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Posted on 09/02/2002 10:00:08 PM PDT by Cinnamon Girl

The most brilliant, the most eloquent, the most entertaining talk show host on the air today, Michael Medved, has had his show spiked like a so-called meat burger in a middle school cafeteria dumpster. Apparently, his so-called home station in Seattle decided that Michael needed to be replaced by the Sean Hannity show.

I guess it shouldn't matter to me as long as I can still hear Michael every day, but after hearing his inspirational, and astounding holiday special today about "G-d's Hand in American History," I can't imagine that any station manager with a brain in his head would want to give this guy up.

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To: soccermom
He is national and he used to be a guest-host for Rush, until he got his own national show. Rush is very insecure about such things. He won't let anyone with a national show guest-host for him.

That's not true Rush Noon-3:00 pm and Sean 3:00-6:00 pm both come out of 770 WABC NYC


SEAN ~ FOXNEWS 9 PM nightly

51 posted on 09/02/2002 11:57:06 PM PDT by restornu
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To: Cinnamon Girl

A message to KVI radio listeners

Affiliation News August 30, 2002

After six spectacularly successful Seattle years, the Michael Medved Show has been abruptly dropped by KVI Radio. One of my regrets about this situation is the inability to speak directly to my listeners about this change in my life, and in your daily radio schedule. Though I won’t get the chance to answer your questions during my broadcast, I can do so here. I’m enormously grateful for the opportunity I’ve enjoyed since July 1996, to speak with so many thousands of you every weekday from noon to three, and I look forward to further conversation.

Q: Michael, did you choose to end your association with KVI?
A: Absolutely not. I love the station, my on-air colleagues, and most of all, the listeners. I would have gladly continued to broadcast my show on KVI from noon till three, just as I have for the last six years. Unfortunately, KVI made a unilateral decision, without consulting me at any time, to drop the live broadcast of the show.

Q: Was the decision based on ratings?
A: You can’t make that argument credibly. My show has consistently earned the best ratings for any show originating at KVI — only Rush Limbaugh regularly wins a larger audience share. If they decided to replace a show based solely on ratings, they would have replaced Hannity, Carlson or Kirby before they dropped me.

Q: KVI says you were offered the 6 to 9 PM time slot as an alternative to 12 to 3. Why didn’t you take it rather than leaving the station?
A: Our show is broadcast across the United States, in more than 130 markets. That means that we go out live at noon Pacific time — and we couldn’t change the schedule of live broadcast simply to suit the whim of KVI. If I took the 6 to 9 slot, you would have heard merely a taped, “canned” version of my show — allowing no live participation from Seattle callers. I value my Seattle callers far too much to give them up.

Q: Do you feel that KVI really wanted you to take the early evening slot?
A: No. When KVI abruptly announced the termination of our live show, they also told us we could no longer broadcast from the KVI studios. This meant that even if we agreed to let KVI air tapes of our show in the early evening, or went along with other possible arrangements we later discussed, we’d have to find some other station to host our live broadcast. Part of what I always valued about my association with KVI was the feeling of “family” that prevailed at the station, working in the hallways, offices and studios with people I liked and respected. Even if we accepted another time slot, with our show tape-delayed and no Seattle callers, that sense of collegiality and team work would be gone -- since KVI demanded that we find another station or studio from which to broadcast our show. They also indicated they would cut off my family’s medical insurance plan, my 401K and other benefits, even if I accepted their proposal.

Q: Was there any secret conflict behind the scenes that led to this decision?
A: If so, I was totally unaware of it – and am still unaware of any such conflict. I enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with my on-air colleagues as well as with the management at KVI until the day in August that Rob Dunlop and Paul Duckworth telephoned my syndicator with the shocking, totally unexpected news that they had decided to drop live broadcast of my show.

Q: Doesn’t this decision reduce the local focus of KVI?
A: Absolutely. My show goes out across the United States, but I’ve always been proud to discuss the fact that I live and work in Seattle, and used local examples to illustrate national issues. Now Kirby and John are left as the only Seattle-based hosts on this radio station, surrounded by big blocks of programming from New York and San Francisco. KVI used to run an ad that asked, “Who’s got the best line up this side of Safeco Field?” I’m not sure that these hosts in other cities even know where — or what — Safeco Field is.

Q: What’s next for the Michael Medved show?
A: We will continue to broadcast across the country, live every weekday from noon till three. We are adding important new affiliates every week — recently picking up Washington DC, Detroit, and Cleveland, Long Island/New York, Sioux City Iowa, Albuquerque and Amarillo.

Q: Will you continue to do the show from Seattle, despite KVI’s decision to make facilities unavailable to you?
A: Certainly. For me, and for Diane and the children as well, the Northwest is our home and we love it here. We’ve put down deep roots in the area, with our many friends and connections to the community. Though it may be inconvenient to broadcast in the Seattle area for the next few months while we’re off the air here, we will continue to do so. We won’t allow a decision by KVI executives to uproot the lives we’ve built here.

Q: Will we be able to continue listening to the show in Seattle?
A: Yes, if you are connected to the internet. Between September 1, 2002, and January 1, 2003, the show will be available in Seattle only on the internet — where it’s streamed live every day at and According to market research, 85% of our listeners are regular internet users. This means that most of you can continue to listen—and to call in live, at 1-800-955-1776.

Q: Why won’t the show air immediately on another local station?
A: Because of a “non-compete” clause in our contracts with KVI — a clause that prevents the show from airing on any other station in the Seattle market for six months. In our negotiations for a termination agreement, the KVI management did agree to cut two-months off our period of “exile” — so we’ll only be off the air in Seattle for four months, instead of six.

Q: When does the Michael Medved show go back on the air in Seattle?
A: At the very beginning of the New Year—January 2, 2003. We’ll be live as part of an impressive line-up at a new Seattle alternative in conservative talk. Please check our website ( for announcements and details. We will not disappear from Seattle radio, and beginning with the New Year I hope our listeners will take the trouble to find us. IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO NOTIFY YOU VIA EMAIL, ENTER YOUR EMAIL BELOW.

Q: Will Darth Sytman, Jeremy Steiner “Pride of Hillsdale College” and Fawn Rainforest continue to be part of the show?
A: Absolutely. Dan and Jeremy are the best producers in radio – with no exceptions – and I couldn’t do this job without them.

Q: Are you angry at this turn of events?
A: I’m more disappointed than angry. I’m also, quite frankly, surprised — since the KVI team of on-air talent had always functioned so well together, earned such substantial profits for the station, and established an unusually strong bond with the listeners. I will miss the station, and I know that many listeners will miss me.

Q: Are you a victim?
A: I am not a victim! Remember, that’s one of the mottos of the Michael Medved show. Even after going off the air on KVI, I get the privilege of holding down one of the best jobs in the world, broadcasting live every day to nearly two million people. The real victims here are my listeners in Seattle, who’ll have to improvise, or turn to the internet, for four months until they can easily hear the Michael Medved show again. I’m confident that those listeners are smart and committed enough to appreciate our show—and smart and committed enough to find it again when it comes back on the air on a major station on January 1, 2003.

Q: How can listeners contact KVI to express their reaction to this decision?
A: You can call the station management (Paul Duckworth, Program Director, or Rob Dunlop, General Manager) at 206-223-5700. These calls will register more clearly than calls to the KVI comment line. You can also write to the management at KVI Radio at 1809 Seventh Ave., Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98101.

Q: How should we stay in touch with the Michael Medved Show?
A: Please use our website We post new movie reviews every week, along with articles, columns, commentaries, and updates on my speaking and public appearance schedule. If you send us emails about the Seattle situation, we will be happy to keep you updated on our future broadcast location. If you can make it to some local event here in Seattle, come up and say hello. But above all, stay in touch. I hope that you will enjoy a busy and productive Fall and Holiday Season, and I’ll be back on the air with all of you at the first of the year, on an exciting new affiliate with a dynamic conservative lineup, broadcasting again to the Greatest Region, in the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth. Upward and Onward!

Michael Medved

52 posted on 09/02/2002 11:58:19 PM PDT by RonDog
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To: Jack-A-Roe
You're right there; Special Report is by far the best Fox show and Hume is their best talent. O'Reilly and Hannity & Commie are both on their last legs with me - just like All in the Family reruns . . . . once you figure it out, it's nothing but yelling all the time and it doesn't wear well at all.
53 posted on 09/03/2002 12:03:02 AM PDT by Hank Rearden
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To: soccermom
I got it! You are a spurned caller mad at Rush because of the constant rejections by his call screener.

You used to call up every day with some earth shattering revelation or unbelievably intelligent analysis of the day's topics. You desperately wanted to hear yourself on the radio as well.

What you thought were "brilliant observations" were likely redundant at best (and incoherently inane at worst) ramblings to the call screener.

you couldn't believe Rush and his call screeners were so "stupid" to ignore you--and you eventually, thankfully, gave up.

I also think you are angry over his well-deserved trashing of soccer moms.

"As Rush says, the purpose of the caller is to make the host look good." Sure sounds insecure to me.

You also do not understand Rush's sense of humor. What you see as insecurity, long time LISTENERS know as his tongue-in-cheek bluster. Put the phone down and try listening to the show, it's more enjoyable that way.

But that's OK, I don't expect a soccer mom to understand this. In fact, you win. I give up.

54 posted on 09/03/2002 12:03:39 AM PDT by Captainpaintball
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To: Jack-A-Roe
I recently read the book We Were Soldiers Once, and Young and pretty near cried all through it. Those guys....fantastic. This country really let them down.
55 posted on 09/03/2002 12:04:54 AM PDT by WaterDragon
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To: Cinnamon Girl
I hope I caan sstill get him on aaam 870 in Los Angeles . He is one of my favorites : very smart , fun . Some conservative shows can be draining to listen to because of their hard hitting nature ( can cause battle fatigue ,not becaause they are wrong , but becaause they are so right ; so much bad news about liberalism can be depressing ).

But Michael Medved's show is different . He has a positive playful way about him that lightens the load .

56 posted on 09/03/2002 12:08:55 AM PDT by voa-davidk
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To: Cinnamon Girl; Jack-A-Roe; lewislynn
The local talk station here had him on the air for years and canned him for Sean Hannity...I called, voiced my complaint, and turned off the station...only to find out a couple of weeks later that he was back on the air due to a high number of complaints. I love it when great minds think alike. ;) I agree with your summary...eloquent is the first adjective I use to describe him, and he is objective as well. And I've yet to see him in the role of the "apologist".

And Signs is scary, but on a deeper level than aliens and special effects... Climb inside the head of a man who destroys his own belief in G-d, only to be faced with reality that what you've destroyed is the only thing that can save you...

57 posted on 09/03/2002 12:26:15 AM PDT by FenianOfEire
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To: Cinnamon Girl; FenianOfEire; Captainpaintball
Alright Cinnamon Girl what made you think Hannity is a Moron? Why did you choose the word moron over another disparaging word? Why did you make it plural? When he is only one person? Don't like NYer's!

He can get many things done and not just talk about it. He is an excellent motivator, and has rescued many in need. He is tenacious at times like a bull dog, so many times he is sucessful for getting to the bottem of an issue.

Many thinks he should go into to politics, but he knows he is more useful in the position that he holds now. Michael Medved is nice but we are in a win or lose era, so a person like Hannity not only keeps many focus, many do act and to keep this nation free!

58 posted on 09/03/2002 2:21:25 AM PDT by restornu
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To: Jack-A-Roe
The Shining scared me, and movies don't scare me. Just remembering some of the scenes (All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy......) gives me a chill.
59 posted on 09/03/2002 2:29:24 AM PDT by Misterioso
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Medved took on Hollywood years ago about the garbage they were spewing and its affect on our culture. It was an incredible brave move, for no one , not Rush, not latecomers Hannity, Liddy or Micheel Reagan, even Dr. Laura was thrashed so much by liberals, the film industry and their friends in the media.

Medved was mostly all alone fighting for his ideals and those of the country he loved. it was a brutal battle.

This religious good guy father of three prevailed against the barbarians at the gate. His ideas were gradually accepted and the industry did change, toning down its violence, making more kid-friendly films.

So he will always have my admiratation, he fought for the rest of us and helped change America for the better

60 posted on 09/03/2002 3:31:43 AM PDT by catonsville
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To: Cinnamon Girl
You're right about the diferences. I used to listen to Hannity until he had a few callers with whom he simply could not debate an issue and just said something stupid like I can't talk to someone so ignorant today, maybe some other time I can take the time to set him straight but I can't take him today. It was such a pathetic performance I have not listened since.
61 posted on 09/03/2002 3:55:09 AM PDT by RWG
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To: Cinnamon Girl
62 posted on 09/03/2002 6:52:10 AM PDT by SMEDLEYBUTLER
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To: Jack-A-Roe
You mean is was his brother who wrote The Golden Turkey Awards??!?
63 posted on 09/03/2002 7:29:19 AM PDT by Gumlegs
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To: restornu
What in your post refutes my claim? I am well aware that Sean Hannity is on Rush's flagship station. Hannity has not been a guest host for Limbaugh since he went national --neither has Medved.
64 posted on 09/03/2002 7:48:12 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: Cinnamon Girl
Our local station dumped Medved in favor of Hannity fairly recently also. Actually, I don't remember much public outcry (if any at all). I think Hannity's ratings are better, and that's what station managers have to look at. Selling ads to ears. The more ears, the more dollars. Regards.
65 posted on 09/03/2002 7:49:27 AM PDT by Inspector Harry Callahan
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To: Captainpaintball
"I got it! You are a spurned caller mad at Rush because of the constant rejections by his call screener." Yawnnnn.....Wrong again. The two times I was actually able to get through, I was put on the air. The first time was in the early nineties and I asked him why Ted Turner would be contributing to Buchanan's campaign. The other time was in the late nineties, when I reminded him of how Clinton overrode his own weapons ban to allow a campaign contributor to import assualt weapons. He applauded me on remembering what he had forgotten. "I also think you are angry over his well-deserved trashing of soccer moms." Once again, you are wrong --- and also lack reading comprehension. I've already addressed that. I first heard the term from Rush. Even though the term was coined by Time Magazine, Rush made it famous. I adopted the term because I thought it was cute and because, in the literal sense, I am a soccer mom. "You also do not understand Rush's sense of humor." I have a sense of humor and I am secure in myself. That's why I can use the handle "soccermom" and laugh while people like you get your panties in a wad, over a tongue-in-cheek handle. "What you see as insecurity, long time LISTENERS know as his tongue-in-cheek bluster. " I've been listening to Rush since 1991 -- even though you won't admit it, I'll bet that is longer than you have been listening. I am capable of distinguishing his humor -- "feminazis", "tell you what to think" etc. His call-screening line is no joke. He is insecure and your desperate attempts to "spin" why I would have the audacity to say such things exposes your own insecurity.
66 posted on 09/03/2002 8:09:00 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: Cinnamon Girl
KSFO 560 San Francisco, only gives us loyal listeners one hour of Hannity. The producers even slighted us on the day last week that Sean brought his Let Freedom Ring Tour to KSFO and played only one hour. Bummer!@ I'd rather listen to Hannity than Dr. Laura which begins for 3 hours of massive misery and stupidity not from her but her dreadful callers. although Dr. Laura's voice is not particularly easy on the ears. This is when I dial out.

Dr. Laura dominates the early afternoon hours of at least 4 local stations. What a bore.

Michael Medved is ok but he doesn't stir up my enthusiasm. I hope your local station will continue to play Medved's show, but perhaps his program is not bringing in the profitlike Hannity's surely has proven to do, plus increased listenership.

Thank God, Michael Savage hits the airwaves at 4:00 p.m. He really is inspirational and revs up social and political hot talk like no one can on the radio in the afternoon!!! Actually, some days listening to the first opening minutes of the Savage Nation is like drinking an entire bottle of Tobasco Sauce in one gulp with a Tequila chaser!

Radio listening life would be absolutely sensationally perfect from KSFO 560 AM all day and evening if they would just remove Dr. Laura's Show or at least reschedule to very late night, IMHO.

67 posted on 09/03/2002 8:28:10 AM PDT by harpo11
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To: restornu
Please re-read what I wrote. I am not calling Sean Hannity a moron at all. I was referring to the program director or general manager at Medved's home station who canned him. I like Sean Hannity. I just like to listen to Medved's show much more.
68 posted on 09/03/2002 8:32:48 AM PDT by Cinnamon Girl
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To: lewislynn
69 posted on 09/03/2002 8:40:04 AM PDT by Publius6961
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To: soccermom
Did you stop to think he has to prepare for his show. When he used to do Rush there were re-shovelling of others. Sean would do Noon to 4 PM and than other would fill in. Since Sean went National he is busy with his own pre for the Nation it not just local and these other people are local.

He always praises Rush, Rush even offer his plane for Sean trips. You just don't like Rush so we get all these sour notes:)

70 posted on 09/03/2002 8:56:05 AM PDT by restornu
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To: Cinnamon Girl
I just like to listen to Medved's show much more.

I understand:)

71 posted on 09/03/2002 8:58:47 AM PDT by restornu
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To: IslandJeff
If KKOL would only replace the Dolans with Medved.

I have a lot of respect for them, and I sometimes find them informative but, their presentation style annoys the hell out of me. I just turn off the radio when Hugh's show is over.

72 posted on 09/03/2002 9:05:56 AM PDT by Psycho_Bunny
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To: restornu
Oh puhleeze! Do you lack reading comprehension as well? I said, very clearly, Medved WANTED to continue filling in for Rush. He wasn't dropped because he didn't have time or because of any scheduling conflicts. Local radio show hosts fill in for Rush all the time...and still manage to do their local shows. I made an honest observation that Rush is insecure, given his policy of not allowing national hosts to fill-in for him, and you guys get your panties in a bunch and start jumping to conclusions. I dare say I've been listening to Rush longer than you have been. My kids have Ditto-and-Dad ties. (You probably don't even know what those are because you're a Johnny-come-lately to his show.) If it's still in the archives, you can even find my posts about going to see Rush when he attended our state's GOP picnic in 2000. You people really need to expand your minds a bit and realize that the slightest criticism of a person does not mean one is the enemy. Following your logic, Rush hates GW. Grow up.
73 posted on 09/03/2002 10:13:25 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: Cinnamon Girl
It is obvious that restornu doesn't take the time to read in the full context. He/She just also assumed my comments about Medved as a fill-in host were about Hannity.
74 posted on 09/03/2002 10:16:12 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: Cinnamon Girl

Medved is great, and so is the great Bob Grant. Nobody else quite makes it to the standard they have set for mental preparedness IMHO.

75 posted on 09/03/2002 10:19:01 AM PDT by bankwalker
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To: All
Look, this whole digression about Rush was borne of an innocuous statement. Someone said they handn't heard of Medved and I said he used to fill in for Rush. That is the ONLY relevance Rush even has to this thread. There is no doubt that Rush gave both Hannity and Medved their big breaks. If it hadn't been for Rush, there would be no Medved or Hannity shows over which to argue. I'm sure both are grateful for the opportunity Rush gave them.
76 posted on 09/03/2002 10:22:49 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: soccermom
77 posted on 09/03/2002 10:23:22 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: soccermom; chaosagent; restornu
You ARE a typical soccer mom. You know NOTHING about the radio industry, and its mind-numbing contractual complexities. You also have no comprehension of the business side of industry (this is the behind-the-scenes part you DON'T hear)

Instead,like a typical soccer mom, your blind emotion (which gets worse certain times of the month) and personal dislike for someone trump all logic. "I know what I know, I know I'm right, and that's FINAL!"

It's so bad, you have no idea that you contradicted yourself in posts #12 and #22. In post #12, you claim Rush is insecure of Medved, Hannity, and the rest. Where did you get this inside information? Or, like most rabidly emotional women in an argument, do you just "know" this?

In post #22. you say the opposite: "It is understandable that a host wouldn't want to promote potential "competition." So either you called someone insecure, and you support Rush's "insecurity", or you confused yourself somewhere along your insane rants.

I'll say it one more time, there is NO need for someone to continue filling in for someone else after getting a nationally syndicated program of their own. Fill-in slots are opportunities for up and coming hosts to show their stuff. Right now, Walter Williams doesn't want it, so Roger Hedgecock is the guy. If Roger gets a big radio deal, someone else will take his place, and the whole process starts over again. What don't you understand about this?

It's not about anyone's insecurity. Except perhaps your own.You can have the last word, because I know you wouldn't have it any other way.

78 posted on 09/03/2002 10:31:38 AM PDT by Captainpaintball
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To: Cinnamon Girl
We get Medved here on tape delay. Hannity is on here opposite Rush, so's I usually don't hear him. I like Medved, particularly on social issues and the Mideast. He can be an acquired taste, however, because he likes to give AT to liberals and debate them. It's really worth listening to because he gets many of them to say the dumbest things. Oh well, guess talk radio is a rough and tumble biz.
79 posted on 09/03/2002 10:31:55 AM PDT by colorado tanker
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To: Captainpaintball
You are the one using emotion and jumping to conclusions -- not me. I stated a FACT. Medved WANTED to continue filling in for Rush and Rush didn't want him to. There were NO contractual limitations. You are the one who is guessing. Furthermore, there is no contradiction in stating that Limbaugh is insecure and that that is understandable. I don't have to "support" his insecurity to understand it. You, once again, JUMPED to conclusions. No one would want to promote the competition, so it is LOGICAL that he would be insecure about having a competitor host his show. "I'll say it one more time, there is NO need for someone to continue filling in for someone else after getting a nationally syndicated program of their own.....What don't you understand about this?" Whether or not you think there is a need, is IRRELEVANT to the whole point of the discussion. You are coming up with all the reasons why a national host wouldn't want to fill in for Rush -- prep time, contracts etc. I'm telling you the FACTS. And the fact is he DID want to fill in for Rush, even after he had a national show. I find it amusing that you would accuse me of being "rabidly emtional" and making "insane rants", when all I did was say Medved used to fill in for Rush and that Rush dropped him when he went national. You, illogically, assume I have a "personal dislike" for Rush. You got into hysterics defending Rush over a thread that isn't even about him. Take a chill pill. Take off the tinfoil hat and relax. Sheesh!
80 posted on 09/03/2002 10:50:52 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: soccermom
As I said before, it really doesn't make any difference whether Medved wants to still sub for Rush.

The syndicators make the rules.

Note Post #79 above.

Because some stations tape-delay programs, Hannity is on opposite Rush. And in some markets so is Medved.

You want to hear some yelling and screaming, just wait until stations start complaining about being in competition with their own programs.
81 posted on 09/03/2002 11:32:42 AM PDT by chaosagent
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To: chaosagent
Look, this wasn't about syndication rules. If that were the case, Medved would have known it. It was a decision by Limbaugh -- which is fine. It is his show.
82 posted on 09/03/2002 11:53:25 AM PDT by soccermom
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To: Cinnamon Girl
"I can't imagine that any station manager with a brain in his head would want to give this guy up."

"With a brain" is the operative phrase here.

83 posted on 09/03/2002 11:55:41 AM PDT by sweetliberty
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To: Jack-A-Roe
low-action films

Dr. Strangelove? There's a fairly intense battle for control of a military base, followed by the end of the world. One of my top 10 all time movies.

84 posted on 09/03/2002 12:00:56 PM PDT by js1138
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To: sweetliberty
Well, the same station dropped John Carlson and then went crawling back to him. We'll see what happens.
85 posted on 09/03/2002 12:01:33 PM PDT by soccermom
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To: libertynews; VOA
Is Michael live right now? I don't know how these things work.
86 posted on 09/03/2002 12:34:18 PM PDT by Cinnamon Girl
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To: soccermom
It probably wouldn't have been Medved's syndicator's rules anyway. They would love to have Medved on two stations at once. More exposure.

It would be the syndicator's and stations that carry Rush. They are not going to take the chance that Medved will be subbing for Rush, and at the same time on his own show at their biggest rival station across town. They don't want you to listen to the competition.

It would be like Ronald McDonald doing commercials for Burger King.

And, yes. It is very possible that this also came from Rush, as he is known for being VERY protective of his stations. Even to the point of turning down big bucks to stay with smaller stations who had been with him since the beginning, like here in Houston

And it's not because Rush is insecure.

I was in the broadcast business for over 20 years. And I can tell you that this is how it's done. It's the same way with local talent in a market.

I saw this recently when a local anchor was the MC for a city Veterans Day shindig. He gave the opening speech, introduced President and Barbara Bush. He was all over the place. But if you watched the coverage on the other stations, he wasn't there, he didn't even exist.

This is a real cut-throat business and stations would literally kill themselves before they gave any promotion to a competitor.

87 posted on 09/03/2002 12:41:13 PM PDT by chaosagent
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To: chaosagent
My point is, if it were a syndication issue, even on the EIB's part, Medved would have known that. It very clearly was Rush's call and that's fine. Call it "protectiveness" if you don't want to call it insecurity. What you label it is really not relevant to me. All I was trying to do was explain to someone who Medved is and suddenly, I'm labeled as an irrational Rush-hater.
88 posted on 09/03/2002 1:03:02 PM PDT by soccermom
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To: soccermom
I'm not sure I or anyone else called you a "Rush Hater".

You said Rush was insecure because he wouldn't let Medved sub-host after he got his own national show.

I'm saying insecurity has nothing to do with it. It just isn't done on a national level. You won't find Medved subbing for Hannity either. Or Hannity for Medved. Or Hannity for O'Reilly. Or O'Reilly for Laura Ingrahm.

It just isn't done. And won't be. By anyone.
89 posted on 09/03/2002 1:41:38 PM PDT by chaosagent
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To: chaosagent
Oh, OK so he didn't say "hate". He said "personal dislike." I stand corrected. Regardless, my characterization that Rush is "insecure" has everything to do with his policies -- both with subbing and with his call screeners. And the fact that I come to that conclusion has to do with my observations -- not a "personal dislike." I am amused by those who think anyone who dares critcize an icon must be criticizing out of a "personal dislike."
90 posted on 09/03/2002 2:54:57 PM PDT by soccermom
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To: chaosagent
As for your examples about subbing, I wouldn't know how many of those people subbed for each other before going national. If they had been before, and then were refused once going national, you would have a point.
91 posted on 09/03/2002 2:57:22 PM PDT by soccermom
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To: catonsville; IslandJeff
I hope you are both able to call Paul Duckworth at 1.206.515.3095. I've called twice but Mr. Duckworth seems to be "out of the office" a lot. I suspect his pesonal line may have turned into his hate line! LOL Lots of unhappy listeners. And he deserves the criticism for his disloyal, and rude treatment of Mr. Medved, who is the soul of politeness, "Don't cha think? Apppreeeciate your call." :)
92 posted on 09/03/2002 4:31:07 PM PDT by Libertina
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To: IslandJeff
There's a 4 month no-compete agreement in effect. They cut it from 6 months to be nice to him. He's going to return to the airwaves in January. But we can still listen to him on the internet. The KRLA webcast is only 21kbps, so you can actually listen over a modem connection.

93 posted on 09/03/2002 8:40:15 PM PDT by libertynews
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To: Cinnamon Girl
Is Michael live right now? I don't know how these things work.

Sorry to get back here so late (it's now Thursday).
As far as I know we can still get Medved live on 870AM KRLA from noon to 3PM
here in the Los Angeles area...OR
over the internet at (click on the listen live, then on the
link to listen to 870AM).

Hope I understood the question and gave a sensible response...
94 posted on 09/05/2002 7:09:29 AM PDT by VOA
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