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A few of FR's Finest....Every Day....11-12-02

Posted on 11/12/2002 7:23:17 AM PST by Billie

A Few of FR's Finest.....
......Every Day

FR is a Treasure Trove of talented, compassionate, patriotic, wonderful people who gather every day to discuss the latest news and issues; salute and support our military and our leaders;  tell a few jokes;  learn a new word;  write poetry;  pray for those in need;  and congratulate those who are deserving. Thank you, Jim Robinson, for giving us the vehicle in which we can express ourselves.

Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997.   I can remember lurking when there were only a few regulars who posted, and now there are over 60,000 who have registered for posting privileges. The forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world.

A Few of FR's Finest November 11, 2001

So many people have written me since my original Veteran's Day Tribute, asking how they, or a loved one, could be included in that tribute. Since I can no longer add the photos to the body of the thread, I've been including them in additional posts as I received enough to make another collage.

Still that doesn't seem to be enough. I think there's never been a better nor more appropriate time to keep the faces of our own Veterans and Active Military in front of FReepers--every day! That's why I wanted to do yet another Daily Thread .....ABOUT FReepers .....and FOR FReepers. But not only about our Military FReepers; for all FReepers! Wouldn't it be nice to get to know a few of the other FReepers as well? That's why, in addition to seeing FR's Finest Military Personnel every day, I thought it might be fun to feature a different FReeper (or FReepers) each day. If you would like to be pictured, or know someone who would, please FReepmail me and we'll turn the spotlight - on YOU - for the day!

And do let me know if you'd like your picture added to the groups of Veterans/Active Military below. I will keep this page updated, and continue to add them to the comment section of the original Veteran's Day thread as well.

TOP:  g'nad, AgThorn's son Justin, SLB, AgThorn's son Brett.
MIDDLE:  fish70, razorback-bert, CheneyChick,Leroy S Mort, Mark17.
BOTTOM:  Terry's Take, Taxman, DinkyDau.

TOP:  ValerieUSA's son Grant, SK1Thurman, kd5cts, RangerVetNam,
dansangel and .45man's son-in-law Tony
BOTTOM:  rangerX, Old China Hand, Trish, Howlin's dad, Mustang

TOP: ohioWfan's son, MamaBear's father-in-law, MamaBear's dad, ladtx
MIDDLE:  The Mayor's niece, M.Kehoe, Beach_Babe's son-in-law
BOTTOM:  deadhead's dad, HiJinx, Severa's hubby, viligantcitizen's granddad.

TOP:  spectr17, RightOnline, SERE_Doc, Tet68.
MIDDLE:  FutureSnakeEater, RightOnline's wife, CIApilot, Clamper1797
BOTTOM:  usmcobra, onedoug, DiverDave, Joe6-pack

We now have eleven groups of veterans/active military; we will post each group of three or four twice a week, with thumbnail/links of the remaining seven or eight groups on each thread. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the group full-size.


GROUP 1A: TOP: Logos, SwedeGirl's hubby, Neil E Wright, FallGuy, 1John, Sneakypete MIDDLE:  T'wit, COB1, LadyX, Dick Bachert, 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub BOTTOM:  YankeeinSC, Delta21, JoeSixPack1
GROUP 2A: TOP:  Bosniajmc, AFVetGal, Archy, A Navy Vet MIDDLE:  4TheFlag, Aeronaut, 68Grunt, Xinga BOTTOM:  Codger, AAABest, Clinton's A Liar, Duke809, dcwusmc
GROUP 3A: TOP:  mc5cents, Norb2569, LBGA's son, VanJenerette MIDDLE:  Jim Robinson, KJenerette, davidosborne, KG9Kid BOTTOM:  gwmoore, Equality7-2521, SAMWolf
GROUP 4A: TOP:  porgygirl, Phil V., MudPuppy, NorCoGOP MIDDLE:  RaceBannon, OneidaM, rdb3, jwTexian BOTTOM:  USMC Vet, TheMayor, Vineyard, rhododogma

GROUP 9A: TOP: Q6-God, Scan59, Mama Bear and JKPhoto's son, ofMagog. MIDDLE:  Big'ol_freeper, JustAmy's great uncle, Prodigal Son. BOTTOM:  JustAmy's husband, JustAmy's brother-in-law, JustAmy's brother.
GROUP 10A: TOP: dakine's wife, MeeknMing's dad, Auntbee's nephew, MilitiaMan7, AlasBabylon. BOTTOM:  Joe Brower, Temple Owl, Temple Owl's wife, dutchess' dad, Aomagrat.
GROUP 11A: TOP: ladtx #2 son; DiverDave's twin Don; petuniasevan and husband poorman; Mustard; ladtx #1 son. BOTTOM: AlamoGirl's brother Floyd; AG's dad; AG's brother Jim (inset); WVNan's husband; ladtx' Aunt Eva.


The Owl and Maggie....a Love Story

I call this story a Love Story. Much of it is in Temple's own words; when he sent it to me, the one thing that stood out the most was how much he loves his wife. He asked me if it was too much "Me, Me, Me" - there is no way.

"While working at the Daily News I met a beautiful nurse. She was providing tender loving care at the Philadelphia Veterans Hospital. It was love a first sight. The situation after 43 years of marriage remains the same. I am still outranked and still in love with my still-beautiful Maggie."  ~ Temple Owl



Temple Owl
Freeper since December 3, 2001

Temple Owl and Maggie today

He enlisted in the U.S. Army in April 1947, and was assigned to the Army Security Agency.
Following basic training he was sent to Vint Hill Farms Station, VA., where he was schooled for assignments in radio intelligence - intercept and direction finding. He spent four years in Europe monitoring and tracking mostly Russians.
"There were others who were supposed to be allies, but who were suspected of being untrustworthy, Ooh La La!"
"The Agency had a saying 'In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor'."
After seven years in the Army, Temple decided to give civilian life a shot and was discharged with the rank of SFC.
He majored in journalism at Temple University and began his journalistic career with the Philadelphia Daily News in 1956. It was while working at the Daily News that he met his wife. She was a nurse at the Philadelphia Veterans Hospital. They fell in love immediately, and after 43 years of marriage, are just as madly in love.
Temple tells me that Maggie is the wearer of the ribbons. After training at The Philadelphia General Hospital's school of nursing, she enlisted in the U.S. Army. She served as a 1st Lt. in the 11th Evacuation Hospital during President Truman's "Police Action" in Korea. While there she earned three battle stars for the Spring Offensive, Second Korean Winter Campaign, and the Korean Summer-Fall Offensive. The battles were better known as Pork Chop Hill, Heartbreak Ridge and Charley Charley Foxtrot.


Owl and Maggie are parents of three fine sons of whom they are very proud.
Owl went on to become a mainstay as a police reporter at the tabloid, dominating the front page for days on end. He went to the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin in 1960. He was now married and was looking for the security the largest evening newspaper in America could afford. "Nearly Everybody Reads The Bulletin." The Daily News was always on the verge of collapse.
In 1964, he made national and international headlines when he was arrested and thrown in jail by Chester City Police. It happened during a confrontation over the arrest and beating of a fellow journalist during a civil rights march. All charges were dropped.
He won a National Headliners Award in 1961 for a series on vote fraud in Philadelphia.
He was editor of The Bulletin's popular Mr. Fixit consumer affairs column, where he became involved in a variety of causes.
The most notable concerned the shocking death toll of kidney patients who died because they could not afford the high cost of dialysis. In 1970, he led a successful 18-month-long campaign to get a state bill passed which called for financial aid to all kidney patients.
The Bulletin printed its last edition in January 1982. (The Daily News is still alive.)
In September 1982, Owl with three other partners was instrumental in opening a string of weekly newspapers in Suburban Philadelphia. He was the paper's first editor. The papers were sold last month to the Journal Register Co. Owl is still writing a very conservative column. His oldest son, a product of the University of Missouri's J-School, is the executive editor. Number One Son is a member of the FreeRepublic who goes under the name of Tribune7.
Owl himself became interested in the FreeRepublic while lurking and kibitzing behind Tribune7. He finally joined to offer imput while there was a discussion going on about which were the greatest musical groups of all-time. "The groups getting the most play consisted of screaming people and electric guitars." :)
I figured I ought to introduce the younger Freepers to such greats as Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller and even Lawrence Welk.
What Owl likes about FReeRepublic is that "most of the members are conservative, compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent and reasonable. Most also have a wonderful sense of humor." He said he also gets the feeling that nearly all believe in God. "It is a nice band of brothers and sisters with which to hang out."
Owl still insists he learned more about life during his time in the Army than he ever did in school. "It was a great learning is FreeRepublic."

Enjoy your day in the spotlight, Temple...

You are One of FR's Finest!

And watch out, girls, he'll steal your heart!


11-11-02 Veterans' Day

Opinions by our own 'King of Ping'
The guy's good, folks!

Thanks, Mixer!

     1) Click on the graphic to open the Calendar.
     2) Once there you can click on any month and even click to the right to go into next year. Once you are in the month that you joined FR you will need to click on the number in the calendar and then an add item screen will come up.
     3) In the next box enter your name in the "Calendar Text" field and then click on submit.
     4) If any of the screens fail to load simply click on refresh in your browser and that will usually fix it.
     5) If all else fails or simply if you want me to do this for you send me an FReepmail and I will gladly do it for you. ~Mixer

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Miscellaneous; News/Current Events; Political Humor/Cartoons
KEYWORDS: freepers; fun; military; patriotic; pennsylvania; surprises; veterans
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To: Billie

41 posted on 11/12/2002 8:42:07 AM PST by WVNan
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 38 | View Replies]

To: Billie; Temple Owl
Congratulations, Temple Owl. It's a real pleasure to meet ya!

Welcome to the FR's Finest... Hall of Fame.

'Tis a GREAT looking family you have there and your love and pride is understandable.

Uhh, since you're a conservative writer, and the Philadelphia Inquirer isn't listed in your bio, does that mean it's not a conservative newspaper? I'm shocked. Hehehheh :)

Atta Boy, Temple!

42 posted on 11/12/2002 8:42:48 AM PST by Diver Dave
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Billie; Temple Owl
Billie, thank you for this wonderful and beautiful presentation of one of my very favorite FReepers, Temple Owl. I always knew there was a great story behind him and I am so glad you presented it to us. He stole my heart a long time ago.

Temple Owl, my first inclination was to write "Your wife is very lucky to have held onto you for all these years" but I knew you would probably write back "I am the lucky one"....Whatever, congratulations on a life well lived in service to your country, your family and your God.

43 posted on 11/12/2002 8:42:59 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: Temple Owl
Congratulations and what a lovely wife and family! Enjoy your day in the sun and glad to get to know you.
44 posted on 11/12/2002 8:43:03 AM PST by FreeTheHostages
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: lodwick
Morning, loddy. Thanks for making the sun shine every day. :)
45 posted on 11/12/2002 8:44:09 AM PST by Billie
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 8 | View Replies]

To: Aquamarine
That music is beautiful Aqua. That gets me in a relaxed mood.
46 posted on 11/12/2002 8:44:14 AM PST by WVNan
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 22 | View Replies]

To: ValerieUSA
I didn't know that about you Valerie. I thought your genius was in photography. You seem to be multi-talented.
47 posted on 11/12/2002 8:45:08 AM PST by WVNan
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 25 | View Replies]

To: LadyX
Good (barely) morning Lady. What's on your schedule for today? Sometime today I have to white-out some of the names in the Christmas play script and write in female names. We don't have enough guys willing to take a part. Story of my life LOL.
48 posted on 11/12/2002 8:47:10 AM PST by WVNan
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To: Billie; dutchess
Love our new hostess logo. Is this the one that dutchess sent? It is adorable...

49 posted on 11/12/2002 8:47:44 AM PST by daisyscarlett
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: ladtx
Thank you for posting the helicoptor casualties of Nov. 12.

50 posted on 11/12/2002 8:52:51 AM PST by daisyscarlett
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 3 | View Replies]

To: daisyscarlett
Hi daisy. Isn't that the cutest bunch of puppies? I just laughed out loud when I saw that. It reminded me that today we should....

51 posted on 11/12/2002 8:54:02 AM PST by WVNan
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 49 | View Replies]

To: lodwick
Good morning and thank you for the beautiful sunrise, as always...

52 posted on 11/12/2002 8:55:02 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: Temple Owl
Not only is Maggie lovely but she is also very classy...Love her dress and pearls...She should sign up and visit the Guild...Does she know you drop in and say hi to us each day?
53 posted on 11/12/2002 8:58:52 AM PST by daisyscarlett
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 13 | View Replies]

To: MeeknMing
Good morning to you Meekie...You seem to be getting pretty proficient with your Dad's slow

54 posted on 11/12/2002 9:01:17 AM PST by daisyscarlett
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 15 | View Replies]

To: daisyscarlett
Does she know you drop in and say hi to us each day? Of course! I have to salute and ask permission first, but she never refuses. She knows she's got me.
55 posted on 11/12/2002 9:02:14 AM PST by Temple Owl
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 53 | View Replies]

To: jwfiv; Temple Owl; Billie
You and Temple Owl are bright and shiny moments in my day...We've heard his story, maybe someday we will hear yours (Billie, hint hint-lol)
56 posted on 11/12/2002 9:03:09 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: WVNan
A much appreciated valentine. I love it.
57 posted on 11/12/2002 9:06:17 AM PST by Temple Owl
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To: Aquamarine; LadyX
Good morning to two of our favorite Southern Belles....

58 posted on 11/12/2002 9:06:47 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: Billie
Why do you have a drawing of Saddam Hussein in the first panel, listed as *A Few of FR's Finest..... .....Every Day*?

59 posted on 11/12/2002 9:09:24 AM PST by archy
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To: Diver Dave
Hi Diver, Thank you for the kinds words. I am working hard to slay the Philadelphia Inquirer. It is a dishonest newspaper. We are succeeding.
60 posted on 11/12/2002 9:09:34 AM PST by Temple Owl
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