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Home Depot stops doing business with federal government (even cash!)
Saint Louis Today ^ | June 16, 2002

Posted on 06/16/2002 11:29:08 AM PDT by John Jorsett

Edited on 05/11/2004 5:33:47 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

Home Depot Inc., the nation's largest hardware and home-improvement chain, has told its 1,400 stores not to do business with the U.S. government or its representatives.

The Post-Dispatch checked with managers at 38 stores in 11 states. All but two said they had received instructions from Home Depot's corporate headquarters this month not to take government credit cards, purchase orders or even cash if the items are being used by the federal government.

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To: Barbara14
I love Home Depot too. In fact I was there just today. They have an incredible return policy. I brought in a $160 item I bought a couple of months ago but the receipt got soaked in a recent rain and msde it almost unreadable. Despite that, they gave me an exchange for the item without any problem.
81 posted on 06/16/2002 2:27:57 PM PDT by PJ-Comix
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Not much longer its a shame too good place to shop

It's called a "period". It looks like this (centered below):

>>>>>>> . <<<<<<<

The right hand "ring" finger is used to press it.

Learn about the "period". Use it.

On the other hand, you're free to continue advertising to the world your illiteracy.

82 posted on 06/16/2002 2:30:13 PM PDT by handk
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To: Barbara14; Landru; flicker

Actually, I agree this is probably good news, not bad. And I do not believe it affects a soldier in uniform or a government employee buying a product for personal use. It has to do with big ticket items used by the government itself.

83 posted on 06/16/2002 2:30:32 PM PDT by sultan88
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To: kcvl
So, Home Depot hires people based on their knowledge. That's a plus.
84 posted on 06/16/2002 2:30:59 PM PDT by meyer
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To: SarahW
There is a Home Depot near me. I drive right past it on my way to Lowes... I hate Home Depot.

I'm not surprised, Sarah. Lowe's was made for ladies. Home Depot is a men's store, and fully stocks what most men want to buy. Such choices are the beauty of private enterprise, but anathema to the federal government.

85 posted on 06/16/2002 2:35:28 PM PDT by Always A Marine
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To: John Jorsett
Before I retired we had gov't issued American Express and Visa cards to buy our supplies at town merchants.

What the heck is a "GSA Smart Card"? It doesn't sound like a bank card to me. Home Depot probably is right in their policy. Using that card means they probably have paperwork with the Gov't instead of a bank for purchases.

I support them in that decision but the idea that they refuse cash? That's nuts.

86 posted on 06/16/2002 2:37:23 PM PDT by hattend
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To: A. Morgan
"I just stopped doing business with Home Depot." Why? Why should you as a customer tell a private business who they must do business with?
87 posted on 06/16/2002 2:38:15 PM PDT by JLS
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To: SarahW
I have stopped as HD for the sake of convenience, they were out of stock or just plain didn't stock what I needed. I hate Home Depot.

I really like Home Depot's "Under no circumstances, at any time, be visible to or make eye contact with a customer" rule. I'm amazed you were able to learn that they were out of stock or didn't stock a product, since that requires actual contact with a phantom employee.

When I go into our local HD, my experience has been that most of the employees are on their phones complaining to one another about the latest outrageous management demand on them while hotfooting it around the corner to avoid interaction with the despised customer.

Plus their lumber stinks.

88 posted on 06/16/2002 2:41:25 PM PDT by Madame Dufarge
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To: cake_crumb
Home Depot is a publicly traded company with shares available on the NYSE
89 posted on 06/16/2002 2:43:26 PM PDT by ozdragon
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To: A. Morgan
I just stopped doing business with Home Depot.

So I guess you think it's OK for businesses to be forced into complying with FED Laws they don't want to be subjected to? Frankly, I'm so impressed I'm gonna go out of my way to do business with them.

90 posted on 06/16/2002 2:44:04 PM PDT by joeyman
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To: Hank Rearden;All
Congratulations! Home Depot.

You had the common sense to ostracize the slave-master-extortionist-burdening government. The sooner the business community refuses to sell goods and services to government then the sooner politicians and bureaucrats will get the message that they are the parasites and the creators and producers of goods and services have for too long been their host. They can live and prosper without government intrusion. Conversely, politicians and bureaucrats perish when value producers refuse to sell their goods and services to them.

Wake up! They are the parasites. We are the host. We don't need them. They need us.

91 posted on 06/16/2002 2:46:17 PM PDT by Zon
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To: A. Morgan;John Jorsett
I don't blame you for not doing business with home depot

They have a bad habit of coming into an area, driving the small businesses out of business, then hire the former employees and owners.
Then after the store is open for a while they stop catering to the contractors, lay the good people off and keep the idiots.

I can't tell you how many times i have gone in there lately just to have to stand in line cause only 2 registers were open.

92 posted on 06/16/2002 2:46:46 PM PDT by The Mayor
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To: handk
HERE >>>>>>> . <<<<<<< anal retent
93 posted on 06/16/2002 2:46:54 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK
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To: El Gato
I would call it unpatriotic. If that supply sergent had to go farther or spend more of your money to satisfy his unit's needs, then that's just that much less they can do to accomplish their mission, under fixed limits of money and personnel.

Not if accepting even cash payments from the feds means you have to comply with and report compliance with all their silly rules.

94 posted on 06/16/2002 2:47:54 PM PDT by Dave S
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To: John Jorsett
I once worked for a small wholesale business in a Detroit suburb which was located near a bunch of GM plants and the GM Tech Center (Engineering). The owner refused to sell stuff on credit to General Motors. Said that they had bad credit...a "slow pay" as I recall.
95 posted on 06/16/2002 2:47:59 PM PDT by Edmund Burke
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To: John Jorsett
Going to be kind of rough on the Home Depot here in Oak Ridge. Everyone/everything here is related to the Federal Government in one way or another. Too bad - they just opened a year ago.
96 posted on 06/16/2002 2:48:33 PM PDT by Tennessee_Bob
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To: azsportsterman;All

The Home Depot policy may be discriminatory, since they are refusing to sell to individuals based on their affiliation to the government.

On discrimination laws:

Sheesh, we can't even trust our "employees" -- government officials -- to let them into our homes and businesses without a search warrant if we don't want to let them in. But somehow a business is forced to trust a total stranger with an open door policy. A person/business owner can refuse to allow a government agent access to his property but not a total stranger! And get this, it is the government that can't be trusted without a search warrant that is telling property owners that they must trust total strangers.

Discrimination laws are unjust.

97 posted on 06/16/2002 2:49:39 PM PDT by Zon
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To: John Jorsett
Home Depot might not want to sell to the government, but this month, it reached agreement with the U.S. Labor Department to "recruit, screen and refer" 40,000 job applicants to work in the company's new stores that are being opened "every 47 hours."

From this link: "Diane Bratcher, President of the Equality Project, a coalition of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered shareholders, pressing companies to prohibit sexual orientation discrimination, [applauded Home Depot's aggressive new commitment to perversity diversity, saying] 'Gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and all people who believe in equal opportunity for all certainly will take note. We hope Home Depot will be a catalyst to other companies to update their EEO policies to prohibit sexual orientation discrimination.'"

98 posted on 06/16/2002 2:50:22 PM PDT by Kevin Curry
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To: JBCiejka
"Cash" is a distraction ... NOBODY in the government pays for official stuff with cash.

An Army guy paying cash, for delivery to a military site ... is buying it for himself, for his house on base.

Something fishy going on here.

99 posted on 06/16/2002 2:50:48 PM PDT by Robert A Cook PE
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To: glm
If you don't like the Fed Govt ways of doing business then elect better congress people.

Listen Grasshopper, according to some liberal pollster named Kohut (sp?) Nine, count'em nine!! congressional elections are competative this year. With the fraud and recent immigration of all our new citizens, don't delude yourself with actually thinking your vote counts. Voting today is like peeing in your pants, it gives you a nice warm feeling and nobody notices. (Still I must admit, I do vote every election I can - I just don't think it matters).

100 posted on 06/16/2002 2:51:31 PM PDT by joeyman
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