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The Lott Problem & A Solution
The Democrat Party's Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism ^

Posted on 12/13/2002 2:06:35 AM PST by Republican_Strategist

The Lott Gaffe

[Emphasis 1] - What Trent Lott said was incredibly stupid. He said, "I want to say this about my state (Mississippi): When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either."

[Emphasis 2] - What makes that an incredibly stupid comment was that Strom Thurmond ran as a Democrat on a segregationist ticket. We shouldn’t be proud of it. And it surely would have led us to be problem free. And no one should be proud that they voted for him.

[Emphasis 3] - The comment really was not intended to be racist. What Lott was doing was taking part in Strom Thurmond’s birthday party trying to be humorous and he was trying to flatter him with that gaffe rather than trying to proclaim that America needs segregation.

[Emphasis 4] - People like Paul M. Weyrich of the Free Congress that have known Lott have vouched that he is no racist and has never made any racist comments. He innocently made a politically incorrect joke.

[Emphasis 5] - Democrats and the Liberal Media are only using this as part of a systematic campaign of demagoguery so that they can constantly refer to republicans as being racist and keep minorities in a state of fear so that they will continue to blindly vote for Democrats.

[Emphasis 6] - This is just racial paranoia. It wasn’t like Lott was serious or as if he was making the first item of the new year, say, repealing the Civil Rights Act or something like that. This is hysteria courtesy of the racial sensitivity police.

[Emphasis 7] - We need to put an end to this battered republican syndrome and stand up to the Left and quit letting them intimidate us with these overblown attacks over harmless jokes and we should quit trying to constantly appease them with repeated apologies.

[Emphasis 8] - Let’s get back to politics rather than allowing liberals to distract us with their politics of personal destruction. Let’s talk about unilaterally going to war with Iraq, let’s talk about abolishing income tax, let’s talk about abolishing social security, and let’s get back to restoring America.

[Emphasis 9] - Democrats are crybabies, whiners, and moaners. They will harp about this endlessly and the media will be like a DNC automation. The N.Y. Times maybe will even start a campaign against republicans demanding appeasement in the form of a tax increase or that we apologize to Clinton for trying to impeach him for breaking the law.

[Emphasis 10] Don’t let democrats make victims out of you! Be vigilant!

The Solution

1) Republicans need to quit rid of Lott. They should make it clear that there is a sizable majority of republicans that are fed up or lack confidence in his leadership (if you choose to call it that). They should highlight his bungling of the impeachment trial, his conciliatory attitude as far as trying to be “nice” to Daschle, and his general spinelessness. They should make it clear it wasn’t because he made an innocent joke to make a hundred year old man happy on his birthday.

2) Republicans need to highlight the hypocrisy and selective moral outrage on the part of the Democrats.

3) Republicans need to make the case that the media firestorm over this stupid, innocent joke however politically incorrect is a prime example of the media’s overly liberal bias.

4) Republicans need to quit being all so willing to just call for Lott’s head on a platter and they need to quit trying to appease the racial sensitivity police with such preemptive actions.

5) The Republicans need to highlight their party’s history of being the backers that made legislation like the 1964 Civil Rights Act pass while highlighting it was the Democratic Party that has a long history of racism and bigotry.

6) Republicans need to highlight policies like affirmative action and so forth are inherently racist. Republicans need to do a better job of pointing out things like 85% of racial violence being black on white while illustrating individuals like Michael Moore have written books that are undoubtedly racist with titles like “Stupid White Men.”

7) We have the White House, we have the House, and we have the Senate. Let’s use them and get our political agenda rolling. Let’s start by getting rid of the abortion slaughter and nominating extremely conservative judges.

Double Standards

[Double Standard] - At the 1993 birthday party of J. William Fulbright, Clinton said, “The American political system produced this remarkable man, and my state did, and I'm real proud of it.” Clinton bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Fulbright who he described as a visionary humanitarian, a steadfast supporter of the values of education, and 'my mentor.'

[Double Standard] - October 22, 2002, Bill Clinton traveled to Fayetteville, Arkansas to honor the life of the late Arkansas senator, J. William Fulbright by dedicating a seven-foot-tall bronze statue of the man. Clinton said, "If [Fulbright] were here today, I'm sure he would caution us not to be too utopian in our expectations, but rather utopian in our values and vision."

[Double Standard] - Gore family's African-American former maid, who complained in the midst of the 2000 presidential campaign that young Al's mom and dad used to make her wait in their hot car during the 1950s while the family ate in "whites only" restaurants.

[Double Standard] - On CBS, both liberals Dan Rather and Mike Wallace made racially insensitive comments. Rather said on air, "What happened was they [CBS management] got the willies, they got the Buckwheats. Their knees wobbled and we gave it up." Wallace once said, with film rolling, that Blacks and Hispanics had difficulty filling our loan applications. According to Wallace, they were simply too busy “eating watermelons and tacos” to learn how to read and write.

[Double Standard] - Gore’s Campaign Manager Donna Brazille, told the Washington Post, that she was going to beat the "white boys."

[Double Standard] - Liberal Hero & Communist FDR appointed two notorious segregationists to the United States Supreme Court. Roosevelt appointed South Carolina segregationist Democrat Jimmy Byrnes to the court. Roosevelt later made Byrnes a top advisor, where the segregationist earned the nickname “assistant president.” Byrnes was also Roosevelt’s second choice behind Harry Truman for the VP nod in his 1944 reelection bid. Roosevelt also appointed segregationist Democrat Senator Hugo Black of Alabama to the court. Black was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan with a notorious record of racism himself.

[Double Standard] - Democratic Senator Robert Byrd is a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and is currently the only national elected official with a history in the Klan, a well known hate group. Byrd was extremely active in the Klan and rose to the rank of “Kleagle,” an official Klan membership recruiter. Last year, in an interview on the Fox News Channel, he used the term “white niggers” on air.

[Double Standard] - Senator Ernest Hollings is the liberal Democratic Senator from South Carolina who is also notorious for his use of racial slurs. Hollings has reportedly used the slur "wetbacks" to derogatorily refer to Hispanics and "darkies" to derogatorily refer to blacks. Hollings was also the Governor of South Carolina who raised the confederate flag over the state capitol in the early 1960's in what was considered at the time to be an act of defiance to civil rights. The press ignored Hollings and his role in the flag issue at the same time the political correctness police were smearing George W. Bush during his campaign after Bush correctly remarked that the flag was a state issue to be decided upon by South Carolina and not the national government.

[Double Standard] - Dick Gephardt, the former Democrat Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, gave several speeches to a St. Louis area hate group during his early years as a representative. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Gephardt spoke to the Metro South Citizens Council, a now defunct white supremacist organization.

[Double Standard] - Jesse Jackson has a history of using anti-Semitic slurs and derogatorily calling New York City “Hymietown.” Jackson, a prominent self proclaimed "civil rights leader," is himself guilty of the same bigotry he dishonestly purports to oppose.

[Double Standard] - Cragg Hines used the racial slur "cracker" to attack Helms. He used the epithet not only within the article's text, but he even included it in the piece's title. Hines is one of the most rabidly partisan DC based Democrat editorial columnists to work for a major newspaper, and he makes no attempts to hide it.

[Double Standard] - Al Sharpton, a perrenial Democrat candidate and one of the rumored candidates for the Democrat's 2004 presidential nomination, has a notorious racist past. Sharpton was a central figure who fanned the 1991 Crown Heights race riot, where a mob shouting anti-semetic slurs murdered an innocent Jewish man. Sharpton also incited a 1995 protest of a Jewish owned store in Harlem where protesters used several anti-semetic slurs. During the protests, a Sharpton lieutenant called the store's owner a "bloodsucker" and declared an intent to "loot the Jews." A member of the protest mob later set fire to the store, resulting in the death of seven.

[Double Standard] - Andrew Cuomo, Bill Clinton's former Housing Secretary and a prominent Democrat political player in New York, was tape recorded using racially inflamatory rhetoric to build opposition to a potential Democrat primary opponent while speaking to a Democrat group. Cuomo stated that voting for his rival for the New York Democrat gubernatorial nomination Carl McCall, who is black, would create a "racial contract" between Black and Hispanic Democrats "and that can't happen." Upon initial reports, Cuomo denied the statement but later a tape recording surfaced. Cuomo later dropped out of the race for governor.

[Double Standard] - Lee Brown, Bill Clinton's former drug czar and Democrat mayor of Houston, engaged in racist campaigning designed to suppress Hispanic voter turnout during his 2001 reelection bid. Brown faced challenger Orlando Sanchez, a Hispanic Republican who drew heavy support from the Hispanic community during the general election. Two weeks prior to the runoff, Brown's campaign printed racist signs designed to intimidate Hispanic voters. The signs featured a photograph of Sanchez and the words "Anti-Hispanic."

[Double Standard] - Mary Frances Berry is the Democrat chair of the US Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR). She purports herself to be an "independent" in her political affiliation in order to hold her job on the civil rights commission where partisan membership may not exceed 4 for either party, but is in fact a dedicated liberal Democrat who openly supported Al Gore for president and has given a total of $20,000 in personal contributions to the Democrat Party, Al Gore for President, and other Democrat candidates over the last decade. Berry is an open racist who is affiliated with the far-left Pacifica radio network, a group with ties to black nationalist causes. Berry once stated "Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them," indicating that she believes the USCCR should only look out for civil rights violations against persons of certain select skin colors.

[Double Standard] - Former Democrat State Representative Billy McKinney of Georgia, who is also the father of former Democrat congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of the same state. During his daughter's failed 2002 reelection bid, McKinney appeared on television where he blamed his daughter's difficulties on a Jewish conspiracy. McKinney unleashed a string of anti-semitic sentiments, stating "This is all about the Jews" and spelling out "J-E-W-S." McKinney lost his own seat in a runoff a few weeks later.

The Democrat Party and the Ku Klux Klan

Aside from the multiple Klan members who have served in elected capacity within the high ranks of the Democrat Party, the political party itself has a lengthy but often overlooked history of involvement with the Ku Klux Klan. Though it has been all but forgotten by the media, the Democrat National Convention of 1924 was host to one of the largest Klan gatherings in American history. Dubbed the "Klanbake convention" at the time, the 1924 Democrat National Convention in New York was dominated by a platform dispute surrounding the Ku Klux Klan. A minority of the delegates to the convention attempted to condemn the hate group in the party's platform, but found their proposal shot down by Klan supporters within the party. As delegates inside the convention voted in the Klan's favor, the Klan itself mobilized a celebratory rally outside. On July 4, 1924 one of the largest Klan gatherings ever occurred outside the convention on a field in nearby New Jersey. The event was marked by speakers spewing racial hatred, celebrations of their platform victory in the Democrat Convention, and ended in a cross burning.

For more information on the Democratic opposition to civil rights and their history of racism and bigotry, go to The Democrat Party's Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism

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KEYWORDS: hypocrisy
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The Lott Gaffe & DemoKKKratic Hypocrisy

The Lott Gaffe & A Whole Lot Liberal Media Bias

1 posted on 12/13/2002 2:06:36 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
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To: Republican_Strategist
What the "Republicans" need to do is stop posting endless articles on the subject and venting their purist conservative spleens on Lott.

Shut up and let the President handle it.

2 posted on 12/13/2002 2:18:16 AM PST by patriciaruth
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
Good work. Interesting plan. Well written. There is one problem, and I have a solution for that.

But there sure is a LOTT of truth in the point that Lott is being left to the wolves because of his bungling in impeachment. We are not exactly united on the issue of Lott, and that is why.

On the other hand, it will not be interpreted that way by the left. This is especially true when Lott's college days are looked into.

Problem and Solution: I think it would be interesting if we simply combine a demand that all senators with racial problems all step down from their committee chairs at the same time. That makes the message even more clear. Everyone should be held to the same standard at the same time. Hollings, Clinton, Byrd, and Lott.

3 posted on 12/13/2002 2:24:44 AM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: patriciaruth
Shut up and let the President handle it.

While you are at it, how about closing down the forum for a week and demand that Rush and Hannity pan nonstop to the Bush press conferences? I think Rush and Hannity generally help conservatism, and this plan is very similar to what they are saying.

4 posted on 12/13/2002 2:27:31 AM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: patriciaruth
Why don't you RINOs go crawling & slithering back under your DNC rocks?
5 posted on 12/13/2002 2:30:00 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: Arthur Wildfire! March
Good plan, but I don't think anyone has enough sense to follow it.

What sucks is that none of your articles and comments want to do Lott in because he might have implied segregation was a great idea, but use it as an excuse to get rid of someone you didn't like in the first place.

That's more racist to me than what Lott said, that no one here cares about whether he is a latent racist, only whether he's not aggressively conservative enough.

It's sickening.

6 posted on 12/13/2002 2:32:20 AM PST by patriciaruth
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 4 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
Yeah, I'm a RINO because I am not for killing gays.

In all other respects we probably agree.

7 posted on 12/13/2002 2:33:46 AM PST by patriciaruth
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 5 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
Outstanding find, we need to compile all this and e-mail it to all our friends.
8 posted on 12/13/2002 2:38:21 AM PST by RaceBannon
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: patriciaruth
What bothers me is that Lott was saying anything racist really and clearly from what everyone can view and hear for themselves….he was trying to flatter an old man on his birthday. Of course Lott was just idiotically remarking about something without making any racial suggestions, but of course the Waffen PC has to come at him with everything they’ve got. What sickens me is you spineless republican that throw yourselves at the mercy of the Left.

Then when it comes to the examples of Democrats and the various double standards…you said nothing about it because the Waffen PC isn’t going to go after a Democrat. You just keep letting them lead you by the nose.
9 posted on 12/13/2002 2:38:39 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 6 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
Nutz. You're the spineless one who wants to throw Lott to the wolves.
10 posted on 12/13/2002 2:40:45 AM PST by patriciaruth
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 9 | View Replies]

To: patriciaruth
No, you are a RINO exactly because you would imply that having moral outrage over such depravity as say, homosexuality, can be misconstrued and turned into a campaign to kill them. It is exactly that type of intellectual dishonesty and paranoia that makes you a liberal. The saddest thing is you call yourself a conservative.
11 posted on 12/13/2002 2:41:21 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 7 | View Replies]

To: patriciaruth
No, I want to get rid of the idiot who said he was going to be “nice” to Tom Daschole. You are the guy that wants to let the Black Caucus lynch the guy for stupid gaffe at an old man’s birthday party.
12 posted on 12/13/2002 2:43:23 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 10 | View Replies]

To: patriciaruth
No, I want to get rid of the idiot who said he was going to be “nice” to Tom Daschole. You are the guy that wants to let the Black Caucus lynch the guy for stupid gaffe at an old man’s birthday party.
13 posted on 12/13/2002 2:43:24 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 10 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
These are well reasoned, excellent points. I agree wholeheartedly with almost all of them. the problem is that we have to deal with this furor in 1-4 minute soundbites. The public sees and hears: Lott-Racist-Republican and short circuits nuanced, political and historical facts. The bloody dilemma is that the pavlovian democrats are blatantly manipulating pc-primed, media driven emotional reflexes.
14 posted on 12/13/2002 2:44:11 AM PST by lainde
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
I posted this yesterday on several threads.

Agree that Trent Lott in his Southern hospitality mode of exaggerated praise at a hundred year old birthday party said some thoughtless things falsely implying support for segregation when he probably had national defense in mind.

But as long as we're into bashing people for thoughtless remarks, let's go for some humdingers.

Can anyone remember Jesse Jackson saying "hymietown" or Hillary Clinton saying "Jew b*****d" or Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (D-CA) saying "n****r labor organization?"

And none of them said it at a hundred year old birthday party.

15 posted on 12/13/2002 2:45:29 AM PST by patriciaruth
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 13 | View Replies]

To: lainde
That was an excellent summation!
16 posted on 12/13/2002 2:46:26 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 14 | View Replies]

To: lainde
The bloody dilemma is that the pavlovian democrats are blatantly manipulating pc-primed, media driven emotional reflexes.

No, the bloody dilemma is that conservatives who don't like Lott for other reasons are giving this story legs by calling for his removal and implying they believe he is racist, while actually simply believing he is not aggressively conservative enough for them.

The media is eating you guys up.

17 posted on 12/13/2002 2:48:26 AM PST by patriciaruth
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 14 | View Replies]

To: patriciaruth
Can you help me understand something. I’m not against going back and looking at stupid comments like Hillary calling one of her own aides a “F**king Jew Bastard.” This is exactly the sort of double standard I am encouraging us republicans to raise. So do me a favor and quit pretending I’m the enemy for weighing in on this.

I’m also going to take a stand and say that I doubt the President would embrace my plan and I don’t trust him to handle it. After all, he did let Ted Kennedy write his Education Bill.
18 posted on 12/13/2002 2:50:35 AM PST by Republican_Strategist
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 15 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
I have never called myself a conservative. I am a Republican and maybe the only one on this thread. I believe that to be a conservative you have to be in favor of stoning gays and shooting Mexican men and women at the border, and I am a Christian and thus don't qualify.
19 posted on 12/13/2002 2:51:18 AM PST by patriciaruth
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 11 | View Replies]

To: Republican_Strategist
After about fifty or more articles posted in the last couple days by "Republican (HA!) strategists" such as yourself, I'd say you are piling on Lott for your own selfish reasons and don't give a hoot about the President.
20 posted on 12/13/2002 2:54:28 AM PST by patriciaruth
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