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ZoneLabs: The Hot Stuff In Firewalls
BusinessWeek ^ | Alex Salkever

Posted on 07/06/2002 7:53:41 AM PDT by Reaganwuzthebest

Edited on 04/13/2004 2:16:32 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

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To: Reaganwuzthebest
Thanks. I closed down and windows closed it down first. I've sent off an email to tech support.
51 posted on 07/06/2002 7:51:41 PM PDT by WaterDragon
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To: Reaganwuzthebest
I had been using Zone Alarm regularly for about a year and had no problems. But recently I installed WallStreetCity ProStation, which collects and displays real-time stock market data. Zone Alarm slows this application down to a
c r a w l . . .

I cannot use the two together. It also seems to interfere with on-line banking sites that I connect to using Quicken. So I often zap Zone Alarm when I'm on the internet, because of the way it slows things down.

52 posted on 07/06/2002 8:50:33 PM PDT by GregoryFul
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To: NerdDad
That stupid thing is useless. I have always named a folder as Office, placed it on my desktop, and put links to any programs I wanted in it. Once I open it in the morning, it sits in my taskbar all day long until I need to open a program from one of the shortcuts. At that time, all I do is hit Alt-TAB or click on the taskbar icon to restore it, plus, it's easier to navigate from the keyboard too.
53 posted on 07/06/2002 11:40:43 PM PDT by TN Republican
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To: lexington minuteman 1775
Haven't tried running 2 software firewalls together. I'm running Netgear hardware firewall and Norton software firewall. This config makes Norton's firewall kinda lonely. I run both because I prefer Norton's content filtering.

I do suspect 2 software firewalls will conflict if you have both running. Norton has a way to disable each part of its suite. That is, you can run the AntiVirus but have Firewall turned off. That would be the safest bet if you plan to run Zone's firewall. PestPatrol seems unaffected by Norton. I run all of Norton's stuff except ad blocker on my supervisor profile and all of it on the wife and kids separate profiles. Then I add PestPatrol for overkill on trojans. All these programs including PestPatrol have Updaters be sure to run them regularly. PestPatrol doesn't have an automatic and you should not rely on the automatics for Norton. Let the automatic run, but also run the live update manually every week. Little known tidbit here--Norton's automatic update is for virus protection only. If you are running the Internet Security suite, you need to run live update manually to get fixes for any of their other products.

I guess it would help to explain why I do all this. As a techie, I'm constantly being asked by family and people at work to "fix" their personal machines. I generally yank their HD and hook it to my machine so I can scan and fix. The added protection comes in handy when dealing with other folks' suspect drives.
54 posted on 07/07/2002 5:22:41 AM PDT by NerdDad
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To: WaterDragon
Sounds like you had a program running during installation. It tried to update a DLL that was already open and hung. My guess is that it probably fixed the last little bit on reboot (that updating drivers thing Windows does sometimes when you reboot) or it fixed it the next time you opened the program. Be sure to run the Updater regularly. They put out new bug fixes that you will need to fight the newest pests.
55 posted on 07/07/2002 5:29:45 AM PDT by NerdDad
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To: Reaganwuzthebest
Been using ZoneAlarm firewall for almost two years, no problems, works great. And it's free.

I'm using Ad-aware which appears to work very well, and is free also.

Bingo for me, too, on both. I'm also behind a router/NAT appliance (Linksys) on my DSL. I feel reasonably secure.

56 posted on 07/07/2002 5:48:43 AM PDT by FreedomPoster
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To: Reaganwuzthebest
Zonelabs makes a good product. Even the freeware version rocks.
57 posted on 07/07/2002 5:51:41 AM PDT by wattsmag2
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To: ST_of_MD_cop_Aaron
.. be sure that your public key is never "exported."

Minor exception here, but it's okay to share public keys, that's why they're called public keys... but your private keys must never be transferred and should be readable only by root (or Admin).

58 posted on 07/07/2002 7:48:43 AM PDT by TechJunkYard
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To: Political Junkie Too
Here's the configuration that I like best:
Firewall: Zone Alarm from Zone Labs.
Virus Protection: VirusScan 6.0 from McAfee Internet Security 4.0
Privacy: Guard Dog from McAfee Internet Security 4.0
Ad Blocking: AdSubtract from Intermute.
Each of these applications has features that, when combined, make a great privacy suite.

I would suggest that you're creating a single point of failure by installing multiple software packages on a single machine.

And especially if you have more than one computer, you might consider my tiered approach:

Now, your bug/virus/trojan exposure is controlled by the OS and applications you use on your computers. Certainly you'd want a decent virus scanner and spyware detector on those.

This is a must for broadband users, but for you dial-up users, the Linux box can also be configured to dial into your ISP and log you on.

59 posted on 07/07/2002 8:37:38 AM PDT by TechJunkYard
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To: TC Rider
Probing can be as simple as a program testing ports 22 and 23 to see if ssh or telnet respectively are installed. Probing is not an attack by default. It is no different from someone going around door to door to see if someone is in. The motive is what makes it ethical or unethical.
60 posted on 07/07/2002 5:30:55 PM PDT by dheretic
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To: parsifal
A dial-up connection is less vulnerable, but still at risk.
61 posted on 07/08/2002 7:01:24 AM PDT by steve-b
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To: GregoryFul
Sounds like a configuration problem -- you need to set it to allow certain trusted sites to have access. (That might require the Pro version; see if yours supports this.)
62 posted on 07/08/2002 7:10:40 AM PDT by steve-b
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To: NerdDad; 4ourprogeny
Another question, if you will. When I bought my computer it had 128 MB of RAM. Told the guy to add an additional 128 MB for a total of 256. However, when I click on MY Computer->Properties->Performance, it only shows 248.0 MB of RAM. Why? Shouldn't it show 256?
It's all there. Just being used by Windows. Can't remember how much mine shows but it is a little less than the 512 I have.

Tut, tut - NerdDad, you overlooked the obvious explanation for why a nice, even 8 megs of system memory is "missing". I'd bet a large amount of money that 4ourprogeny has a computer with an integrated video chipset, a la the Intel 810, which is taking 8 megs of system memory and using it for video RAM.

Now turn in your pocket protector and slide rule as you leave ;)

63 posted on 07/08/2002 7:36:10 AM PDT by general_re
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To: general_re
Aww man. I didn't even think about that. What's the emoticon for poking my bottom lip out. Or better hiding my face in shame. I should have known this because my kid's pc takes 4meg for the same reason. And I just got this new pocket protector. Do I have to take the tape off my glasses too?
64 posted on 07/08/2002 7:49:11 AM PDT by NerdDad
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To: NerdDad
Wellll, I suppose I'll let it slide this time - it's relatively early, and you may not have had your recommended nerd allowance of caffeine yet ;)
65 posted on 07/08/2002 8:06:45 AM PDT by general_re
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To: general_re
recommended nerd allowance of caffeine yet

Sounds like the voice of experience. My allowance/requirement is very high. I am in at 4 am to have orders booked and the mainframe up by 7 am. Gets a little blurry eyed occasionally. Especially if I have a band booster meeting the night before (or otherwise want to have a life).

66 posted on 07/08/2002 10:08:37 AM PDT by NerdDad
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To: Reaganwuzthebest
Bump for later reading
67 posted on 07/08/2002 10:15:46 AM PDT by ProudEagle
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To: NerdDad
...or otherwise want to have a life...

I have heard stories of this "life" of which you speak. But they are only stories...

68 posted on 07/08/2002 10:59:25 AM PDT by general_re
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Comment #69 Removed by Moderator

To: 4ourprogeny
Thanks for responding and clearing up the missing RAM. I thought I had been cheated by the guys who sold me the PC.

No trouble at all. :^)

70 posted on 07/08/2002 3:08:24 PM PDT by general_re
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