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Resurrecting the "Happy Darky"
Jewish World Review ^ | Sept. 5, 2002 | Jack Kelly

Posted on 09/05/2002 3:16:49 PM PDT by Coeur de Lion

They've got rhythm. They've got watermelon. They've got quaint folk customs. So what need have they for jobs, for education, for civil rights? So went the "Happy Darky" myth, prevalent among well-off whites in the segregated South of half a century or so ago.

The "Happy Darky" myth is being resurrected in more pernicious form by environmentalists.

The introduction of electricity is "destroying" the cultures of the world's poor, said Gar Smith, who edits "The Edge," the online magazine of the San Francisco-based Earth Island Institute.

With the introduction of electricity, African villagers spend too much time watching television and listening to the radio, Smith said.

George Monbiot, a columnist for the trendy leftist British newspaper the Guardian, said poor people are happier people:

"In southern Ethiopia, the poorest half of the poorest nation on earth, the streets and fields crackle with laughter," Monbiot wrote. "In homes constructed from packing cases and palm leaves, people engage more freely, smile more often, express more affection than we do."

At a taping of a PBS special on the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, a female panelist decried "the pernicious introduction of the flush toilet."

The World Health Organization estimates that famine in southern Africa will take the lives 300,000 people in the next six months. But delegates and journalists in Johannesburg applauded the dictators of Zambia and Zimbabwe for refusing to let their starving people eat genetically modified American corn.

About 17,000 tons of corn donated by the U.S. Agency for International Development is sitting in storage in Zambia. Greenpeace and Friends of Earth have been lobbying the governments in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique not to accept the corn.

Americans eat this corn every day. But environmentalists describe it as "toxic." The starving people it was sent to feed have a different opinion: "About all Josephine Namangolwa has in her hungry, weary body is anger, and in an instant it all comes surging out," wrote New York Times correspondent Henri Cauvin Aug. 31. "It has been days since she had a nourishing meal to feed her eight children."

"'We are dying here,' she shouts as aid workers arrive in her village of Chipapa to check on their warehouse and the nearly 500 tons of cornmeal inside...She and the rest of the 2.4 million facing starvation in Zambia will be eating any of this food, or any of the thousands of tons of additional food being shipped from the U.S.," Cauvin wrote.

"Please give us the food," pled an elderly blind man in the village of Shimbala, quoted in a Los Angeles Times dispatch Aug. 28. "We don't care if it's poisonous because we are dying anyway."

There were no empty bellies at the Earth Summit. Dennis Morgan, head chef of the five star Michelango Hotel in the posh Johannesburg suburb of Sandton told the London Sun he had ordered 5,000 oysters, a half ton of lobster and other shellfish, two tons of steak and chicken breasts, and buckets of caviar and foie gras, and gallons of champagne and cognac for the environmentalists to eat and drink.

Southern Africa is drought stricken. But each of the environmentalists was using, on average, 53 gallons of water a day. The 45,000 delegates also generated hundreds of tons of trash. Environmentalists think other people must sacrifice to protect the environment. But not, of course, the environmentalists themselves.

The "Happy Darkies" who environmentalists think can do without electricity, flush toilets and food are not happy with the fate Greenpeace and other environmental organizations would consign them to.

Seven organizations representing small farmers in Africa, India and the Philippines presented to Greenpeace and to two other environmental organizations at the Johannesburg summit a "trophy" consisting of a piece of wood upon which two heaps of dried cow dung had been mounted. They called it the "Bulls...t Trophy."

Barun Mitra, who presented the trophy, called the environmentalists parasites who "prey on the blood of the poor."

"They are not interested in famine or poverty," he said. "This lot is concerned only about their own interests."

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: anwr; ecoimperialism; environmentalism; gmfoods; greens; poverty; povertylobby; un; wssd
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1 posted on 09/05/2002 3:16:49 PM PDT by Coeur de Lion
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To: Couer de Lion
Sounds like that's some pretty powerful crack they've been smoking in Johannesburg.
2 posted on 09/05/2002 3:21:03 PM PDT by 2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten
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To: Couer de Lion
Greenpeace??? Time to call the French Secret Police, they know how to deal with Greenpeace....
3 posted on 09/05/2002 3:21:29 PM PDT by evolved_rage
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To: Couer de Lion
Here's an image of some happy 3rd World Children:

Good to see they don't need modern conveniences, but live in harmony with nature.

4 posted on 09/05/2002 3:33:24 PM PDT by Richard Kimball
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To: Couer de Lion
Seven organizations representing small farmers in Africa, India and the Philippines presented to Greenpeace and to two other environmental organizations at the Johannesburg summit a "trophy" consisting of a piece of wood upon which two heaps of dried cow dung had been mounted. They called it the "Bulls...t Trophy."

Barun Mitra, who presented the trophy, called the environmentalists parasites who "prey on the blood of the poor."

"They are not interested in famine or poverty," he said. "This lot is concerned only about their own interests."

Wait a minute..........I never saw this on the news.
5 posted on 09/05/2002 3:35:25 PM PDT by PeterPrinciple
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To: Couer de Lion
""This lot is concerned only about their own interests.""

This is a truth that all people should always keep foremost in their mind. No matter what political system exists individuals and groups always will be concerned about their own interests.

That is a good thing.

6 posted on 09/05/2002 3:37:43 PM PDT by Mark Felton
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To: Couer de Lion
"Happy Darky"

Any realation to "Redy Kilowatt?" Man....I am old.
7 posted on 09/05/2002 3:55:26 PM PDT by AdA$tra
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To: AdA$tra

8 posted on 09/05/2002 4:00:06 PM PDT by Jagdgewehr
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To: Phantom Lord
Self Bump
9 posted on 09/05/2002 4:11:26 PM PDT by Phantom Lord
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To: Couer de Lion
These environmentalists are the true heirs to the bigoted colonialists of old, with their belief in the "White Man's Burden". How patronizing and arrogant these watermellons are, telling people they should be happy in conditions they would find totally unacceptable for themselves. I would like to see some of them put their money where their mouth is, and try to live for a year without electricity, sanitized food, clean and running water, hygenic toilets, Starbucks, and all the other conveniances that comes with a civilized society.
10 posted on 09/05/2002 4:33:30 PM PDT by Welsh Rabbit
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To: backhoe; madfly; Stand Watch Listen; brityank; OldFriend; Grampa Dave; editor-surveyor; ...
11 posted on 09/05/2002 4:40:50 PM PDT by Tailgunner Joe
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To: Tailgunner Joe
Happily, some of the 'darkies' are cottoning to the fact they're being kept as museum exhibits for the do-gooding white leftists...From North Slope Mayor George N. Ahmaogak

Good evening. I am George Nasuayaaq Ahmaogak, Mayor of the North Slope Borough, and I'm honored to be here with you today. I'm also happy to see that Arctic Power continues to perform a valuable public service for the people of this state by educating the policy-makers and opinion-makers about the real issues surrounding the development of ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Down the street from here at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, they're putting on a show this evening entitled Caribou Commons: Images and Sounds from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Word has it that some of the sounds they're using are the sounds of Native people. Something tells me this speech won't be among those sounds.

I want to speak this evening about our situation as Native people in the new millennium, and I can assure you that my words don't belong in a museum. I have to wonder why they are always trying to put us in museums. Why is it assumed that Native people cannot benefit from the development of their homeland and still remain Native?

This reminds me of a documentary about Inupiat whaling that was done many years ago. The film gave a pretty fair picture of the spiritual, cultural and nutritional importance of whaling to the Eskimo people of northern Alaska. But when the antiwhaling interests saw it, they criticized it because it showed whalers in their camps on the ice, eating subsistence foods from paper plates

I guess they figured that real Eskimos don't use paper plates. That was news to us!

There are people who see ANWR as a pristine wilderness, unmarked by human influence. They call its landscape vast and empty. They make brief visits along the coastal plain, and they go home in awe of its raw beauty and power. They make museum shows about it, and they label it untouchable. That is their vision of our homeland.

I have a different vision of ANWR. It is a vision of a land that is neither untouched nor untouchable. The ANWR I want you to see is not a vast frozen wilderness to be either conquered or abandoned. It is our home, and we are part of it. We belong there just as much as the caribou and the fish and the birds. We are the Inupiat, and ANWR lies entirely within our domain, entirely under the jurisdiction of the North Slope Borough, the home rule government which we created. As Mayor of the North Slope Borough, I am here to tell you that whatever happens within ANWR affects us first. We are the stewards of that land, and if we support a development plan, you can be sure that we will have examined it and found it to be sound. Our lives and our livelihood depend on it.

I can tell you, too, that we knew this land they call ANWR before it had an English name. It holds the remains of our ancestors, just as it holds the future of our children. Our great great grandfathers enjoyed its beauty and its bounty, and with careful development, our great great grandchildren will do the same.

Don't misunderstand me. We are well aware of environmental concerns surrounding development in the Arctic. We live in constant awareness of these concerns.

In fact, we formed the North Slope Borough as a tool to allow us to address these concerns in the course of development. Believe me, we were scared about what Prudhoe Bay development might do to our land and our lifestyle. Our fears turned out to be largely unfounded, but they were valid nonetheless. They kept us vigilant. They forced us to demand a seat at the planning table. They inspired us to speak loudly and firmly, and to insist that development proceed respectfully, in a manner compatible with our lifestyle. We succeeded in protecting our interests at Prudhoe Bay, and we will succeed in ANWR as well. We have no choice.

It has not always been easy for us. We've had our battles. We fought for the right to form our own regional govenment and to enforce our own planning ordinances. But our culture places a high value on cooperation, and we learned how to develop a sense of partnership with the industry. That mutual respect and willingness to work together has strengthened over the years. I think we have been a pretty good partner, especially when you consider the cultural gulf that has sometimes separated us.

I hope those of you in the industry will remember the sense of partnership that we have shared, and I hope you will continue to build on this relationship with us. I mention this because I was just elected Chairman of the Alaska Gasline Port Authority. As you probably know, the Port Authority is a consortium formed by the three municipalities along the route of the oil pipeline. We joined together because we want to encourage gasline development in the oil pipeline corridor. We believe that the Port Authority offers some substantial tax and financing benefits to the producers. It also offers a method for spinning off an annual payment to Alaskan municipalities all over the state. We think the Port Authority might be a very good mechanism for bringing all Alaskans together with the producers for the best possible pipeline project.

Whether or not the Port Authority is the ultimate sponsor of a gasline, I think we incorporate some of the best elements of a gas pipeline plan that benefits Alaskans. These include a route that goes south through Fairbanks; provision for in-state uses of gas; jobs for Alaskans; and a stake in the project that extends to as many Alaskans as possible. During my term as Chairman, I plan to promote these features as much as I can.

Getting back to ANWR, there is one other aspect of the ongoing political battle that really bothers me. When the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act extinguished our land claims in exchange for title to certain lands within our traditional territory, we lived up to our part of that deal. We ended our claims to ownership of all the land.

But after the federal government conveyed title to our lands under ANCSA, it turned around and passed laws that prevented us from doing anything with those lands. I'm talking about our Arctic Slope lands within ANWR. We are not allowed to use this property now that we have title to it. What kind of a deal is that?

I know that everyone in this room has more than one ANWR gripe with the government, but I did want to share that one with you. While our perspective on ANWR issues may differ from yours in certain ways, we do have a whole lot in common. Like you, we have watched the technology of oil development improve over the years. We know that ANWR development can be done much less intrusively than when Prudhoe Bay was developed. We know that the nation needs the oil, the state needs the revenues, and Alaskans need the jobs.

In short, we know that ANWR holds resources that can be safely extracted without destruction to the ecosystem. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the bottom line.

In closing, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak with you today. Together we will make sure that the truth is heard.

12 posted on 09/05/2002 4:48:14 PM PDT by Black Agnes
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To: PeterPrinciple
"Wait a minute.....I never saw this on the news."

Well, it couldn't have happened then; it's just a vicious lie spread by anti-democratic wreckers, profiteers, and corporate interests.

We all know that the Watermelons are goooood folks--they keep telling us so!
13 posted on 09/05/2002 4:50:23 PM PDT by headsonpikes
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To: Tailgunner Joe
Death To all Tyrant's !!

The Second Amendment...
America's Original Homeland Security !!

14 posted on 09/05/2002 4:54:53 PM PDT by blackie
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To: Tailgunner Joe; Thinkin' Gal; Prodigal Daughter; shaggy eel
Globalism and Islam are both satanic and both mean "Submit-or-we'll-murder-you." The world
is being programmed for totalitarianism and slavery and the agenda is being acted out.
15 posted on 09/05/2002 4:58:23 PM PDT by 2sheep
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To: Couer de Lion
"We don't care if it's poisonous because we are dying anyway."


16 posted on 09/05/2002 5:11:22 PM PDT by blam
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To: 2sheep
And still, I'm considered radical for proposing cranial impalement as a suitable punishment for these monsters! ;^)
17 posted on 09/05/2002 5:46:02 PM PDT by headsonpikes
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To: Couer de Lion; adversarial; BibChr; blaze; Blake#1; BornOnTheFourth; budwiesest; Burlem; c21sac; ...
I would normally avoid this topic. But now I'm pissed off. Tomorrow I go to court to support the family of a young police officer murdered in the line of duty in our city of Sacramento. His killer, a mutiple strike felon who couldn't even make it on parole. He's what we call a PAL - Parolee at Large! Billy Bean was much loved in the neighborhoods he worked in and it wasn't a white suburb... it was a minority community and he spent much of his off duty time nurturing parentless kids of all sheapes, sizes, gender and race. Billy was a kid himself, age wise. He was white, his killer black.

Billy's dad, Bill Bean Sr. recently wrote:

"After three and one half years the second attorney, Tresa Huff, is going to be asking the Judge to allow her to quit (next Friday, Sept. 6 th, at 8:30 in Department 8). Ms Huff has been on the case for 2 years. It sounds like she has already talked to the Presiding Superior Court Judge Mike Garcia, behind the DA's back, and that it a done deal. She may have already signed a contract with her new employer. If she gets her wish, it would cause another VERY LENGTHY delay. Needless to say, this has me very upset.

Maybe it's time for more of us to show up in court, so that the Judges knows that we still care. If you can get the time off next Friday, maybe you could be there."

3 1/2 YEARS!!

Where is Maxine Waters screaming "No Justice - No peace!!" There's plenty of rushing to judgement when a cop is accused of wrongdoing. But a cop killer?

A thirty year veteran cop friend of mine wrote:

"Mr. Bean just wants a show of force and concern. It sounds like Bill's death is not a serious matter to many people anymore. Another who died in vain. Depressing. You are on your own out there."

Look kids... you have it all wrong... in the now cherished words of mutilple felon Rodney King... "Can't we all just get along." Or hey, O.J. ... "Absolutely, positively, 100% NOT GUILTY."

See, there are white scholars out there to convice us, WHITE is bad... very very bad... become brown and we can all get along... just like they do in Africa today... hell, just like they do in ALL third world countries... You all better fear your whiteness because YOU'RE the world's problem. That's why you're the victims in 92% of violent crimes in America the black brothers do and you can only account for about 8% of the crimes against people of color. What a compelling argument to change your race next census... wear a sign when you go to the ATM at night!

David Horowitz... you told it like it was... but you saw what happened... I know... I was there at UCD and Freeped the bastards who didn't want you to speak... let alone hear the truth. You know how that works... you were a white Black Panther radical racist scumbag in your youth!

For those of you unfamiliar with Fred Reed, he's a police reporter for one of the large Washington newspapers.

Anyway, Fred publishes (published) a weekly online column in which he got to say the things his editors would never, ever have let him write in the paper. His stuff is iconoclastic and various articles have probably offended everyone regardless of political orientation.

So, with the warning that "This is definitely not politically correct," here comes Fred. The following is an essay regarding the failings of a system and a culture. Please note that he elegantly describes the mood of many white Americans and does so without prejudice.

I find that Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the chairman of Afro-American Studies at Harvard, is demanding that whites pay reparations to blacks.

It's because of slavery, see. He is joined in this endeavor by a gaggle of other professional blacks. I guess he'll send me a bill, huh?

I feel like saying, Let me get this straight, Hank. I'm slow. Be patient. You want free money because of slavery, right? I don't blame you. I'd like free money too.

Tell you what. I believe in justice. I'll give you a million dollars for every slave I own, and another million for every year you were a slave. Fair enough? But tell me, how many slaves do you suppose I have? In round numbers, I mean. Say to the nearest dozen. And how long were you a slave? Oh.

In other words, I owe you reparations for something that I didn't do and didn't happen to you. That makes sense. Like lug nuts on a birthday cake.

Personally, I think you owe me reparations for things you didn't do and never happened to me. I've never been coated in Dutch chocolate and thrown from the Eiffel Tower. I'll bet you've never done it to anyone. I want reparations. Kinda silly, isn't it?

But if we're going to talk about reparations, that's a street that runs in two directions. You want money from me for what some other whites did to some other blacks in another century.

How about you guys paying whites reparations for current expenses caused by blacks? Not long ago blacks burned down half of Los Angeles, a city in my country. Cities are expensive, Hank. Build one sometime and you'll see what I mean. Whites had to pay taxes to repair Los Angeles for you. You can send me a check.

Now, yes, I know you burned LA because you didn't like the verdict in the trial of those police officers. Well, I didn't like the verdict in the Simpson trial. But I didn't burn my house and loot Korean grocers.

Over the years blacks have burned a lot of American cities: Newark, Detroit, Watts, on and on. Now add in the fantastic cost over the years of welfare in all its forms, of large police forces and jails and security systems in department stores.

I can't live in the capital city of my own country because of crime committed by blacks. Toss in the cultural cost of lowering standards in everything for the benefit of blacks. See what I mean?

Now, I'd view things differently if you said, "Fred, blacks can't get anywhere in a modern country without education. We know that. We need better schools, smarter teachers, harder courses, books with smaller pictures and bigger words. Can you help us?" I'd say, "Hallelujah! Hoo-ahh! Not just yes, but hell yes.

Let's sell an aircraft carrier and get these folks some real schools and get them into the economic mainstream." I'd say it partly because it would be the right thing to do, and partly, because I'd like to add you guys to the tax base.

The current custodial state is expensive. I'd just love for blacks to study and learn to compete and stop burning places. But is it going to happen? You may not believe it, but I, and most whites, don't like seeing blacks as miserable and screwed up as they are.

I spend a fair amount of time in the projects. Those places are ugly. It's no fun watching perfectly good kids turn into semiliterate dope dealers who barely speak English. It just plain ain't right. But, Hank, what am I supposed to do about it? I can't do your children's homework.

At some point, people have to do things for themselves, or they don't get done. Maybe it's time. I'll tell you what I see out in the world, Hank. I think blacks are too accustomed to getting anything they want by just demanding it. True, it has worked for over half a century. Get a few hundred people in the street, implicitly threaten to loot and burn, holler about slavery, and the Great White Cash Spigot turns on. Thing is, whites don't much buy it any longer. Most recognize that what once was a civil-rights movement has become a shakedown game. Few people still feel responsible for the failings and inadequacies of blacks. Political correctness keeps the lid on -- but everyone knows the score. Which scares me, Hank.

On one hand, blacks hate whites and incline toward looting and burning. (The whites you hate are the ones who marched in the civil-rights movement. Ever think about that?)

On the other hand, whites quietly grow wearier and wearier of it. Not good.

On the third hand (allow me three hands, for rhetorical convenience), blacks keep demanding things. As I write, you demand reparations for slavery. Blacks in Oklahoma (I think it was) want money for some ancient race riot.

Other blacks reject the Declaration of Independence, blacks in New York hint broadly at burning and looting over a trial, yet more demand the elimination of the Confederate flag, and the federal equal opportunity apparatus, which means blacks, wants to sue Silicon Valley for not hiring nonexistent black engineers.

That's a lot of demanding for one month, Hank. What happens if whites ever say, "No"?

Now, how about you? You've got a cushy job up there at Harvard, and you can hoot and holler about what swine and bandits whites are. I guess it's lots of fun, and you get a salary for it. But don't you think you might do blacks more good if you told them to complain less and study more?

For example, if you want blacks to work in Silicon Gulch, the best approach might be to find some really smart black guys, and get them to study digital design, not Black Studies. That's how everybody else does it. It works. Then blacks wouldn't feel left out, and racial tension would decline. Sound like a plan?

Just out of curiosity, how many hours a week do professors of Afro-American Studies spend in the projects, encouraging poor black kids to study real life subjects?"

I find Fred Reed's last comment reflective of issues close to my heart... right on point the the subject of this thread and close to a fine young man's legacy. The words on the National Law Enforcement Memorial come to mind; "It's not how they died that made them heroes, it's how they lived." Will an empty courtroom greet Billy's family? Will Dundell Wright's family ever take responsibility for their failures as parents?

Let the UN and all the other "American Way of Life" haters answer those questions. Let the Envior-Terrorist answer why snakes and rodents are more important than our kid's education or health. I say let the third world do what it's proven it can do so well... kill each other off. Let's take care of our own... no matter the color of thier skins. And to those who want to remove whiteness from our culture... what goes around comes around! BANK ON IT

18 posted on 09/05/2002 6:03:57 PM PDT by comwatch
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To: Tailgunner Joe
The innocent always pay the price of the corrupt. It sure makes a person feel helpless in the face of it.
19 posted on 09/05/2002 6:13:12 PM PDT by MissAmericanPie
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To: All

Tonight, UNSPUN with AnnaZ and Mercuria!
6pm pdt/9pm edt


with special guest, reluctant culture warrior,
Master Sergeant Giddens, USAF



Click HERE to LISTEN LIVE while you FReep!

Click HERE for the RadioFR Chat Room!

Miss a show? Click HERE for the RadioFR Archives!

20 posted on 09/05/2002 6:13:41 PM PDT by Bob J
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