But U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard said the United Nations should cooperate in the fight against terrorism — just as its 189 members were asked to do by the Security Council and the General Assembly after Sept. 11.

"The United Nations considers that it too has an obligation to assist countries, particularly if a state has been the target of terror activities," he said.

The war crimes prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, said last October that information concerning people "with connections to terrorist groups," primarily in Bosnia, was provided to Pierre Prosper, the U.S. ambassador at large for war crimes.

On Wednesday, Eckhard confirmed for the first time that the information included material related to "one of the named terrorists said to have been on one of the hijacked aircraft" on Sept. 11. Eckhard refused to name the hijacker but said the information was also shared with the French and Dutch governments.

The United States is clearly interested in any information the United Nations can provide.

"Since Sept. 11, we've had discussions with various U.N. officials on how we can improve the international effort to fight terrorism," a U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

But some U.N. officials contend the United States has exerted too much power.

Madeline Rees, the head of the U.N. human rights office in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, asked for an investigation in January into the way the United States pressured Bosnian officials to turn over six Algerian terror suspects. She suggested that the move damaged the very legal system Washington was trying to build in postwar Bosnia.

"The international community had definitely played a role in this unlawful handover," she said Wednesday.

Following the terrorist attacks on the United States, Del Ponte was approached by the U.S. Embassy in The Hague (news - web sites), Netherlands and asked for information in identifying those responsible, Eckhard said.

"The office of the prosecutor did in fact have some information in relation to one of the named terrorists said to have been on one of the hijacked aircraft," he said. An electronic version of some of the information was then given to Prosper as well as French and Dutch officials, Eckhard said.

Florence Hartmann, the spokeswoman for Del Ponte, said U.N. investigators may have had information about some Muslim fighters who stayed on in Bosnia after the civil war ended in 1995.

"There were some documents that could be linked" to the hunt for terrorists that were handed over, she said Wednesday.

EDITORS: Associated Press writers George Jahn and Aida Cerkez-Robinson contributed to this report.

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs
KEYWORDS: balkans; bosnia; campaignfinance; jihadinamerica; terrorwar
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To: ET(end tyranny)
You are absolutely correct!! There are so many so-called bosnian refugees in this country that the USA needs to send them packing back to their NEW COUNTRY, Bosnia!!

Some of them had a party here in my city just a couple of nights after 9/ COMPLETE disregard/disrepect for the suffering that was going on in this great country after the tragedy caused by their FELLOW muslim LOSERS!!!!

klintoon has alot to answer for...he assisted all those muslim creeps in the Balkans....just more of his MANY SINS!!

21 posted on 05/29/2002 8:36:41 PM PDT by crazykatz
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To: Mo1
Yes, maddie the troll....and posters, like "abrit"...keep right on defending the loser muslims in the Balkans.... see, in their cases, LIKE MINDS and political liberals, think and act alike.
22 posted on 05/29/2002 8:40:34 PM PDT by crazykatz
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To: gitmogrunt
23 posted on 05/29/2002 8:42:25 PM PDT by crazykatz
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To: *Balkans; knak; browardchad
Also posted here: U.N. war crimes prosecutor turns over information on Sept. 11 hijacker to U.S
24 posted on 05/29/2002 8:49:54 PM PDT by Spar
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To: PsyOp
Or the USA. the UN is a bunch of third world has beens. Let's put that land to good use.
25 posted on 05/29/2002 8:51:38 PM PDT by CARepubGal
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To: Spar
The people referred to in the links you provided are not Bosnian, Albanian, or Kosovan. They are all from other Muslim countries. They may well be terrorrists, have obtained passports etcetera, but what you fail to acknowledge is that they would never have had anything to do with the Balkans were it not for the genocidal mania of Milosevic and his fellow Serb partners in crime. You Serbs have a lot to answer for.
26 posted on 05/29/2002 9:03:55 PM PDT by ABrit
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To: ABrit; LouD; Mo1; Incorrigible; rwfromkansas; ValerieUSA; crazykatz; Chad Fairbanks; PsyOp...
Your pro Bosnian Muslim spin does not work any more. The only genocidal maniacs are the Muslims and that is the reason the Serbs fought:

Islam Under the Swastika The Grand Mufti and the Nazi Protectorate of Bosnia-Hercegovina, 1941-1945 In his book The Islamic Declaration, (Islamska Deklaracija, 1970; republished, 1990), Izetbegovic rejected the secular conception of an Islamic state espoused by Kemal Ataturk. Izetbegovic sought to create an Islamic state based in the Sharia, a state where religion would not be separate from the state, i.e., an Islamic theocratic state. Izebegovic established close links to Ossama Bin Laden and al-Qeada and invited mujadedeen forces to join the Bosnian Muslim Army. Izetbegovic later would give Ossama Bin laden a special Bosnian passport and the mujahedeen ìfreedom fightersî would receive Bosnian citizenship and passports. One of the hijackers of the second attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, possessed a Bosnian passport.

27 posted on 05/29/2002 9:22:31 PM PDT by Spar
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To: Caligirl for Bush

I'll second that. And I'll throw in a third and fourth for good measure. Actually I'd prefer to throw a few UN delegates on the third rail of a New York subway train.

28 posted on 05/29/2002 9:35:22 PM PDT by PsyOp
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To: PsyOp
Oh yeah! My NY relatives would join you in that wonderful endeavor. That would go a long way towards cleaning up the city! :-)
29 posted on 05/29/2002 9:37:29 PM PDT by CARepubGal
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To: Spar
Excellent Article. Thanks for the link.
30 posted on 05/29/2002 11:34:35 PM PDT by PsyOp
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To: ABrit
You bring a new level to the meaning 'pig ignorance'.

Alija Izetbegobic, Ideological Biography

Professor J Peter Maher of Northeast Illinois University, March, 1999

Alija Izetbegovic: his background and philosophies

This is a briefing paper produced for Members of the 1992/3 Session of Australian Parliament;

Monday, 21 December 1992.

The report downplays the Young Muslim Nazi angle but the movement was also modeled on the Hitler Jugend, and supportered by Baldur von Shirach.


ALIJA IZETBEGOVIC, leader of the SDA (Muslim Party of Democratic Action), is currently the President of the Presidency of Bosnia-Hercegovina. He was born in Bosanski Samac in 1925, went to school in Sarajevo, and eventually completed law school; he had no schooling in religion within the Islamic school system.

Izetbegovic’s Early Years.

From his early youth, Izetbegovic dedicated himself to Islamic work. At 16 he ecame part of the group that founded religious-political organisation "Young Muslims" in Sarajevo, in 1940. From the very outset the "YM" was modelled on fundamentalist formations in the Islamic world, such as "As-subban al-muslimun" and "Al-ikwan al-muslimun". One of the five points of the "YM" programme insisted on the unity of the Muslim world through the creation of one large Muslim state. During the Second World War, the "YM" grew and become part of a network of Islamic religious groups headed by the highly conservative theologian of the Mehmed Handzic (1906-1944). The "YM" were not officially pro-fascist in orientation, though they were pursued for this by the Communist regime after 1945. There were, however, many individual examples of active collaboration with the Ustashi government.

Izetbegovic was arrested in 1946, for his significant participation in founding the Muslim journal MUDZAHID. He spent the next three years in jail for promoting hatred. At the same time, his friend Nedzib Sacirbegovic was given a four year prison sentence. Sacirbegovic is now Izetbegovic’s personal representative in the USA and his son Muhamed, is Bosnia-Hercegovina’s ambassador to the UN. Izetbegovic has systematically promoted to top positions in the SDA people who were political "cadres" in the original "YM" movement.

In February 1949, the "Young Muslims" started an open revolt. This was short-lived. During subsequent trials held in Sarajevo in 1949, four members of the "YM" were sentenced to death and many were given prison sentences. After this lesson, Islamic activists stopped creating illegal groups and started working on Islamisation "from underneath". This meant penetrating the very pores of the system’s institutions, including the formal Islamic community, because the activists considered their leaders to be traitors to the authentic Islamic cause. From the beginning Izetbegovic preferred Shiite Islamic radicalism in comparison to the Sunni.

Izetbegovic’s doctrine - "The Islamic Declaration"

Izetbegovic published many articles in Muslim journals (TAKVIM, GVIS, etc.), discussing the sad state of Islam and the necessity for its universal regeneration. In 1970, he wrote and distributed to people of confidence, his specific manifesto or programme for radical pan-Islam - the ISLAMIC DECLARATION.

In this booklet, similar to many of the same type circulating in the Islamic world, but the only one of its sort in Yugoslavia, Izetbegovic advocated:

- general Islamic moral and religious regeneration;

- a return to true Islamic values;

- (re)Islamisation of Muslims;

- creation and strengthening of different types of Islamic unity; struggle, up to and including Political and armed war for the creation of an Islamic order in countries where Muslims represent majority, or near majority of the population.

In line with his pan-Islamic and anti-secular thinking, Izetbegovic stated in the ISLAMIC DECLARATION that:

- there should be the establishment of "a united Islamic community from Morocco to Indonesia";

- with reference to the Turkish model - "Turkey as an Islamic country used to rule the world. Turkey as an imitation of Europe represents a third-rate country, the like of which there is a hundred in the world.";

- "there can be neither peace nor coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic social and political institutions";

-"the Islamic movement must and can, take over political power as soon as it is morally and numerically so strong that it can not only destroy the existing non-Islamic power, but also to build up a new Islamic one".

The ISLAMIC DECLARATION is imbued with a deep-set intolerance towards "the values of western civilisation", both capitalist and Marxist. It was re-published in 1990 in Sarajevo, testifying to the fact that its author, in the meantime, had in no way gone back on his positions, one of Islamic fundamentalism.

Muslims who gathered around the re-published ISLAMIC DECLARATION, were former members of the "YM" and new activists. They tie their activities to those of Muslim centres abroad - religious, political, propaganda and economic - above all with specific groups in Iran.

In his book ISLAM BETWEEN EAST AND WEST, published first in the USA (1984) and then Turkey, develops his views on the superiority of Islam over all other religions, cultures, ideologies and philosophies. This book was published in Serbo-Croatian, only in Belgrade in 1988; the Sarajevo authorities used all means to prevent it getting published at all.

Izetbegovic - leader of Bosnia’s Muslims

With a group of Muslim activists, Izetbegovic was arrested in 1983 for activities against the state. As the chief defendant, he was sentenced to fourteen years. In 1988, he was released after less than six years of prison.

After the fall of Communism in Yugoslavia, Izetbegovic became one of the leaders in the creation of the SDA party (1990), as a Muslim political party. He was elected President with the support of his old fellows from the ranks of the "YM" and the support of the young radicals. Izetbegovic gave his new, nominally national and civilian political party, a deeply-set religious connotation. As the first president of the collective Presidency of this young state, and by far the most influential Muslim politician on the soil of former Yugoslavia (having ousted his more popular rival Fikret Abdic), the strength of his position allows him to pursue his youthful (pan)Islamic dreams.

His internal and external policies changed tactfully as per the power struggle both inside and outside of Yugoslavia. But, from a strategic standpoint Izetbegovic has not budget an inch from his early conception that "every good Muslim, through his formal engagement, including the political one, at all times and all places, must above all serve Islam, by force if necessary". Because of Izetbegovic’s anti-Communism, the fundamentalist radicalism of the political programme contained in the ISLAMIC DECLARATION, went virtually unnoticed in most western countries.

As such, the rise of a native and authentic Islamic fundamentalist movement in Yugoslavia, was for the West, up until recently, an incomprehensible and inconceivable idea. For some, it remains so today.

This fanatical conviction of Izetbegovic - namely that the highest motive justifies every move, every decision, (including that of disposing of his predecessors), has definitely helped plunge Bosnia into the midst of an ethnic and religious war.

Commentary added by Balkan Research Center: Only after one carefully considers the foregoing does it become understandable why, recently, Izetbegovic signed an agreement for the "cantonisation" of Bosnia with representatives of the European Community in Lisbon [in 1992], and cancelled it two days later. Izetbegovic will accept any kind of deal in order to get his way, he is not ashamed if it is proved that he lies, because he says "all is allowed for Islam".

Now it seems logical why Izetbegovic visited only radical Muslim countries during the first nine months of his presidency. Izetbegovic is a man who is willing to sacrifice half of the population to achieve his religious goals, to be the first president of an Islamic state in Europe, however small.

In the light of above facts one can better understand Izetbegovic’s statements of sympathy for the "Islamic Revolution" in Iran. Only Izetbegovic and Ayatollah Khomeini, out of all presidents who officially visited Turkey, did not pay respect to the grave of Ataturk, for them he was a traitor to fundamentalist Muslim principles.

Selling the Bosnian Myth to America: Buyer Beware!



31 posted on 05/30/2002 4:02:20 AM PDT by Voronin
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To: *TerrOrWar; aristeides; *JIHAD IN AMERICA; piasa; OKCSubmariner
32 posted on 05/30/2002 4:19:08 AM PDT by Lion's Cub
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To: Spar
I REALLY hope you were not accusing me of pro-bosnian muslim' spin... :0)
33 posted on 05/30/2002 4:39:27 AM PDT by Chad Fairbanks
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To: ABrit
Wasn't that guy Sheikh who is on trial for the Pearl murder radicalized while in Bosnia?
34 posted on 05/30/2002 5:02:36 AM PDT by aristeides
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To: aristeides
Yes he was, but he was not a Bosnian, and the reason he went to Bosnia was as part of a relief convoy. Spar seems to want to deflect everyones attention from the war crimes committed by the Serbs. I don't support terrorists of any kind, and what the Serbs did, indiscriminate murder, rape, torture, ethnic cleansing, of Muslim, and Christian alike, was criminal. To try to turn this into a Muslim v Christian thing, as Spar wants is to seriously misrepresent what happened. The Serbs killed many Catholic Croats as well.
35 posted on 05/30/2002 5:27:22 AM PDT by ABrit
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To: ABrit
What do you make of the facts that "Bojinka" in "Project Bojinka" is a Serbocroatian word, and that a notebook page was found in Afghanistan entitled "Explosivija za Oklahomu" and containing chemical formulas? Seems evidence to me of Bosnian participation in Islamist terrorism.
36 posted on 05/30/2002 6:06:49 AM PDT by aristeides
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To: aristeides
There may well be Bosnians who have joined up with Al Quaida since the war in Bosnia. I do not support them. My point is that the Serbs started all this in the 90's. They wanted to create a greater Serbia. They cleansed parts of Croatia, and Bosnia, so that they could incorporate the mainly Serb parts into a greater Serbia. The radicalisation of the Muslims in the Balkans is, in large part a reaction to the Serbs mistreatment of them.
37 posted on 05/30/2002 6:20:21 AM PDT by ABrit
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To: Chad Fairbanks
Nein, Das ist fur Abrit. Estut mir lied.
38 posted on 05/30/2002 10:02:32 AM PDT by Spar
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To: ABrit; aristeides
Abrit, the point is from my standpoint as an American is that whatever the Bosnians did to each other the remedy the USA chose under Clinton using NATO as well was to allow and/or look the other way as a WILLING Bosnian Muslim entity IMPORTED Al-Qaeda into Bosnia. The Bosnian Muslims just like the Taliban in Afghanistan were willing facilitators and landlords to al-Qaeda.

The USA spent billions and risked the American military in support for the same Bosnian Muslims that helped al-Qaida carry out 9/11.

The Serbs, fighting a defensive war against elements of the world wide jihad we Americans are fighting right now were never a threat to American national security unlike it turns out the Bosnian Muslims who are a threat to my country and to Western civilization in general.

39 posted on 05/30/2002 10:11:37 AM PDT by Spar
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To: ABrit

Spar's hero Pericles was trying to push the "Bosnian hijacker" theory until running afoul of the lack of evidence for said theory.

This is just another pseudo-sop for Serb nationalist losers trying to retroactively justify the crimes of their bretheren.

Let 'em have something to gum on - it keeps 'em out of serious trouble and the more outrageous their stories get, the less credibility they'll see when they try to foist their mythology onto the rest of the world.

40 posted on 05/30/2002 2:51:04 PM PDT by Hoplite
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