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New Democrat Party Mottos ***THREAD FOUR*** Al Qaeda Registered Democrats
September 16, 2002 | Jeep In Mazar

Posted on 09/16/2002 2:07:19 PM PDT by JeepInMazar

Add your motto here.

Here is the complete lists  from THREAD ONE and THREAD TWO and THREAD THREE. These three threads are locked, as they were created before the reformat of FreeRepublic. So here is THREAD FOUR

Some great additions are appearing in various threads including: "Democratic Party insiders are said to be furious over published reports identifying the five al Qaeda cell members arrested over the weekend in Lackawanna, New York as registered Democrats." Dems Fume as Al Qaeda Cell Political Ties Revealed

It's time to add the fresh mottos in light of the Al Qaeda political affiliations!

  • The Democrat Party - Help us Make America Dumb and Weak
  • The Democrat Party - Tyrants and Socialists who care for you!
  • The Democratic Party: We do everything for the children, including aborting them.
  • The Democratic Party - Vote for us or disappear like an intern!
  • The Democratic Party - FASCISTS.
  • The Democratic Party - Caretakers of the Public Teat
  • The Democratic Party - Equality for All, and More than Equality for Us
  • Democrats - We're way smarter than you, so let us spend your money.
  • The Democratic Party - YOU PAY, WE PARTY
  • The Democratic Party - We're so compassionate, we give YOUR money to the poor (er, whatever's left)!
  • The Democrat Party - Give us your tired, your weak, and your poor, we'll make 'em worse off.
  • The Democrats - From Camelot to Sodom & Gomorrah in only 35 years. Can you do it faster?
  • The Democrat Party - We will cry, scream, lie, divide, threaten, demagogue and pout for your rights to get other people's money.
  • The Democratic Party: Your Money: Our Agenda.....
  • The Democratic Party: "What?....You got a problem with socialism?"
  • The Democratic Party - Because You're Too Stupid to Think For Yourselves.
  • The Democratic Party - We'll give you more of other peoples' stuff...
  • The Democratic Party: Because we don't want to murder old people and children.
  • The Democratic Party: We just want control over every aspect of human thought and endeavor.
  • The Democratic Party - The best politicians money can buy.
  • The Democrat Party - Kompassionate Kleptomaniacs
  • The Democrat Party - A Bunch of Filthy, Anti-American, Commie Pieces of Dung.
  • The Democrat Party - We Don't Know What We Want, But We Want It Now.
  • The Democratic Party - the other half of the Incumbent Party.
  • The Democratic Party: The Party of Rape, Treason, Corruption & Totalitarianism.
  • The Democrat Party- We are NOT socialist! really!
  • DEMOCRATIC PARTY-Kill a child--Pro-choice; Education -Anti-Choice
  • Democrats: Think globally, act stupid.
  • The Democratic Party - Let's face it. We suck.
  • The Democratic Party -- where socialism meets organized crime...
  • The Democratic Party: Putting the HIP back in Hypocrisy
  • The Democratic Party: Don't laugh, your daughter may be an intern here.
  • The Democratic Party: It all depends on your definition of the word "party"
  • The Democratic Party: Lying Under Oath Since 1992
  • The Democratic Party: More presidents impeached than any other party!
  • The DEMOCRATIC PARTY -- Because you owe us.
  • The Democratic Party - open minded as long as you agree with us!
  • The Democratic Party- From Washington to Clinton, proof that human progess is not inevitable (with thanks to Henry Adams)
  • The Democratic Party- All your money and possessions must be checked at the door
  • The Democratic Party- Proving you can fool all of the people all of the time
  • The Democratic Party- Hey, if such fine and honest people like Patricia Ireland, Dan Rather, and Alec Baldwin like us, why can't you?
  • The Democratic Party- Keeping Roger Clinton out of politics and at the buffet since 1993.
  • The Democratic Party- Making Dick Nixon look good since 1993.
  • The Democratic Party - The Death of Truth.
  • The Democratic Party - We are for the "Little Guy" - Satan.
  • The Democrat Party: Got Bilked?
  • The Democratic Party- The party of organized crime.
  • The Democratic Party- We spend your money, so you don't have to.
  • "All of your rights are belong to us!"
  • The Democrat Party - Organized crime with a flag on the wall
  • The Democrat Party - Agree with our agenda, or it's off with your head!
  • The Democratic Party . . . The Homocratic Party
  • Motto of the California Democratic Party: "Now you know the power of the Dark Side!"
  • The Democratic Party - All Your Money Are Belong To Us!
  • The Democratic Party- We make literature come alive for you- Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World...
  • The Democratic Party: Parasites, Perverts & Dupes
  • The Demoncratic Party - What, You Think Hell Just Organized Itself?
  • The Democratic Party: All your votes are belong to us (sorry)
  • The Democratic Party: George Orwell would be proud
  • The Democratic Party: There is no God, there is only the state!
  • The Democratic Party: We know what's best for you...or else!
  • The Democratic Party: Logic is not our strong point
  • The Democratic Party: Established May 2 1917
  • The Democratic Party: Excusing Evil Since 1993.
  • Vote Democrat - because Barbra Streisand is the greatest political thinker of our age.
  • The Democratic Party: Recovering alcoholics, recovering wife beaters, recovering date-drowners, recovering child buggers who know what's best for America.
  • The Democratic Party: Clinton is a Crook? We Don't Care!
  • The Democrat Party: "We just don't matter"
  • DEMOCRATS: We make you want to tear your hair out!
  • The Democratic Party: Pro-Save-The-Baby-Seals, and Pro-Abortion. We care more for owls than for humanity. And we call ourselves 'humanists.'
  • The DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Just give us several trillion more of your tax dollars and we will end poverty. Hey, we mean it this time. Honest. Have we ever (not) lied to you?
  • The democRAT party--Proof Machiavelli was right--people really are stupid and need to be lead around by the nose.
  • The Democrats. Give us your guns, your children and all your money. After all, you can trust us.
  • Democratic Party Motto "We manufacture Democrats, one broken family at a time."
  • The Democratic Party: First to war. First to Dodge it. And First with philosophical sell-outs.
  • The Democratic Party: Allow us to be irresponsible and we'll allow you all to pay for the consequences of our irresponsibility.
  • Democrat Party=
  • The democratic party. Home of the flat-out Lie.
  • Democratic Party: Wouldn't you rather be an ASS?
  • Democratic Party: Join the revolution, comrade!
  • Democratic Party: Don't blame us!
  • Democratic Party: Your vote counts..over and over again.
  • Democratic Party: If you're just not right.
  • Democratic Party: It's either us or the lotto
  • Democratic Party: We feel your least we think that's your pain.
  • Democratic Party: We feel your least we think that's your pain.
  • Democratic Party: Principles. Integrity. Lies. 1 out of 3 aint bad.
  • The Democrat Party - We welcome liars, rapists and all criminals.
  • A party of 6 year old's making laws to protect 6 year olds so eventually we can all act like 6 year old's.........
  • A party based on diversion of guilt...
  • The Democratic Party: Where We Believe Every Day IS April 15th.
  • The democRATic party - Kneepads for everyone.
  • Democracts-No intelligence required.
  • The Democratic Party - The party of Larry Flint
  • The Democratic Party - There's not ONE good republican reform that we can't demonize and then steal as our own.
  • The Democratic Party - They create the problems, then they provide the solutions that exacerbate those problems, creating the need for new solutions that exacerbate...
  • The Democratic Party - What do you mean it's YOUR money?!
  • The Democratic Party - Hey, it beats communisim!
  • The Democratic Party - ALL WE HAVE IS FEAR ITSELF.
  • The Democratic Party - Loves targets but hates guns.
  • The Democratic Party - It's only wrong if republicans do it.
  • The DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Dead Interns "R" Us
  • The Democratic Party - Our most valued national secrets go to the highest bidder.
  • THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Let Carville Do Your Thinking For You.
  • THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Grab Your Ankles, America.
  • THE DemocRATic PARTY: The 'Rat Stuff.
  • The Democrats -- If there's money in it for us, we're interested!
  • The Democrats -- Come hang with us, where nobody is considered a sexual deviant!
  • The Democrat Party: Turning America into the Netherlands
  • The Democrat Party: "Constitution? We don't need no stinkin' Constitution!"
  • The Democrat Party: The Only Reason to Vote Republican
  • The Democrat Party: "The era of Big Government is over . . . every aspect of your lives."
  • The Democrat Party: The Era of Big Government--It Ain't Over Till It's Over
  • The Democrat Party: The Federal Leviathan Plus a Contempt for Traditional Morality--What a Combination!
  • The DEMOCRATIC PARTY... What's yours is ours.
  • The Democratic Party: Baby killers, EnviroKooks, FemiNazis, Larry Flynt, assorted perverts, Hollyweird Airheads, Christian Haters, PC Thought Police......Join the special interest freak-show!
  • The Democrat Party: Official Mascot of Chicken Little. Yeah, THE Chicken Little.
  • The Democrats: It's all or nothing. All for us, nothing for you.
  • The Democrat Party: Where danger lurks around every corner, and the sky has been falling for years.
  • The Democrat Party: The eBay of DC, selling off military secrets and your freedom to the highest bidders.
  • The Democrat Party: "We're your neighbors . . .
    you know, the weird ones down the block,
    the two lesbians who take their out-of-wedlock children to the day-care center before going to the Wicca meeting."
  • The Democratic Party - Our honor is our loyalty!
  • The Democrat Party: The "Village" People
  • Democrats - with the wisdom of Alec Baldwin, the charm of Sidney Blumenthal, and the honesty of Marc Rich.
  • The Democrat Party: Building a bridge to--somewhere in West Virginia, it's a Robert Byrd pork project
  • The Democrat Party: As Seen on TV! (CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN . . .)
  • The Democratic Party: We put the RAT back in DemocRATic.
  • Who has elected the nation's only former KLANSMAN in the SENATE?
    The Democratic Party. Who else?
  • The Democratic Party. Just plain EVIL.
  • The Democrat Party: In Support Of The Lowest Common Denominator
  • The Democrats: We can't say no.
  • The Democrat Party: It's the stupidity, stupid. So just admit you are, and let us take care of you.
  • The Democratic Party: building a bridge to the 21st century (B.C.).
  • The Democratic Party: you have a dollar, we want two.
  • The Democratic Party: be all we will let you be.
  • The Democratic Party: ding dong...taxwoman calling.
  • The Democratic Party: creating dependency one over-taxed payer at a time.
  • The Democratic Party: only our hairdressers know for sure.
  • The Democratic Party--authors of the most villianous sneak attack since Pearl Harbor.
  • The Democrat Party - We buy your vote with your money.
  • The Democrat Party: "If this be sin, let sin be served!"
  • The Democrat Party: "Join us and get 30 pieces of Chinese silver."
  • The Democratic party- We'll turn the lights out for you.
  • The Democratic Party - where robbing Peter to pay Paul will get you the vote of Paul (assuming he can punch the right chad)
  • The Democratic Party: If it moves, we tax it. If it keeps moving we regulate it. If it stops moving, we subsidize it.
  • The Democratic Party: If the election's broken, we FIX it! (It's broken if we don't win!)
  • The Democrat Party: We bring bad things to life.
  • The Democrat Party: We've Never Seen a Big Government Program We Didn't Like!
  • The Democratic Party- We never met a tax we didn't like.
  • The Democrat Party - We are a risky scheme!
  • If it saves just one life, it was worth enslaving you.....for the children
  • The Democrat Party: Fixing elections since 1960.
  • The Democratic Party: Bend Over!
  • The Democratic Party -- you already voted for us, without even knowing it!
  • The Democrats--enfranchising dead people since the 1870s.
  • The Democrat Party: Just Put Some Ice on That.
  • The Democratic Party- the only justifiable reason for an abortion.
  • The Democrat Party: The Deomcrat Party is mother, The Democrat Party is father
  • The Democratic Party - It's not your parents party anymore
  • The democRAT Party - Vaseline not included
  • The Democratic Party - If you only knew what we have planned for you
  • The Democratic Party- what happens when people realize they can vote themselves money from the US Treasury.
  • The Democratic party: Have a condom.
  • The Democratic Party - We think everyone has a right to your money......except you.
  • The Democratic party- Why cousins shouldn't marry.
  • The Democrats: Building a bridge to the Thirteenth century
  • The Democrats: Because you really don't NEED electricty
  • The Democrats: Making America more like California every day
  • The Democratic Party - Feminists supporting Rapists
  • The Democratic Party - no controlling legal authority will stand in our way
  • Democratic Party: 40 years of pure soicalism, unhampered by any useful policy or good for America!
  • Democratic Party: Vote early & often
  • Democratic Party: Because we don't think that Americans need to stress their brains to think for themselvs.
  • Democratic Party: We'll do for you, what Jim Jones did for his people.
  • Democratic Party: Living proof that the welfare class should be denied the right to vote (it's called a conflict of intrest)
  • The Democratic Party - Join us or we'll kill your dog
  • The Democratic Party- You bring the booze, we'll bring the Kennedy's.
  • "The Democratic Party: We've Still Got Dukakis!"
  • "The Democratic Party: Will Rogers Never Met Us"
  • "The Democratic Party: We're Diggin' Up JFK and Runnin' Him Again!"
  • "The Democratic Party: Come Join Us If You Hate Bush" (I understand this one didn't poll well at NOW headquarters. ;)
  • The Democratic Party: If you loved Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Pol Pot - you will love us!
  • The Democratic Party-We Rob the Rich and Feed the poor...for a small charge of course.
  • The Democratic Party - where pornagraphy is protected but prayer is prohibited
  • Democratic Party - proof that man did evolve from apes.
  • The Democratic Party- Our agenda is your enema.
  • The Democratic Party - Destroying the Constitution, one amendment at a time
  • The Democratic Party: The Graveyard Votes, So You don't Have To!
  • The Democratic Party: The Graveyard Votes, So You don't Have To!
  • The Democratic Party - we protect convicted killers and rapists from cruel and unusual punishment but not innocent babies
  • The Democratic Party - Because drugs are safer than tobacco and guns
  • The Democrat Party: We'll treat you like an intern
  • The Democratic Party - If the party was a number, the party would be a zero.
  • The Democratic party- Because thinking is a dangerous thing.
  • Democratic Party - an army of one ...bad idea after another
  • Democratic Party - A mind is a good thing to waste.
  • The Democratic Party - Because security is better than liberty
  • Democrats - your money and your life... things you shouldn't control.
  • The Democratic party -" From each according to his ability, To each according to his need."
  • The Democrat Party: The Jamaican bobsled team of politics; Where Government begins with "I"; and Where "Al" is an abbreviation for Alien Life form.
  • The Democratic Party- The cocaine of the masses.
  • "The Democratic Party: Ethics, Shmethics"
  • The Democratic Party - We like clean air and water
  • The Democratic Party: another day, another inconvenience.
  • The Democratic Party: feed us.
  • The Democratic Party: we love sin.
  • The Democratic Party: over-regulation is our most important product.
  • The Democratic Party: transfering wealth since 1932.
  • The Democratic Party: top dollar for YOUR vote.
  • The Democratic Party...Come get stoned on drugs, and afterwards let socialized medicine take care of you
  • The Democratic Party...better than the Libertarians because we offer postcare for your drug addiction
  • The Democrat party: Our limousines don't need new mufflers.
  • The Democrapic Party: Where your money disappears faster than David Copperfield can make a jet disappear.
  • DemonicRats = the New National Socialist Party. Adolph would be so proud of us!
  • DemonicRats = The party of the dark and preverted sides. Without your taxes, we couldn't party!
  • Facists, socialists, communists, left wing extremists, welcome home to the DemonicRat Party!
  • Motto of Demonicrats, "We never met a criminal, a communist or a tax we didn't love forever!"
  • The Rats - and you thought all we wanted was a little of your cheese.
  • Democrat Party - "Multiply by Dividing"
  • The Democrat Party: The party of slave owners.
  • The Democratic Party: Become one of the enslavers!
  • Democratic party-We just want your money-period!
  • The Democratic Party: Because Nazi was Already Taken
  • The Democratic Party: We're affiliated with drug addicted actors and musicians, pornographers, perverts, criminals, tree hugging wussies, washed up hippies, nose ringed freaks, and John McCain
  • The Democratic Party- The Californication of America.
  • The Democrat Party: When You Care Enough to Spend Other People's Money
  • The Democrat Party: "Don't Mess with Taxes"
  • Pimps, Perverts and Perjurers Agree: Vote Democratic!
  • The Democrat Party: We Distort, You Provide
  • The Democratic Party: We'll gladly give you the of someone else's back.
  • The Democrat Party: The party for overdosed Liber....cough, hack....tari.....wheez....ans.
  • Democratic Party-do you know where your chads are? Democratic Party-Cigaretts for votes (plus free healthcare)
  • The Democratic Party- We'll be the daddy you never had.
  • DNC---"It's American for 'Commie', mate".
  • The Democratic Party- "What's in your Wallet"
  • The Democratic Party---Where your 'right to die' is affirmed.
  • The Democratic Party-Where it takes a village(no parents required.)
  • The Democrat Party - Wen never met a tax we didn't hike.
  • The Democrat Party---Closer to the People's Republic of China than the Republicans.
  • The Democratic Party- "Don't leave home with out us!". . . . Well you really don't have a choice; we're in your schools, your chuches, your work, your bedroom, your cars. . . .
  • The Democrat Party - We'll leave the light on for you, and then blame Bush for the energy shortage.
  • The Democratic Party - Destroying the Constitution, one ACLU Law Suit at a Time
  • The Democratic Party- For people with entirely too much time on their hands.
  • The Democratic Party: Pay-outs, Way-outs, and Gray-outs
  • Democratic Party-Have Lawyers-will travel(i.e. 2000 election)
  • Steal from your neighbors, go to jail

    Slander good people, get sued

    Lie on the Witness stand, contempt of court.

    Join the Democratic Party, then its all perfectly LEGAL.

  • The Democratic Party- Redistributing wealth since the 1960's.
  • The Democratic Party - The Pee Wee Hermans of Politics
  • Democratic Party: ThiMk BIG!!
  • Democraps: On your knees! (This will just take a second.)
  • The Demogogue Party:"Psst! C'mere kid, lemme show you sumptin'."
  • Democratic Party: Our women wear big plastic pearls. (Courtesy of Big Oil)
  • Democrat Party....We never had real jobs but we can sure make yours tougher.
  • Democrat Party: Oh what we can get done at the point of a gun!
  • Democrat Party: Our women are ugly, butt ugly.
  • The Democratic Party: Building The Future - One Atrocity At A Time!
  • The Democratic Party: "We'll turn the lights out for ya!"
  • The Democratic Party: "America's Homegrown AIDS Virus"
  • The Democratic Party: "Better Red Than Dead!"
  • The Democrat Party: We can debate the meaning of is, but we can't spell it.
  • DEfinitely MOre CRAp Talking
  • The Democrat Party: Our strength is our perversity.
  • The Democrats: The party of Patricia Ireland and Larry Flint--That's diversity!
  • The Democrat Party: We're looking for a few good interns.
  • DemocRats: Party of Hot gas, Hot furniture and Hot interns
  • DemocRats: Party of Lenin, Marx, Hitler, Mussolini, Clinton and Carvile
  • DemocRats: Xanthippic Xenophobes of American politics - (you've never seen this before, but it fits!)
  • DemocRats: Only Feminine Trash Feigning Respectability need apply
  • DemocRats: Only Feminine Trash Feigning Respectability need apply
  • DemocRats: No cigar, lie, crime or tax too big for us to contemplate.
  • The Democratic Party: Liars and Clymers and Bores (oy vey!)! - or should that be "Whores"?
  • The Democratic Party. Our most recent leaders have been: Bill Clinton, Tip O'Neill, Jimmy Carter, and Ted Kennedy. Anything else you need to know?
  • The Democratic Party: We haven't run a REAL candidate for President since TRUMAN!!!
  • Slavery. Jim Crow. Un-Declared Wars of Conquest. Uncontrolled immigration. The IRS. The Income Tax. Welfare. Public ban of religion. Particial-birth abortion. Massve Energy crisis.
    Who brought them to YOU?
    The Democratic Party.
  • The Democratic Party: We don't have a majority in the federal government, state governments, or even LOCAL governments anymore. Gues why?
  • The Democratic Party - Admit it...Your greed is killing you.
  • The Democratic Party: Making America Third to None (but Second to All)
  • The Democratic Party: bringing the third world to a neighborhood near you.
  • The Democratic Party on Women's Health: We'll feel your breasts for lumps whether you want us to or not!
  • The Democratic party on Men's Health. We'll give you a free prostate exam whether you want us to or not!
  • The Democratic Party: Your Money Buys Us Mufflers
  • The Democratic Party: Our party, your money.
  • The Democratic Party: Where keeping you poor is our job.

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1 posted on 09/16/2002 2:07:19 PM PDT by JeepInMazar
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To: JeepInMazar
All your terrorists are belong to Democrat Party.
2 posted on 09/16/2002 2:10:43 PM PDT by The Vast Right Wing
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3 posted on 09/16/2002 2:16:32 PM PDT by Tailgunner Joe
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To: JeepInMazar
New GOP Campaign ad:

"5 out of 5 terrorists choose to vote Democrat.
Kind of makes you wonder who you will vote for, doesn't it." :)
4 posted on 09/16/2002 2:19:51 PM PDT by anymouse
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To: JeepInMazar

5 posted on 09/16/2002 2:20:46 PM PDT by smith288
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To: Alamo-Girl
Check this thread out.
6 posted on 09/16/2002 2:20:58 PM PDT by anymouse
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To: JeepInMazar
The Democratic Party: Because Islam means peace.
7 posted on 09/16/2002 2:21:18 PM PDT by rudypoot
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To: JeepInMazar
The Democrat Party - We're Series About Socialism!
8 posted on 09/16/2002 2:25:21 PM PDT by CheezyD
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To: JeepInMazar
The Democrat Party: We're fat; we're lazy; we care about healthcare!
9 posted on 09/16/2002 2:32:47 PM PDT by RAT Patrol
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To: JeepInMazar
Vote Democrat Party - because Burkhas are better!
10 posted on 09/16/2002 2:34:05 PM PDT by areafiftyone
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To: JeepInMazar
The Democrat Party: The party of Osama
11 posted on 09/16/2002 2:34:21 PM PDT by RAT Patrol
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To: RAT Patrol
We support Al Qaeda Gore.
12 posted on 09/16/2002 2:37:53 PM PDT by Ed_in_NJ
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To: JeepInMazar
The Democrat Party: Endorsed by Al Qaeda

The Democrat Pary: Where patriotism is a hate crime

13 posted on 09/16/2002 2:39:42 PM PDT by RAT Patrol
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To: JeepInMazar
The Democrat Party: We've Fallen Down And We Can't Get Up!


14 posted on 09/16/2002 2:40:56 PM PDT by Political Junkie Too
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To: JeepInMazar
How do I get these in bumper sticker form?
15 posted on 09/16/2002 2:52:49 PM PDT by softengine
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To: JeepInMazar
Democrat Party: Pardon Equality for Terrorist Minorities
16 posted on 09/16/2002 2:54:36 PM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March
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To: JeepInMazar
DNC: Bomb and Be Pardoned
17 posted on 09/16/2002 2:57:11 PM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March
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To: JeepInMazar
DNC: We Luv Terrorists 2
18 posted on 09/16/2002 2:58:38 PM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March
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To: RAT Patrol
"The Democrat Pary: Where patriotism is a hate crime"

Good one.

19 posted on 09/16/2002 2:59:47 PM PDT by sweetliberty
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To: JeepInMazar
DNC: Al Quaeda and FALN Welcome!
20 posted on 09/16/2002 3:01:38 PM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March
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