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To: tallhappy
Intentionally overstating, as if sometimes slight differences were black and white:
  1. White men can't jump (trust me on this one, I know).
  2. I'd sooner have a Turk than a Frenchman beside me in battle.
  3. West African for sprints, East African for marathons.
  4. I'd sooner eat at a French restaurant than a Turkisk restaurant, and either beats British.
These are all group distinctions. I'd sooner have a black than a white for my basketball team, right until the moment that Larry Bird and Clarence Thomas show up, then its sorry, Clarence, back to the Supreme Court you go (and thank God you're there).

My presumption is that in all manner of human endeavors, there are measurable differences, by race, age, gender, and just about any other classification. None of which does me any good when I'm hiring -- then it's the best person for the position in question, of what ever stripe. Group statistical differences are useless in sorting out job candidates, unless perhaps one has to deal in bulk with thousands or millions at a time (as applies in the case of our airport screeners, not that the liberal powers that be would admit it). The P.C. crowd makes it rough on people who point this out. It makes it difficult for people to even be honest with themselves on this subject.

An essential part of the liberal ideology is that we all deserve the same result, that differences in outcome are signs of social, cultural, racial or economic bias that should be corrected, and that we can build heaven on earth. We're not all equal. We're different, however you slice us. I can code better, sing worse, and play worse basketball than perhaps anyone on this thread. And short of my forgetting how to code (program computers) there ain't a damn thing anyone here can do about any of this. There is a higher authority -- it is our destiny and responsibility to each live our lives as best we can. Saying that manifest differences in outcome (more of this race is succeeding in some way than another) are due to cultural bias is a dangerous sign of the prejudice of reduced expectations, and an invitation to more federal and world centralization of power to correct such errors of human planning. Only the tyrants of the world benefit from such excessive centralization of power.

God grants us equality of opportunity, to reach for our own best, to strive to understand and act in harmony with the order of the universe. The only equality of outcome is lowest common denominator for all -- which puts us all in prison or the gas chamber last I looked.

Humans don't get to build heaven -- we get to search for it.

220 posted on 06/04/2002 11:52:55 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow
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To: ThePythonicCow
Your response is laughable.

But I will set you straight.

This is not a political issue.

To the extent it is and can be politicized, the absence of objective consistent biological definition of race does not coinicide with the liberal worldview. Liberal thought places categorization, including race as a number one, of people as important and essential.

You boys are very very mixed up as to what conservatism is and unaware of how you share the liberal worldview with all the victims and Jesse Jacksons and social engineers etc...

225 posted on 06/05/2002 6:51:18 AM PDT by tallhappy
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To: ThePythonicCow, tallhappy, all,Surfin
Ok ..I'm bothering you again. You offered statements with no data or backup. I have a link below from Rushton who is arguably the leader(amongst Anthropologists) of the non-politically correct view that there are biological differences between races and even amongst sub groups within particular races. He and Graves go at it regularly. Anyone may indeed make up their own mind as it suits them. There is as well a plethora of work out there from Graves point of view reducing biological differences down to phenotypes and "biocultural" and beyond. Conclusions one wishes to make from such studies or data is the real issue isn't it, rather than the data itself? I am only opining from my layman's observations that there are indeed differences.

The link is HERE

I will gladly peruse contrary articles anyone has to offer.


229 posted on 06/05/2002 10:10:22 AM PDT by wardaddy
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