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What Really Happened to TWA Flight 800?
WorldNetDaily ^ | Jack Cashill & James Sanders

Posted on 07/17/2002 9:10:52 AM PDT by VectoRama

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

'Hey, look at the fireworks'
Excerpt from 'First Strike' quotes witnesses of speeding 'silver bullet'

Posted: July 17, 2002
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: With the sixth anniversary of the downing of TWA Flight 800 upon us, Jack Cashill and James Sanders finally have unraveled the mystery of what really happened on the night of July 17, 1996 – thanks to new information that has come to light only after Sept. 11. Their book, "First Strike – TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America," also answers the crucial question of why America still doesn't know what really happened. This excerpt from Chapter 1 of the book gives readers a glimpse of what Cashill and Sanders have discovered. Published by WND Books, "First Strike" will be available in January.

The authors' video, "Silenced, Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice," is available through ShopNetDaily.

By Jack Cashill and James Sanders

© 2002

It arrived shortly before noon, Washington time, on July 17 – a fax sent to Al-Hayah in London, the most prestigious Arabic language newspaper. Sent by the Islamic Change Movement – the jihad wing in the Arabian Peninsula – the warning came one day after the group had taken responsibility for the destruction of Khobar Towers. It was as serious as a truck bomb:

The mujahedin will deliver the ultimate response to the threats of the foolish American president. Everyone will be amazed at the size of that response. Determining the time and the place is the hand of Al-Mujahedin, and the invaders should be prepared to leave ... dead or alive. Their time is at the morning-dawn. Is not the morning-dawn near?

As the sun was about to rise on the Arabian Peninsula, it was about to set on Long Island. At 8:31 Dwight Brumley, whose long Navy career included special expertise in electronic warfare, put down the book he was reading and glanced out the window of US Air 217. Night had already fallen to the east, the direction in which he looked.

"I noticed off the right side what appeared to be a small private airplane that was flying pretty much at a course right at the US Air flight," Brumley recounts. "I followed it until the fuselage and the inboard wing cut off my field of view. My first thought – that was awfully close!" Brumley estimates that the plane passed a mere 300 or 400 feet beneath him.

About 15 seconds after the small plane had passed, Brumley noticed "what appeared to be some kind of a flare," but he realized quickly that this bright, burning object ascending off the ocean was no flare. "It was definitely moving pretty much parallel to the US Air Flight and it was moving at least as fast, perhaps even faster."

As the flare-like object raced north, and Flight 800 ascended slowly and innocently east along the Long Island coast, Mike Wire, a millwright from Philadelphia working on a Westhampton bridge, saw a streak of light rise up from behind a Westhampton house and zigzag south, southeast away from shore at about a 40 degree angle, leaving a white smoke trail behind it.

Richard Goss, upon seeing the same object, turned to his friends at the yacht club and said, "Hey, look at the fireworks." Everybody turned to look, and they all watched it climb. "It was bright, very bright," says Goss, "and, you know, that almost bright pink … and orange glow around it, and it traveled up."

Vacationer Lisa Perry, on her Fire Island deck, watched an object shoot up over the dunes of Fire Island.

"It was shiny, like a new dime," says Perry. "It looked like a plane without wings. It had no windows. It was as if there was a flame at the back of it, like a Bunsen burner. It was like a silver bullet." The object was heading east, southeast toward the Hamptons.

As Paul Angelides walked out onto his Westhampton deck, he picked up what was likely the same object now high in the sky. From his angle, it appeared to be a "red phosphorescent object ... leaving a white smoke trail." At first he thought the object a distress flare, but he soon realized it was too large and moving too fast. Spellbound, he followed the object as it moved out over the ocean in the direction of the horizon.

Goss followed it, too. "It seemed to go away in the distance toward the south, and that's when I saw it veer left, which would bring it out east. It was a sharp left."

From a Westhampton school parking lot, Joseph Delgado saw Brumley's streak, the one heading north toward shore and slightly west. As he told the FBI, he saw an object like "a firework" ascend almost vertically. The object had a "bright white light with a reddish pink aura surrounding it." The tail, gray in color, "moved in a squiggly pattern." From Delgado's perspective, the object "arced off to the right in a south westerly direction."

At 8:31, FAA radar operators out of Islip saw an unknown object appear on screen and head toward Flight 800. At the same moment, FAA radar picked up something else unusual – a ship of good size nearly right under Flight 800's airborne position.

The two National Guard pilots in their nearby helicopter now picked up the streaks high in the sky. Capt. Chris Baur saw the streak Brumley had first observed: "Almost due south, there was a hard white light, like burning pyrotechnics, in level flight. I was trying to figure out what it was. It was the wrong color for flares. It struck an object coming from the right and made it explode."

Maj. Fritz Meyer, a winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service over Vietnam, saw the southbound projectile clearest. "It was definitely a rocket motor," says Meyer.

Delgado saw a second object "glitter" in the sky and the first object move up toward it. He thought at first it was "going to slightly miss" the glittering object, TWA 800, but it appeared to make "a dramatic correction at the last second." Then Delgado saw a "white puff."

"From my vantage point," says Goss, "there was a direct explosion that followed, and then after that there was a second explosion that was off to the east a little farther that was much larger."

Meyer saw a bright white light also. "What I saw explode was definitely ordnance," he said. "The initiating event was a high velocity explosion, not fuel. It was ordnance."

"I then saw a series of flashes, one in the sky and another closer to the horizon. I remember straining to see what was happening," says Angelides. "There was a dot on the horizon near the action, which I perceived as a boat."

"About two seconds later," claimed Meyer, "lower, I saw one or two yellow explosions, from that the fireball, third. The first two high-velocity, the last low-velocity petrochemical explosion."

"Then a moment later there was another explosion, and the plane broke jaggedly in the sky," says Perry. "The nose is continuing to go forward; the left wing is gliding off in its own direction, drifting in an arc gracefully down; the right wing and passenger window are doing the same in their direction out to the right; and the tail with its fireball leaps up and then promptly into the water below. The sounds were a huge BOOM! – then another BOOM!"

"You could feel the concussion like a shock wave," reports Mike Wire of the initial blast. Indeed, it shook the bridge on which he was standing in Westhampton even at ten miles distance.

"The sounds shook the house," remembers Angelides. "My wife, who was on the bathroom floor drying our son from his bath, felt the floor shaking as she heard the noise and I heard her cry out, 'What is going on?'"

And then confusion, a hellish, horrific confusion. "There seemed to be a lot of chaos out there," says Angelides. Now he, Wire, Perry, Meyer, Baur, Goss, Delgado and Brumley watched as the plane's fuel tanks exploded, and Flight 800 morphed into what Delgado described as a "firebox" and others as a "fireball."

"It got much larger, maybe four or five times as large," says Brumley, who was watching the explosion from overhead. "It was the same explosion. It just got bigger. My first thought was, 'Boy, what was that?'"

"When that airplane blew up it immediately began falling," adds Meyer. "It came right out of the sky. From the first moment, it was going down."

Brumley saw the burning debris hit the water and turned to summon a flight attendant. As he did, a passenger in the seat behind him, James Nugent, cried out, "Did you see that too?" Brumley and the others were hardly alone in what they had seen. On that soft summer eve, thousands were watching the sea and the sky. More than 700 of them would share their stories with the FBI.

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To: verity
I favor of the 'little green gremlins' hypothesis.
41 posted on 07/21/2002 6:44:50 AM PDT by verity
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 40 | View Replies]

To: longfellow; thinden
"why would clinton cover it up?

The information I have is that the U.S. Navy was testing a new technology, classified surface to air missle. The test missile went astray after it was launched and a second missle was fired to destroy the first. The end result of the failed test was the downing of TWA 800.(similar to the Russian airliner shot down by a surface to air missle launched by Ukraine last year).

Had Clinton as commander in chief announced that the U.S Navy had shot down TWA 800 it is very likely the voters would have held him accountable in the November election.

42 posted on 07/22/2002 8:42:53 AM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 39 | View Replies]

To: longfellow; thinden


Salinger was right from the start. My infornation is from a different source, however.

PARIS (CNN) -- Former newsman Pierre Salinger insisted again Thursday that a Navy missile downed TWA Flight 800, this time offering a 69-page document and a set of radar images to bolster his case.

"We have now reached the point where we are totally sure what we are saying is true," Salinger, a former ABC News correspondent and press secretary to President Kennedy, told a Paris news conference

43 posted on 07/22/2002 8:50:49 AM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 39 | View Replies]

To: honway
Exactly how fast would that second missile have to fly to intercept the first errent missile? And if the second missile was so good it could down the "new technology classified surface to air missle", what new technology was represented by the new missile?
US voters didn't hold clinton accountable for anything before TWA800 went down...why do you think he'd worry about their reaction to a supposed military accident?
44 posted on 07/22/2002 10:03:54 PM PDT by Rokke
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 42 | View Replies]

To: Rokke
My understanding is that the new technology being tested was in the guidance system. Conventional high altitude SAMs approach the target from above. The new technology being tested was a missile that would travel close to the surface, acquire and approach the target from below. This would make the SAM more difficult to defend against.

I believe the second missile was fired from a different platform than the first, since you can not fire a missile from a ship and then fire a second missile from the same location and hit the first missile fired. Regardless, the attempt to shoot down the missile failed.

You are probably right that the truth would not have prevented Clinton from being elected;however, Clinton had a track record of covering up information that could potentially reflect poorly on his Administration,i.e. Waco, technology transfers to China, Communist Chinese political donations,etc.

45 posted on 07/23/2002 6:51:54 AM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 44 | View Replies]

To: honway
SAMs need to have as much energy as possible when they close with their target. That is why they are programed to approach the target from above. This is done to ensure they still have significant kenetic energy after their motors have burned out. There are several reasons why it is not desirable to have your SAM travel close to the surface after launch, and there are almost none that make it desirable. It is no more difficult to defend against a SAM guiding from below you, as it is above you. I think the sources for your information are poorly informed.

In your scenerio it would make more sense for a second missile to come from a different platform, but there is a much easier solution. There are no long or medium range SAMs that can guide themselves to their target. They must have continual radar guidance to impact their target. Therefore, simply turning off the guidance radar is enough to prevent the missile from guiding to any target.

Your theory is interesting, but is neither logical or supportable when one has more than a very basic understanding of SAMs, guidance systems, and tactical considerations.

46 posted on 07/23/2002 12:51:47 PM PDT by Rokke
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 45 | View Replies]

To: Rokke
There are no long or medium range SAMs that can guide themselves to their target. They must have continual radar guidance to impact their target.

Your explanation works for conventional SAM's. The information I have is that a new technology SAM was being tested.

As someone who has witnessed first hand a Soviet long range SAM inflight in my immediate vicinity, I disagree that an approach from below provides no advantages. My experience is the only thing that supports my conclusion that an approach from below would be harder to defend against. I guess you had to be there.

47 posted on 07/23/2002 1:35:41 PM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 46 | View Replies]

To: Rokke
They must have continual radar guidance to impact their target. Therefore, simply turning off the guidance radar is enough to prevent the missile from guiding to any target.

I think your "very basic understanding" is a little out of date.


Block IIIB is the next step in the continuing evolution of the Standard Missile family, incorporating an infrared (IR) guidance mode capability developed in Missile Homing Improvement Program (MHIP) with the radio frequency (RF) semi-active guidance system of the proven SM-2 Block IIIA. The MHIP dual-mode RF/IR guidance capability is being incorporated to counter a specific fielded and proliferating electronic warfare systems in existing aircraft and ASCM threats. OPEVAL of SM-2 Block IIIB was conducted during April 1996, with missile firings by an Aegis cruiser that was completing workup training for deployment. Based on OPEVAL results, SM-2 Block IIIB is operationally effective and suitable.

48 posted on 07/23/2002 2:33:28 PM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 46 | View Replies]

To: thinden


Slip of the tongue?

During the course of the on-the-record briefing by Gen. Howell M. Estes, Commander in Chief, U.S. Space Command, at the Pentagon, conducted Thursday, Mar. 13, 1997, Gen. Estes responded to a question regarding TWA Flight 800. Gen. Estes at one point said: “I looked at it when I was the J-3 here when TWA 800 was shot down.” Gen. Estes did not mean to say TWA 800 was “shot down.”

49 posted on 07/23/2002 5:48:42 PM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 20 | View Replies]

To: thinden

July 13,2001

The families of 19 people who died when TWA Flight 800 exploded five years ago will each receive $2.5 million from Boeing and TWA under a settlement, The Patriot-News of Harrisburg reported Friday

50 posted on 07/23/2002 6:02:23 PM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 49 | View Replies]

To: honway
Washington, March 18, 2001: The Justice Department announced Friday that it won't challenge the proposed acquisition of Trans World Airlines by AMR Corp.'s American Airlines.
51 posted on 07/23/2002 6:09:46 PM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 50 | View Replies]

To: honway
Since your argument assumes there must be advantages for a SAM to approach from below, then maybe you can explain what they are. Since you've actually witnessed a long range SAM launch, you must also be familiar with the techniques used to defend against that launch. Exactly which one of those techniques would be made less effective by a SAM flying a low altitude trajectory?
Sorry, but there isn't a SAM system in use or in development that would, by design, require its missile to fly a low altitude profile against a target flying anywhere other than low altitude. It makes no sense tactically or physically.
And yes, I've been there done that as well. In fact, I still am.

52 posted on 07/23/2002 7:32:51 PM PDT by Rokke
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 47 | View Replies]

To: Dukie
Insight, WorldNetDaily and others are doing a great job, thanks for reporting that;

but our journalists and our people simply cannot comprehend the lies and the corruption from our own government. Even with evidence right in front of their faces they cower. I can understand if it will cost you your life to publicize information and therefore you decide not to. But I can't tolerate those american sheeples who look it in the eye and cower from it even though it costs them nothing to simply see the truth.

53 posted on 07/23/2002 7:52:31 PM PDT by Red Jones
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 7 | View Replies]

To: AmericanCompatriot
the only explanation we've heard that makes sense is as follows: There was an algerian businessman who was an associate of Ron Brown's. He was scheduled to be on the Ron Brown plane. He cancelled at last minute, so he was not among the people killed in Ron Brown's plane crash. This fellow was killed in TWA800.

Chris Ruddy investigated Ron Brown crash pretty well. If you read what he uncovered it will convince you that that plane was sabotaged by our own government.

FASCISM RULES AMERICA - a nation of sheeples!!!

54 posted on 07/23/2002 7:56:32 PM PDT by Red Jones
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 6 | View Replies]

To: VectoRama
What Really Happened to TWA Flight 800?

Was the first terrorist attack.

Nice cover up.

Can't cover up two building falling down.

55 posted on 07/23/2002 7:57:32 PM PDT by JZoback
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: honway
Um hmmm. And if your understanding were anything more than basic, you would realize my statements in post 46 are both current, and correct. The MHIP for the Standard missile uses a side mounted IR seeker to aid in terminal guidance for the RF guided Standard missile. It is used to increase missile accuracy at the endgame against targets using certain jamming techniques. It is not used to acquire and guide Standard missiles to their target.

The reason IR guidance can't be used in long or medium range missiles is because there are limits to what an IR missile seeker can "see" at long range. Even the newest IR missiles have a relatively short range and are mostly within visual range weapons.
56 posted on 07/23/2002 8:21:01 PM PDT by Rokke
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 48 | View Replies]

To: verity
What part of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider don't you understand?
57 posted on 07/24/2002 4:49:00 AM PDT by rubbertramp
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 40 | View Replies]

To: Red Jones; thinden
Mohammed Samir Ferrat. There were also two scientists from the Brookhaven Labs on that flight, strange to relate.
58 posted on 07/24/2002 4:51:46 AM PDT by rubbertramp
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 54 | View Replies]

To: Rokke
And yes, I've been there done that as well. In fact, I still am

I thank you for your service and yield to your expertise on the subject. It is very possible due to my limited understanding that I misunderstood the specific new technology that was being tested. I realize the credibility of an anonymous poster from an anonymous source is as about as low as you can get, but since the information supports the conclusion of Pierre Salinger, I thought I would add it to this thread.

you must also be familiar with the techniques used to defend against that launch

In a heavy with no active or passive defense, the only technique involved was pretty basic.

59 posted on 07/24/2002 6:04:51 AM PDT by honway
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 52 | View Replies]

To: Red Jones
I've thought the same things, Red. Major media for the most part have become nothing but the agents of propagnda for those who feed them the stories. And most of our countrymen, indoctrinated in the government schools, accept it without giving it critical examination.
60 posted on 07/24/2002 6:16:41 AM PDT by Dukie
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 53 | View Replies]

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