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FOR FREEDOM & JUSTICE GROUP ^ | October 2, 2002 | Alfredo Vivanco González, USTIC. Coordinator

Posted on 10/02/2002 11:09:44 PM PDT by CHACHI



October 2, 2002

This letter from Cuba was received by Martha Tamargo. Betty Smith translated it, mailed it, and telephoned the office of Governor Jesse Ventura in Minnesota to provide Mr. Ventura with the telephone number in Cuba to contact Mr. Alfredo Vivanco Gonzalez, U.S.T.I.C. Coordinator. My name is Pablo Rodriguez Carvajal, and I am a witness to the fact that all these was done with ample time. I am the one who decided to make this letter public to give the Governor the opportunity to do what any man that loves freedom would do, for example, like it or not, what Jimmy Carter did. For this man to make this comment in Havana is outrageous. (This was Gov. Ventura’s answer when a reporter asked him if he had plans to meet with the opposition) "I don't know where they are. I mean, if they know, my hotel is here, and if they want to come here and meet, I'll be happy to meet with them", moreover, for him to believe that no one would confront him is to believe that we are from the Stone Age. Maybe there are some still confused, but for a long time now in our country and abroad, Cubans are up to date and are not fooled by any demagoguery.


Alfredo Vivanco González, U.S.T.I.C. National Coordinator Syndicate of Independent Workers Union of Cuba, Representing the Executive Board of this Organization makes public the following OPEN LETTER, addressed to the Governor of Minnesota, U.S., Mr. Jesse Ventura, for his announced visit to our country.

Havana, September 3, 2002

Our union and its representatives are glad to hear of your recent announcement to visit our country. We consider that the presence of so distinguished personalities in our land may be very beneficial, since they can closely verify the true and sad situation that our population is experiencing.

We take advantage of this opportunity, to request very respectfully from you that at the time of your visit to Cuba, you should consider the recommendations expressed to you by the Governor of the state of Florida, Mr. Bush. That you should try to meet above all with the Cuban opposition, and mainly with the independent syndicates, because of your well known and long time standing of defending the rights of the workers.

Once your visit is over, we hope that you take with you a real impression of what our working-class is undergoing, and not a fictitious panoramic view. It would be very sad if you leave with a false notion.

Our Union of Independent Workers of Cuba is in the best disposition to meet with you, in order to engage in a dialog, which would be quite beneficial for both parties. It is up to you schedule the date and hour for this meeting.

We await your response to our proposal.


Alfredo Vivanco González Coordinador Nacional de la U.S.T.I.C

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Octubre 2, 2002


Esta carta fue recibida por Martha Tamargo, desde Cuba. Betty Smith la tradujo, se la envió, y, también llamó a su oficina. Me estoy refiriendo al Gobernador Jesse Ventura. Se le dio el número telefónico (en Cuba) donde comunicarse con Alfredo Vivanco González, Coordinador de la U.S.T.I.C., todo esto con bastante tiempo. Yo, Pablo Rodríguez Carvajal, soy testigo de esto, puesto que fue mí decisión no hacer dicha carta pública hasta darle al Gobernador la oportunidad de hacer lo que hace un hombre que ama la libertad, como por ejemplo, como hizo (gústale a quien le guste y duélale a quien le duela) Jimmy Carter. Para este señor hacer este comentario, "I don't know where they are. I mean, if they know, my hotel is here and if they want to come here and meet, I'll be happy to meet with them", y pensar que nadie va a salir a la palestra a desmentirlo, tiene que pensar que estamos viviendo aún en la era de las cavernas. Habrá algún que cubano por ahí que está aún en las cavernas, pero en nuestra patria, y también fuera de ella, hay muchos cubanos que hace tiempo salimos de las cavernas, pero ayudémoslo a él a que salga.

Traducción del comentario del Gobernador Jesse Ventura: "Yo no sé donde están. Digo, si ellos saben que mi hotel está aquí, y quieren venir a reunirse conmigo, yo estaría feliz en reunirme con ellos". TEXTO DE LA CARTA AL GOBERNADOR JESSE VENTURA:

Alfredo Vivanco González, U.S.T.I.C. Coordinador Nacional Unión Sindical de Trabajadores Independientes de Cuba hace pública, a nombre del Ejecutivo Nacional de esta organización, la siguiente CARTA ABIERTA, dirigida al Gobernador Sr. Jesse Ventura del estado de Minnesota, EE.UU., , por la anunciada visita a nuestro país próximamente.

La Habana 3 de septiembre 2002

Sr. Gobernador Jesse Ventura:

Nuestro organismo sindical ve con beneplácito, su reciente anuncio de visitar a nuestro país. Consideramos que la presencia de tan distinguidas personalidades en nuestra tierra, son muy provechosas, ya que pueden constatar bien de cerca la verdadera y triste situación que atraviesa nuestra población.

Aprovechamos esta visita, para solicitarle muy respetuosamente que al momento de visitarnos, tenga muy en cuenta las recomendaciones hechas por su homologo, el Gobernador del estado de la Florida, Sr.Bush, a su persona, de que tratara por todos los medios de reunirse con la oposición cubana y sobre todo con el sindicalismo independiente, teniendo como referencia que Ud. siempre ha sido un fiel defensor de los derechos de los trabajadores.

No quisiéramos, a la vez que sería bastante penoso, que una vez finalizada su visita a nuestro país, se llevara una panorámica virtual y no real de nuestra sufrida clase trabajadora.

Nuestra Unión Sindical de Trabajadores Independientes de Cuba, está en la mejor disposición de reunirse con Ud., a fin de sostener un dialogo, el cual sería bastante provechoso para ambas partes. Sólo quedaría por Ud. fijar la fecha y hora, para sostener dicho encuentro.

En espera de su contesta a nuestra proposición.


Alfredo Vivanco González, Coordinador Nacional de la U.S.T.I.C


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KEYWORDS: backstabbing; corruption; greed; opportunists; slavery; traitor; unethical
RCB COMMENTS: When asked if he would meet with them, the Governor replied: "I don't know where they are. I mean, if they know, my hotel is here, and if they want to come here and meet, I'll be happy to meet with them" Mr Ventura knows he is free to ask to meet with dissidents, but dissidents are not free to do anything. Jesse never mentioned that he was approached by Alfredo Vivanco González, U.S.T.I.C. National Coordinator Syndicate of Independent Workers Union of Cuba. This people risked getting beaten, and going to jail for the purpose of showing the Governor the sad reality of the working class. They did this because it was their understanding that Jesse Ventura always comes out in defense of the workers. The U.S.T.I.C. is offended by Mr. Ventura's attitude, and wish to expose his dishonesty.


1 posted on 10/02/2002 11:09:45 PM PDT by CHACHI
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Ventura. SEAL, huh?

Yeah. Sure.

2 posted on 10/02/2002 11:13:41 PM PDT by onedoug
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To: onedoug
Jesse is just a stupid whale, x-"wrassler', x-"Guvner"
and creepy fool.
3 posted on 10/03/2002 2:23:56 AM PDT by iopscusa
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To: iopscusa
Jesse Does Havana
Humberto Fontova
Friday, Oct. 11, 2002

They say pro boxing causes brain damage. Years of whacks and wallops on the head pound the brain into putty. This gradually corrodes the intellect, atrophies the powers of reasoning, and results in speech patterns that borrow the best from Rocky Balboa and Beavis and Butt-Head.

Pro wrestling must act quicker, and small wonder. Ever see that "pile-driver"? Whoo-boy. Hulk Hogan mastered the technique. The Junkyard Dog honed it to a science. They wore it out on Jesse "The Body" Ventura. First they'd grab Jesse in a full Nelson, then pick him up as the crowd roared with bloodlust. Then they'd turn Jesse upside down – BONG!BONG!BONG! – headfirst into the mat like a pile driver went ol' Jesse. His gray matter churned and whipped like a Piña Colada.

The crowd went nuts, shrieking and scowling and shaking their fists with bloodlust. At least boxing gloves are cushioned.
Anyone who doubts the ravages of this horseplay on the human brain didn't hear Jesse Ventura's comments in Havana last week. At first I gaped, blinked, removed my glasses and wiped them. Nope, I was seeing correctly.

Then tilted my head and pounded it smartly with my palm. Perhaps some Gulf water was trapped in there from my last dive trip? Nope. Nothing came out. I was hearing correctly.

Finally I chuckled. A minute later I guffawed. You see this a lot among Cuban-Americans. It's a defense mechanism we've evolved to keep from going completely (as opposed to partially) crazy when listening to celebrities, the Beltway media (and lately, Midwest politicians) expound on Cuba. I'm becoming a Darwinist as a result.

My wife (not Cuban) was angry, pointing at the TV screen incredulously. "He's worse than Jimmy Carter!" she gasped.
"Give him a break," I said, shaking my head. "How'd YOU like to be on the receiving end of the Junkyard Dog for five years? Poor guy, he can't help it. His brain was in a Cuisinart. It's pureed."

Before embarking for Fidel's Shangri-la Ventura was asked if he'd meet with any Cuban dissidents. "I don't know where they are," he replied. "I mean, if they know my hotel is here and they want to come here and meet, I'll be happy to meet with them."
"No!" I yelled. "No way! I didn't hear the governor of a populous and highly literate U.S. state say that? ... Did I?!"

I did. Right, Jesse. These dissidents (he probably thinks they're like Democrats when Republicans are in power) will just get in their Mercedes, drive over and chat it up with you, maybe get a coupla drinks at the bar. Perhaps the CDRs will even escort them over, Jesse. Perhaps Castro's G-2 would drive them over themselves as a good-will gesture.

UN-freakin'-REAL, this Ventura guy. But forget that part for a second. Does this imbecile realize that armed police bar all (non-Communist Party) Cubans from getting anywhere near the plush hotels the tourists infest?

U.S. celebrities and politicians wailed and moaned to high heaven about the identical thing in South Africa. The thing was an "outrage!" An "intolerable human rights atrocity!" It merited boycotts and embargoes. It sparked endless caterwauling at the Academy Awards, the U.N. , Capitol Hill, Democratic conventions, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, MIT, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS ... blah ... blah ... blah.

In Cuba? Well, it's a marvelous way to "open up the system," a dandy method of "supplanting a failed policy." Again, you figure it out. I've given up.

Ventura prides himself on "blunt speech," on "straight talk." In his own words, he "shoots from the hip." Well, he's got the latitude right. Now move the longitude over about 45 degrees to the rear. THAT area seems more like the source of much Ventura talk.

This guy is too much. . Ventura made Ralph Nader sound like John Foster Dulles. He made Jimmy Carter sound like Niccolo Machiavelli. "Mr. President," he asked Castro (apparently in all sincerity), "who assassinated JFK? Any ideas? Can you help me with that?"

Jesse says he learned a lot while chatting and chumming it up with his new "charming and spellbinding" friend, "President" Castro. He had many ideas confirmed, namely about JFK's death. Ventura even plans to go back to Cuba as – get this – U.S. ambassador. And all because of this visit. He's a diplomat now, on top of everything else. Another feather in his cap. You da man, Jesse! This guy can do it all. Get your foot in the door of the WWF and the sky's the limit, I guess.

Basically Ventura had his own fruitcake theory confirmed, which is identical to Oliver Stone's which is identical to Fidel's. One major difference: With "President" Castro it's not a theory. It's a very useful ruse, great cover.

He didn't snow Lyndon Johnson, though. LBJ had Castro's number from day one. "Castro was behind it," he said about JFK's murder. And he never wavered.

Whatever else we can say about LBJ, he was no fool. He sent the Marines and Army Airborne into Santo Domingo at the first sign of trouble. No more Caribbean Communism – not under his watch. Where was Secretary of State Dean Rusk on that decision, I've always wondered.

This same Dean Rusk blanched at the thought of a single U.S. plane over the Bay of Pigs in April '61. Helping Cuban patriots topple the regime that stole $6 billion from U.S. companies, murdered scores of Americans with firing squads and would point nuclear missiles at the U.S. would have been "U.S. bullying" and intolerable "foreign intervention."

But four years later, this same Rusk gave a gutsy thumbs-up to LBJ's decision to send 25,000 U.S. troops into Santo Domingo to quell a leftist riot. Again, you figure it out. I've given up.

According to the Star Tribune, Ventura "exhorted University of Havana students to dream big and work hard to achieve success!"
Again I gaped. Did I hear right? Does this oaf have a CLUE what communism is? I guess the WWF doesn't require that sort of knowledge. But didn't he serve in 'Nam?

Anyway, listen up, Mr. Ventura: Castroland is not an Amway or Mary Kay franchise, sir. Cuban Horatio Algers typically jump on rafts, sir. There's no place for individual initiative, positive thinking and hard work down there, sir. To achieve success in Castroland – to "get to the top!" down there – you join the Communist Party, you pucker up and stoop down behind Fidel and his toadies and smooch away.

So come to think of it, Jesse, you DO have much to teach those Havana U. students. You and your entourage performed brilliantly in Havana last week.

A real piece of work, this Ventura guy. His song and dance about being a "libertarian" gets a little old, too. There's a little more to it than favoring the legalization of prostitution and drugs, Jesse. It gets worse. I'll quote Ventura from his latest book, "Do I Stand Alone?"

"Corrupt corporations exert their power in ways that harm the average citizen. They understand supply and demand but they play by those rules only so long as they're good for their profits – if not, free markets be dammed."
This from the main jester at an event (the U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition at Havana's Palacio de las Convenciones) sponsored by Archer Daniels Midland. This from the governor of a state where 65 percent of the farms get federal subsidies. Way to go, Jesse!

And did you catch the poster boys of the trade show? Cute, blonde, smiling, photogenic and perky Cliff (13 years old) and Seth (11) Kaehler of St. Charles, Minn. They were dairy farmers displaying their cows and chumming it up with Castro, cooing and smiling away. A smiling Uncle Fidel alternated between patting them and the cows affectionately on the head. It was something to see. Except that his whiskers were gray rather than white and his suit gray rather than red, you'd think you were looking at a Christmas photo.

I'll quote from the Star Tribune here: "The poster children for this new round of charm commerce were two boys from St. Charles, Minn., who became Castro's personal emissaries to their family's animal pens. They made headlines in Granma, Cuba's Communist Party newspaper."

Cliff, did you know that little boys just a little older than you were sent to the firing squad by that darling bearded gentleman you had dinner with? Yes, they were farmers too, Cliff, just like you. But Uncle Fidel stole all their cows, and land, and stuff. Yes, that's what Communists do, Cliff. They steal things. That's how they propose to pay for your family's cows, Cliff – with STOLEN money. I doubt they teach you about this in school either, but Communists don't actually PRODUCE anything, Cliff. They STEAL.

This was taught by ALL schools back in the '50s and '60s. But it's gone by the wayside lately. And if you try to stop Communists from stealing your stuff, they shoot you, Cliff. That's what happened to 15-year-old Carlos Machado, his twin brother, and their dad. They refused blindfolds, spat in their Communist executioners' faces and went down singing their national anthem and holding hands, Cliff. The bullets shattered their heads into pieces. They were only two years older than you, Cliff.

"Our cows were a little cramped on the way over," chirped little Cliff to a USA Today reporter at the Expo. "But they look okay now!" They certainly did, Cliff. Heck, your cows had a good 8-by-5-foot enclosure on the way over. That's plenty of room. Sometimes Uncle Fidel gave his political prisoners only 6-by-4-foot enclosures. Did you know that, Cliff?… I know, I know. They probably don't teach that in Minnesota's public schools either.

Heck, they don't seem to teach about it anywhere anymore. But here it is, from Contacto magazine, as reported by Uncle Fidel's ex-political prisoners themselves:
"One of the favorite places for the jailers to punish the inmates were in the infamous 'gavetas' (drawers), particularly in the prisons in Oriente. These measured 4 feet width by 6 feet in length. The prisoners had to remain in them kneeling. They suffered this torture in these cells from 5 to 6 months."

Six months, Cliff. And you were worried sick over your poor little moo cows because they spent two days like that. Maybe Barbara Walters will inquire (politely) about these things tonight, Cliff? Think so?

Humberto Fontova holds an M.A. in history from Tulane University. He's the author of "Helldiver's Rodeo," described as "Highly entertaining!" by Publisher's Weekly, "A must-read!" by Booklist, and "Just what the doctor ordered!" by Ted Nugent.
You may reach Mr. Fontova by e-mail at hfontova@earthlink.
4 posted on 10/15/2002 12:05:54 PM PDT by Dqban22
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