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To: Landru; sultan88; jla
All the Skins haveta do is make the playoffs, and that bet is as good as won 'cuz Maddox--while inarguably less-incompetent than Kordell--is still a second-rate QB, IMHO, and can't take Pittsburgh but so far.

Let's see a little insight into the playoff races in both the NFC and AFC, my Friends...MUD

274 posted on 11/04/2002 6:21:02 AM PST by Mudboy Slim
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To: Cyber-Band; Landru; stand watie; sultan88; FallGuy; ArneFufkin; Snow Bunny; Billie; coteblanche
"Simple Man!!"
(To be sung to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man")

His Mama told Bill...when he was young...
"Slick, sit beside eldest son.
My life's been wasted...on Boyz who Play...
So, please don't do will thank me...Good Guys don't stray!!
Ah, yes...

Stop spendin' time...with that Hill'ry lass!
Her legs are stumps...and her ass is fat.
Bill, find a woman...oh, truly love...
This Rodham chick, Ol' Chi-ca-go Scum!!

Slick, life is simple...have a plan...
Oh, be someone...folks trust, then you're a Man.
Willie, be a simple, kindly man.
Oh, won't you do this...for me, Slick...if you can!

Forsake your lust...for the ChinaMan's gold...
Don't lust for corrupts your soul!
Slick, you can do this...oh baby...if you try...
All that I want for you, my to say, 'I never lied!'

Slick, be a symbol...make your stand!
Bill, serve your Country...if you're called to Viet Nam!
Willie, life is simple...for a Man...
You've been blessed, give up...those one-night stands!!"

Slick said, "I WILL!!"

(The BigMan, Disco, and Mordecai Brown lettin' loose like nobody's bidness...)

You know the story...Slick loved hisself!
Bill's Lust For Power...eclipsed all else!
Committed TREASON...bombed babies...and HE LIED!
Killed folks in Kosovo, Good Lord, just to cover up his crimes!!!!

Now Slick's a symbol...I can't stand...
Gotta do something...perhaps, I'll start a band!!
Willie, he's a symbol...Brave New World Man!!
Good Folks, don't let this...Chi-Com Whore's...TREASON stand!

Willie, you're a simple, real awful man...
You are "Guilty!!"...Time to Pay The Band!!!

Mudboy Slim

Hot off the presses...
Folks, you might as well comment, 'cuz I'm bumpin' this one myself if you don't!!


1 Posted on 07/02/1999 06:05:21 PDT by Mudboy Slim (Slickz@frickin.lout)

Heh heh heh...MUD

275 posted on 11/04/2002 6:53:36 AM PST by Mudboy Slim
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To: Mudboy Slim
"Let's see a little insight into the playoff races in both the NFC and AFC, my Friends..."

You wanna see whaaaaaat?!!?

OK; try this on for size.
How's this for *insight*; every team from every division will go the "playoffs"; save, the very last team of each respective division.
Titillating stuff to be sure, Mud.

The "Big Picture" script from the NFL will read as follows:
The NFL is to fleece the last remaining coins from the pockets of suckers coast to coast -- the ones who've not yet found a life -- prior to handing the dopes off to the NBA.

Unbeknownst to the innocent, gullible "Sport-Dolt?
Peril will abound & surround 'em along every step of the charade.

In fact?
There's even a CDC advisory bullitin on this!!
It reads as follows:

"The nation's population should 'brace' for expected spikes in the periodic & obligatory outbreaks of boredom from among this year's catch of NFL fans to be a bigger *problem* than usual, this season."

According to the CDC, "Exactly which viewing market(s) these anticipated outbreaks will be most pronounced, isn't exactly clear as of this bullitin's publication."

The CDC advisory goes on to say: "The 'real dangers are expected to be two-fold.
The first danger is anticipated to manifest in increased gorging of garbage foods resulting in noxious amounts of flatulence; which, when trapped in rooms without proper ventilation present unseen peril.
Although the effects of this increase in flatulance will not present the lethal ramifications of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning? Children, spousal units, the old, infirm and those in a weakened state due to illness who're in close proximity will nonetheless risk, &, be subject to varying degrees of brain damage.
The primary danger, however, will lie in the anticipated increases in the sheer numbers of people who will succumb to repeated waves of overwhelming Narcoleptic slumbers. These victims will be easily identified as they will invariably nod out into a very deep sleep, & be found nose-down, drowned in mugs of beer."

Beware, then.
Forewarned *is* forearmed.

...stay alert, stay alive! :o)

276 posted on 11/04/2002 7:23:36 AM PST by Landru
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