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Sensation: Cities Found on the Moon!
Pravda ^

Posted on 10/08/2002 12:36:29 PM PDT by Junior

Reasonable activity of an alien civilization showed up unexpectedly close to us. However, we were not psychologically ready for it

We still come across publications trying to find an answer to the following question: Are we alone in the universe? At the same time, the presence of reasoning beings has been detected close to our home, on the Moon. However, this discovery was immediately classified as secret, as it is so incredible that it even might shake the already existing social principles, reports Russia's newspaper Vecherny Volgograd.

Here is an extract from the official press-release: “NASA scientists and engineers participating in exploration of Mars and the Moon reported the results of their discoveries at a briefing at the Washington National Press Club on March 21, 1996. It was announced for the first time that man-made structures and objects have been discovered on the Moon.” The scientists spoke rather cautiously and evasively about these objects, with the exception of an UFO. They always mentioned that the man-made objects are possible, and stated the information was still under study and official results will be published later.

It was mentioned at the briefing as well that the Soviet Union used to own some photo materials proving the presence of such activity on the Moon. And, although it wasn’t identified what kind of activity it was, thousands of photo- and video materials from the Apollos and the Clementine space station showed many parts on the lunar surface where this activity and its traces were perfectly evident. The video films and photos made by US astronauts during the Apollo program were demonstrated at the briefing. People were extremely surprised why the materials hadn’t been presented to the public earlier. NASA specialists answered: “It was difficult to forecast the reaction of people to information that some creatures had been or still are on the Moon. In addition, there were some other reasons to it, which were beyond the control of NASA.”

Specialist for lunar studies Richard Hoagland says that NASA is still trying to alter photo materials before they are published in public catalogues and files. They do some retouching or are partially refocussing them while copying. Some investigators, Hoagland is among them, suppose that an extraterrestrial race had used the Moon as a terminal station during their activity on the Earth. These suggestions are confirmed by the legends and myths of different nations of our planet.

The ruins of lunar cities stretch for many kilometers. Huge domes on massive basements, numerous tunnels, and other constructions cause scientists to reconsider their opinions concerning the Moon. How the Moon appeared and principles of its revolving around the Earth still pose a great problem for scientists.

Some partially destroyed objects on the lunar surface can’t be placed among natural geological formations, as they are of complex organization and geometrical structure. In the upper part of Rima hadley, not far from the place where the Apollo-15 had landed, a construction surrounded by a tall D-shaped wall was discovered. As of now, different artifacts have been discovered in 44 regions. The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the Houston Planetary Institute are investigating the regions. Mysterious terrace-shaped excavations of rock have been discovered near the Tiho crater. The concentric hexahedral excavations and the tunnel entry on the terrace side can’t be the results of natural geological processes; instead, they look very much like open cast mines. A transparent dome raised above the crater edge was discovered near the crater Copernicus. The dome is unusual, as it is glows white and blue from the inside. A rather unusual object, which is unusual indeed even for the Moon, was discovered in the upper part of the Factory area. A disk of about 50 meters in diameter stands on a square basement surrounded with walls. In the picture, close to the rhomb, we can also see a dark, round embrasure in the ground, which resembles an entry to an underground caponier. There is a rectangular area between factory and the crater Copernicus, which is 300 meters wide 400 meters long.

Apollo-10 astronauts took a photo (AS10-32-4822) of a one-mile long object called "Castle," which is at the height of 14 kilometers and casts a distinct shadow on the lunar surface. The object seems to consist of several cylindrical units and a large conjunctive unit. The internal porous structure of the Castle is clearly seen in one of the pictures, which gives the impression that some parts of the object are transparent.

As it turned out at the briefing where many NASA scientists were present, when Richard Hoagland had requested originals of the Castle pictures for the second time, no pictures were found at all. They disappeared even from the list of pictures made by the Apollo-10 crew. Only intermediate pictures of the object were found in the archives, which unfortunately don’t depict the internal structure of the object.

When the Apollo-12 crew landed on the lunar surface, they saw that the landing was observed by a half-transparent, pyramidal object. It was hovering just several meters above the lunar surface and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow against the black sky.

In 1969, when the film about astronauts travelling to the Sea of Storms was demonstrated (the astronauts saw the strange objects once again, which were later called “striped glasses”), NASA finally understood what consequences such kind of control could bring. Astronaut Mitchell answered the question about his feelings after his successful return: “My neck still aches as I had to constantly turn my head around, because we felt we were not alone there. We had no choice but to pray.” Johnston, who worked at the Houston Space Center and studied photos and video materials made during the Apollo program, discussed the artifacts with Richard Hoagland and said that the NASA leadership was awfully annoyed with the great number of anomalous, to put it mildly, objects on the Moon. It was even said that piloted flights to the Moon might be banned.

Investigators are especially interested in ancient structures resembling partially destroyed cities. Photos reveal an astonishingly regular geometry of square and rectangular constructions. They resemble our cities seen from the height of 5-8 kilometers. A mission control specialist commented on the pictures: “Our guys observed ruins of the Lunar cities, transparent pyramids, domes, and God knows what else, which are currently hidden deep inside the NASA safes, and felt like Robinson Crusoe when he suddenly came across prints of bare feet on the sand of the desert island.” What do geologists and scientists say after studying the pictures of lunar cities and other anomalous objects? They say that such objects can’t be natural formations. “We should admit they are artificial, especially the domes and pyramids.” Reasonable activity of an alien civilization showed up unexpectedly close to us. We were not ready for it psychologically, and some people hardly believe they are true even now.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Read the original in Russian:

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To: Quix
I know security can keep things secure for a very long time. I am aware, however, that a new cycle of moon exploration is beginning, it will be everybody but NASA, and there will be a lot of data distributed freely over the internet at the new JPL site. This is the website for anyone who wishes to make note for their browser on favorites:

Jet Propulsion Lab Planetary Data System

81 posted on 10/08/2002 2:44:10 PM PDT by RightWhale
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To: Quix
the fringe publications that MOST ACCURATELY AND SOONEST LABELED HIM

Some are always crying wolf, know what I mean? Sometimes there is a wolf, but people have been looking for Martians ever since Schiaparelli was mistranslated..

82 posted on 10/08/2002 2:46:54 PM PDT by RightWhale
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To: WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
where there are people, there is cheese.

but I'm not moving to Wisconsin

83 posted on 10/08/2002 2:48:05 PM PDT by P7M13
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To: P7M13
Cheese is my favorite food ------ I can live without bread, or beef (don't tell anyone that, I'd be kicked out of Texas), and even chocolate (sigh), but don't even try to take away my cheese!
84 posted on 10/08/2002 2:52:38 PM PDT by WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
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To: RightWhale
Yes, this has been fascinating to me. I suspect that the powers that be are once again in a great position to go either way. They can rationalize things supportively of such disclosures or defensively with parochial hostility or combinations of both depending on the needs of the moment.

I suspect on the whole, that it's been decided that now is about the right time to start pulling the curtains back from a lot of "stage sets" and/or a lot of "reality" mixed with stage sets and/or a lot of heretofore not widely known "reality."

But it's interesting to have the industrial part of the military industrial complex in the upcoming driver's seat on such explorations and publicity. We should certainly stay tuned.
85 posted on 10/08/2002 2:55:04 PM PDT by Quix
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To: WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
I like cheese too. Have you tried a great cheese fondue, you can take bread, or beef, or I guess chocolate and dip into the cheese. It is tres manifique!!!

86 posted on 10/08/2002 2:57:32 PM PDT by P7M13
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To: WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
I can live without bread, or beef (don't tell anyone that, I'd be kicked out of Texas),

Get a rope.
87 posted on 10/08/2002 3:03:50 PM PDT by BJClinton
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To: P7M13
Oh Lord.......all the best things in life AND cheese! lol......
88 posted on 10/08/2002 3:04:27 PM PDT by WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
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To: BJClinton
Please have mercy on me....... I am being wait, I eat Philly cheesesteaks.....that's beef......... !
89 posted on 10/08/2002 3:05:45 PM PDT by WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
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To: Quix
Even in 1947 the rancher was kept naked for days in a jail cell and threatened with the disappearance and termination of his wife and kids until he agreed to support the government line.

Don't laugh folks. This happened to me. Only it was 1966 and my then-girlfriend took the place of the government. Never been so scared in my life. I agreed to support her line in the end.

90 posted on 10/08/2002 3:07:32 PM PDT by andy_card
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To: Quix
Dude, there are a few indications a person is a tinfoil hatter:

1) Use of the word "fedgov" to describe the federal government. "Fedgov," like "comsymp," is a type of shorthand jargon that sounds childish to the average listener but makes the speaker feel like he's "in on the know."

2) The excess use of exclamation points!!! The user is evidently worried the reader will not realize the importance of the subject the user is discussing. And

3) Lots of CAPITALIZED WORDS in a sentence. Subconciously, the user is screaming to be heard.

'Nuff said.

91 posted on 10/08/2002 3:08:30 PM PDT by Junior
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To: WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
Cheesesteak...the best of both worlds.
92 posted on 10/08/2002 3:10:46 PM PDT by BJClinton
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To: P7M13
where there are people, there is cheese.

An uber-nationalist French friend of mine once told me that the Chinese have no civilization. I was somewhat taken aback by that statement, until he explained that they have no cheese. QED, apparently.

93 posted on 10/08/2002 3:10:52 PM PDT by andy_card
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To: WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
yes, Virginia, you can have your cheese and eat it too!

94 posted on 10/08/2002 3:12:20 PM PDT by P7M13
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To: andy_card
Interesting. No cows to speak of. and no goats.
some cheese in the far eastern provences near Tibet, courtesy of the yaks....Very interesting, no large grazing areas, population has always subsisted on tillage agriculture for the last 2 or 3k years.....but no cheese.

but for the french to call anyone uncivilized.

95 posted on 10/08/2002 3:16:08 PM PDT by P7M13
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To: Quix
We have identified you. You will cease libelling the Government or you will face the consequences. Consider this your last warning. Black helicopters are already circling your home.

-The Agency

96 posted on 10/08/2002 3:17:04 PM PDT by andy_card
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To: P7M13; BJClinton
Awe, now you and BJ have done it.....I'm hungry....... anyone have some cheddar or smoked montjack around? How about some baked Brie?..............
97 posted on 10/08/2002 3:17:51 PM PDT by WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
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To: Quix
Do you call it a secret when millions of people consider the evidence and believe and millions of other people refuse to consider the evidence fairly and/or refuse to believe regardless.

It's a secret hidden in plain sight.

Water on the moon? Yes.

Water on Mars? Yes.

Signs of life on Mars? Probably.

Vast cities in plain sight on our side of the moon? No.
Too easy to see. One picture leaked, the whole thing unravels.

98 posted on 10/08/2002 3:22:25 PM PDT by EternalHope
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To: Junior
I don't mind wearing a tin foil hat, as long as I can look like an adorable "Hershey's Kiss", like the actors did in the movie "Signs".
99 posted on 10/08/2002 3:22:44 PM PDT by MissAmericanPie
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To: WhyisaTexasgirlinPA
I suppose if we are going to hijack a thread and turn it into a cheese thread a "little green man" thread is the best to do it on.

100 posted on 10/08/2002 3:24:21 PM PDT by BJClinton
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