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To: Mudboy Slim
You make the most delightful coffee, ma'am...much obliged...MUD

My pleasure! Strong and Black! Makes you just wanna sing! :)

16 posted on 09/05/2002 5:14:24 AM PDT by Billie
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To: Billie; Snow Bunny; coteblanche; Landru; sultan88; Jim Robinson; Clarity; Clinton's a liar; ...
"Makes you just wanna sing! :)"

Yes, ma'am, yes it does...

"Marchin' on DeeCee!!"
(To be sung to Bruce Springsteen's "Racin' in the Streets")

I got a worn-out ol' computer with a 486...
Fax machine and patriotism galore.
Left's threatnin' our Rights with all their Guv'ment rot...
Clinton's a Chinese Communist Whore!
Me and my FReeper buddies gonna fight to the last...
Gonna kick Ol' Slick right outta town.
'Cuz Bill took Chinese money, helped our Nukes get snatched...
We'll Re-Impeach, then we'll CONVICT that clown!!

Tonight, we fight Slick's White House Blight...
We're gonna knock that Traitor out with our FReeps!!
Autumn's here and the time is right...
For marchin' on DeeCee!!

We decry corruption when we see'it...
We expose Tyranny by the State.
When Limbaugh shuts down, we hit JimRob's Forum...
We're all funded by Dick Mellon-Scaife.
Now some folks, they just give up caring...
And start givin' up their Liberties, piece by piece.
Some folks come home from work and wash up...
Then go hit the Web to FReep!!

Tonight, we fight Left's Treas'nous Blight...
We're gonna stomp those Lib'rals beneath our feet!
Autumn's here and the Time's Just Right...
We're gonna bring down DemElites!!


We met him and his "schtick" ten years ago...
Sixties' Lib'ral with "an eye for the babes."
With far-Left Media at his back....
Slick told the World he's here to stay!
But now there's Treason, Rape, and Chinese spies...
So many lies...Oh no, it just ain't Right!
This Country's drones, they need a spark...
Need more Mudboys singin', "It's worth the fight!"

Slick spunked on the floor of our great White House...
But folks said, "Wait, 'cuz Wall Street's soarin'!"
They stare off all numb, afraid to fight...
Trustin' LIES of folks who slaughter the Unborn.
For all you mind-numbed robots and Network "hotshots"...
Ignorin' crimes to beat the Band.
This time the Sheeple and me, we're gonna take back DeeCee...
And purge this filth from our Land!

Tonight, we fight the righteous fight...
Out of our way, RINOS, you best keep!
'Cuz Autumn's here and the mood's just Right...
For FReepin' on DeeCee!

(Keyboard/Percussion to fade)

Mudboy Slim

Just over two centuries ago, our forefathers risked Life, Liberty, and their personal fortunes to stand up against an over-bearing and tyrannical government. Because of their courage and determination, the original Thirteen Colonies became what we now know as the United States of America. Therefore, our honored forebears were all-too-aware of the propensity for central governing bureaucracies to grow out of control. The writers of our Constitution, in an attempt to protect the citizenry from this eventuality, chose to enumerate our individual liberties in the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment includes "the right to free speech," which not only protected the individual's right to speak out against the government, but also enabled the Fourth Branch of Government--the Free Press, if you will--to flourish. For over two hundred years, this watchdog Media has turned over many rocks, exposing the dark under-belly of American politics...UNTIL NOW!!

Presently occupying--at taxpayer expense, I might add--some high-dollar office space in Harlem, is a small petty man, heading a vast criminal conspiracy. Bill Clinton most certainly committed multiple felonies and obstructed justice in the Monica Lewinsky matter. A morally-weak, spineless Senate was not up to the task of removing him from office, making a mockery of our Legal System as the #1 Law Enforcement Officer in the land is master-minding a relentless attack on The Rule of Law; however, it is clear that Clinton is "Guilty" (beyond all reasonable doubts) of multiple felonies and SHALL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!

Since escaping Justice in the Impeachment Trial, Mr. Clinton has been credibly accused of Violent RAPE by one nice woman, Ms. Juanita Broaddrick. Either this is a major slander against the good name of an innocent man...or else Bill Clinton raped and violently bit the lip of this young woman. If it wasn't true, don't you think the Rapist-in-Chief would have come out a bit more strongly in his own defense?!

Now, we come to find out the President of the United States is most likely guilty of TREASON, for accepting illegal foreign campaign donations from the Communist Chinese in exchange for basically offering a free run of our Nuclear Weapons Labs and authorizing high technology transfers through key Democratic National Committee contributors, Hughes and Loral. Corruption never ran as deep and as wide as is the case with this Administration!!

Yes, when it comes to brazenly flouting the laws and mores of this Country, this Clinton Cadre of Corrupt Communist Co-Conspirators is charting a new course. Yet, the blatantly Left-Wing Media can't find the time or the manpower to investigate/report the Truth about Slick Willie's Felonious Behavior, the "dark side" of the man who could violently rape a supportor and suggest as he left, "Better put some ice on that, baby!" No, our "Free Press" cannot even find it in themselves to report on the TREASON committed by Bill Clinton, in which each and every man, woman, and child in America is now significantly more at risk than 8 years ago, simply because Bill Clinton needed some illegal contributions to retain his tenuous hold on the reins of Power.

We've seen how ridiculous the Yugoslavian State-controlled Media Propoganda Machine looked in the recent conflagration in Kosovo...who amongst the Media Poltroons can explain to me the difference between Clinton's Media and Slobo's. Fortunately, the Network drones are becoming irrelevant!

If you want to help in reclaiming our Country from the Evil that occupies the Oval Office, here's the gameplan...


Quite Sincerely,
Mudboy Slim

P.S. "On the 28th day of September in the Two-Thousandth and Second Year of our Lord, there was a Grand Convening of Patriots at the Mall in Washington, DC. This convention of FReedom-loving Americans from accross the Continent was unanimous in its call for JUSTICE to be exacted upon those who would commit TREASON against our great Country!! Historians will record this great day as the beginning of the end of William Jefferson Clinton's Treasonous Reign of Terror!!

So sayeth the word of...MUD

1 Posted on 07/03/2000 10:07:19 PDT by Mudboy Slim (Impeach@gain.HARDER!!)


22 posted on 09/05/2002 5:49:31 AM PDT by Mudboy Slim
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