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America is Alone
self | 8/29/02 | Prysson

Posted on 08/29/2002 9:52:00 AM PDT by Prysson

America is Alone

Alone? It may seem strange to some people to think of the United States as alone. I mean after all we get fed day after day with article after article, news story after news story, and politico speak after politico speak about all of our “friends”. Just look at the impressive list Great Britain, France, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey. They list goes on and on. Interesting enough Israel rarely gets called our “friend” which I find ironic since their interests actually do coincide with ours…but that is a story for another day.

Lets take a closer look at these so-called friends of ours. Great Britain could arguably make a case for actually being our friend. They more than any country aside from Israel have stood by our decisions since Sept 11. Of course the dirty little secret is that their own country is flooded with radical muslim extremists and so they have much to concern themselves with. But lately under mounting pressure from their European neighbors with whom they have much deeper economic ties than us they have begun drawing back on that support. Led, of course by France and Germany, they are slowly forgetting that without us they would be right along side the one in being subservient to the tyranny of the other. So much for gratitude. France is even worse however. While Great Britain at least seems to have some measure of embarrassment about “forgetting” that without us they would not be a country today, France is utterly shameless about its hatred for America. I suppose there must be some measure of an inferiority complex about them considering that twice in a hundred years we had to save them from their own stupidity but really just a little bit of appreciation would be nice. But alas, France was in NATO much as it would have preferred to be part of Warsaw and after 50 years of suppressing its desire to be communist I suppose spite is all that they have left for us. Germany…well to borrow a phrase we “kicked their butt” twice in the past 100 years, and ever since the fall of the Berlin wall they have moved farther to towards socialism then they have towards capitalism. Lets also, not forget that German Socialism started the last big mess in Europe.

But what about our friends closer to home. Well lets see we have a strangely silent Canada who for some reason failed to express condolences about Sept 11 until days later and Mexico who deems it necessary to insult and snub our president because we don’t want their illegal aliens flooding our borders. Great friends to have. As for the rest of the list of our so called friends I find it offensive that anyone would suggest that such blatant and apparent enemies of everything we hold dear could be friends to us…Who is our next big “friend” CHINA?

So in that sense, yes, we are alone. Desperately and completely alone in the world. That however, despite the pundits and their prognostications, is not a bad thing. Being alone means you are responsible to yourself. No one will help you. No one will come to your aid. When the chips are down no one will buck you up. But it also means you aren’t answerable to anyone else for you actions. America is facing that now.

We are faced with a massive onslaught. The United Nations is trying to turn us into it bank while attempting with every breath to undermine our sovereignty. Euro trash anti-globalist enviro freaks have labeled us as the enemy of the world. Every international organization in the world is out to essential destroy America or rob it blind. And if that wasn’t bad enough we have global Islamic Imperialism waging open warfare against us. And no one comes to our aid. No one offers us help. Instead we get platitudes and arguments. Our own media hails our enemies and labels us the aggressors while the rest of the world tells us to calm down and basically sit on our hands waiting for the next attack. That of course is easy for them to say because the next attack wont be against them. But that isn’t really why they say that. They real reason is because deep down they KNOW we will be hit again and they want it. They dream for it and long for it in their heart of hearts. Deep down under all of their pent up inferiority complexes and resentment they WANT to see America go down.

The cold war ended and despite all of the press America lost. Europe was slowly been subverted to socialism from within and now America stands as an island. A capitalist country surrounded by vultures who want nothing more than to pick the carcass clean. They sit and they wait and they hope for the mulsims to bring us down. They don’t care that when we go the world will plunge back into a darkness the likes of which haven’t been seen since the fall of the Roman Empire. Deep down in their cynical worldview they want that to happen. They would rather see the world burn than America survive, their hatred runs that deep.

Consider this the next time you read an article talking about how this country or that country is apposed to us going into Iraq. Consider that America has no friends. We have no Allies. The world DESPITE the false veneer of civilization that we have covered ourselves with over the last century or two is little more than the barbaric robber barons of the dark ages. Fighting over resources and ideologies. Under the surface of that veneer, that thin patina of arrogant superiority and pseudo nonviolence lies a world of slavering ghouls desperate to take what isn’t theirs and willing to kill to do so. The world hasn’t changed that much and it will not take much to throw it over the edge.

When the Roman Empire was in existence Society and culture reached a level of sophistication that was literally 1500 years or more before its time. With its fall came the boiling over of mans darker nature, the evil in the world that lurks just beneath the surface. That same evil threatens the world now. If America falls, so falls the economies of the world and everything that is good and decent goes with it. If America falls we plunge into the nightmare. Who knows how long until we recover?

So be wary of false friends. Be wary of the jackal who tells the sheep to fire the dogs who protect them from the wolves. Remember that jackals are essentially cowardly scavengers. And the next time you here a story about some country or group who wants America to stop waging its war against terrorists that America is alone. America is alone.

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1 posted on 08/29/2002 9:52:00 AM PDT by Prysson
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To: Prysson
I would really like "our politicians" to sprinkle some Miracle-Grow down their shorts and cultivate some" ballz. I would stop all foreign aid to ALL of our false "Allies" and let the chips fall where they may. Wonder how much would change when their free money suddenly dried up? I would call due all foreign loans and freeze their American Assets til payment was made. Screw them, all we are and ever have been is free money and muscle for them. We get so little if anything on our over-seas investment. You can't buy friends or ALLIES!!
2 posted on 08/29/2002 10:01:22 AM PDT by Fighter@heart
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To: Prysson
We still have the Aussies.

3 posted on 08/29/2002 10:03:42 AM PDT by Bikers4Bush
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To: Fighter@heart
Isolationism has been tried. All that happens is you have to come in much bigger later.
4 posted on 08/29/2002 10:06:36 AM PDT by RightWhale
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To: Prysson
We are much better off going it alone. First, we don't have to obligate ourselves or make any promises to anyone. Second, we don't have to rely on anyone else and then have them wimp out. And third, we can do it much more efficiently, if we don't have to "coordinate" it with anyone else.
5 posted on 08/29/2002 10:12:11 AM PDT by Pushi
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To: RightWhale
Your point is right on target, however it seems WE always have to come in "bigger" on a regular basis. We can't be the worlds police force, it is ludicrous to think we should lend a hand to others crisis, give foreign aid, feed & clothe, and fight & die when it benefits THEM and for this WE can't get any help or support when in the case of Suddam, our coalition members from before are suddenly now not in step. Saddam will cause the region to blow sooner or later, no rocket scientist degree needed to see that! Are our so-called "allies" blind as well as lazy!?
6 posted on 08/29/2002 10:18:09 AM PDT by Fighter@heart
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To: Bikers4Bush
all i know is, if socialism does conquer Captalism, im goin for my sword and a gun... anarchy would be the only rule then, and id have plenty of revenge to take on the ignorant socialists of the world.

we are the beacon of light, we are the end of the tunnel, whatever lays outside of the tunnel is up to us to make. we as a nation must get tired of taking crap. we as a nation must get pissed off. we as a nation must kick butt, take names, and most importantly, we must survive and amend to best history. all civilizations fell at sometime, but we dont have to. people, get mad at the liberals. dont let them convince you to put up with the nation being hurt. dont let them make us all the victims they think they are themselves.
7 posted on 08/29/2002 10:18:59 AM PDT by MacDorcha
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To: RightWhale
I don't know. I'm not sure you can write it off so easily. It's like when people write off prohibition because it's been tried and failed once before. Maybe it needs to be tried again. Maybe the Bush Doctrine needs to be tried for real -- if you aren't really with us, you get NOTHING!

Rush was talking about something he has called his excrement list. He was saying that he would tell countries that we are sending money to, "Look, if I send you money, you are going to talk nice about us in public. If you have a problem with us, you come and we discuss it in private. If you spout off publicly, you're cut off. One year, first offense."

I think that would stop a lot of this crap.
8 posted on 08/29/2002 10:21:44 AM PDT by johnb838
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To: MacDorcha
We truly are the New Rome, no doubt about it in my book. We have to defeat the socialost monster here at home better known as the demonrat party. The outcome of that battle is far from a sure thing, and the future of civilization may hang on the result.
9 posted on 08/29/2002 10:24:14 AM PDT by johnb838
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To: Prysson
Most LEADERS are alone.
10 posted on 08/29/2002 10:26:07 AM PDT by Moby Grape
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To: Impeach the Boy
It's lonely at the top.
11 posted on 08/29/2002 10:28:31 AM PDT by wimpycat
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To: Fighter@heart
Sooner or later all civilizations come to an end. We're not there yet, although we might be in stage 7 or 8 of 9 and at our peak. We should do this and maybe some day someone will write poems about us, like Camelot or Troy.
12 posted on 08/29/2002 10:31:02 AM PDT by RightWhale
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To: Prysson
Very well done - mind if I plagiarize some of it for letters to newspapers?
13 posted on 08/29/2002 10:31:28 AM PDT by Chi-townChief
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To: johnb838
agreed. dont let them use us. we seem to have the same habit as the guy who goes back to the girl who cheats on him. we arent getting what we want, and we give them all they want. we must take things into our own hands, lay it on the line. dont go back to the girl that hurt you. make her make the decision once she realizes you wont put up with the crap anymore. either way, the general rule is "dont walk as a fool"
14 posted on 08/29/2002 10:34:53 AM PDT by MacDorcha
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To: johnb838
We truly are the New Rome

Old Rome fell because the Emperor drew borders to the Empire. America is doing the same in a sense by closing its Frontier. The planet has been conquered and it is time to look outward to the Endless Frontier.

15 posted on 08/29/2002 10:36:16 AM PDT by RightWhale
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To: Prysson
Very well said. It IS lonely at the top, but it's better to be looking down from the top of the hill, than be covered by the sh*t rolling down to the bottom.

I regularly wear a pin that says Defend Freedom. I can't tell you how many socialist, wimpy comments that pin draws. And I answer every one!

16 posted on 08/29/2002 10:39:19 AM PDT by WIladyconservative
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To: RightWhale
AGREED!! Well then if they write about us, then the concept/idea of our fore-fathers vision will live on if only in stories/poems. Mayhaps future folks will once again put the dream to fruition and hopefully learn from our mistake/miscalculations. I am most concerned with the immediate future and what I can do to as a vocal active citizen to turn the tide in our favor!
17 posted on 08/29/2002 10:39:37 AM PDT by Fighter@heart
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Comment #18 Removed by Moderator

To: TonyRo76
spain also, but noone looks to them because they are doing what we wish we could do. no other countries are attacking them, they are a true replica of us in everyway political. spain is actually closer to being like us than Britania, socialism runs rampant throughout the rest of Northern europe. im sad to say it also, considering im a scot. anywho. we arent COMPLETELY alone, but we are close enough to it that we still must stand for ourselves.
19 posted on 08/29/2002 10:49:15 AM PDT by MacDorcha
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Comment #20 Removed by Moderator

To: RightWhale
As far as decadance has led us, there is still other history beyond Rome to look to for guidance. As Russell Kirk says:
Yet let us explore the question of whether a reinvigoration of our culture is conceivable.

Surprise Turning Points. Is the course of nations inevitable? Is there some fixed destiny for great states? In 1796, a dread year for Britain, old Edmund Burke declared that we cannot foresee the future; often the historical determinists are undone by the coming of events that nobody has predicted. At the very moment when some states "seemed plunged in unfathomable abysses of disgrace and disaster ' Burke wrote in his First Letter on a Regicide Peace, "they have suddenly emerged. They have begun a new course, and opened a new reckoning; and even in the depths of their calamity, and on the very ruins of their country, have laid the foundations of a towering and durable greatness. All this has happened without any apparent previous change in the general circumstances which had brought on their distress. The death of a man at a critical juncture, his disgust, his retreat, his disgrace, have brought innumerable calamities on a whole nation. A common soldier, a child, a girl at the door of an inn, have changed the face of fortune, and almost of Nature."

The "common soldier" to whom Burke refers is Arnold of Winkelreid, who flung himself upon the Austrian spears to save his country; the child is the young Hannibal, told by his father to wage ruthless war upon Rome; the girl at the door of an inn is Joan of Arc. We do not know why such abrupt reversals or advances occur, Burke remarks; perhaps they are indeed the work of Providence.

Your hope for frontiers is good, but frontiers still can be bridged in the minds and hearts around us as well.

21 posted on 08/29/2002 10:56:35 AM PDT by KC Burke
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To: Prysson
Indeed, the Cold War "ended" (or, is "morphed" a better term? Hmmmmm....). And then, throughout the 1990s, as our own graying hippies, yippies and Red Diaper Doper Babies proceded to accelerate the Gramscian long march, gut our miltary capability and destroy our core values, a new Axis started to form united by their envy of the USA. The core of the Axis were the same countries we supposedly "won" the Cold War against. And then came all their friends, aided by overt military capabilites and trade, all towards one goal - get the USA. Now, indeed, we stand nearly alone. Our only real friends are Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Israel, Turkey and few others who are on the fence. Ironically, the way for us to have more real friends would be to discard liberalism and strategic ambiguity, embrace a strictly geopoltical outlook that includes trumping so called "free trade" and asks our leaders to commit to lines in the sand, and, to do what is best for the West and ignore all else. All the envious whiners will no doubt pipe up, however, in the end, those Western nations, and real allies thereof, who wish the West to resist destruction and conquest by savages, will follow our lead. And the rest can go to Hell.
22 posted on 08/29/2002 11:01:33 AM PDT by GOP_1900AD
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To: Prysson

"By the mid-1960s, the Soviet Union's growing nuclear arsenal had begun to undermine the credibility of the West's nuclear deterrent. In 1966, France, openly sceptical of American promises of nuclear support, withdrew from NATO's integrated military structure (though not from the Alliance) and ordered Canadian and American bases there closed. Pearson, then prime minister, wondered sarcastically whether Canada should also bring home the bodies of its 100,000 dead from two world wars, many of whom were buried in France."
23 posted on 08/29/2002 11:10:03 AM PDT by idkfa
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To: KC Burke
Somewhat messianic. A civilization can wait a long time and be destroyed while waiting. It could happen that someone or something will come along to give a fresh breath to the old civilization, but it's not something a person should bet on.

On the other hand, sometimes a civilization will be uprooted and move to a new place like Troy moved to Rome, which moved to England, which gave birth to America in a continuous sequence. In the mind of the poet anyway.

24 posted on 08/29/2002 11:14:39 AM PDT by RightWhale
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To: TonyRo76; Prysson; shaggy eel
<< The only allies we have who are worth a damn are Australia, Italy, Israel and Britain. >>

Australia and Israel, Capital "A" Absolutely!

But Italy?


On the days that suit them, perhaps.

But, most importantly, please do not forget our very very good FRiends in New Zealand!

[Just ignore their temporarily abberrant gummint!]
25 posted on 08/29/2002 11:15:41 AM PDT by Brian Allen
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To: Bikers4Bush
We've also got the Poles, they understand what's at stake. Go figure, an ex-Communist like Kwasniewski is now one of our staunchest allies.
26 posted on 08/29/2002 11:16:48 AM PDT by dfwgator
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To: TonyRo76
no prob in overlooking the guys, as i said, they arent noticed much. they stick to themselves and are actually selfsuficiant. no one notices them because they dont raise a stink about things, and they keep their problems their problems. we obviously cant do that because we are so important as a fighting nation. 90% of the world could be like us, but if noone is willing to fight, wed still be oppressed by other countries and tyrants. we must fight the good fight.
27 posted on 08/29/2002 11:18:51 AM PDT by MacDorcha
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To: belmont_mark
"do what is best for the West and ignore all else"

you just summed up all of the points a true conservative would make. WE MUST BE COMPETETIVE SO THAT WE MAY ADVANCE!
28 posted on 08/29/2002 11:22:33 AM PDT by MacDorcha
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Comment #29 Removed by Moderator

Comment #30 Removed by Moderator

To: uk_nomad
Oh yes, you chaps certainly gave the jerries their lumps at Dunkirk! I'm not discounting the Russian sacrifices, but England needed our war material and fighting men!
31 posted on 08/29/2002 12:00:44 PM PDT by TexasRepublic
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To: uk_nomad
I think it's perfectly fair for the British public to ask what's in it for THEM.

The rest of the world had better pray the majority of Americans don't start asking this same question.

32 posted on 08/29/2002 12:04:08 PM PDT by skeeter
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To: uk_nomad
Speaking as someone who lives in Britain and sees the other side of the issue, I'm sick of British politicians kowtowing to American interests when those interests clearly clash with popular opinion and what is good for the British people.

Oh, good. An actual, real-life Guardian reader, here on our very own FR. We don't get too many of your lot around here but when we do, its a load of fun.

Popular opinion here did not support a war in Afghanistan

Regarding the US or Britain? If the US, then I defecate on said 'popular opinion'. If Britain, then you deserve every piece of contempt we have to throw at you.

, yet Tony Blair sent British soldiers there to fight and die for America.

How many died? Have we reached the level of US dead in WWI yet? Who dragged us into that war? I forget...anyhoo, I thought we were being 'nice' by asking for support? It was not so much as needed as it was to give a chance for some supposed 'allies' to share in the glory. Note how many suddenly appeared on the scene within milliseconds of the Taliban disentigrating.

How did the Americans thank Britain? By slapping a 30% duty on steel!

And how much of that did Britain pay? And why are a bunch of highly protectionist wankers griping about this anyway? Physician, heal thyself.

Britain isn't even a favored trading partner...we have the same status as China...and the British are supposed to be grateful?

If you had the will to join Nafta, you could but you prefer the troglydytes on the Continent. Your fault.

Hah! Britain feels like it is taken for granted, then shafted by America. I think it's perfectly fair for the British public to ask what's in it for THEM.

Then what the *hell* was in it for us in WWI, exactly? And in WWII, you criticize us for showing up late. Now, we can clearly see based on the present situation along with the pathetic pacifist mindset at the time, if the situation was reversed, you Europeans would have *never* came.

I along with the British strongly disagree that Britain would be under German control now had America not intervened in the European theatre. Hitler had no plans to invade Britain after 1941...Americans did not arrive en force until 1943.

I'm sure once Germany had the bomb, that they would have peacefully coexisted with you. I'm more than sure if they had the bomb by 1943, history would be the same. Its not like they couldn't ring your island with subs and blockade in the meantime. No, I'm certain that was impossible.

The Soviets are the ones who can take credit for turning the tide in World War II. Had Hitler not focused his attention on the Eastern Front, America wouldn't have stood a chance of ending the war by 1945. 20 million Russians died in World War II...soldiers and civilians who were starved to death by German blockades. Let us NEVER forget that. They contributed enormously to the Allied victory.

Yada yada...same old revisionist history marxist indoctrination crap that Euros are so fond of. At least this gets to the crux of the matter, your collective lips can't be removed from the anal orifice of the 'Soviets' with any amount of enlightenment. These are the same Soviets who made an alliance with Hitler, right? And even when the Nazis invaded, and had the benifit of the weather and a large landmass for the Nazi invaders to cover, not to mention massive US aid, it was still a tough fight that could've gone either way. What would've happened if the Soviets were fighting on *two* fronts during the whole war, not just one? Somehow, the US was able to do that but you Euros always conveniently forget that.

The Russians did well in the end, but they had a lot of help, but I wonder why you place their contributions ahead of the US if its not for underlying socialist marxist sympathies.

On to your point about ending the war by 1945, that depends on when the Manhattan project would've been ready. Even if not, Germany was thoroughly beaten in the air and just about so in the sea. It would've been academic either way. Just explain why you Euros are so dismissive of the US contribution in WWII and the Cold War and yet so ready to hype the Soviets?

33 posted on 08/29/2002 12:23:35 PM PDT by Citizen of the Savage Nation
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Comment #34 Removed by Moderator

Comment #35 Removed by Moderator

To: Pushi
...........and fourthly: To the winners go the spoils.
36 posted on 08/29/2002 12:32:55 PM PDT by DoctorMichael
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To: uk_nomad
The rest of the world had better pray the majority of Americans don't start asking this same question.

Forget about ancient history. We may begin wondering why we're being asked to maintain 350 billion dollar military and 200 thousand troops permanently deployed overseas.

The stability the American taxpayer has provided for the past 50 years sure has been good for business, no?

Rationalize it any way you please, but deep down inside you can't help but feel like a totally dependant yet still ungrateful wretch, am I right?

37 posted on 08/29/2002 12:33:28 PM PDT by skeeter
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Comment #38 Removed by Moderator

Comment #39 Removed by Moderator

To: uk_nomad
He's worse than Bush.

So where do Clinton, Gore, and Schroeder fit into your scheme of Great World Leaders? What was Clinton's foreign policy, anyway? Hard to answer because there was none, but he did try very hard to be Europe's lap dog, which was why he is still so popular there.

40 posted on 08/29/2002 12:41:40 PM PDT by Citizen of the Savage Nation
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To: WIladyconservative
Plagerize away...I am more interested in delivering a message than in getting credit.
41 posted on 08/29/2002 1:25:38 PM PDT by Prysson
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To: belmont_mark
That is exactly my thoughts. The so called pacifists who want us to follow a course of appeasment have a different agenda in mind. IN the end the WILL be a clash between east and west, It is completely unavoidable. As a stated we havent really developed that far. I believe that alot of our so called "civilization" is exactly what it was during the Roman age. An anomolous age and lurking just below the surface is barbarism. The East for the most part embraces that Barbarism. The West does not. In the end though if we want to Protect and preserve that "civilized" candy coating to the world. We are going to have to accept some hard facts...not the least of which is that despite all of the John Lenin Diplomacy Majors holding hands and singing songs will NOT resolve our differences. There are monsters under the proverbial bed. One day they WILL come out to get us.

Funny thing is I thought THAT was the lesson of Sept 11. Oh silly me.
42 posted on 08/29/2002 1:32:29 PM PDT by Prysson
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To: Brian Allen; TonyRo76
,,, Gentlemen - thank you both for your valued endorsements.
43 posted on 08/29/2002 1:35:54 PM PDT by shaggy eel
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To: Prysson
I'd rather go it alone, too.

I would end that War in less than 24 hours.

44 posted on 08/29/2002 1:39:16 PM PDT by DCPatriot
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To: Prysson
I know that I'm extremely late posting here, BUT we are not ALONE! GOD IS WITH US and as long as GOD IS BY OUR SIDES we are not alone. WE HAVE THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE UNIVERSE LEADING THIS WAR!
45 posted on 08/29/2002 1:46:34 PM PDT by RoseofTexas
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To: uk_nomad
,,, yes, the Soviets suffered monumental losses in WWII. The Yanks threw in lives, hardware and money into helping the UK save itself. The timing of their entry point isn't really that important. The Polish, Canadians, Aussies and New Zealanders turned up too. New Zealand and Australia fed Britain during WWII and now Britain takes it orders from Brussels and has middle eastern banks in the main streets of London. Your motor industries have been bought and sold by euros you fought just over fifty years ago and your fishing fleets don't move unless it's OK with one of the EU councils. You're talking along the lines of Britain still being Britain. You can't do that - you're part of the EU. You're owned now.

As for Berlusconi, wasn't he voted in?

46 posted on 08/29/2002 1:52:52 PM PDT by shaggy eel
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To: Prysson
We still have Isreal
47 posted on 08/29/2002 1:55:12 PM PDT by Copperhead61
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To: uk_nomad
Your understanding of history is almost painfully inept.

I see though that you have been studying your good old european revisionism of the past fifty years. It was Americas involment in the war that killed Germanies advancments into Russia. (Not to mention volunteer American Fighter pilots that helped protect your country during the Battle for Britain before we even entered the war.) We cut off oil by kicking him out of Africa (something that Monty couldnt manage to do until America came along to help.) And ultimately we forced Hitler to divide his forces. After the Brits got penned in on England there was little to no resistance on the european continent until America came into the war. And contrary to your rediculous claim there is ample evidence the Hitler had every intention of getting around to conquering England as well...or what do you think Operation Sea Lion was all about.

The defeat of the Luftwaffe over Britain did nothing more than delay the plans or do you think that someone like Hitler just decides to go away when you punch him in the nose. Hitler wasnt a bully he was a madman whose ambition was global domination. Not Global Domination expcept for the brits because they shoot down my planes.

As for the rest of your words It is those very words that exemplify my point. You are an ungrateful nation subverted by America hating socialists. You think we owe you something when it is we who have lost millions of lives twice fighting against you as you tried to conquer us and then again as we fought for you in two European Wars that wouldnt have even happened if you people would pull your heads out of your backends and see the writing on the wall.

You have proved my point more eloquently then I could ever imagine. You arent our allies and you arent our friends. We dont need you and we should let the muslims over run you. But of course we wont. We will drag you kicking and screaming while once again we do what needs to be done because you dont have either the guts or the brains to do it yourself.

Unless of course our own leadership proves itself to be as inept and spineless as the rest of the which case we will sit and wait until the next attack...Then its no holds barred and damn people like you for making it necessary.

Oh and as for Tony least there is one Englishmen worth his salt.
48 posted on 08/29/2002 1:57:28 PM PDT by Prysson
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To: cynicom
49 posted on 08/29/2002 2:11:49 PM PDT by shaggy eel
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