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Gramsci, The Source Of Democratic Philosophy: A must read to understand the source of Dem Strategy.
Charm.Net ^ | October,2002 retrieved | Some Socialist Punk

Posted on 10/31/2002 10:52:43 PM PST by manfromlamancha

Antonio Gramsci was a co-founder of the Italian Communist party, one of the leaders of the 1920 "Ordine Nuovo" Turin factory occupation movement, and author of the Prison Notebooks. He was a revolutionary journalist and mass working class organizer and one of the great communist intellectual theorists of the twentieth century. His marxism was unorthodox, controversial and still not fully understood today. His prison notes were an in depth study of Italian culture and history for the purpose of understanding and defeating italian fascism and launching an italian proletarian cultural revolution. His thinking about fascism, marxism and cultural revolution was full of insights that are still relevant to our struggles today as we try to defeat a resurgent fascistic culture and build a totally new socialist world culture.

Along with Mao, he was one of a handful of early 20th century communists who fully appreciated the central importance of cultural revolution in the struggle for socialism. His insights on the importance of cultural, intellectual as well as political autonomy for working class liberation helped lay the intellectual foundations for the rebirth of revolutionary anti-capitalist working class struggle in Italy in the 60's and 70's. The "Autonomist" New Left in Italy, France and Germany as well as the US New Left with their distinctive emphases on counterculture were all Gramsci's intellectual children. Gramsci is a central part of who we are as revolutionaries in the US and Europe are today. In addition Gramsci has influenced the thinking of many 3rd world revolutionaries in Latin America, as well as new left activists in China, Russia and Eastern Europe looking for new, non-oppressive models of revolutionary struggle. I believe that Gramsci's ideas are one of a number of bodies of new thinking that we will need to synthesize to create a new revolutionary theory for the 21st century.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we need to study Gramsci to fully understand Fascism, how and why it was born in Italy and spread like a plague through out Europe in the 20's and 30's and is now a permanent and central feature of imperialist world culture. Unlike most other marxist and democratic opponents of fascism Gramsci wrote about fascism from inside the belly of the beast, as a historical and cultural eyewitness, from the sobering surroundings of a fascist prison cell. If we are ever to get to the dark and complex heart of the phenomenon that is fascism I'm convinced we have to study Gramsci's prison notebooks for that deeper take on fascism we all need.

Marx and Lenin taught that power flows from control of the means of production and the State. Gramsci argued that in addition to control of the economy and the State, in modern Capitalist society control of the culture was essential to seize and hold power. Gramsci's insights on the critical importance of cultural revolution certainly seem to have been borne out by the history of the last 60 years. Mass politics today have, more than ever, become culture wars between the Left and the Right. The historic defeat of socialism and the reemergence of mass rightwing secular and religious movements on a world-wide scale parallels Gramsci's and the italian working class's defeat by fascism in the 1920's in many ways.


"The proletarian revolution cannot but be a total revolution. It consists in the foundation of new modes of labor, new modes of production and distribution that are peculiar to the working class in its historical determination in the course of the capitalist process. This revolution also presupposes the formation of a new set of standards, a new psychology, new ways of feeling, thinking and living that must be specific to the working class, that must be created by it, that will become 'dominant' when the working class becomes the dominant class. The proletarian revolution is essentially the liberation of the productive forces already existing within bourgeois society. These forces can be identified in the economic and political fields; but is it possible to start identifying the latent elements that will lead to the creation of a proletarian civilization or culture? Do elements for an art, philosophy and morality (standards) specific to the working class already exist? The question must be raised and it must be answered. Together with the problem of gaining political and economic power, the proletariat must also face the problem of winning intellectual power. Just as it has thought to organize itself politically and economically, it must also think about organizing itself culturally..."

Antonio Gramsci - QUESTIONS OF CULTURE JUNE 14, 1920, AVANTI

Also From:

Italian communist Antonio Gramsci's thought has been little-known to most of the world, but has been some of the most original and prolific Marxist writing in Europe. Although he never was able to express all of his highly regarded thinking into writing due to his premature and tragic death at the hands of Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, Gramsci's magnum opus, Prison Notebooks, still remains an original insight into the nature of socialism in Europe. Although much of his theory is presented unsystematically and in fragments in this work, Gramsci contributes some prolific ideas and critical insight into the socialist movement of the West. His contribution was especially important to Italy, which has embraced many of his ideas and uses much of his ideology in its government today.

ramsci was another philosopher who critically assessed Marxism per se in Europe. Like German socialist theoretician Eduard Bernstein, he was not a blind follower of Marxian ideology. For one thing, he rejected the economic-determinist view of Marxism (a view which was based on the preconception that history would progress inevitably in one direction due to prevalent economic conditions and trends). Gramsci believed that social and economic systems are not based solely in economic control and physical coercion as Marx had said; there was much more to it. Such complex systems were also grounded in the hegemony (dominance of leadership) of the ruling class. This was the vehicle by which a ruling elite could persuade a given populace to accept its system of values, attitudes, and beliefs to support the established order (status quo).

He also believed that there would be several key differences in the revolutionary struggle for socialism in the West than in other areas due to several prominent circumstances it had to deal with unique from any other region. Revolution would not be based on the idea of an immeidate crisis or quick overthrow as it could in an autocratic and stagnant nation as the Russian Empire because of the generally more tolerant and progressive nature of these nations. In addition, the industrialization Western Europe was experiencing opened up more opportunities for change than do the reverse. "Revolution" would merely be the ideological process by which a counter-hegemony (dominance of leadership of an opposing view) could lead to the transformation of the people's consciousness, not having any violent part to it. This would gradually change all social relationships: economic, social, and political. Gramsci especially stressed the role of (and advocated the importance of) politics in this "struggle" for leadership. Intellectuals would have the role of preparing change within the country, the party would have the role of leading and educating the people about the struggle, and there would have to be a broad coalition of the party and other social forces in order to realize socialist change in the country.

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These guys want to destroy your nation...
1 posted on 10/31/2002 10:52:43 PM PST by manfromlamancha
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To: manfromlamancha
Very good, very fast work. Some of you FR people amaze me! An hour ago I couldn't tell you the difference between Gramsci and Fettuccine.

I can say that, I'm Italian. Maybe that's the problem.

2 posted on 10/31/2002 11:35:31 PM PST by golder
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To: golder
While you're forking over your fettucine, amico, there's a couple of other things you ought to know about Gramsci:

1) He is a favorite read of both Clintons, and....

2)Fidel Castro.

3 posted on 11/01/2002 6:14:42 AM PST by Kenny Bunk
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To: manfromlamancha
The philosophy of arrogant murderers...."progressive" minds and such.

4 posted on 11/01/2002 3:43:08 PM PST by martian_22
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To: elfman2; Carry_Okie; backhoe; Black Agnes; countrydummy; newriverSister; brityank; forester; ...
Gramsci was a brilliant thinker and found the key to the implementation of Marxism. Without him, Marxism would be in the dung heap of history where it belongs. His writings are the bible of the leftist intellectual elites.

He is why we don't see communists calling themselves communists anymore. They don't have to when they can work their magic within unions, environmental groups, government and "civic" organizations etc.

He is why capitalist stalwarts like the CEO of of Intel, Ted Turner and George Soros are working toward turning our country into a socialist s**tpit. He is why the kid in the green shirt going door-to-door collecting money for the enviro-barons is completely unaware that he/she is diligently working for agenda 21 and the wildlands project.

In the case of the Intel CEO it's what he coined as "hegemony". In the case of the kid in the green shirt, he/she was inspired and put to work by what Gramsci coined as the "organic intellectual".

We all need to read and understand his tactics, if for nothing else, to have an understanding of the enemy. Leaving aside the treacherous ends of his means, his writings are a true how-to tactical manual on how to implement social revolution.

Bottom line is he had a major hatred of the "establishment" (probably due to his handicap and the abuse he suffered at the hands of the fascists) and had a brilliant plan on how to destroy it.

The left is now the establishment. It's up to us to tear it down. Hate to say this but I've learned to respect a good enemy, and this man was a true (albeit misguided) genius.

5 posted on 11/01/2002 4:24:17 PM PST by AAABEST
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I agree that the little-known Gramsci is a fundamental designer of the Left's "Long March" through American institutions. To resist effectively, we need to clearly understand the tactics used against us...
6 posted on 11/01/2002 4:35:25 PM PST by Interesting Times
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To: nutmeg
Bump to read later
7 posted on 11/01/2002 4:36:17 PM PST by nutmeg
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To: Interesting Times
To resist effectively, we need to clearly understand the tactics used against us...

Yes. Not only understand his tactics, implement them. Sort of as the japanese read our book on how to build autos.

8 posted on 11/01/2002 4:38:55 PM PST by AAABEST
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Bottom line is he had a major hatred of the "establishment" and had a brilliant plan on how to destroy it.

The left is now the establishment. It's up to us to tear it down. Hate to say this but I've learned to respect a good enemy, and this man was a true (albeit misguided) genius.

Herein you illustrate the parodox of socialism: All the time it and energy it expends fighting fascism, ends up realizing it instead.

Brilliant? Hardly. Effective? Absolutely.

I'm going to quote Orwell here, from his masterpiece Homage to Catalonia:

In reality, it was the Communists above all others who prevented revolution in Spain. Later, when the Right Wing forces were in full control, the Communists showed themselves willing to go a great deal further than the Liberals in hunting down revolutionary leaders.


Between the Communists and those who claim to stand to the Left of them there is a real difference. The Communists hold that Fascism can be beaten by alliance with sections of the caitalist class (the Popular Front); their opponents hold that theis manoeuvre simply gives Fascism new breeding-grounds. The question has got to be settled; to make the wrong decision may be to land ourselves in for centuries of semi-slavery.

Consider that comment against the financiers behind UN Gobble Grubbamint, the environmental move-mint, the NEA, the sexual revulooshun, mass immigration...

All for the proletariat? Hardly. Destruction of the middle class? Obviously. Fat cats win? T'was ever thus intended.

9 posted on 11/01/2002 4:52:26 PM PST by Carry_Okie
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Down With The Left !!

Up With The Right !!

GWB Is The Man !!

The RATS Are In Disarray...Eradicate The Rodents !!

Fire Democrats, Hire Republicans !!

Freedom Is Worth Fighting For !!

Let's Roll !!

Molon Labe !!

10 posted on 11/01/2002 5:14:02 PM PST by blackie
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To: Carry_Okie
Yep, some pigs are more equal than others.
11 posted on 11/01/2002 5:16:18 PM PST by AAABEST
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Will "book up" and know thy enemy per your suggestion AAA.......thanks and Stay Safe !
12 posted on 11/01/2002 11:00:03 PM PST by Squantos
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13 posted on 11/02/2002 3:06:37 AM PST by E.G.C.
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To: manfromlamancha
Apparently Hitler and Mussolini borrowed ideas from this Gramsci too, via Albert Speer and Herman Goebbels. The entire ideology of Communism and its variants are flawed. It would take a massive propaganda campaign to do this. Throw away your television...that is the medium for their plans. People who think like this are dinosaurs. They haven't caught on to the fact that communism doesn't work.
14 posted on 11/02/2002 12:49:17 PM PST by virgil
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15 posted on 11/02/2002 2:11:57 PM PST by Tailgunner Joe
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To: Shermy; Semaphore Heathcliffe
16 posted on 11/02/2002 3:38:00 PM PST by dennisw
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To: monkeyshine; ipaq2000; Lent; veronica; Sabramerican; beowolf; Nachum; BenF; angelo; ...
17 posted on 11/02/2002 3:38:37 PM PST by dennisw
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To: manfromlamancha
It's time the left got its comeuppance.
18 posted on 11/02/2002 6:00:57 PM PST by sheik yerbouty
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To: All
more about enemy:

Frankfurt School"

Marxist media warfare

19 posted on 11/02/2002 10:11:13 PM PST by DTA
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To: manfromlamancha
Oh yes! Good to have this exposed again. I keep running into lefties who pretend not to have known this.
20 posted on 11/03/2002 12:54:51 AM PST by anatolfz
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