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FBI and DOJ Connivance Permeates, Interconnects Terror Attacks
Personal Research, Interviews, Many Major Media Publications on FR ^ | August 15, 2002 | Patrick B. Briley

Posted on 08/15/2002 10:43:29 AM PDT by OKCSubmariner

Copyright 2002 by Patrick B. Briley

The conclusions and findings in this long summary are based on interviews with private attorneys, law enforcement, Pentagon and Congressional officials, journalists and witnesses as well as analysis of news articles from major media over the last seven years. I am summarizing very important new material as well as old material previously reported in replies and articles I have written and posted on since June 2000. Important supporting evidence for the conclusions in this editorial has been provided to attorneys, Congressional officials and to the DOJ since 2000

So as to more efficiently focus on and emphasize my findings and conclusions at this critical time of the terror threat to America, it was deemed more important to present my findings and conclusions on this forum in a lengthy summary form rather than in a much longer and fully documented article, report or book. It is hoped that all the supporting details and documentation can one day be published.

This summary was primarily written to provide my friends and likeminded concerned citizens with a historical perspective (and record) of government connivance in the terror attacks against America during the past eight years. I hope concerned citizens will be able to use and distribute this summary to educate and inform the public that the connivance policies of Federal government and law enforcement officials have harmed and not adequately helped protect the lives of American citizens from terrorists.

The beginning pages of the summary present overall conclusions and findings. The remaining and extensive part of the summary discusses numerous examples that support and explain the basis for the conclusions and findings presented at the beginning.


FBI connivance permeated and interconnected the 1993 World Trade Center (WTC) attack, the Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing and the 9/11 attacks. The FBI had foreknowledge of these attacks but refused to stop the attacks beforehand even though the FBI participated in their planning with the use of FBI informants and provocateurs. Some of the same participants are known to the FBI to have been involved in all three of these terror attacks. By deliberately not moving against these participants even to this day and by deliberately failing to try and stop the attacks in advance and warn and adequately protect innocent victims, the FBI gave active and passive consent to the criminal acts of terrorists known to the FBI and to the criminal acts of FBI informants and FBI provocateurs.

The FBI’s and DOJ’s continued cover up, obstruction of justice, falsification of evidence, intimidation of key witnesses, pretended ignorance of the John Doe participants, informants and provocateurs and refusal to take action against known perpetrators is further evidence of the FBI and DOJ connivance and complicity. The FBI and DOJ actions are particularly egregious because the FBI and DOJ is supposed to protect the public from terror attacks, not expose the public to greater risk of attack and not intimidate witnesses or withhold critical evidence that may also be incriminating to the FBI and DOJ.

After the 9/11 attacks, former President GHW Bush make public statements urging the public to be more accepting of US agents committing crimes (in violation of laws and the Constitution) inside the US in order for the agents to earn the trust of the terror groups they were trying to infiltrate and collect intelligence about. This philosophy has already been used badly in the past by the FBI in Boston organized crime cases and in the 9/11 attacks, the OKC bombing and the 1993 WTC attack. In these instances, the FBI allowed murders and crimes to be committed to protect FBI operations. And these operations often did not succeed in stopping the groups involved but did succeed in keeping the public from knowing of the FBI connivance and failures.

Attorney General (AG) Ashcroft and FBI director Mueller have blocked the Congress, courts and the public from knowing about these FBI failed operations by refusing to honor subpoenas, ordering FBI agents not to testify and by refusing to turning over ALL incriminating evidence such as ALL withheld FBI 302 interview reports and ALL surveillance tapes relating to major attacks in the US. And President GW Bush personally ordered that the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on the FBI failures be seriously curtailed and that the House Government Reform Committee’s 13 subpoenas (to have been responded to on 9/11/02!) against AG Ashcroft on these matters not be honored. FBI agent Kelly was put in charge of controlling and manipulating the flow of information to the Intelligence Committee hearings even though Senator Grassley bitterly complained that FBI agent Kelly was the man who Senator Danforth had publicly charged with obstructing Danforth’s investigation of the FBI cover up of Waco.

Yet Ashcroft and Mueller and CIA director George Tenet have also publicly urged, like former President HW Bush, that Federal agents be allowed to commit illegal acts inside the US in order to provide what they term better human intelligence. These illegal acts would violate local, state and Federal laws as well as rights of citizens under the Constitution. Tenet and Mueller are holdovers from the Clinton administration that appear to be continuing to try to justify their using agents in both the Clinton and Bush administrations to commit crimes inside the US for intelligence purposes.

But there is other evidence of this wayward and lawless mentality of trying to justify criminal actions of Federal agents being continued from the Clinton administration to the Bush administrations. FBI agent Rogoskey filed a Federal lawsuit against FBI Direct Louis Freeh and AG Janet Reno in 2000 after Rogoskey was blocked from telling Congress about laws being broken inside the US by the FBI during national security operations.

The same conniving, reckless and poisonous philosophy and policy of allowing agents to break the law inside the US for national security operations as advocated by GHW Bush, Ashcroft, Reno, Mueller and Freeh was used by an FBI undercover agent to deliberately encourage the OKC bombing. This is according to what Congressman Ernest Istook of Oklahoma told an OKC bombing victim in a taped conversation. Istook told the victim that the FBI had used an undercover agent to help build the bomb in an effort to establish the agent’s credibility with other groups the FBI hoped to later arrest and discredit. Istook told the victim that the victim had no right to question the operation since it was a national security operation.

The tape of the Istook conversation was transcribed by the former Pentagon terror advisor Jesse Clear and played by Clear to Istook’s staff. The tape has been authenticated by experts associated with the Secret Service and court approved experts from a prestigious university in California. Istook had his staff threaten the New American reporter William Jasper over reporting of the taped conversation and transcript.

But Istook also told two deputy sheriffs on the night of the bombing that the FBI knew in advance of the OKC bombing. After the sheriffs held a news conference in 1997 about what Istook told them, the sheriffs were threatened by FBI agent James Carlisle who falsified his interviews with the sheriffs. A review of Carlisle’s interviews shows that Carlisle was trying to protect Istook and keep the public from knowing of the FBI’s complicity and connivance in the OKC bombing.

Istook was in a position to make claims to the victim of a national security operation and to know of the FBI foreknowledge and forewarnings because he served on the National Security subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee at the time of the OKC bombing. Istook was very close to the FBI and once told me in August of 1995 that there was nothing that I or the late Glen Wilburn (lost both of his grandsons in the bombing) could tell him about the OKC bombing that ”he (Istook) and the FBI did not already know.” But as will be further demonstrated in this summary, Istook would have also been in a position to know because of specific, detailed and official warnings to select House members and law enforcement prior to the bombing.

As in the Rogoskey case, the tendency has been for the FBI and DOJ to use Congressmen like Istook to improperly invoke, hide behind and use national security as a pretext and an excuse for committing and then covering up criminal operations inside the US in violation of laws and the Constitution. A similar line of reasoning and propaganda invoking false claims of national security was used by the FBI and Danforth to justify the illegal use of the US military in the Waco siege by the FBI. And when that was not accepted, then the FBI and DOJ made false claims of child, gun and drug abuse to justify their improper use of the military at Waco.

And the FBI agent James Carlisle was involved with the FBI public information officer, Mr. Collingwood to smear, intimidate and falsely attempt to discredit my efforts that uncovered FBI wrongdoing. Carlisle came to my house to threaten and intimidate me just as he did to the deputy sheriffs over their account of what Congressman Istook told them. Collingwood wrote a letter to my Senator James Inhofe stating that the FBI had sent Carlisle to my house to admonish me not to “further” repeat committing a felony of impersonating the FBI. Collingwood’s letter falsely indicated that I had impersonated the FBI. I have never impersonated the FBI and the FBI knows that. I have shown a copy of the Collingwood letter to an attorney experienced with FBI matters. The attorney’s opinion is that the FBI clearly was deliberately trying to smear me with Inhofe to discredit my information about FBI criminal conduct.

The FBI was particularly concerned about Inhofe believing my allegations since Inhofe is on the Senate Intelligence committee and is from Oklahoma. But the FBI concern over Inhofe does not end there. Herb Johnson, Inhofe’s chief of staff, wrote a letter in September 1998 describing that the DOJ had ordered the FBI about 72 hours after the OKC bombing to cover up and keep the Middle Eastern involvement from the public, press and others in government. Johnson had been told this by Johnson’s close friend who served at the FBI command post in OKC. Johnson gave his letter to attorney Dan Nelson of OKC who is married to a relative of Inhofe. I discussed the Johnson letter personally with Nelson in 1998 and personally with Inhofe in 1999. Kenneth Timmerman who writes for Insight magazine and is close to Inhofe and his staff told me earlier this year that the FBI had tried to intimidate Senator Inhofe over the OKC bombing case.

James Carlisle’s efforts for the FBI cover up also included hundreds of questionable and likely falsified FBI interview302 reports he did for the OKC bombing that were questioned in the Nichols trial and hearings by Judge Matsch himself. The FBI deliberately misspelled names so reports could not be found, wrote several 302 interview reports about the same information (including defense attorney Stephen Jones) to confuse or discredit witnesses and sources and their information, and withheld (did not lose them as they falsely claimed in several instances) reports from the courts.

But the FBI’s attempts to keep the public from knowing of FBI connivance and corruption in the OKC bombing did not just end with Istook , the sheriffs, Inhofe and myself. It extended to FBI threats 72 –74 hours after the bombing against Army recruiters who saw McVeigh with John Does in the Murrah building. Recall that 72 hours is the same period that Herb Johnson’s letter says that the DOJ ordered the FBI to cover up the Middle Eastern involvement. The FBI’s illegal attempts also included FBI threats and intimidation against multiple witnesses trying to get them to change their stories (to protect the FBI from being accused of crimes), to keep them from being known to the press and from being brought before the trials. I have written on about some of these crucial witnesses such as Debbie Burdick, Leah Moore, Danny Wilkerson and other witnesses of Middle Eastern participants (informants?) who FBI agent Floyd Zimms brow beat and falsified his 302 interview reports about according to what the witnesses and other investigators claim.

The FBI has been since at least 1993 and is still today following a connivance policy of allowing known terrorists to enter the US and roam with impunity (no deportation or arrest) for years in the US while the terrorists set up terror cells, recruit more terrorists, set up training camps and commit terrorist acts. When one of these terrorists should happen to get publicly exposed or commit publicized terror acts, such as in the case of FBI informant Ali Mohammed, the FBI claims that the FBI just lost track of the terrorists. And the FBI defends moving against these terrorist (as the FBI has done many times in the OKC bombing case) by claiming to do so would harm the FBI undercover agents who have infiltrated the terror cells and deprive the FBI of important human intelligence. What good has the FBI intelligence been when the FBI has been unwilling to pull their undercover agents out periodically and move against the terrorists before they commit more terror acts and recruit more terrorists?

A notable example of the FBI connivance policy with known terrorists is the case of the Egyptian and security officer for Egypt Air, US Army Sergeant Ali Mohammed. Ali Mohammed served as an instructor for US Special Forces, then for the CIA and then as an informant for the FBI out of Sacramento from 1992 to 1998. While Ali was working to “help” the FBI he moved Bin Laden from Sudan to Pakistan, wrote Bin Laden’s terrorist training manual, set up terror cells and training camps in the US, squired Bin Laden’s top lieutenant and head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Al Zawahiri, around Califiornia twice, taught AlQaeda operatives to thwart airline security like in the 9/11 attacks, and helped another Bin Laden lieutenant, Khalid Mohammed, mastermind and carry out the 1993 WTC attack and the OKC bombing. It has been recently revealed that the recent attack at the LAX ticket counter for el Al airlines was known to and encouraged by Ali Mohammed and Al Zawahiri. How many more AlQaeda sleepers Ali Mohammed trained that are in side the US and who could strike again is not known.

When Ali Mohammed was arrested in 1998, he was carrying documents showing how to plant and hide explosives in public buildings like what is suspected was done in the OKC bombing. Ali Mohammed was convicted in 1999 for his role in the 1993 WTC and Tanzanian and Kenyan bombings. But Ali Mohammed signed a special plea bargain agreement with Janet Reno and has yet to be sentenced. Anrea Mitchell reported for MSNBC that the Egypt Air flight was deliberately crashed was as a result of the imprisonment of Ali Mohammed who had once worked for Egypt Air security. As in the case with the FBI informant Salem for the 1993 WTC bombing, the FBI knew for over six months in advance the details of the attack on the Tanzanian and Kenyan embassies from reading computer hard drives of terrorists who worked with Ali Mohammed.

Unfortunately, the 1993 WTC and Tanzanian and Kenyan bombings are superlative examples of extreme FBI connivance for failure to stop theses attacks when the FBI knew to do so and had the means to at least try to stop the attacks. Yet last year Congress was told that the FBI and CIA lost track of and was double crossed by Ali Mohammed for all these years during all these attacks while he was an FBI informant and was allowed to roam inside the US setting up more cells. The FBI still defends bring in known terrorists and allowing them to roam in the US for years. The FBI connivance with Ali Mohammed is another proof that the continuing FBI policy is a spectacular failure which should be terminated and that these terrorists should be arrested and deported as soon as possible. And this same type of FBI connivance also was practiced by the FBI in the OKC bombing and 9/11 attacks as will be described later in this editorial.

I have been complaining strongly to legal counsels for the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees and the Pentagon terror advisor Jesse Clear for over four years (years before the 9/11/2001 attacks) about the FBI connivance policy of allowing terrorists like Ali Mohammed into the US, to roam with impunity and to commit terror acts. To prove that this is an ongoing problem which has not been corrected and can lead to more terror attacks, I cite the fact that I received a call in May 2001 assuring me that Congress was now reviewing this failed FBI policy. The call came from Chad Groover, a legal counsel for Senator Grassley, on the Senate Judiciary Committee. I told Groover that Congressional review of the failed FBI policy was not enough and that change of the policy was required to save lives and our country.

I am not overly optimistic that Congress will adequately change or debate the failed FBI connivance policies since Congress has known about and has been ratifying the FBI policies for years. In May 1995 FBI Director Louis Freeh testified before Congress about the FBI policy of deliberately helping known Middle Eastern terrorists come into the US on student visas (by taking advantage of weaknesses in INS laws) for years to populate Abu Nidal cells (closely aligned with Iraq) in LA, Dallas and in Virginia. The FBI has been monitoring but not moving against Hamas terror cells in Oklahoma, Chicago and Dallas (Holy Land Foundation) who aided the OKC bombing and the 9/11 attacks for over ten years without arrests even to this day.

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post reported in October 2001 that senior FBI officials told Woodward that the FBI was continuing to deliberately allow five known AlQaeda cells to operate inside the US including near DC and in Dallas. The FBI used Dallas police officers to track known AlQaeda terrorists inside the US and overseas since at least 1995. The Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Dallas, Danny Defenbaugh, got into trouble with the Dallas police chief in 1998 for not telling the chief about the FBI operation and for not compensating Dallas taxpayers. El Hage, Bin Laden’s secretary for AlQaeda, was allowed to live in and operate out of Dallas for years while he was being monitored by the FBI.

If Congress were to publicly debate and possibly change the failed FBI connivance policies, it might cause the public to learn of the policies and cause the public to believe that the Congress has not only been wrong to support the FBI connivance policies but also is guilty of improper connivance itself by, in effect, aiding and covering up (keeping the details of the Congressional role from the public) terror operations and attacks like 9/11 and the OKC bombing. In spite of Congressional failures to properly oversee the FBI and DOJ, the public should still hold Congress accountable and should still not allow FBI and DOJ officials and agents to get away with falsely claiming the Nuremberg defense of carrying out orders inside the US under the pretense of name of national security when the orders were in fact unlawful and in violation of the Constitution.

The 1993 bombing of the WTC and subsequent attacks on the WTC such as the 9/11 attacks was carried out by Ramzi Yousef after the bombing and attacks were discussed, planned in part and ratified at a Hamas sponsored conference in Oklahoma City in December 1991. One of the masterminds of the 1993 WTC bombing, the OKC bombing and the 9/11 attacks has been identified by the FBI and DOJ as Bin Laden lieutenant Khalid Mohammed, the nephew of Ramzi Yousef. The advisor and consultant for the 1993 WTC attack was the FBI informant and Egyptian Ali Mohammed who was described earlier in this editorial as also being a Bin Laden lieutenant and author of AlQaeda’s terrorist training manual.

The FBI knew of the 1993 WTC attack by Yousef a year in advance from the FBI informant and Egyptian Salem. Two of Salem’s FBI agent handlers admitted publicly that FBI supervisors refused to stop the 1993 WTC attack or render the truck bomb inert. The FBI may also have learned of the bombing in advance from the FBI informant Ali Mohammed who was Egyptian just as Salem.

Yousef had the support of other participants who would later be involved in the OKC bombing and who helped Yousef obtain explosive materials and rent a truck. to deliver the bomb for the 1993 WTC attack. Recall that the 1993 WTC bombing was originally planned in OKC by a local Hamas group protected by the FBI. The Sidiqqy brothers, Asad and Anis, from Brooklyn New York, have been identified as suspects in the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings. Even the black American citizen and Muslim convert, Melvin Latimore, had his credit card used to pay for expenses of the 1993 WTC attack. Court documents show that Lattimore was also identified as a participant in the OKC bombing by an FBI informant one day after the OKC bombing.

Since Lattimore is a black man, Lattimore’s involvement with McVeigh would show that the FBI portrayal of McVeigh as a racist was deliberately false. This explains in part why six FBI agents tried to have the Travelers Aid witnesses change their stories for over nine months, took few notes, never adequately reported the witnesses in FBI 302 interview reports or had sketches done with sketch artists. The other reason for the FBI agents corrupt performance with the Travelers Aid witnesses is because the FBI did not want the public or courts to know that FBI informants and provocateurs were involved with McVeigh namely James Rosencrans and Peter Ward.

Lattimore was also seen with other FBI informants James Rosencrans and Peter Ward driving McVeigh’s car on the day before the OKC bombing when they visited the Travelers Aid in OKC. The FBI, DOJ, Freeh, Reno, Mueller and AG Ashcroft have covered up this fact and obstructed justice for years. Lattimore was also the roommate of the 9/11 hijacker pilot trainee, Zacharias Moussaoui, while he lived in Norman Oklahoma and attended the Airman flight school. The FBI also told the owners of the Norman flight school in 1999 that the FBI knew then of other pilots who had visited the Norman flight school that the FBI also knew were training for airplane attacks on public buildings including Mohammed Atta as well as Bin Laden’s own personal pilot.

Lattimore was even seen prominently involved at an OKC motel in 1995 at the same time as meetings took place between McVeigh and other Middle Eastern participants and FBI informants such as the Iraqi Al Hussaini and employees of Hamas terrorist operative Samir Khalil to plan and construct the truck bomb for the OKC bombing. But this same motel also was used in OKC in August 2001 by Atta and Moussaoui to discuss the 9/11 attacks. The FBI has refused to take action as a result of the witness accounts at this motel and it is very plausible that the meetings were being monitored at various times by the FBI either by electronic means and/or by FBI informants in the meetings.

So like Khalid Mohammed, Lattimore was involved in all three terror attacks (OKC, 1993 WTC and 9/11) and known to the FBI either as an informant or from FBI informants or likely both. The FBI has chosen to put Lattimore out of reach with a conviction of carrying a firearm while being a felon to keep the press and public from knowing of the FBI connivance in these attacks with Lattimore, Khalid Mohammed and the FBI informants. In fact it is likely that Lattimore was an FBI informant and certainly was known to an FBI informant who reported him to the FBI as being involved in the attacks. FBI failure to take action against Lattimore for the attacks for so many years and to put him out of reach on a minor charge is further evidence of FBI connivance, that Lattimore was an FBI informant and that the FBI was complicit for failing to take action against Lattimore for the OKC and the 1993 WTC attacks when the FBI had enough time and knew to do so.

But FBI foreknowledge from February 1995 of the Khalid Mohammed plot to fly airplanes in to US skyscrapers was not just supplemented by what the FBI learned in 1999 from the Norman, Oklahoma Airman flight school. The FBI also learned of the plans for the 9/11 attacks three years before 2001 by hijacker pilot Hanny Hanjour (who also traveled through Oklahoma-given a speeding ticket) from Phoenix FBI informant Adjae Collins . Collins told his story to ABC Pentagon reporter John McWethey a few months ago. Collins was one of the sources of information for the memo that FBI agent Kenneth Williams sent to the FBI in DC last summer warning the FBI of Bin Laden sponsored attacks in the US on US skyscrapers and government buildings. Kenneth Williams also sent his memo to the CIA and spoke to the CIA directly after the FBI in DC failed to act on his information.

A CIA memo containing the William’s info reached President GW Bush’s desk in a National Security Council briefing August 6, 2001. The White House originally tried to claim the memo only talked about attacks overseas, but quickly clammed up when Adjae Collins interview was broadcast. It seems that connivance with Middle Eastern terrorists and failure to act on forewarnings and foreknowledge does not just reside with the DOJ and FBI, it emanates from the White House who gives the DOJ and FBI their marching orders. No President should be immune from removal from office and prosecution for issuing to the FBI, DOJ and CIA unlawful orders that violate the Constitution or that could also be considered acts of treason.

Khalid Mohammed and his nephew Ramzi Yousef moved to the Philippines in 1994 where they shared an apartment to plot terror attacks against American targets for Bin Laden, ALQaeda and Abu Sayeff. These men’s efforts were aided and funded in the Philippines by AlQaeda and Abu Sayeff initiator Wali Khan and by Abu Omar, a name used by several of Bin Laden’s lieutenants including the Egyptian and FBI informant Ali Mohammed. Yousef kept their terror plans on his computer hard drive in their apartment. The plans included chemical formulas and details of remote controlled bomb devices very similar to those suspected as being planted in the OKC Murrah Federal building using techniques developed by Ali Mohammed. And later reported as being found in a Taliban notebook in Afghanistan in 2001.

But Yousef’s and Khalid Mohammed’s computerized plots contained much more which were later to be carried out such as flying airplanes loaded with explosives into the White House, Congress, the Pentagon and tall skyscrapers like the WTC as was done during the 9/11 attacks.

By January 1995 Yousef had met with Terry Nichols in the Philippines to plot the OKC bombing along With another American John Lebney, a Philippine government undercover agent Edqwin Angeles and Murad, a member of Abu Sayeff and AlQaeda. Khalid Mohammed very likely masterminded the meetings of his nephew Yousef with Nichols to plot the OKC bombing for Bin Laden especially since Khalid also masterminded the 1993 WTC and 9/11 attacks and worked closely with top Bin Laden lieutenants Al- Zawahiri and Ali Mohammed.

On the same day as a fire in Yousef’s apartment in January 1995, Yousef fled to Pakistan where he was later arrested, Nichols returned to the US, and Khalid Mohammed may have gone to OKC to oversee preparations for the OKC bombing in April 1995. By February 1995 the FBI had arrested and thoroughly interrogated Murad to learn in detail about the Yousef and Khalid Mohammed plots and the meetings to plan the OKC bombing and plan crashes into skyscrapers inside the US. The FBI also later arrested Wali Khan and learned similar details the FBI had learned from Murad. The FBI would have learned of the Nichols meetings plotting the OKC bombing from the Philippine undercover agent for Abu Sayeff, Edwin Angeles.

Also by the end of February 1995 the FBI had seized, analyzed and learned of the explosives and same plots (as revealed by Murad and Edwin Angeles) from Yousef’s computer hard drive. The FBI also may have learned of the plots from the FBI informant Ali Mohammed known as Abu Omar, the name of the man who funded Khalid Mohammed and Ramzi Yousef. Furthermore these details reached the upper levels of FBI decision makers in DC after going through the FBI legal attaché and station chief in the Philippines in February 1995.

McVeigh’s attorney Stephen Jones and former Pentagon terror advisor Jesse Clear both were blocked by the US prosecutor Larry Mackey and by the FBI legal attaché in 1996 from learning the details of what the FBI already learned and knew for certain by February 1995 about the OKC bombing and 9/11 style plots with Khalid Mohammed and Yousef from Murad, from Wali Khan , from Edwin Angeles, from Yousef’s computer and perhaps from the FBI informant Ali Mohammed.

The tenth circuit court of appeals in Denver further rejected Jones attempts to expose to the court and in the trials what the FBI had learned and knew in advance about the OKC bombing plot. The tenth circuit court rejected Jones’ Writ of Mandamus filed on March 25, 1996 on the false grounds and false pretense of the need to protect national security. The court may have rationalized that the court was protecting the country and hence national security from internal dissent toward certain members of the FBI and government should the public have been allowed to learn of FBI criminal connivance in the OKC bombing during open court proceedings.

By March 3, 1995 enough of the details of the Philippine plot for OKC by Yousef, Nichols and Khalid Mohammed had reached DC for an official warning notice to be issued to select members of the House and intelligence and law enforcement agencies by the Director of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, Youseff Bodansky. Bodansky’s official warning also went to his boss, the chairman of the House task force, Republican Congressman James Saxton from New Jersey.

Bodansky’s and Saxton’s official warning included the Murrah building in OKC as a likely target of a Middle Eastern sponsored attack around April 1995 using “lily whites”, a reference to men with no criminal records, perhaps Caucasian and not fully aware of all the details. The memo also mentioned the use of Hamas terrorist training camps in the US. Some of these Hamas camps were in the Chicago area and in Oklahoma where Hamas demolition experts resided according to a letter published in a May 1995 OKC newspaper from the former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Dave McCurdy. The Bodansky and Saxton warning memo was deliberately kept from the OKC bombing trials, from the public, from the Oklahoma County grand jury investigating the bombing in order to protect he FBI and the members of the House Task force from public outrage of FBI and Congressional connivance and foreknowledge of the OKC bombing. Bodansky himself called and told a reporter not to make the memo available to the public (and to the courts) because it was “too hot (politically?) to handle”.

The entire Federal family in OKC was warned in March 1995 of a pending Middle Eastern sponsored attack on a Federal building in OKC around April 1995 as revealed by US prosecutor Beth Wilkinson in a pretrial hearing with Judge Matsch and Jones in Denver in early 1996. The head of the US Marshals, Edwardo Gonzales, in charge of protecting the Federal family of judges and Federal buildings put out a memo in March 1995 giving a similar warning of a pending attack on a Federal building in the US as reported by the Newark Star Ledger in March 1995. The US Marshals memo and the warning to the Federal family testified to by Beth Wilkinson likely originated with the official memo issued by Saxton and Bodansky and the intelligence learned from Yousef’s computer and the interrogations of Murad, Angeles and Wali Kahn.

Proof that the warnings reached the Federal family came from OKC Federal Judge Wayne Ally who told his hometown newspaper the Oregonian in May 1995 that Ally was tipped (by the US Marshals) of a possible attack on an OKC Federal building. As a result, Ally stayed at home to work after April 4, 1995 and told his children to take his grandchildren out of the Murrah building day care center. Other proofs that the official warnings were taken seriously is that the BATF agents were told they did not have to report to work in the Murrah building on the morning of the OKC bombing. FBI agents were also told not to go to the Murrah building that morning even though the FBI had 3-4 agents inside the Murrah building everyday very punctually by 9 am and sometimes dropped off children at the day care center.

Al Hussaini , an Iraqi Gulf War veteran living in OKC, assisted McVeigh before and at the scene of the OKC bombing. Hussaini was brought to OKC after serving in the Iraqi Army for possible clandestine operations in the US and later in Iraq by the US if Sadam Hussein should be toppled from power. Hussaini and another OKC bombing suspect Abraham Ahmad were employees of an FBI protected Hamas cell operative in OKC, Samir Khalil who provided Hussaini with a false alibi for the day of the bombing. As mentioned earlier Hussaini was seen with McVeigh at a meeting at an OKC motel before the OKC bombing with Melvin Lattimore and other Khalil employees. Abraham Ahmad was brought back to the US the day after the bombing when blue jogging suits seen at the bomb scene and bomb making materials were found in his luggage in London after he left OKC. Inexplicably, the FBI later released Abraham Ahmad.

Hussaini was known to the FBI as a participant in the OKC bombing from many witnesses on the day of the bombing including Kay Heron. Heron was almost run over by Hussaini and another individual, perhaps Ahmad, in a late model brown Chevy truck that was the subject of an FBI APB issued with the knowledge of OKC FBI agent Dan Vogel the first week of the bombing.

Samir Khalil is known to have traveled to Las Vegas and is believed to have met an Iraqi recruiter and intelligence officer and McVeigh at O’Bannion’s Horseshoe near the MGM Grand Hotel. I drove a reporter to Khalis’s home in 1995 for an interview. The reporter said that Khalil was wearing a hat from O”Bannion’s Horsehoe. A man identified as an Iraqi intelligence officer by Iraqi expert Lorie Mylroie was photographed with Khalil and Hussaini in OKC shortly after the bombing near the body shop where it is believed that the brown Chevy get away truck was repainted yellow. The FBI impounded the repainted truck at an apartment complex in OKC where a group of Middle Eastern men had abruptly left not paying their rent on the day of the OKC bombing. The truck was seen being brought into the apartment complex by a resident named Olie Ahmad, a possible relative of Samir Khalil’s employee, Abraham Ahmad.

It is suspected that Samir Khalil is an FBI protected Hamas operative in part because he has never been known to be adequately questioned by the FBI AND especially because a Federal Grand Jury investigation against him by the assistant US attorney Ted Richardson was abruptly dropped after the OKC bombing. The grand jury was investigating Khalil for HUD property scams and for income tax evasion believed to have raised funds for Hamas terror operations in the US and against Israel. Richardson was found dead from a shotgun blast near his church and near Khalil’s house in May 1997.

Samir Khalil’s secretary, Sharon Twilley, identified Khalid Mohammed as being in OKC in 1995 where he was paid three checks written on behalf of Samir Khalil and handed to Khalil by Twilley. Recall that Khalid Mohammed has been identified as the mastermind of the 1993 WTC and 9/11 attacks and behind the OKC bombing planning meetings with Terry Nichols and Ramzi Yousef in the Philippines in January 1995. If the story about Twilley is true, it would further substantiate that Bin Laden and Khalid Mohammed were involved if not masterminds of the OKC bombing.

The information about Twilley’s identification came from James Reeser in a public reply he posted November 3, 2001on under BlueDogDemo. I was asked to contact Reeser in October 2001 by phone to request that he obtain protection for Twilley. I later asked the person requesting the protection if Reeser’s story was true and if Twilley had received protection. The person replied in the affirmative to both questions. I sent this information publicly posted by Reeser to William Dunke, an aide for Senator Shelby on the Senate intelligence committee over a month ago after first describing the info about Khalid Mohammed to Dunke on the phone. I have received no response from Dunke as of yet.

And Al Hussaini appears to have been protected for a time in Houston after the OKC bombing by CIA asset, Heider Barbouti, whose father Ishan assisted President GHW Bush transfer technology for weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical and nuclear) to Sadam Hussein and Iraq before the Gulf War (see the Congressional Record and statements by Congressman Henry B. Gonzales). Ishan Barbouti assisted Iraq in OKC to try to acquire a rocket fuel booster (and bomb accelerant) TK7 from Israeli investor Moshe Tal.

Hussaini and McVeigh called the same phone number in Iraq according to what sources in the Pentagon told US News and World Report in October 2001. The Pentagon sources complained of FBI connivance to withhold the Iraqi involvement from the Pentagon. This may be another proof that Senator Inhofe’s chief of staff was correct went he wrote that the FBI was ordered to cover up involvement of Middle East participants in the OKC bombing. But was it done to cover up corruption and foreknowledge with Middle East terrorists or was it done to protect a State Department peace initiative? Either way the American public was not protected or well served by the cover up.

Terry Nichols was seen with a man resembling Hussaini one day before the OKC bombing in Newkirk, Oklahoma by the wife of a police officer and two other witnesses. Nichols and the Hussaini looking suspect were with a convoy of men driving Nichol’s blue pickup truck and a short Ryder truck with an overhang. The FBI showed sketches to the witnesses in Newkirk of a man resembling Hussaini within a few weeks of the OKC bombing after the BATF showed up in town to canvass for witnesses and dust for fingerprints. A man resembling Hussaini was also seen with McVeigh in Ogden, Kansas before the OKC bombing at Pat’s Pawn shop and FBI sketches were shown by the FBI to verify this. The Hussaini visits to Newkirk, Oklahoma and Ogden, Kansas with McVeigh and Nichols were withheld from the courts and not adequately documented in FBI 302 interview reports.

The FBI has yet to interview Al Hussaini even though many witnesses place him with McVeigh and Nichols. Since the FBI refuses to follow up on witness reports that Hussaini was seen at a motel in OKC meeting with McVeigh and possible FBI informant Melvin Lattimore (who himself was known to other FBI informants), it is very plausible that Hussaini may be a protected FBI or CIA informant and provocateur. Hussaini was known by the FBI for several years to have become a baggage handler at Boston’s Logan Airport including on the day of the 9/11 attack flights leaving from Boston. Was Husssain allowed to help terrorists on 9/11 or was Hussaini trying to help the FBI catch terrorists at Boston’s airport? Continued failure of the FBI to pursue Hussaini for what ever reason is indefensible and is another proof of FBI connivance in the OKC bombing and 9/11 attacks that puts the public at risk from more terror attacks.

As mentioned earlier, two of three Pakistanis, Anis and Asad Sidiqqy, were seen by witness Debbie Burdick with McVeigh near the Murrah building just prior to the Murrah building explosion after their arrival from Brooklyn New York. The Sidiqqy brothers were also suspects in the 1993 WTC attacks. The Pakistanis were arrested on the day of the OKC bombing, with one arrest made in Dallas and the other in OKC. Janet Reno and Deputy FBI Director Weldon Kennedy lied to the public about these arrests at the time. Bomb sniffing dogs found traces of explosives in the Pakistani’s luggage. The Pakistanis were inexplicably released after false information was given to local police authorities by FBI agent Floyd Zimms concerning their get away car. FBI 302 interview reports of the Pakistani’s arrests were withheld from the courts until early 2001 when they were found in FBI OKC Bomb Task Force Inspector Danny Defenbaugh’s Dallas office.

FBI agent Odom called witness Debbie Burdick from Denver before and after the McVeigh and Nichols trials to admonish her not to talk to the press or defense attorneys about her seeing McVeigh with the Pakistanis. The FBI treatment of witness Debbie Burdick is another example of extreme FBI criminal connivance.

FBI agents wrote multiple 302 interview reports to confuse the story of Pakistani involvement in the OKC bombing as reported originally to the FBI by former CIA Middle Eastern operations chief Vincent Cannistraro. Cannistraro had told the FBI that he was told by the head of Saudi intelligence a few hours after the OKC bombing that Sadam Hussein had hired seven Pakistanis to assist in the OKC bombing. This would be consistent with the arrests of the Pakistanis and what the Pentagon told US News World Report about McVeigh and Al Hussaini calls to Iraq. It also is consistent with what FBI agent Dan Vogel revealed in OKC in January 1999 to an OKC reporter, namely that the FBI had been tracking some of the seven Middle Eastern men in Dallas that had been identified as possible suspects in the OKC bombing.

Yet FBI agent Floyd Zimms who had been involved in the cover story for the arrest of the Pakistanis was seen meeting in an upscale OKC bar frequented by suspects of the OKC bombing as late as 1997 during the McVeigh trials. Zimms had brow beaten a key witness of Middle Eastern John Does or FBI informants seen with McVeigh. Zimms had also allegedly falsified his FBI 302 report with the witness after refusing to give the witness a lie detector test.

Was Zimms acting on orders to cover up the FBI connivance with Middle Eastern provocateurs and informants such as Hussaini and the Pakistanis involved with McVeigh? A close friend of Zimms came to my house in 1999 to tell me I should not be so critical of Zimms, that Zimms was only carrying out orders and doing what he was told to do. My response to Zimms friend was that the Nuremberg defense of FBI agents knowingly carrying out unlawful orders does not apply and does not justify Zimms actions.

The FBI even knew of a government helicopter used to track the delivery of the Ryder truck in front of the Murrah building. This helicopter was seen by more than three witnesses above the Murrah building moments before it was bombed. FBI agent Dan Vogel personally refused to investigate the witness sightings of the helicopter called into him at the FBI on April 21, 1995. OKC police officer Don Browning investigated and confirmed the helicopter movements that were known to the FAA in OKC. Browning’s supervisors told him that a reporter called the police and tried to have Browning sanctioned by the police internal affairs department over his efforts to investigate the helicopter incident.

The FBI learned of and tracked the OKC bombing plot in advance not only from the Philippine meetings with Nichols, but also from FBI informants and provocateurs operating with domestic terror individuals working with McVeigh.

Cary Gagan was given a grant of Federal immunity by the US attorney in Denver after working with the FBI agents to inform them of a plot against a Federal building in OKC. Gagan delivered to Dwight, Kansas bomb making materials and equipment believed to be used in the OKC bombing. Gagan’s grant of immunity was rescinded when Gagan publicly complained after the bombing that the FBI deliberately had not tried to stop the OKC bombing based on his information. Gagan’s complaints should remind us of similar complaints made by the FBI informant Salem for not stopping the 1993 WTC attack when Salem was involved with bomb making materials for the 1993 WTC bombing. The FBI refused Salem’s pleas to stop the 1993 WTC bombing just like the FBI refused to stop the OKC bombing based on Gagan’s information.

New American magazine reporter William Jasper traveled with Gagan to retrace Gagan’s steps and confirmed Gagan’s story. Jasper reported his findings in the New American magazine about Gagan and approache Judicial Watch and Congressman Bob Barr in an attempt to get them to do something about about Gagan’s story. Also, attorney Stephen Jones met with Gagen but did not use Gagan’s story in the McVeigh trial.

McVeigh is known to have traveled in Kansas with German national and FBI provocateur Andreas Strassmeyer who was the military training officer hat the FBI infiltrated radical compound Eloheim City in Oklahoma near Arkansas. McVeigh attended a meeting at Eloheim City shortly before the OKC bombing and also called Strassmeyer at the compound. The McVeigh meeting was described in court documents for the Washington state trial of Chevy Kehoe who knew of the OKC bomb plot. A witness living near Eloheim City gave McVeigh directions to Eloheim City. McVeigh was also known to have been associated with other FBI informants living at the compound including Peter Ward and the compound’s spiritual leader, Reverend John Milar.

FBI director Louis Freeh is known to have discussed Strassmeyer’s undercover operations at Eloheim City with German authorities in Germany in 1993. Strassmeyer was protected from arrest for a traffic violation near Eloheim City by the US State Department. After the OKC bombing the FBI agent John Hippard of OKC assisted Strassmeyer in leaving the US across the Mexican border to avoid questioning by the INS.

FBI informant Peter Ward was with three other men using McVeigh’s car at the Travelers Aid in OKC the day before the OKC bombing. One of these men was James Rosencrans, an FBI informant and prosecution witness against McVeigh for the Federal Grand Jury in OKC in the summer of 1995. Another of these men was a man looking like Melvin Lattimore, the black man seen at an OKC motel meeting with McVeigh and the Iraqi Al Hussaini. Lattimore was also named to the FBI by an FBI informant the day after the OKC bombing as a participant in the OKC bombing but the FBI ignored their own informant.

Peter Ward was also the man in McVeigh’s Kansas motel room identified by Jeff Davis who delivered Chinese food a few days before the OKC bombing. The FBI refused to check the identification of fingerprints collected in the motel room perhaps fearing the identification would reveal the presence of the FBI informant Peter Ward.

James Rosencrans was a drug dealer and Michael Fortier’s neighbor in Kingman, Arizona. Fortier was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for knowing of the bombing plot but not telling authorities. FBI informants like Ward and Rosencrans were not sentenced for knowing about and helping encourage the OKC bombing. Rosencrans was allowed by the FBI to keep the proceeds from the sale of guns stolen from Arkansas gun dealer Roger Moore that the FBI had claimed in court were used to finance the OKC bombing. Less than a week after the OKC bombing, ammonium nitrate like that used in the OKC truck bomb was found dumped next to Rosencran’s trailer according to press reports in the Arizona Republic newspaper.

Copyright 2002 by Patrick B. Briley


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To: OKCSubmariner
I will add another name to the list of FBI Agents of Honor and Integrity.

Special Agent Joseph G. Rogoskey's name goes right beside Special Agent Robert Wright's name. As long as there men and women like these two in the FBI to follow their example, there still is hope.

Thank you for including the name of Agent Rogoskey in your article.

41 posted on 08/15/2002 10:25:01 PM PDT by honway
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To: honway
You are on a roll! Terrific replies!

You are helping the cause of the truth tremendously. God Bless you for it. It makes my heart leap for joy that you believed enough in what I wrote to take the time to dig up and post all these items that prove the truth about what has happened.

My summary roadmap is accurate because I have lived and experienced and investigated and confirmed what I have written about for over seven years and most importantly because I have told the truth even when it is hard to believe.

God requires a faithful witness to chronical history.

It takes a lot of good to overcome a little evil. But it takes an infinite resevoir or source of good, God Himself, to overcome the pure Satanic evil that I have found in the FBI and DOJ and Congressional connivance with terrorists. So even though we do all that we can for good, we must pray and rely on God to do the rest since the evil is so great.

God is a God of second chances. God is giving America a second chance when He raises up men like you who come forward to present the detailed truth for men to see and to know. Praise God for His mercy and loving kindnesses to us.

42 posted on 08/15/2002 10:39:36 PM PDT by OKCSubmariner
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To: OKCSubmariner; thinden; Fred Mertz; rdavis84; BlueDogDemo; backhoe; Nita Nupress; glorygirl
Excerpt from Daily Oklahoman

Herb Johnson Was 'Guru' of Politics
Chris Casteel

WASHINGTON - People who knew Herbert H. Johnson can talk at length about his influence in Oklahoma politics over the last three decades, but it was his friendship that mattered most.

Johnson, who had been administrative assistant for Sen. Jim Inhofe for the last four years, died Monday at his home in Arlington, Va. He was 69. His funeral will be today at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma City ----------------------------------------------------------

From OKCSub's article above:

Herb Johnson, Inhofe’s chief of staff, wrote a letter in September 1998 describing that the DOJ had ordered the FBI about 72 hours after the OKC bombing to cover up and keep the Middle Eastern involvement from the public, press and others in government. Johnson had been told this by Johnson’s close friend who served at the FBI command post in OKC. Johnson gave his letter to attorney Dan Nelson of OKC who is married to a relative of Inhofe. I discussed the Johnson letter personally with Nelson in 1998

I know Mr. Johnson was 69 and had bypass surgery in his past. My father is 82 and had bypass surgery 8 years ago and he rides his excercise bike a hard 30 minutes every day. My point is the date of the letter and the date of his death seem a little coincidental. I believe the reason he put it in writing was to share the information. Since, his death, the information has not been shared.

43 posted on 08/15/2002 10:51:46 PM PDT by honway
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To: swampfx
It extended to FBI threats 72 –74 hours after the bombing against Army recruiters who saw McVeigh with John Does in the Murrah building.


Arlene Blanchard also suspects a hidden agenda. She was a sergeant in the Army recruiting office of the Murrah Building when the bomb went off. Interviewed briefly for ABC’s Nightline program two days later, she mentioned that the suspect depicted in the sketches of John Doe No. 2 looked "very familiar" and that her colleague, Sgt. Marilyn Travis, had seen and conversed with Timothy McVeigh inside the building. The next day she was called in by the battalion commander and, in spite of her serious injuries, subjected to a hostile grilling by the commander and agents of the FBI, ATF and Army CID. Moreover, she says, she was given a direct order not to speak to any members of the press and threatened with court-martial if she mentioned the sightings of McVeigh or John Doe 2 again. Sgt. Travis and other recruiting office personnel were likewise ordered by the commander not to speak to the press, or even to the official investigators, about information that may be material to the case.

It is only since her recent retirement from the military that Mrs. Blanchard has been able to speak up. Says her husband, Stan Blanchard, a former member of the Army Special Forces: "Having been involved in covert operations, I am well aware of the need for secrecy, at times, in the interests of national security, but the treatment of my wife and others and the suppression of important evidence in this case has been outrageous."

44 posted on 08/15/2002 11:14:12 PM PDT by honway
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To: Alamo-Girl; Gary Aldrich; amom; archy; aristeides; anymouse; AtticusX; backhoe; Betty Jo; ...
ping...and excuse me, but doesn't the picture in post #26 look a leetle beet like a certain sketch?...Perhaps this is VERY old news but I have never seen Strassmeyer's photo before.
45 posted on 08/16/2002 7:08:29 AM PDT by glorygirl
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To: Deb
Hey - good to see you,

How is that conservative web-ring that you and _Jim were putting together working out? Any progress lately?

Appropriate Regards,

46 posted on 08/16/2002 7:50:49 AM PDT by Triple
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To: All
The FBI also told the owners of the Norman flight school in 1999 that the FBI knew then of other pilots who had visited the Norman flight school that the FBI also knew were training for airplane attacks on public buildings including Mohammed Atta as well as Bin Laden’s own personal pilot.

The Daily Oklahoman

Terrorists had Oklahoma ties

Two other terrorists also were in Oklahoma before Sept. 11

Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi visited Airman Flight School in Norman in July 2000 but decided to train in Florida.

Atta, 33, has been described as the ringleader of the 19 terrorists. He is believed to be the pilot of the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Center. Al-Shehhi was aboard the second plane.

47 posted on 08/16/2002 8:23:23 AM PDT by honway
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To: glorygirl


48 posted on 08/16/2002 8:46:37 AM PDT by honway
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To: glorygirl

Andreas Carl Strassmeir,born in 1959(sorry for the misspelling of the name in the earlier reply)

49 posted on 08/16/2002 8:56:58 AM PDT by honway
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To: glorygirl; Fred Mertz

This is the John Doe 2 sketch released by the FBI drawn from witnesses describing the man seen with McVeigh in Oklahoma City. That is an important distinction that went right over the heads of professional journalists when the FBI fabricated the John Doe 2 is Todd Bunting story. The witnesses that provided the information for this FBI released sketch were in Oklahoma City, not Kansas. Todd Bunting was in Kansas, so he could not be the man the FBI was looking for when they had this sketch drawn.

50 posted on 08/16/2002 9:20:58 AM PDT by honway
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To: All

USA Today

05/20/99- Updated 05:15 PM ET

Ex-Army sergeant linked to bin Laden

NEW YORK (AP) - A former Army sergeant has been indicted on federal charges that he trained members of Osama bin Laden's terrorist organization and Islamic militants who were implicated in the World Trade Center bombing.

Ali Mohamed, 46, a native of Egypt who left the Army in 1989, was added to a broad conspiracy case that includes bin Laden, the suspected architect of last summer's bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Mohamed has been jailed in New York since he was arrested Sept. 11 on a sealed complaint in federal court in Manhattan. A message left Wednesday with Mohamed's lawyer, James Roth, was not immediately returned.

Mohamed, a former Egyptian military officer, moved to the United States in 1985 and became a permanent resident. He was honorably discharged from the Army in 1989 after serving three years at the Special Forces base in Fort Bragg, N.C.

While in the U.S. military, Mohamed taught soldiers in the special forces about Muslim culture. Prosecutors say he later lent his military expertise to terrorists intent on destroying the United States to retaliate for its support of Israel and involvement in the Middle East.

The indictment said Mohamed trained members of bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist organization and helped move bin Laden from Pakistan to Sudan in 1991. He also allegedly discussed as early as 1993 with other members of al Qaeda how to attack the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi and other Israeli, British and French targets in Kenya.

Mohamed also allegedly provided training to a group of Islamic militants who were later implicated in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and in a plot to blow up New York City landmarks.

Court records say that while Mohamed was in the Army, he gave tapes and books on military techniques and weapons to a group of young men who wanted to help Afghan rebels.

Some of the materials were later recovered from the apartment of El Sayyid Nosair, the Egyptian immigrant convicted of conspiracy in the killing of Jewish Defense League founder Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990.

The Kahane killing was once believed to be an isolated attack, but investigators now see it as the start of a U.S. terrorism campaign by Islamic fundamentalists.

51 posted on 08/16/2002 9:41:25 AM PDT by honway
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To: All
A notable example of the FBI connivance policy with known terrorists is the case of the Egyptian and security officer for Egypt Air, US Army Sergeant Ali Mohammed. Ali Mohammed served as an instructor for US Special Forces, then for the CIA and then as an informant for the FBI out of Sacramento from 1992 to 1998

From OKCSub's article. Please reference USA Today article above for more on Ali Mohamed.

52 posted on 08/16/2002 9:44:00 AM PDT by honway
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To: All

Ali Mohamed

53 posted on 08/16/2002 9:48:46 AM PDT by honway
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To: All

International Security | Terrorism

15 May 2001

Ali Mohamed: The Defendant Who Did Not Go to Trial
Pled guilty to conspiracy in African embassy bombing case

By Judy Aita
Washington File Staff Correspondent

New York -- As a jury deciding the fate of four men charged in the bombing of two U.S. embassies in East Africa completed its third full day of deliberations May 15, another member of the group waited in an undisclosed location for his sentencing later this year.

Ali A. Mohamed was charged in the almost simultaneous bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam on August 7, 1998, and with conspiring to kill Americans, along with Wadih El Hage, Mohamed Sadeek Odeh, Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-'Owhali, and Khalfan Khamis Mohamed. However, just months before their trial was to begin in Federal District Court in Manhattan on October 20, 2000, Mohamed pled guilty to five counts of conspiracy to kill nationals of the United States and officers or employees of the U.S. government on account of their official duties, to murder and kidnap, and to destroy U.S. property.

In his plea before Judge Leonard Sand, Mohamed linked Usama bin Laden with the embassy bombings and said he worked with El Hage and others indicted in the bomb plot.

Mohamed, 48, is a former Egyptian intelligence officer who became a United States citizen and a U.S. Army sergeant assigned to a Special Forces unit at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He left the U.S. Army in 1989 and in the early 1990s became involved in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad organization, which also worked with al Qaeda. He then trained fighters in surveillance techniques at al Qaeda camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Observers had expected Mohamed to be a key government witness against the four defendants during the trial, which began in January 2001. However, while his name was mentioned during testimony on contacts with El Hage and documents taken from his California home were entered into evidence, the former surveillance instructor never took the stand.

Mohamed's plea agreement with the government remains secret. In his October court appearance, Mohamed told the judge that the objective of his activities with Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda was "to attack any Western target in the Middle East, to force the governments of the Western countries just to pull out from the Middle East."

Mohamed explained to Judge Sand that that "based on the Marine [barracks] explosion in Beirut in 1984 and the American pull-out from Beirut," the group planned to use the same method to force the United States to leave Saudi Arabia. Was it true that the plans "included conspiracy to murder persons who were involved in government agencies and embassies overseas?" the judge asked. "Yes, your honor," Mohamed said. "And to destroy buildings and properties of the United States?" the judge said. "Yes, your honor," Mohamed answered.

Detailing his activities with the alleged terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Africa, Mohamed said that during those activities he "understood that I was working with al Qaeda, [Usama] bin Laden, Abu Hafs [and] Abu Ubaidah, and that al Qaeda had a shura council which included Abu Hajer al Iraqui." Mohamed told the judge that in the early 1980s he became involved with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad organization and in the 1990s was introduced to al Qaeda through the Egyptian organization. In the early 1990s Ayman Al Zawihiri made two visits to the United States to raise funds for Islamic Jihad, Mohamed said, and he helped Zawihiri do that. Zawihiri was also indicted in the bombing but remains at large, as does bin Laden.

"In 1991 I helped transport Usama bin Laden from Afghanistan to the Sudan," Mohamed said. "In 1992 I conducted military and basic explosives training for al Qaeda in Afghanistan," training among others Harum Fadhl and Abu Jihad, and also conducted intelligence training for al Qaeda, teaching trainees how to "create cell structures that could be used for operations." He described his work in helping al Qaeda set up "a presence in Nairobi" and enumerated work done by different individuals.

Mohamed said that:

Abu Ubaidah was in charge in Nairobi until he drowned in a ferry accident in Lake Victoria;

Khalid al Fawwaz set up the office and a car business was opened to create income;

Wadih el Hage created a charity organization to help provide al Qaeda members with identity documents; and

Khalid al Fawwaz paid for his surveillance expenses and photo enlarging equipment when scouting possible bomb targets. "I personally helped El Hage by making labels in his home in Nairobi. I personally met Abu Ubaidah and Abu Hafs at Wadih's house in Nairobi," he said.

"We used various code names to conceal our identities. I used the name 'Jeff;' El Hage used the name 'Norman,' Ihab used the name 'Nawawi.'" After having been asked by bin Laden to conduct surveillance of American, British, French, and Israeli targets in Nairobi, Mohamed said, he looked at potential targets: the American Embassy in Nairobi, the U.S. Agency for International Development Building in Nairobi, the U.S. Agricultural Office in Nairobi, the French Cultural Center and the French Embassy in Nairobi. "These targets were selected to retaliate against the United States for its involvement in Somalia," he said. "I took pictures, drew diagrams, and wrote a report.

"I later went to Khartoum, where my surveillance files and photographs were reviewed by Usama bin Laden, Abu Hafs, Abu Ubaidah, and others," he said. "Bin Laden looked at the picture of the American Embassy and pointed to where a truck could go as a suicide bomber." In 1994 bin Laden also sent him to Djibouti to do surveillance on several facilities, including French military bases and the American Embassy, Mohamed said.

In 1994, he said, while in Nairobi, he met with Abu Hafs and another man "in the back of Wadih El Hage's house" and "Abu Hafs told me, along with someone else, to do surveillance for the American, British, French, and Israeli targets in Senegal in West Africa."

"At about this time, in late 1994, I received a call from an FBI agent who wanted to speak to me about the upcoming trial of United States v. Abdel Rahman. I flew back to the United States, spoke to the FBI, but didn't disclose everything that I knew," Mohamed said.

"I reported on my meeting with the FBI to Abu Hafs and was told not to return to Nairobi," he said. He added that in 1995 he obtained a copy of the co-conspirator list for the Abdel Rahman trial and sent the list to El Hage in Kenya "expecting that it would be forwarded to bin Laden in Khartoum." After an attempt to assassinate bin Laden, Mohamed said he went to Sudan in 1994 to train bin Laden's bodyguards and security detail working in the interior of the bin Laden compound and coordinated their activities with the Sudanese intelligence agents who were responsible for exterior security. While in Sudan, Mohamed said, he also did surveillance training for al Qaeda. One of the people he trained was Ihab Ali, also known as Nawawi, who was supposed to train others. Nawawi is also in U.S. custody, but did not testify in the current trial.

In 1996 Mohamed learned from El Hage that Abu Ubaidah had drowned, he said. He said that in January 1998 he received a letter from Ihad Ali that said El Hage had been interviewed by the FBI in Kenya and gave him a contact number for El Hage.

"I called the number and then called someone who would pass the message to Fawwaz for bin Laden," he said.

"After the bombing in 1998, I made plans to go to Egypt and later to Afghanistan to meet bin Laden," Mohamed said. "Before I could leave, I was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury in the Southern District of New York. I testified, told some lies, and was then arrested."

Mohamed's arrest on September 10, 1998, was kept secret for eight months, apparently while he and the government attempted to negotiate a deal. However, he was publicly indicted in May 1999 and joined the four currently on trial, along with another defendant who will stand trial in July for attempted murder of a prison guard, in public arraignments and hearings. Nevertheless, Mohamed remained distant from the rest of the group, including remaining in solitary confinement after the others were allowed to rotate as cellmates.

Mohamed faces the possibility of life in prison. His sentencing date has been tentatively set for July 2001.

54 posted on 08/16/2002 9:54:33 AM PDT by honway
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To: honway
From the U.S.Department of State release in reply #54


"In 1991 I helped transport Usama bin Laden from Afghanistan to the Sudan," Mohamed said. "In 1992 I conducted military and basic explosives training for al Qaeda in Afghanistan," training among others Harum Fadhl and Abu Jihad, and also conducted intelligence training for al Qaeda, teaching trainees how to "create cell structures that could be used for operations."

55 posted on 08/16/2002 10:00:21 AM PDT by honway
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To: honway
good look into the life of ali mohamed
56 posted on 08/16/2002 10:49:55 AM PDT by thinden
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To: honway; OKCSubmariner; exodus; Jeff Head; Rowdee; Rheo; bonfire; MistyCA; Squantos; Huggy
Thank you both for all the information.

This needs to be kept up front.

57 posted on 08/16/2002 11:06:10 AM PDT by carenot
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To: All
Bob Woodward of the Washington Post reported in October 2001 that senior FBI officials told Woodward that the FBI was continuing to deliberately allow five known AlQaeda cells to operate inside the US including near DC and in Dallas

Investigators Identify 4 to 5 Groups Linked to Bin Laden Operating in U.S.

No Connection Found Between 'Cell' Members and 19 Hijackers, Officials Say

Bob Woodward and Walter PincusWashington Post Staff Writers
September 23, 2001; Page A1
Section: A

Four to five al Qaeda groups have operated in the United States for the last several years, but investigators have not yet found any connection between them and any of the 19 hijackers responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks, according to government officials.

The groups, called "cells" by the FBI, are under intensive government surveillance. The FBI has not made any arrests because the group members entered the country legally in recent years and have not been involved

58 posted on 08/16/2002 11:10:00 AM PDT by honway
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To: thinden
Thanks, thinden.

From the article in #58

At least two of the hijackers, Khalid Al-Midhar and Nawaq Alhazmi, were on a watch list generated by this CIA-FBI liaison a month before the attacks. Officials said that those names were not connected to any other known bin Laden associates in the United States, including the four or five operating cells.

59 posted on 08/16/2002 11:20:05 AM PDT by honway
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To: All
The FBI also learned of the plans for the 9/11 attacks three years before 2001 by hijacker pilot Hanny Hanjour (who also traveled through Oklahoma-given a speeding ticket) from Phoenix FBI informant Adjae Collins . Collins told his story to ABC Pentagon reporter John McWethey a few months ago.


FBI Was Warned of Sept. 11 Hijacker
Informant Says He Provided Facts About Phoenix Hijacker

By John McWethy

May 23 — A paid FBI informant told ABCNEWS that three years before Sept. 11, he began providing the FBI with information about a young Saudi who later flew a hijacked passenger plane into the Pentagon.

Aukai Collins, the informant, said he worked for the FBI for four years in Phoenix, monitoring the Arab and Islamic communities there. Hani Hanjour was the hijacker Collins claimed to have told the FBI about while Hanjour was in flight training in Phoenix.

Twenty hours after ABCNEWS first requested a response, the FBI issued an "emphatic denial" that Collins had told the agency anything about Hanjour, though FBI sources acknowledged that Collins had worked for them.

FBI Special Agent Ken Williams wrote a memo last July 10, urging FBI headquarters to investigate Arab students in flight schools nationwide — and helped set off the furor over whether the attacks could have been prevented.

If Collins' claims are true, he would be another source who had advised the FBI to take a closer look at Phoenix, and maybe the first to identify a potential terrorist who later turned out to be one of the Sept. 11 hijackers

Collins said the FBI knew Hanjour lived in Phoenix, knew his exact address, his phone number and even what car he drove. "They knew everything about the guy," said Collins.

The FBI emphatically denies that Collins provided any information about Hanjour, but officials acknowledge they paid Collins for four years to monitor the Islamic and Arab communities of Phoenix because of his unusual background.

A self-styled Islamic holy warrior, Collins was born in the United States. After getting into trouble with police as a teenager, he says he found religion — Islam — and eventually went overseas to fight. In Chechnya, he lost his leg to a land mine.

Informant Says He Provided Basic Facts

Once in Phoenix, in 1996, the FBI asked Collins to focus on a group of young Arab men, many of whom were taking flying lessons, including Hanjour, Collins said.

"They drank alcohol, messed around with girls and stuff like that," Collins told ABCNEWS. "They all lived in an apartment together, Hani and the others."

Collins said he provided the FBI with basic facts and let the FBI take it from there.

"When I said there's this short, skinny Arab guy who's part of this crowd, drives such-and-such a car, I assumed that they would then, you know, start tracing him and see who his contacts were," he said.

FBI Never Saw Hijacker as Threat

The FBI in Phoenix either failed to monitor Hanjour's communications or Hanjour himself practiced extraordinary skill in hiding his intentions — because the FBI never regarded him as a threat.

Much to the dismay of the FBI, Collins has written a book about his exploits. Soon to be published, it is titled My Jihad.

The FBI was not alone in failing to predict Hanjour and his group were dangerous.

"I can't figure it out either," said Collins, "how they went from their back yard to flying airplanes into buildings."

Congress cannot figure it out either, as it continues to demand answers from the FBI.

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