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As an American, I believe...
As an American, I believe... ^ | 9/01/02 | Shenandoah

Posted on 09/01/2002 2:48:59 PM PDT by Shenandoah

Greetings, Fellow Freepers…

With all the ever-increasing assaults on America over the years coming from the Left, I was inspired to write down the things that I, as an American, believe in. I put a web page together listing these things As an American, I believe. I was hoping that members of Free Republic would add to what I have come up with. I will put your statements on the web page along with your screen name, and the date. I will also use your real name if you would prefer that.

As an American, I believe…

America is the land of opportunity and any American can go as far as his drive and willingness to work will take him. I have no sympathy for those who prefer to blame society for their miserable circumstances and then stick their hands out for government assistance.

America is the most benign super power that has ever existed on the face of the earth. We rebuilt Europe and Japan after WWII, pouring billions into their war ravaged lands, leaving them to self-determination, and then removing their debts. No other power in the history of the world has shown this kind of compassion to its vanquished. Today, we pour billions into impoverished, third world countries. The Blame-America crowd can find themselves some nice, little, marxist third-world country to move to.

The rich are rich because they had the wherewithal to grab the bull by the horns and take advantage of all the opportunities this bountiful country of ours has to offer, and no one has the right to determine how rich the rich should be. It is because of the rich that America is rich. Your employer is probably rich, and, without whom, you wouldn't have a job. The rich don’t owe it to society to support the poor.

The money I make belongs to my family and me. I pay taxes to support those institutions that protect my family and me, provide education for my children, and provide public works. I think it is reprehensible that my hard-earned money also goes to support worthless, alcoholic, druggies whose only contribution to society is to produce more of themselves, or to the arts that make a mockery of values that decent Americans hold dear.

English should be declared the official language of America. English is the international language and the reason it is the international language is because it is the language of the most powerful country on earth – the United States of America. You cannot be an airline pilot unless you speak English. You cannot be employed on a cruise ship unless you speak English. English is required in schools around the world. Why shouldn’t English be required of every American – because it is "racist" to propose such a thing? The story of the Tower of Babel is one of the oldest stories in the world and it perfectly illustrates where this country is now headed. Once we lose our ability to communicate with one another, we cease to exist as a nation. "Ebonics" is utterly absurd. It is just another in-your-face-America attempt by malcontents with an axe to grind to undermine our great nation and to excuse laziness. Instead of pushing "Ebonics", community leaders should be encouraging people to master our native tongue, which will provide them with the tools needed to compete in our society.

Terms like "diversity", "sensitivity", and "tolerance" are code words for government handouts.

Dan Quayle took a lot of flack and ridicule for attempting to make a campaign issue out of a TV program, in which Murphy Brown considers having a child out of wedlock. His message, however, was clear - It was the Hollywood version of Clintonesque moral relativity. The moral behind Dan Quayle’s message is this: A nation is only as strong as the people who comprise it – so goes the family, so goes the people, so goes the nation.

I am not a slave owner and neither was my father or my grandfather. You are not a slave and neither was your father or your grandfather. Slavery was a cruel, immoral institution, which a moral society finally destroyed. So get outta my face with your “reparations.”

The Boy Scouts of America has every right to protect the children in their charge.

Our founding fathers are not “dead, white, males.” They were giants who, against all odds and great hardships, defeated one of the world’s mightiest powers and founded the greatest country in the world. Their pictures should adorn every school and every government facility in the nation, and their praises should be sung from the highest roof tops. Our children should be taught everything there is to know about these great men and the revolution that gave us our freedom. How many Americans really appreciate how tenuous our revolution was? George Washington, Alexander Hamilton,, overcame insurmountable odds with nothing more than an under-equipped, under-fed, rag-tag army, bravery, and determination. If they had failed, they would all have been hung as traitors, there would be no United States of America, and our revolution would be nothing more than a footnote in world history.

"Self-esteem" has taken over math, history, and English as the prime objective in American schools, and, unless we get back to educating our children, America is doomed.

I don’t believe Bill Clinton fought to save the Constitution. I believe he fought to save his miserable @ss, and that he would have never been able to do so without the unrelenting pressure from the power-hungry Hillary.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Comment #21 Removed by Moderator

To: Lauratealeaf
JohnKasota signed up 2002-08-29.

Prepare for disrupters coming out of the woodwork as elections get closer.
22 posted on 09/01/2002 11:44:15 PM PDT by Brytani
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To: Shenandoah
I believe the people of the United State are the most caring and generous of any nation on Earth. The people of this country, time and time again, have swung into action to help others around the world from placing our military in harms way to fight tyranny or something so simple as donating a worn blanket to a charity for children.

Americans give more in chartible causes then any other nation on earth, a fact overlooked by the UN and other countries who envy or down-right hatred for the US is overwhelmingly evident.

Even with our world-wide charity it's never enough for the blame America crowd. Politicians constantly have their greedy hands out demanding we give more and more every year, we are forced by these same people to give financially to terrorists (Arafat and his crew as an example. We pledge millions of dollars to the UN to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the UN says it's not enough. Europe screams the US does not give enough around the world, yet most of those very countries wouldn't exist without the sacrafice of American citizens. To this day, let a problem happen anywhere in the world and one question is always raised "What will the US do about it?".

I believe it's time the US received the respect it deserves.
23 posted on 09/01/2002 11:52:32 PM PDT by Brytani
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Comment #24 Removed by Moderator

To: Shenandoah
[ heavy music starts to play ]

"What I Believe."

I believe in rainbows and puppy dogs and fairy tales.

And I believe in the family - Mom and Dad and Grandma.. and Uncle Tom, who waves his penis.

And I believe 8 of the 10 Commandments.

And I believe in going to church every Sunday, unless there's a game on.

And I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, wholesome and natural things.. that money can buy.

And I believe it's derogatory to refer to a woman's breasts as "boobs", "jugs", "winnebagos" or "golden bozos".. and that you should only refer to them as "hooters".

And I believe you should put a woman on a pedestal.. high enough so you can look up her dress.

And I believe in equality, equality for everyone.. no matter how stupid they are, or how much better I am than they are.

And, people say I'm crazy for believing this, but I believe that robots are stealing my luggage.

And I believe I made a mistake when I bought a 30-story 1-bedroom apartment.

And I believe the Battle of the Network Stars should be fought with guns.

And I believe that Ronald Reagan can make this country what it once was - an arctic region covered with ice.

And, lastly, I believe that of all the evils on this earth, there is nothing worse than the music you're listening to right now. That's what I believe.

25 posted on 09/02/2002 3:01:49 AM PDT by Friedrich Hayek
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To: JohnKasota
I disagree with two statements made on this thread and I am a disruptor? Right...

Not necessarily a disruptor, but you are showing your true colors. Since you're very new, whatever your purpose for being here will be known by what you say. You'll be under a bit more scrutiny than most.

26 posted on 09/02/2002 3:09:04 AM PDT by paulklenk
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To: Jeff Head; rickmichaels; dax zenos; tall_tex; dpa5923; Lauratealeaf; irv; Brytani
Thank you all for your wonderful posts! This is what I'd been hoping for - testimonials from Americans on what each individual feels is important with regards to our country.

I have added everyone's post to, As an American, I believe..., that I have sent this message to. With the exception of Jeff Head. Jeff, I'd ask that you prepare a statement utilizing your great rhetoric in the vein of "As an American, I believe..." I'd appreciate your doing this and it would be an honor to add your thoughts to my site, just as it is an honor to add everyone else's.

27 posted on 09/02/2002 3:48:58 AM PDT by Shenandoah
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Comment #28 Removed by Moderator

To: JohnKasota
I'll address the contents of your posts, Johnny...

How about all of the government we overthrew (.e., Guatemala, Iran, and Argentina) during the Cold War?

Their overthrow was in our national interest not to mention the fact that they were scum who deserved to be overthrown.

I must have missed that passage in the Bible...

irv didn't say he got that passage from the Bible, he said he believes God loves America.

In the overall scheme of things, compare America's treatment of defeated enemies to those of Japan in China or Nazi Germany in Europe, just to name a couple. We are the most benign power to ever exist. Maybe it's because God has shed His grace on us.

29 posted on 09/02/2002 5:47:14 AM PDT by Shenandoah
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To: Friedrich Hayek
I believe that Friedrich deserves a site of his own.
30 posted on 09/02/2002 5:51:39 AM PDT by Shenandoah
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To: Lauratealeaf
As an American I am beginning to believe that there is nothing that you like about America. Why don't you focus on that.

I don't see that at all. You said America's foreign policy was/is benign and he simply pointed out the truth -- it is not.

31 posted on 09/02/2002 5:58:37 AM PDT by JediGirl
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Comment #32 Removed by Moderator

To: JohnKasota
However, I suggest you review the meaning of benign before attaching that adjective to our foreign policy.


benign - good, benevolent, compasionate, auspicious, gracious, kind

Yeah, it fits.

33 posted on 09/02/2002 6:24:47 AM PDT by Shenandoah
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To: Shenandoah; Friedrich Hayek
And I believe the Battle of the Network Stars should be fought with guns.

That I wouldn't mind seeing!

34 posted on 09/02/2002 6:35:17 AM PDT by Lauratealeaf
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To: Brytani
Prepare for disrupters coming out of the woodwork as elections get closer.

You are right.

35 posted on 09/02/2002 7:23:26 AM PDT by Lauratealeaf
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To: Lauratealeaf
Prepare for disrupters coming out of the woodwork as elections get closer.

Oh, they're already hard at work. Witness the Trash Trio - Daschle, Gephardt, and Hillary (what did the president know and when did he know it?). They are busily planting their lies and deceptions.

36 posted on 09/02/2002 7:33:08 AM PDT by Shenandoah
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To: JohnKasota
If the post fits......
37 posted on 09/02/2002 7:34:26 AM PDT by Brytani
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To: JohnKasota
Are you going to spend all day debating the definition of "benign"? Is that why you joined this thread?

The main point is that no other country has been so powerful and so benevolent.

38 posted on 09/02/2002 7:39:43 AM PDT by groanup
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Comment #40 Removed by Moderator

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