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Posted on 12/10/2002 9:08:45 AM PST by Polycarp

LifeSite Daily News
Monday December 9, 2002

Cardinal Newman Society head calls such promotion “a scandal and a terrible crime”

CHICAGO, December 9, 2002 ( - LifeSite has learned of seven more 'Catholic' universities and colleges in the United States which promote Planned Parenthood on their websites. In light of San Francisco University’s recent removal (at least temporarily) of links to the pro-abortion organization from its website, LifeSite hopes that this latest expose will shine a needed cleansing light.

DePaul University in Chicago, founded in 1898 by the Vincentians boasts of being "The largest Catholic university in the nation." However, DePaul not only links to the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood but goes even further offering its students internships with the pro-abortion organization.
(See links verifying DePaul's Planned Parenthood internships: )

Georgetown University in the nation's capital pride itself on being "founded in 1789” and “the nation's oldest Catholic and Jesuit university." Nonetheless, the Georgetown website offers a "sexual health & safety" page which would make even insensitive Catholics blush with embarrassment with its encouragement of the use of sexual aids including "dental dams" and "latex gloves" for "safer sex". Not only does Georgetown link to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, it also suggests the use of the abortifacient morning after pill in case of rape.
(See Georgetown's sexual health site: )

Loyola University in Chicago is one of the largest of the 28 Jesuit universities and colleges in the United States. Besides linking to Planned Parenthood, the university's women's studies website links to the pro-abortion lobby group National Organization of Women.
(See: )

Santa Clara University in California which was founded in 1851 by the Society of Jesus not only links to Planned Parenthood on its Medical Assistance website, but explains clearly that " Planned Parenthood provides services including family planning, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, cancer screening, surgical sterilization, abortion."
(See: )

Seaattle University in Washington claims "The Gospel vision of the human person in society, as understood and developed by our Catholic and Jesuit tradition, is the wellspring of our educational values and hence our educational mission." But on a university website, besides linking to Planned Parenthood for "wellness" services, the students are urged to "activism" with groups such as "National Organization for Women" and "National Gay and Lesbian Task Force".
(See: and )

Two other Catholic institutions, Boston College and John Carroll University in Cleveland also offer their students links to Planned Parenthood offices from the university websites.
( See: and )

LifeSite sought a comment on the findings from Patrick J. Reilly, President & CEO of the Cardinal Newman Society which was established in 1993 and dedicated to the renewal of Catholic identity in Catholic higher education. The Society, which is backed by ten U.S. bishops and archbishops and counts among its spiritual advisers, Rev. Benedict Groeschel, and Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, works towards the faithful implementation of Pope John Paul II's 1990 constitution Ex Corde Ecclesae "On Catholic Universities".

"In Ex Corde Ecclesiae, one of the requirements of a Catholic university is that all official actions and commitments must be in accord with the university's Catholic identity," said Reilly. "Anything that would appear or be announced or promoted by the university's website or professors is an official action. By promoting Planned Parenthood or taking any step that might drive students towards Planned Parenthood for an abortion is not only a violation of Ex Corde Ecclesiae but a scandal and a terrible crime against these young women."

See the Cardinal Newman Society website and Ex Corde Ecclesiae:

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KEYWORDS: catholiclist
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To: SuziQ
Although I lost any old links to the story, Google came up with some info about the changes at the Univ of Dallas:
21 posted on 12/10/2002 11:27:32 AM PST by Maximilian
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To: Diago
Two other Catholic institutions, Boston College and John Carroll University in Cleveland also offer their students links to Planned Parenthood offices from the university websites.

Cleveland ping. I'm surprised to see John Carroll on the list, but maybe I'm just naive.

22 posted on 12/10/2002 11:29:59 AM PST by Maximilian
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To: Polycarp
Thanks for the information. Santa Clara has actively supported the homosexual, abortion and anti-Pope agenda for many years. The school president also opposed the Pope's push for local Bishop's consent to any individual who would run the theology department. However, the school is quick to solicit money from Roman Catholics on the basis of "support for a Catholic University".
23 posted on 12/10/2002 11:36:00 AM PST by Tadhg
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To: 2nd amendment mama; A2J; aposiopetic; attagirl; axel f; Balto_Boy; bulldogs; Charlie OK; ...
ProLife Ping!

If anyone wants on or off my ProLife Ping List, please notify me here or by freepmail.

24 posted on 12/10/2002 11:45:07 AM PST by Mr. Silverback
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To: Maximilian
I stopped purchasing anything from Ignatius Press (Fr. Fessio) after he published Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson Book on homeschooling, (which had very little Catholic in it) Hans Urs Von Balthasar material, Prince of Egypt video, CBS version of Joan of Arc, any and all Scott Hahn material.

The company does publish some good books, but the infestion of liberal ecumaniacal post Vatican II ideology sickens me.

25 posted on 12/10/2002 11:54:53 AM PST by Smocker
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To: pgkdan
"Georgetown is still a Jesuit University but it hasn't beeb a "Catholic" University for over a quarter of a century."

Our daughter attended Georgetown Visitation when it was still a Catholic school and we used Georgetown Hospital for that reason. These days we still use the Hospital out of choice but it can hardly be thought of as Catholic.

We figure it has a chance of a better atmosphere than the Fairfax Hospital abortion mill which could be our alternative and of which I have heard many bizzare examples of lack of care or attention. My sense is that an organization so intent on taking life is hardly prepared to adequately also serve to heal or further life.
26 posted on 12/10/2002 12:00:23 PM PST by Spirited
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To: Smocker
I stopped purchasing anything from Ignatius Press (Fr. Fessio) after he published Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson Book on homeschooling, (which had very little Catholic in it) Hans Urs Von Balthasar material, Prince of Egypt video, CBS version of Joan of Arc, any and all Scott Hahn material.

I don't buy anything from Ignatius Press either. But it wasn't promotion of Hans Urs (Mr. Universal Salvation) Von Balthasar that made the Univ of San Francisco shut down the Ignatius Institute. I've posted before that I don't expect anything very Catholic from this Ave Maria campus down in Florida. I get a fund-raising letter from Fr. Fessio practically every day in the mail, and I just toss them unopened in the garbage. But the Jesuits in California still found him to be a dangerous reactionary from their point of view.

27 posted on 12/10/2002 12:01:35 PM PST by Maximilian
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To: Maximilian
Shout out to Ignatius Press, which publishes a great many excellent books. My parents do a lot of work for them in the book production business.

I find it rather odd that vibrant orthodox Catholic figures like Monaghan & Co, Ignatius Press, Pope John Paul II, Opus Dei, et al, would come under fire from conservatives, but I guess it takes all kinds . . .

28 posted on 12/10/2002 12:42:37 PM PST by JohnnyZ
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To: Polycarp
Georgetown website offers a "sexual health & safety" page which would make even insensitive Catholics blush with embarrassment with its encouragement of the use of sexual aids

My face has turned red alright .... but I'm not blushing!

What some perceive as an all out attack on the catholic church is taking some interesting turns. Good!! Time to clean up the churches and universities.

29 posted on 12/10/2002 1:08:32 PM PST by NYer
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To: Polycarp
Woops! Georgetown tried to hide the evidence (or perhaps they felt true remorse and shame). But luckily Google took a snapshot yesterday.....

This is G o o g l e's cache of
G o o g l e's cache is the snapshot that we took of the page as we crawled the web.
The page may have changed since that time. Click here for the current page without highlighting.
To link to or bookmark this page, use the following url:

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These search terms have been highlighted:  planned  parenthood 

HealthyLife® Students' Self-Care Guide

Table of Contents

 Section II–Playing It Safe

Previous Topic | Next Topic

Sexual Health & Safety

Closeness, touching, and intimacy are good for health. One way to experience these is through sexual contact. Some people decide to delay sex until they are in a long-term committed relationship. Others decide to become sexually active without one. If you choose to be sexually active, consider your health and peace of mind by playing it safe.

Safer Sex

Safer sex means being intimate but using measures that minimize the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Not having sex, including intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, and genital to genital contact is the only sure way to eliminate the risk for STDs. Caressing, hugging, dry kissing, and masturbation are no risk or extremely low-risk practices. So is limiting your sexual contact to one person your entire life if your partner is also monogamous and does not have an STD.

Follow these measures to reduce the risk for contracting an STD:

Use latex or polyurethane barriers, such as condoms (male or female ones), dental dams, latex gloves, etc. These reduce the spread of STDs when used properly and carefully and for every sex act. They do not eliminate the risk entirely. Barriers made of natural membranes, such as lamb skin do not offer effective protection against STDs. Unless they are in a monogamous relationship in which neither partner has an STD, both females and males should carry latex or polyurethane barriers and insist that they be used every time they have genital contact and/or oral sex. Use polyurethane condoms if either partner is allergic to latex.

For oral-vaginal sex and oral-anal sex, use latex dams ("doilies"). These are latex squares.
For additional protection, use spermicidal foams, jellies, or creams (especially with Nonoxynol-9 if you are not allergic to this), and a diaphragm. Use these with (not instead of) a condom. Use water-based lubricants, such as K-Y Brand Jelly. Don't use oil-based or "petroleum" ones, such as Vaseline. They can damage latex barriers.
Don't have sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Limit sexual partners. Sexual contact with many persons increases the risk for STDs, especially if no protection is used.
Discuss a new partner's sexual history with him or her before beginning a sexual relationship. (Be aware, though, that persons are not always honest about their sexual history.)
Avoid sexual contact with persons whose health status and health practices are not known.
Avoid sex if either partner has signs and symptoms of a genital infection, such as sores or a discharge.
Wash the genitals with soap and water before and after sexual intercourse.
After manual, sexual contact in another person's genital area, wash your hands with hot water and an antibacterial soap, especially before you touch your eyes or anyone else's genitals.
Talk to your health care provider about getting vaccinated for hepatitis B.

If you have multiple sex partners, ask your health care provider to check for STDs every 6 months (or as he or she advises), even if you don’t have any symptoms.

Seek treatment for a sexually transmitted disease if you know your sex partner is infected.

For Information, Contact:

Your school’s Student Health Center, your health care provider, or your local health department

The National STD Hotline
1-800- 227-8922

American Social Health Association (ASHA)

Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood at 1-800-239-PLAN (7526)

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an unlawful act that may involve the touching of intimate body parts, sexual intimidation, or forced sexual penetration. This includes sexual intercourse, oral sex, and digital penetration.

Rape is forced sexual intercourse. Force may be by verbal threats, physical restraint, or violence.

Rape is one of the most underreported, violent crimes in the United States. Only about 16% of rapes are reported. Acquaintance or date rape is forced or coerced sexual intercourse by a friend or acquaintance, usually in a dating situation. About 80% of sexual assault victims knew their assailant. Most acquaintance rape is sexually motivated with violence or coercion as factors. Almost all sexual assaults on college campuses are acquaintance rapes, and in most cases at least one of the persons involved is under the influence of alcohol or another drug.

Safety Tips to Reduce the Chances for Sexual Assault

Be aware of the risks of date rape with drinking alcohol. About 75% of male students who take part in acquaintance rape had been drinking; about 55% of female students had.


The best defense is to not drink. If you drink, limit alcohol intake.


Don’t drink anything you have not brought or opened yourself. Don’t drink from another person’s container, from a punch bowl, beer bong, etc. When at a bar or club, accept drinks only from a bartender or waiter.


Keep your drink in your hand and under your watch at all times. If needed, have a friend watch your drink. Do the same for your friend(s).


Don’t drink alcohol in a high-risk setting for sexual assault (e.g., frat house or team parties or with persons you don’t know and/or trust).

Be aware of these “date-rape” drugs, which have no odor or color when mixed with drinks:


Rophypnol. See the Drug Chart under "Drugs & Drug Safety" for the effects of this drug, which can last 6 to 8 hours. This drug is added to drinks and punches at parties, raves, etc., usually to lower sexual inhibitions in females. When mixed with alcohol or other drugs, Rohypnol can cause death.


GHB and GLB. See the Drug Chart under "Drugs & Drug Safety" for the effects of this drug, which last about 8 hours. If you have had this drug, you may wake up partially clothed with no recollection of a sexual assault. GHB is often made in homes with recipes and ingredients found and purchased on the Internet. GHB can cause death.

Consider using a coaster or test strip made to detect date rape drugs in drinks before you take a sip. An example is Drink Safe CoasterTM by Drink Safe Technology. For information, contact

If you suspect you have been drugged keep a sample of your drink. Get help immediately. Have a friend help you get medical care. Call EMS, if necessary. Get tested for the drug within 12 hours of the suspected incident at a hospital emergency department.

Do not have sex with a person who is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, which compromise consent. Also, look out for the safety of your friends and yourself and don’t put yourself in vulnerable situations.

Alert your female friends (and the authorities) to rumors of guys using date- rape drugs.

Don't assume that anyone under the influence is "too nice a guy" to commit sexual assault. Intervene on a friend's behalf (e.g., walk her out of a party, take her to a safe place, etc.).

Know your sexual limitations and communicate them both verbally and nonverbally. If you sense you are being pressured to have sex and don't want to, state your position clearly. Say "NO" emphatically when you mean "NO!" Be aware, too, that a female/partner does not need to say the word, "NO" to mean "NO." Listen for words like, "I'm just not ready," "We're going too fast," etc. The female/partner may be afraid to say "NO."

Attend your school’s classes, etc., on preventing acquaintance rape, sexual assault, etc. Take a class in self-defense.

Carry a cell phone with you to call for help, if needed.

Avoid being alone, especially in unsafe situations and with strangers and persons you don’t know well or feel safe with.

Keep the doors to your home and car locked. Don’t open doors to strangers. Don’t tell strangers that you are alone.

If Rape Occurs


Do not shower, clean or wash up in any way, or change clothing before you go to the hospital emergency department. Doing so could destroy evidence (e.g., blood type, hair samples, etc.), which may not be legally acceptable if collected later than 72 hours after the rape. If you have removed clothes worn at the time of the rape, put them in a plastic bag and take them with you to the ER.


Get medical or police help right away. (Date-rape drugs may not be detectable after 12 hours.) Go to the ER. Recall and write down as much detail as you can. Report the rapist's age, height, weight, race, hair color, clothing worn, noticeable body marks, tattoos, etc. If a vehicle was involved, report its type, color, licence plate, etc. Take a friend with you for comfort and support. At the ER, you will get information about health care providers in your area who can help you after the ER visit. You will likely use it at some point.


Talk to the emergency care provider about emergency contraception and tests for STDs.


Contact your campus Sexual Assault Crisis Center or call the Rape Crisis Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).


30 posted on 12/10/2002 2:18:15 PM PST by Notwithstanding
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To: Polycarp
How about everywhere a "Planned Parenthood" sign exists, it be modified to read "Aborted Parenthood"?
31 posted on 12/10/2002 2:23:32 PM PST by G Larry
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To: Maximilian
Thanks for the links about U of Dallas. I checked their website after I'd asked and saw they don't have a Law School, so I'm not interested at this point.
32 posted on 12/10/2002 3:17:11 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: Polycarp
Too bad we're not in the millstone business!

It's very very sad to think about. It's easier to joke if the stakes weren't so high, individually and societally.

33 posted on 12/10/2002 3:23:42 PM PST by attagirl
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To: JohnnyZ
would come under fire from conservatives

Don't confuse "conservatives" with "traditionalists."

"Conservatives" don't try to destroy their own the way some "traditionalists" do as a matter of course.

34 posted on 12/10/2002 3:26:58 PM PST by Polycarp
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To: G Larry
Personally I prefer "Planned Barrenhood."
35 posted on 12/10/2002 3:28:45 PM PST by Polycarp
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To: JohnnyZ
Don't forget Tan Books!
36 posted on 12/10/2002 3:40:01 PM PST by pray4liberty
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To: Polycarp
For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole world.
37 posted on 12/10/2002 3:41:27 PM PST by pray4liberty
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To: pray4liberty
38 posted on 12/10/2002 5:58:21 PM PST by pseudo-justin
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To: All

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An interview with MICHELE MALKIN!

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39 posted on 12/10/2002 5:58:47 PM PST by Bob J
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To: Smocker
but the infestion of liberal ecumaniacal post Vatican II ideology sickens me.

I like Ignatius Press and our kids use their Catechism materials. They have a great series, "Faith and Life", that teaches basic Catholic Doctrine without the 'peace and love' fluff we had to endure when they were in Catholic Schools.

Face it, most Catholics today weren't alive, or they weren't paying attention pre-Vatican II. That Church and the practices mean nothing to them. You have to reach people where they are and bring them along into a more rich, sacred life in the Church. You don't do that by demanding that everything post Vatican II be dumped. Some of it is atrocious, but some can be rather nice. I, for one, don't need a Latin Mass in order to feel it a prayerful experience. I receive Holy Communion in the hand, and I don't think I'm any less a Catholic for that reason. I know that it is the Body and Blood of Jesus, and I am prayerful and respectful when receiving. I'm even an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist because we have Holy Communion under both species at our Masses. Not everyone avails themselves of the opportunity, but that's their decision. There are many Catholics today who don't even believe in the Real Presence, so it will be a while before those folks would care about whether the Mass is in English or Latin. They're just there because they know they are supposed to be and God Bless them for that! It is my hope that newer priests will be willing to TEACH from the pulpit all those things the average Catholic missed because of poor catechetics. The younger priests are tending to be more conservative than middle aged or older priests these days. Maybe God had the plan all along that we wouldn't have too many of these weaker priests and he would send more strong men to the priesthood when we need them and can appreciate them!

As for the homeschooling materials which don't promote 'Catholic' homeschooling, I don't have a problem with that. We are strong orthodox Catholics and we don't use exclusively 'Catholic' materials either. I use secular textbooks, and supplement when necessary with Catholic materials. I have frankly found some of the exclusively Catholic materials lacking in substance and quality. So we use lots of materials and discuss where these differ from what the Church teaches. Our kids are reading a History of the Catholic Church in America along with their secular US History materials. When they begin their classical studies next year, they'll study about the religious practices of the Ancient civilizations and about Judaism leading to the birth of Christ. Then we'll pick up with the History of the Church corresponding to the time frame being studied. I want them to have a well rounded education and to know of the secular references as well as the Catholic.

40 posted on 12/10/2002 6:41:18 PM PST by SuziQ
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