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A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....10-07-02
Carlo3b and Billie | Some of Angelique's Dear FRiends

Posted on 10/07/2002 6:49:01 AM PDT by Billie

A Few of FR's Finest.....
......Every Day

FR is a Treasure Trove of talented, compassionate, patriotic, wonderful people who gather every day to discuss the latest news and issues;  salute
and support our military and our leaders;  tell a few jokes;  learn a new
word;  write poetry;  pray for those in need;  and congratulate those who
are deserving. Thank you, Jim Robinson, for giving us the vehicle in which
we can express ourselves.

Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997.  I
can remember lurking when there were only a few regulars who posted, and now there are over 60,000 who have registered for posting privileges. The forum is read daily by tens of thousands
of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world.

A Few of FR's Finest November 11, 2001

So many people have written me since my original Veteran's Day Tribute, asking how they, or a loved one, could be included in that tribute. Since I can no longer add the photos to the body of the thread, I've been including them in additional posts as I received enough to make another collage.

Still that doesn't seem to be enough. I think there's never been a better nor more appropriate time to keep the faces of our own Veterans and Active Military in front of FReepers--every day! That's why I wanted to do yet another Daily Thread .....ABOUT FReepers .....and FOR FReepers. But not only about our Military FReepers; for all FReepers! Wouldn't it be nice to get to know a few of the other FReepers as well? That's why, in addition to seeing FR's Finest Military Personnel every day, I thought it might be fun to feature a different FReeper (or FReepers) each day. If you would like to be pictured, or know someone who would, please FReepmail me and we'll turn the spotlight - on YOU - for the day!

And do let me know if you'd like your picture added to the groups of Veterans/Active Military below. I will keep this page updated, and continue to add them to the comment section of the original Veteran's Day thread as well.

TOP: Logos, SwedeGirl's hubby, Neil E Wright, FallGuy, 1John, Sneakypete
MIDDLE:  T'wit, COB1, LadyX, Dick Bachert, 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub
BOTTOM:  YankeeinSC, Delta21, JoeSixPack1

TOP:  Bosniajmc, AFVetGal, Archy, A Navy Vet

MIDDLE:  4TheFlag, Aeronaut, 68Grunt, Xinga

BOTTOM:  Codger, AAABest, Clinton's A Liar, Duke809, dcwusmc

TOP:  mc5cents, Norb2569, LBGA's son, VanJenerette

MIDDLE:  Jim Robinson, KJenerette, davidosborne, KG9Kid

BOTTOM:  gwmoore, Equality7-2521, SAMWolf

TOP:  porgygirl, Phil V., MudPuppy, NorCoGOP

MIDDLE:  RaceBannon, OneidaM, rdb3, jwTexian

BOTTOM:  USMC Vet, TheMayor, Vineyard, rhododogma

TOP:  spectr17, RightOnline, SERE_Doc, Tet68

MIDDLE:  FutureSnakeEater, RightOnline's wife, CIApilot, Clamper1797
BOTTOM:  usmcobra, onedoug, DiverDave, Joe6-pack


The Clinton Legacy Cookbook will not be forgotten. Carlo and I will bring it to life in your memory. Your toil will not be in vain and all will know that your touch is everywhere. Rest peaceful, ma petite amie! I know you are. ~ ~ christie
Blue Boy is Christie's peacock, and Angelique was crazy about him.
This is for you, Angelique .... be forever surrounded by his beauty.

Remembering Angelique...

by Carlo3b & friends

Given the task of how to describe our Angelique, I spent four days posting with quote after quote of her own words and my memories of conversations that seemed at the time, so insignificant. Given the tragic turn of events, just recalling her gifted wit and sometimes fiery rhetoric, and more often, soft demeanor, suddenly brought into focus just what a treasure I enjoyed.
It appears I am not the only one that had the pleasure of an insight into the charms and well-disguised brilliance of the complex life of our dainty stick of dynamite, Susan Powell Cardinet, known to all of us as ... Angelique.
Judge a life by what others say about you when we're gone, and discover your true worth. Given that, I asked a few of her close friends, what she called her "Freeper buddies".  The response was as expected:

I knew a wonderful lady by the name of Angelique. She was bright, thoughtful, kind, and gracious.
She loved vine ripened tomatoes, and we'd always talk on the phone about how I would someday send her a shoe box of tomatoes cross country. We'd laugh and make up jokes about having the tomato or the veggie police arrest me for sending her tomatoes.
Angelique talked about being raised in the San Francisco Bay area. Her "Papa" (as she would call him) had a connection to the 49'er Football team. She told me that as a child her papa had one of her birthday parties at the 49'er complex. The party was complete with cake, ice cream and a 49-er football uniform for her to wear. Oh how she'd laugh and laugh about this memory.
We'd often share stories about our brothers and all the teasing brothers do to sisters.
She talked about being married to a Marine and living on base in Quantico, VA. during the Viet Nam war, but that's all she'd say about that.
Often we'd call each other and just the sound of my voice would make Angelique laugh. But the biggest laugh of all was during the elections when she and I and Lowbridge came up with the "Al Gore Taco Bell Dog" Graphic. I think that was her favorite election time graphic.
I could just hear her now, "TEACUP?? Is this you? HA! HA! HA! HA! It's me Angelique."
I will miss my dear friend Angelique.

Angelique was one of my first and one of my best fans of my photoshop graphics. And this goes way back to when I first got started. Quite often, she remembered pictures I created long after everyone else had forgotten about them (including me!). Even years after the fact.
A great cheerleader and wonderful friend. I loved her and miss her so very much.
~ Lowbridge

Angelique touched me briefly. She came, bringing with her warmth and compassion and a wit which is refreshing and difficult to find these days. We never got involved in discussions about politics or social issues. No, that was something we reserved for other occasions. Ours was a friendship based on the thing that mattered most to us - - -food.
When the concept for the Clinton Legacy Cookbook took flight, we would always trade recipes and funny quips about about our mutual weaknesses when it came to desserts and other goodies. We listened to each others' stories about our background and families and the intricacies involved in having an Italian ancestry. Here was a person who was instantly likable and friendly. We also discussed our ills and aches. Never once did she let on about her illness or her pain. I went on and on about my sinuses and my allergies and she humored me in spite of all that she endured.
She passed my way and then like a summer breeze, she drifted on. I know she is looking down on us from somewhere better. They say that a person never dies if they are remembered and talked about. Well, Angelique, you will live to be 200.
tua amica,

She was a fragile creature, and hid her pain from all of us for so long. May she finally find peace. I know we will all miss her terribly.  Angelique is with God now, and she's probably trying to re-decorate Heaven with Redwoods. We were fortunate to have her friendship for awhile.
~ Gonzo

The cookbook brought us together, but we shared so much more from growing up in the same community to love of Free Republic. We shared the fight for water at Klamath and thought up recipes for sucker fish.
We shared the tragedy of 911 and cried at the horror. We shared stories of our childhood and fell silent on our present. You wept when Blue Boy disappeared for a day, all the while Carlo was cooking up plans for his demise--roasted peacock.
You commiserated when my Paint, Shawnee, went under the knife and kindly shared your recipe for bull testicles. Poor baby. You giggled when you recounted the story of your young kitten who had kittens, having no idea how on earth she had became a mother. You loved the little critters as much as I.
And the hours and hours we joked and laughed about the wit and humor in The Clinton Legacy Cookbook, a priceless collection of the best of FReepers. Not to mention some damn good recipes.
Never forget the Gore Dog, your favorite by lowbridge. Or my favorite, "How to Boil Water by lowbridge." And your wit was up there with the best:
Carlo, have you lost your senses? I cannot believe your substitution table! Before you know it, you'll be putting a béarnaise sauce on Spam!
And if we are not careful, you'll be sneaking in Chef Boyardee.
Posted on 02/19/2001 by Angelique
How do you soften butter?
Posted on 04/08/2001 11:00:04 PDT by my_pointy_head_is_sharp
~ ~ ~ ~
With a hammer!!!....or leaving it out as long as it takes, no more than 2 hours, if not frozen!
Posted on 04/08/2001 11:16:55 PDT by Carlo3b
~ ~ ~ ~
Bettery yet: A FLAME THROWER!
When are people gonna learn? The right tool for the right job!
Posted on 04/08/2001 12:01:41 PDT by lowbridge
~ ~ ~ ~
Shouldn’t that be battery ? ;-)
38 Posted on 04/08/2001 22:00:58 PDT by amom
~ ~ ~ ~
Are you trying to buttery us up with your chef skills? I think you goofed. A flamethrower would MELT the butter!
41 Posted on 04/09/2001 11:31:19 PDT by Angelique
~ ~ ~ ~
To: Angelique
I think he's trying to blustery us with the hot air from that flamethrower. Everybody knows that you soften butter by putting it under your armpits!! The hot air from all those Dems melts my butter!
44 Posted on 04/09/2001 12:58:20 PDT by stanz

~ christie

Susan passed quietly in July, and her remains were scattered, as we who knew her would expect over Pinecrest Lake, just above Yosemite National Park, in keeping with her prior request, an area Angelique has longed to return..
Welcome home my dear and wonderful girl.  I miss you.

With love,


Susan Powell Cardinet   1946 - 2002

I didn't know Angelique as well as those of you who wrote these special remembrances of her, but as I thought about how to put together the words and the pictures you sent me -- whether to use a special angel background, soft colors, or clouds and an ethereal look -- I thought back on some of the posts that she and I had exchanged, and somehow a soft, angel background didn't fit. It seemed more fitting to lead with Blue Boy, and then keep it simple and let your words and her beautiful, vibrant face be the focus. She was a bright and shining star, and her light shines on.

Angelique joins bcjohnson, EdLinn, RR, OldAtlanta, Michael A. Marhevka, heavyd, laissezfirearm, JMIRACLE, CaseyJay, BKO, BCM, CHIEF Negotiator, 1John, CommiesOut, and Lex in the Free Republic Memorial Wall , created by Mr_Magoo. Her photograph has also been added to the FReeper Photo Album. ~ Billie


10-05,06-02 Recap of Week's Profiles

Opinions by our own 'King of Ping'
The guy's good, folks!

Thanks, Mixer!

     1) Click on the graphic to open the Calendar.
     2) Once there you can click on any month and even click to the right to go into next year. Once you are in the month that you joined FR you will need to click on the number in the calendar and then an add item screen will come up.
     3) In the next box enter your name in the "Calendar Text" field and then click on submit.
     4) If any of the screens fail to load simply click on refresh in your browser and that will usually fix it.
     5) If all else fails or simply if you want me to do this for you send me an FReepmail and I will gladly do it for you. ~Mixer

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Miscellaneous; News/Current Events; Political Humor/Cartoons
KEYWORDS: freepers; memorial; military; patriotic; surprises; tribute; veterans
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1 posted on 10/07/2002 6:49:01 AM PDT by Billie
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To: Billie
In memory of my fellow Vietnam helicopter pilots who were killed in that war the following were lost on todays date. God bless them all.

1964 MAJ Durward D. Gosney -- 118 AML, Age 31, Phoenix, Arizona
1964 CPT Gary R. Riggins -- 118 AML, Age 30, Yreka, California
1964 WO1 James E. Havemann -- 118 AML, Age 21, Houston, Texas
1966 CPT Harry T. Whetzel -- 129 AHC, Age 32, Columbus, Ohio
1966 WO1 Robert F. Chamberlain -- 129 AHC, Age 26, Las Cruces, New Mexico
1968 WO1 Reinis Fox -- 54 MED DET, Age 21, Merritt Island, Florida
1971 CPT Gerald F. McGlone -- 1 AVN BDE, Age 23, Urbana, Illinois



2 posted on 10/07/2002 6:51:12 AM PDT by ladtx
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3 posted on 10/07/2002 6:52:16 AM PDT by William McKinley
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To: ST.LOUIE1; Mama_Bear; daisyscarlett; dutchess; dansangel; Aquamarine; Diver Dave; JustAmy; ...
Good morning, Dear Friends. Today I was asked to help with a "Celebration of Angelique", who has recently joined other beloved FReepers at the FReeRepublic Memorial Wall.
4 posted on 10/07/2002 6:52:31 AM PDT by Billie
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To: carlo3b; Teacup; christie; stanz; gonzo; lowbridge
Thank you for your sweet contributions to the celebration of Angelique's life.
5 posted on 10/07/2002 6:54:31 AM PDT by Billie
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To: Billie
My heart goes out to her family. We have lost one of our own and it hurts all of us. God bless her.
6 posted on 10/07/2002 6:55:35 AM PDT by ladtx
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To: Billie
Good morning Billie.

7 posted on 10/07/2002 6:56:57 AM PDT by Aeronaut
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To: Billie
Good morning all. I remember Angelique well from the cookbook threads. Who could not notice her feisty wit? She was delightful and I would just LOL at her antics. What a brave and beautiful woman she was, and she will be missed.
My sympathy and prayers for her family and friends. She was for sure, One of FreeRepublic's Finest.
8 posted on 10/07/2002 7:01:12 AM PDT by ladyinred
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To: ladtx
Good morning, lad. I saw your weekend memorial on last night's thread. Seem to be holding at around seven each day. We've only had two days since you started your daily remembrances of your fallen comrades that there were none. I look forward each day to seeing that figure again.
9 posted on 10/07/2002 7:03:33 AM PDT by Billie
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To: Aeronaut
'Morning, Aeronaut. I didn't get the coffee made yet. :)
10 posted on 10/07/2002 7:06:17 AM PDT by Billie
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To: ladtx
Too many didn't return today ladtx.
11 posted on 10/07/2002 7:08:29 AM PDT by ladyinred
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To: Billie; carlo3b; Angelique
"...just recalling her gifted wit and sometimes fiery rhetoric, and more often, soft demeanor, suddenly brought into focus just what a treasure I enjoyed."

Being over one-quarter FRench-blooded, and with a wife almost entirely FRench-Canadien, I used to love razzin' her about what wimps the FRench were and are...LOL, she didn't like that much at all and it would automatically trigger her feisty side!! She was sharp as a tack, and I believe was described elsewhere as weilding a Velvet HammerL and I'll go along with that...she will certainly be missed!!

FReegards, and thanks fer putting together this thread...MUD

12 posted on 10/07/2002 7:13:00 AM PDT by Mudboy Slim
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To: Billie; All
In memory of Angelique.

Click on the pic

13 posted on 10/07/2002 7:13:18 AM PDT by Aquamarine
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To: Billie; carlo3b; Teacup; christie; stanz; gonzo; lowbridge


14 posted on 10/07/2002 7:14:39 AM PDT by Mudboy Slim
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To: Angelique

Yosemite Sunrise

15 posted on 10/07/2002 7:15:33 AM PDT by lodwick
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To: Billie
G'mornin, Darlin...beautiful post today...I never really knew Angelique, but I recall reading a few of her posts...

Rest in peace, Angelique...we'll carry on from here...

16 posted on 10/07/2002 7:17:51 AM PDT by g'nad
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To: Billie; MadIvan
This is a great thread, and brings back Angelique so well. I remember her mostly from her epic battles with MadIvan. It was all in fun as she championed France and Ivan battled for St. George and England. It cracked me up as she would bring in Henry VIII, the burning by the English of Joan of Arc, and everything else "perfidious Albion" ever did. She was both feisty and funny. :)
17 posted on 10/07/2002 7:17:59 AM PDT by xJones
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To: Billie; ST.LOUIE1; Mama_Bear; daisyscarlett; dutchess; dansangel; Aquamarine; Diver Dave; ...
Thats great Billie. Have a great day everyone and be sure to wish Flyer a "Happy FReeper Anniversary"
18 posted on 10/07/2002 7:18:36 AM PDT by Mixer
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To: Pippin
'Mornin' Pip! Sorry I didn't get back to yuh on Friday...had to get home to help Mrs. g'nad (she was feeling down) and pack some gear...thanks for your well wishes, we know we are truly blessed...y'all take care now!
19 posted on 10/07/2002 7:21:17 AM PDT by g'nad
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To: Billie
What a fabulous tribute. You all should be proud for remembering a dear FRiend this way.

I did not know Susan but it is great to read some insight and some o her FR posts here as well.
20 posted on 10/07/2002 7:21:25 AM PDT by Mixer
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