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To: Kermit
This has been posted before, when the article originally was published, but it is quite relevant considering the current hysteria going on about "new" AIDS "epidemics". Thank you for reposting it.

These frightening numbers were all that mattered, it seemed to me. Once they were shown to be accurate, further debate would be rendered obscene, and Thabo Mbeki would be guilty as charged, a fool who'd allowed himself to be swayed by a tiny band of heretics universally dismissed as wackos, fringe lunatics and scientific psychopaths. So I set out to confirm the death toll. Just that. I thought it would be easy - a call or two, maybe a brief interview. I picked up the phone. It was my first mistake.

9 posted on 07/16/2002 5:13:23 PM PDT by JameRetief
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To: JameRetief
I did a search and didn't find it. There were three other articles in the archives. I thought with AIDS back in the news with the Barcelona conference and the Muppet character controversy, it would be worthwhile to put back top of the stack for awhile. So, when people see some idiotic news report the can pick out the propaganda more easily.

Oops, I got a much different result from re-searching. Here's the AIDS in Africa articles in the archive. Note that one article is about Gore seeking $100 million for AIDS in Africa, the Bushies are already at $500 million. That's compassionate conservatism for you.

AIDS in Africa: Botswana battles against extinction ^
      Posted by AdrianZ
On Jul 14 6:25 AM with 16 comments

The Guardian ^ | July 8, 2002 | Liz McGregor
Botswana battles against 'extinction' As delegates meet in Spain, the world's worst-hit country tries a new initiative against the epidemic Liz McGregor in GaboroneMonday July 8, 2002The Guardian If there is anywhere in the world where a model for the treatment of HIV and Aids is needed, it is Botswana. This landlocked country in southern Africa has the highest incidence of the condition, almost 40% of its adult population being infected. The average life expectancy has just fallen below 40 years for the first time since 1950. The desperate statistics require a radical response. Yesterday, as 15,000 delegates gathered in...
AIDS in Africa: Hype for the Money?? ^
      Posted by ninenot
On Jul 4 4:48 PM with 4 comments

WorldNetDaily ^ | May 4, 2000 | John Basil Utley
Although President Clinton has declared AIDS, particularly in Africa, to be a national security threat to the U.S., it turns out that AIDS in Africa -- which doesn't even require an HIV test to diagnose -- may be a very different condition than AIDS in America. Evidence shows that "AIDS" in Africa is just a new description of many age-old diseases common to nations in misery and war with starvation, wrecked economies and ruined public health services. HIV tests, essential to any diagnosis of AIDS in the United States, aren't even given in Africa, except to tiny samples of the...
Tackling AIDS in Africa ^
      Posted by goodnesswins
On Mar 14 1:01 AM with 24 comments

The Seattle Times ^ | 3/12/02 | Richard E. Stearns
Tackling AIDS in Africa By Richard E. Stearns .... Special to The Times Six months ago, 19 young men boarded four jetliners and killed nearly 4,000 people. In an unprecedented outpouring of compassion, Americans donated more than a billion dollars in a matter of weeks to care for those affected by the terrorists' attacks and resulting crisis. Last week, two of our country's leading citizens boarded a plane to call attention to another crisis, one that has already killed 22 million people and threatens to orphan 40 million children by the end of the decade. Jimmy Carter, America's most-respected former...
AIDS In Africa Could Affect Human Evolution ^
      Posted by NativeNewYorker
On Jun 9 2001 5:37 AM with 25 comments

Science Daily ^ | 6/8/01
Berkeley - If anyone doubts that epidemics can affect the course of human evolution, take a look at AIDS. Three biologists from the University of California, Berkeley, show in this week's issue of Nature (May 31, 2001) that over a period of several generations, AIDS could alter the frequency of specific genetic mutations in African populations, delaying the average time between HIV infection and onset of disease. Though this genetic evolution probably won't impact health management in Africa - public health experts pray that drugs or vaccines will soon cut the high mortality and infection rates on the continent - ...
First Rule of AIDS In Africa: Do No Harm ^
      Posted by TroutStalker
On May 2 2001 4:30 PM with 1 comment

The Wall Street Journal ^ | Wednesday, May 2, 2001 | HOLMAN W. JENKINS JR.
F ish swim in the sea, and corporate executives swim in a sea of media fury about their supposed sins. Or as Glaxo chief J. P. Garnier put it last week, "We don't exist in a vacuum." For the drug industry that has meant fending off blame for the global AIDS epidemic by repeatedly trying to call its critics' bluff. Months ago drug companies began offering their antiretroviral drugs to African governments at or below manufacturing cost. There were no takers. Then they rolled over for a South African law that would allow the government to import knock-off versions of ...
Fighting AIDS in Africa is a losing proposition ^
      Posted by zbogwan2
On Mar 27 2001 9:57 PM with 15 comments

Jewish World Review ^ | 03-27-01 | Michael Ledeen
I SPENT many years working in Sub-Saharan Africa, mostly in the Republic of the Congo, but also in Angola, Zaire, South Africa, and Mozambique. I saw the AIDS onslaught first-hand. All you had to do was to walk to the cemetery in Brazzaville once a week and count the abundant fresh graves. All of us had friends who were dead or dying from it. Brazzaville was in many ways the best place to learn about AIDS, because an excellent hospital and the regional headquarters of the World Heath Organization were there, both staffed by some marvelous doctors and researchers. ...
      Posted by Brian Allen
On May 7 2000 0:35 AM with 5 comments

Sacramento Bee ^ | Friday May 5, 2000 | William F Buckley
The sequence is as follows: The White House reiterates a months-old finding that the AIDS epidemic in Africa is a development that impinges on the national security. Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., disputes the terminology -- what is the nexus between an epidemic abroad and national security? Secretary of State Madeleine Albright grabs the microphone to insist that we are indeed talking about the national security; Senator Lott is variously condemned for insensitivity; and National Security Adviser Sandy Berger defends the White House by contending that anything that brings on death on the scale brought on by the AIDS epidemic ...
Inventing An Epidemic (AIDS in Africa) ^
      Posted by LibertarianLiz
On Apr 5 2000 6:43 PM with 13 comments

American Spectator (April 2000) via WorldNetDaily | April 5, 2000 | Tom Bethell
Hype about AIDS in Africa has reached new heights. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Vice President Al Gore (at the U.N. Security Council) have declared it to be an international security threat. AIDS is now called the leading cause of death in Africa, with over two million deaths last year, and the epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa is spreading "nearly unabated." Seventy percent of all AIDS cases are said to be African. On Newsweek's cover we read of "10 Million Orphans." Meanwhile, in a "Tour of Light," a troupe of orphans from "devastated Uganda" performs on the Kennedy Center ...
AIDS in Africa exaggerated? ^
      Posted by ArcLight
On Apr 5 2000 8:20 AM with 8 comments

American Spectator ^ | 4/4 | Tom Bethell
Here's a bizarre one: If this article is to be believed, Africa may suffer from only a fraction of the AIDS cases we've been led to believe. It seems that just about any disease is being classified as AIDS, without a formal test for HIV being given to most of those described as AIDS sufferers. It seems Michael Fumento is on the case...
Turner U.N. Grants Focus On Fighting AIDS In Africa ^
      Posted by real saxophonist
On Mar 24 2000 11:10 PM with 6 comments ^ | 24 Mar 2000 | Don Melvin
Turner U.N. grants focus on fighting AIDS in Africa Out of $17 million in a new round of funding, more than one-third will target the epidemic. Don Melvin - Staff Friday, March 24, 2000 Ted Turner is taking on the problem that may pose the most significant threat to economic and social development in Africa --- the terrifying spread of AIDS. The United Nations Foundation, the organization set up to distribute the Atlanta businessman's $1 billion gift to United Nations projects, announced its sixth round of grants Thursday. The $17 million in new grants will go to projects ranging ...
BLOOD TRAIL: $100 million more proposed to fight AIDS in Africa ^
      Posted by Wallaby
On Jul 20 1999 9:40 AM

USA TODAY | July 19, 1999, Monday, FIRST EDITION | Susan Page; Steve Sternberg
$100 million more proposed to fight AIDS in Africa Susan Page; Steve Sternberg USA TODAY July 19, 1999, Monday, FIRST EDITION WASHINGTON -- Calling the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa "a plague of biblical proportions," the White House will propose today spending an additional $ 100 million next year for prevention and treatment of the disease around the world. Hillary Rodham Clinton will convene a meeting next month of officials from the World Bank, the United Nations, foundations and corporations to fortify efforts to stem the epidemic. Vice President Gore will release a report on AIDS in Africa that ...
Gore Seeks $100 Million To Fight AIDS In Africa ^
      Posted by Nick Danger
On Jul 20 1999 8:18 AM

Reuters | July 19, 1999 | Lisa Richwine
Gore Seeks $100 Million To Fight AIDS In Africa By Lisa RichwineWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Al Gore, confronting an issue that has dogged him on the campaign trail, said Monday the White House would seek $100 million to fight the growing AIDS epidemic in Africa.At a news conference with South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gore released a report that called the spread of AIDS throughout sub-Saharan Africa ``one of the largest health crises in the history of the world.''``We have the knowledge, the care, the compassion and the moral duty to make a difference,'' Gore said. ``We will ...
NY Times frames U.S. for spread of AIDS in Africa ^
      Posted by (Unknown)
On Jul 17 10:14 AM

14 posted on 07/17/2002 7:19:53 AM PDT by Kermit
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