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***Wake Up America: You're Fighting For Your Very Existance: Don't Become Just A Memory***
Stardate: 0210.18

Posted on 10/18/2002 6:05:36 PM PDT by The Wizard

Tonight was the end.....I watched Brian "No Brains" Williams on some NBC station as he slimed Jeb Bush and his daughter, after a day of the Judy Woodruffs and the McBrides and the Lautenbergs and the host of dassholes and others who parade across the TV screen with the support and blessings of every crooked, self absorbed, lying TV host except for a few on Fox.....

I have reached the end....

We have a great President after years of the sickest bastard we ever had, and the hillbilly slime legacy that was smeared all over the nation and the media to such a degree that bad is clothed in the disguise of good. I can no longer take it....

The continuous lying that comes from every TV station all day long makes me aware that America is fighting for it's very life.....

If The GOP doesn't take back the senate America will be lost......

No honest judges will ever be confirmed because the democrats don't want honest people in office. They want judges that will do their bidding......

They hasve an unholy alliance with the domestic enemies of our country and they want to suck it dry like a vampire until it no longer exists, and then they will sell their souls to who ever invades us, which they will assist so they can profit, and then America will be no more.

Wake up America, you are fighting an insidious enemy that has krept into the very fabric of the country, and there, disguised as politicians like we knew in the old days, these vipers sit in wait to destroy all that made us great, to dilute all the morals, and accomplishments we achieved, and, probably funded by the Chi-Comms who funneled money through the democrat party because they were too greedy and stupid to realize they were committing treason, to self absorbed to see they were selling us out to our enemies who couldn't attack us by might, but could buy them out from within. It was the Chinese who said America will sell you the rope to hang themselves, and with the willing aid of the power elite, it may have already happened....

Wake Up America, or become a memory.

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To: hole_n_one
I watched Brian "No Brains" Williams on some NBC station as he slimed Jeb Bush and his daughter...

Could you please expand on that charge.

All he said was that many were commenting about the fact that Jeb Bush didnt attend his daughters sentencing hearing today. Most were surprised that a parent would not attend. Is this slime? I dont think so.

41 posted on 10/18/2002 8:10:53 PM PDT by Dave S
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To: Dave S
That's why I asked for specifics from the Wiz..........

The Wiz has a reputation for hyperbole.

Thanks for your succinct take on what transpired during that segment.

42 posted on 10/18/2002 8:18:59 PM PDT by hole_n_one
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To: JZoback
"America will regain it's greatness when we have the courage to call what is good, good and what is evil, evil. and take control of our government again"

Amen...and yes all of those who are putting so much faith in a party that is only slightly better than the democrats are missing the real point as you stated above.

43 posted on 10/18/2002 8:34:39 PM PDT by Revel
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To: The Wizard
It has helped me tonight to know I'm not alone....thank you all

You are sooooo not alone on this. I hate the lying rats and the treasonous media with a bitterness that is unhealthy, I fear.

44 posted on 10/18/2002 8:41:54 PM PDT by Donzerly lights
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To: The Wizard
"America better realize how serious this is, or all will be lost"

Many Americans DO realize it. Look at FR for example. The problem is not that we don't realize that something needs to be done, but rather in finding the means to defeat the rampant corruption in those who are so greedy for power that they don't give a d*mn about America OR Americans. It is only by the grace of God that we come out on top of this mess, otherwise known as the Clinton legacy.

45 posted on 10/18/2002 8:44:07 PM PDT by sweetliberty
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To: Russell Scott
George Washington couldn't have possibly seen that because it would have violated the separation of church and state. < /sarcasm >
46 posted on 10/18/2002 8:49:21 PM PDT by sweetliberty
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To: Vets_Husband_and_Wife
"I see thousands of pacisfists rallying,.. where are those who support this President?"

Most of us have real jobs and real families, unlike many of them who have nothing but time on their hands and no clue at all. Most of us on FR do what we can. I'm sure many others do too. And sadly, there are a multitude who don't even realize just how serious things are. Sometimes I wish I was one of them. They are able to go through their lives so blissfully unconcerned because they are unaware.

47 posted on 10/18/2002 9:00:44 PM PDT by sweetliberty
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To: repub32
No you are not! The country is out of control in most areas. We are becomming incapable of governing ourselves because of greed, selfishness, and lies by the elitist politicians, especially democrats. When you see only a handful of political races that are competitive, an elitist class of politicians has arisen through redistricting that basically cannot be voted out because the districts are set up to accomodate most members. This is in the House of Reps.

In the Senate you rarely see any Senator retire before three terms. IMHO something needs to change to inject new blood into the system more often. It is the only hope.

48 posted on 10/18/2002 9:23:13 PM PDT by LaGrone
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To: sweetliberty
Perhaps they can be "blissful" for now friend... but you and I both know that when the knocking on the proverbial door is at "their" door,.. they will wake up. It will be too late for them, and that is sad, but true. You would think 9/11 would have made them realize the disaster of Clinton.. but I don't think it did for enough of them. They still defend this traitor.

IF only they would look up the information. Unfortunately, it takes time to get through all the muck created by Clinton and company. We've been studying him since before he was elected the first time. Before that, we also both worked full time, had kids, volunteered for wonderful organizations, and relied on the network news to brainwash us. We never realized to what extent they did that, or how truly biased they were. It was a shockingly rude awakening.

I totally understand what you are saying. I also realize that when Jim Robinson did his rally at the capitol, and 5,000 came (with something like a three week period of organization).. that the media didn't even cover it. It was on CSpan,.. but I don't recall any local stations or national networks showing it. (If they did it was a small thing.. and they didn't report it accurately. Like the right amount of people who were there and in how short a time frame it had been organized).

Just frustrating. Noticed the same bias with all the rallies during the election mess too. We had HUGE rallies here in Sacramento.. but I know people didn't see it on the news.

However, I've noticed when conservatives rally, it is always peaceful. They even bring their babies and young children. :o)

It makes us proud,..and brings home the fact that we have chosen our party well.

FRegards, Vets

49 posted on 10/18/2002 9:39:29 PM PDT by Vets_Husband_and_Wife
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To: Russell Scott
We have already been defeated by foreign
cultures overthrowing our Christian culture.

God is an underachiever?

50 posted on 10/18/2002 10:16:03 PM PDT by gcruse
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To: The Wizard
You've got another friend out here in Freeperville, Wiz.

Don't despair, be invigorated. The Good may lose the occasional battle, but it wins the war...then, another battle and another war.

In Life's beautiful battle, always the contest between Shadow and Light.

I am fearful and worried and nervous and anxious and depressed, but have absolute faith that America shall weather this terrible storm.

The snipers, the slaughter just around the corner, the curtain of fire that will descend upon the Middle East and Asia, the Demlib Jennings Matthews types, all freak me out.

I cry when my neighbors are murdered.

Our victory will be costly, for our frivolous denial and indulgences have made it so, vis a vis x42dirtpotusrapistraitor and his demonic sow during their reign of self-serving and perverse corruption.

I believe God loves the USA even more than I do, and shall not abandon her.

51 posted on 10/19/2002 12:28:03 AM PDT by jwfiv
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To: MissAmericanPie
I confess, I didn't know much about your congressman so did a Google search. You do have a good man representing you and perhaps the US in the future. I will keep an eye on him. It appears that he is awake and might have awaken the Denver Post to the will of the people, not to mention the Constitution.
52 posted on 10/19/2002 3:00:00 AM PDT by Jaidyn
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To: hosepipe
I realize I should not watch so much news
53 posted on 10/19/2002 3:03:49 AM PDT by The Wizard
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To: harpo11
I cannot say how important it is to undo the slime of the past 8 years
54 posted on 10/19/2002 3:05:49 AM PDT by The Wizard
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To: JZoback
We need to expect more of our leaders, no demand more
55 posted on 10/19/2002 3:07:23 AM PDT by The Wizard
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To: Dave S
He was suggesting that Jeb was a lousy parent because he didn't go and he knew before he opened that hole in his face the reason Jeb didn't go: The paracite press corps
56 posted on 10/19/2002 3:09:24 AM PDT by The Wizard
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To: The Wizard
57 posted on 10/19/2002 3:13:04 AM PDT by Cacique
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To: sweetliberty
There is no question that the fine people here, most of them, realize these things.....but the constant drum beat of the enemy left/media whores, when we only have a few soldiers, (and you can see the enemies who lurk here as well) to combat them, it can become frustrating

And there are even some among us who clearly represent the dark side....even here....oh well, time to do as was suggested on an eariler response...take a walk, play with the dogs, etc.....

58 posted on 10/19/2002 3:14:35 AM PDT by The Wizard
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To: LaGrone
but the danger here, that the "term limits people" don't talk about is this:Once you have all the terms limitede, only the union worker staff will be actually in control
59 posted on 10/19/2002 3:17:30 AM PDT by The Wizard
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To: jwfiv
Thank you for your kind words
60 posted on 10/19/2002 3:18:37 AM PDT by The Wizard
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