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Washington sniper vanishes after signature hits
ABC NEWSONLINE ^ | 10/14/02

Posted on 10/13/2002 1:43:35 PM PDT by Tumbleweed_Connection

US police have said they do not want to the muddy waters of an investigation into a sniper who has killed eight people and wounded two by releasing an inaccurate sketch, amid reports the meticulous killer circling the nation's capital has been sighted.

Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose was asked to comment on reports that the sniper who has electrified the Washington area has been spotted, and police are working on a composite sketch.

Chief Moose, struggling for the right words, said he did not want to "muddy the waters" by releasing an image to the media too soon.

"Please rest assured that when we have something where we are sure that the media can help us we will use that," Moose said.

"The concern is that we pollute the whole thought process, we cause people to have tunnel vision, think they see what they heard on TV and mix that up with reality."

The power of the media has taken center stage in the hunt for the shooter - or shooters, who has used a high-velocity rifle to slam a single bullet into 10 victims since October 2, eluding the largest federal, state and local manhunt in the history of the Washington region.

Chief Moose released a composite image of an older model, mid-sized commercial truck, with light damage to its right rear bumper and black lettering -- a row of large black block letters above a row of smaller letters, on each side.

Chief Moose said the white truck, which has a roll-up door at the rear, was seen at more than one of the shootings by more than one witness and he asked the media to distribute it widely.

He declined to discuss any of the witnesses further.

"None of the witnesses have been able to give us the exact wording" on the truck or its license plate number, Chief Moose said at a news briefing.

The chief said the image is generating new leads.

"Maybe he has had this vehicle repaired," he said, calling on mechanics and body shop workers to think back.

Investigators are working on a sketch of a second vehicle, described as a white Chevrolet Astro van, seen near the latest shooting on Friday, Chief Moose said.

"We're working with a sense of urgency" to get that photo to the public, he said.

Physical evidence has been scant, with one taunting clue apparently left by the shooter near where a 13-year-old victim was shot - a tarot "death" card with the words "dear Mr Policeman, I am God" scrawled on the back.

The cold, methodical killer, who picks off random victims while concealed in a sniper's nest at a comfortable distance, claimed his 10th victim and eighth fatality on Friday.

Kenneth Bridges, 53, a businessman and father of six on the road from Philadelphia, was killed on Friday at an Exxon gasoline station near a busy interstate highway in Virginia.

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KEYWORDS: sniper
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To: Prodigal Son
actually i was thinking more canadian.

121 posted on 10/13/2002 3:32:36 PM PDT by glock rocks
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To: TaRaRaBoomDeAyGoreLostToday!
Across the street from the scene of Friday's shooting in Virginia, Raja Abilnona parked three tow trucks alongside his filling station as a shield. "Maybe my customers will think it's safer," he said. "It's harder to see in here ... at least it will make it more difficult for someone to shoot."

Hey - we were talking about barriers yesterday. Got one suggestion to use bales of hay...but tow trucks might work.

122 posted on 10/13/2002 3:32:59 PM PDT by berkeleybeej
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To: DAnconia55
Sure there is. We can turn Mecca into a radioactive parking lot, right after we steal their holy meteorite.


123 posted on 10/13/2002 3:33:27 PM PDT by concerned about politics
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To: DAnconia55
124 posted on 10/13/2002 3:34:32 PM PDT by nicmarlo
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To: Nogbad
Thanks for the info, nogbad; and, yes, I did miss that thread of yesterday. Would be an interesting read, I'm sure.
125 posted on 10/13/2002 3:36:29 PM PDT by nicmarlo
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To: Sacajaweau
Please read #117
126 posted on 10/13/2002 3:37:25 PM PDT by Nogbad
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection
Enjoy your weekend. The safest places in Washington, DC and Maryland are rifle ranges.
Shooting Ranges in MD
Washington D.C. Metro Shooter's Page
127 posted on 10/13/2002 3:38:37 PM PDT by Varmint Al
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To: VRWC For Truth
Terrorists don't attack Arts & Crafts stores, but high viz targets ala the WTC.

This guy is not know as the "Arts & Crafts Store Sniper", the "Schoolyard Sniper" or the Gas Station Sniper". He is know as the "Washington, D.C. Area Sniper".

He has our entire Nation's Capital terrorized and the entire Nation talking about our Nation's Capital being terrorized.

That's pretty high profile.

In regards to his particular targets, he is prolonging his survivability and prolonging the terror by choosing "soft targets".

A "hard target" such as the Capitol Building would result in a shoot-out at the metal detection screening area, maybe six or seven innocent casualties and a guarantee of dead terrorist/s. Two weeks later, the U.S.A. would consider the matter yesterday's news and go about it's business.

This guy's M.O. is maximizing the terrorist "Bang for the Buck".

128 posted on 10/13/2002 3:41:44 PM PDT by Polybius
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To: VRWC For Truth
the only people who seem terrorized are the 24/7 conspiracy wing of freepers

I live in the DC metro area and attended a wedding today; sadly the main topic of conversation at our table was the various antics that people have been using this weekend to buy gas or zigzag their way into a grocery store---and most of these people vote D (I'm working on that).

129 posted on 10/13/2002 3:43:08 PM PDT by xeno
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To: GeorgeandtheDralgore
I thought I heard that the shot actually went over the police officers head before it hit the guy pumping gas, if this is true the sniper almost had to see him.
130 posted on 10/13/2002 3:44:38 PM PDT by Husker24
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To: VRWC For Truth
B) no one has still answered why a terrorist would attack an Arts & Crafts store

They didn't attack an arts and crafts store. They attackd the Americans leaving the arts and crafts store.

Give a meaningful reason why Hamas attacks an ice cream shop. Even if you can't, it still happened.

131 posted on 10/13/2002 3:44:56 PM PDT by WarSlut
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To: Nogbad
A lot has been discussed on other threads about the first shot being fired at Michael's and the significance the name itself may hold.

Michael is an ancient name that can be traced back thousands of years. Its language of origin is Hebrew, "Mikha'el", and it appears in the scriptures common to Christianity, Judaism and Islam in reference to the Archangel Michael, one of seven archangels in Hebrew tradition. It's meaning is a question: "Who Is Like God?". This archangel is always portrayed as being on the side of right and good, and is a protector. He is the patron saint of soldiers, policemen and sailors.

132 posted on 10/13/2002 3:45:30 PM PDT by freeperfromnj
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To: glock rocks
Ahh. I use this (this one the article's from) ABC Online fairly often- I was wondering what an Australian news service had done to piss off anybody.
133 posted on 10/13/2002 3:46:05 PM PDT by Prodigal Son
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To: Jeff Head
All they have to do is conceal the shot from a sound and site perspective ... which they appear to be doing quite well.

I've stayed in Gaitherburg a number of times. The population density is pretty high and yet you can easily get the covering advantage of distance. But my thinking was more towards NYC; concealing the shot (audibly and visually) could be more of a problem there. (Then again, perhaps it's so noisy there...)

134 posted on 10/13/2002 3:46:50 PM PDT by Eala
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I agree.

This could be an under funded "cell", as easily as a deranged American shooter..

If the objective was attention, disruption, diversion or terrorizing the Nation's Capital --- they were successful.

If this shooter were smart.... He would STOP now.. Let LEOs go crazy chasing him for another week or three.
Then start up again in a different but nearby area. In this way - he keeps the pressure on the local LEOs - but avoids returning to areas that have been studied and perhaps put under constant surveillance.

I remain suspicious of the brass left behind, and the card.
A trained assassin or cell member should be smart enough to avoid such stupid or ego feeding mistakes.

Personally, I doubt but hope it is an Islamic terror cell........ It would bring more pressure on our Congress Critters to void visas and expell all illegal/temporary immigrants from all nations that harbor or support Islamic terrorists.

More attention to our borders would be nice!

Kind of like chasing VC and sappers, huh?
Semper Fi
135 posted on 10/13/2002 3:47:35 PM PDT by river rat
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To: nicmarlo
His point is credible. As I do not know the Koran well enough, I do not know if it would permit a muslim to go against is sacred teachings of doing such a thing with tarot cards.

Moose Limbs are allowed to do anything...frequent prostitutes, etc. when it's in the name of Jihad.

Of course these moose limbs do that anyway so not a good example but you know what I mean.

136 posted on 10/13/2002 3:49:25 PM PDT by evad
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To: Tumbleweed_Connection
Chief Moose, struggling for the right words, said he did not want to "muddy the waters" by releasing an image to the media too soon.

What the hell?? .. muddy the waters??? People are being used for target practice and he is worried about mudding the waters???

And as for that truck .. it took a WEEK to come up with a picture and yet still no reference to the white van

I'm sorry .. but I have lost confidence in Chief Moose .. BIG TIME

137 posted on 10/13/2002 3:50:40 PM PDT by Mo1
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To: Tacis

138 posted on 10/13/2002 3:52:01 PM PDT by P7M13
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To: WarSlut
Please don't take this personally but y'all are starting to sound like the Rats defending Klinton. In order to believe A, you have to believe in things that are improbable.
139 posted on 10/13/2002 3:52:23 PM PDT by VRWC For Truth
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To: eastforker
Well,it didn't stop them from going to bars and titty joints now then did it.

Now there's the example I was looking for :)

140 posted on 10/13/2002 3:52:49 PM PDT by evad
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