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Western ‘human shields’ head for Iraq this weekend
Star Publications (Malaysia) ^ | 2003/1/22

Posted on 01/22/2003 5:21:16 AM PST by jedi150

Western ‘human shields’ head for Iraq this weekend

LONDON: A first wave of mainly Western volunteers will leave here at the weekend on a convoy bound for Iraq to act as “human shields” at key sites and populous areas in case of a US-led war on Baghdad.

“The potential for white Western body parts flying around with the Iraqi ones should make them think again about this imperialist oil war,” organiser Ken Nichols, a former US marine in the 1991 Gulf War, said.

His “We the People” organisation will be sending off a first group of 50 human shields from the mayor's City Hall building here on Saturday, part of a series of departures organisers say will involve hundreds, possibly thousands, of volunteers.

Nichols' planned human shield convoys is one of several such efforts around the world to mobilise activists in Iraq as a deterrent against military strikes on Baghdad.

“We are on the verge of something big,” said volunteer Christiaan Briggs, 26, from New Zealand. He argued that the stream of human shield volunteers was symptomatic of radicalising anti-war opinion around the world.

“People know this is wrong. It is just so blatantly transparent how the US is trying to impose its hegemony.”

“We the People” organisers said the self-financing human shield volunteers had come forward from US, Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Denmark – and Turkey.

The major rallying point for Muslims, however, is in Jordan. There, a campaign led by leftist parties and civic bodies is seeking 100,000 shield volunteers.

Baghdad has welcomed the plans. But volunteers smart at suggestions that means they are handing a propaganda gift to Saddam.–Reuters

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To: Stultis
That post was excellent, and too funny!!! Have forwarded it to all... Thanks! Best wishes...
61 posted on 01/22/2003 9:17:58 AM PST by Terridan
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To: jedi150
He should have said : “The potential for Red Western body parts flying around with the Iraqi ones should make them think again about this imperialist oil war,” organiser Ken Nichols, a failed wanna be US marine in the 1991 Gulf War, said

Still won't make a difference, though.

62 posted on 01/22/2003 9:45:17 AM PST by piasa (Those who sit on fences soon cut off circulation to their family jewels.)
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To: jedi150

Revoke their passports!

63 posted on 01/22/2003 9:46:15 AM PST by Keith in Iowa (_*_)
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To: piasa
A little Bio on this guy from the net. Ken Nichols - A US Citizen???

 My evolution in renunciation of US citizenship was for me a natural path guided by reverence for the
 truth and uncompromising defense of my own personal peace of mind. I suppose this really began
 when the US conducted human experiments on me, and 600,000 others in the Gulf War by its forced
 injection and ingestion of pyridostigmine bromide pills and anthrax and botulinum toxoid vaccines
 which had not been approved for use on uninformed and non-consenting humans. It is in no way an
 exaggeration to say the US is 100% guilty of human experiments, they even admit to it. Panel
 Releases Report on Human Radiation Experiments, Human Radiation Experiments Associated with
 the U.S. Department of Energy and Its Predecessors

 My evolution continued during my early twenties, and a college class I attended at this time
 accelerated my personal "awakening." The class was "American History" from a black perspective.
 In this class I confronted for the first time the incredible hypocrisy of the slaveholding "Founding
 Fathers." I learned of the past crimes and witnessed ongoing oppression of blacks in America.
 Rodney King was soon a household name and the police beatings and murder continue to this day. I
 realized for myself that had I been born black in America I would have almost certainly been one of
 the countless "statistics;" the "collateral damage" victimized by drugs, violence, incarceration and
 premature death. I realized that the color of my skin had blinded me and shielded me from the pain
 and legacy of enslavement that my brothers and sisters from Africa had endured for centuries. I felt
 the beginning of shame.

 I read a book that should be required reading for all American's; "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,"
 a book that exposes the real America, the America responsible for one of the greatest acts of
 genocide in the history of the world. I realized once again that the color of my skin had blinded me
 and shielded me from the pain of genocide endured by my brothers and sisters who first inhabited
 "America." I felt an upwelling of shame.

 I became increasingly frustrated and disheartened with the ignorance and denial of the average white
 middle-class American, the social/racial group from which I came. I sought to learn the truth not
 taught in school about the unparalleled participation of the US in Crimes against Humanity around the
 globe. Crimes committed throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries and continuing into the 21st.
 Crimes that remain all to conspicuously ignored to this day. I ask where is the virtue of "Freedom"
 and "Democracy" and "Justice" in the invasion and bombing of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos that
 lead to the death and dismemberment of millions of civilians? I ask where are these virtues in the
 "economic sanctions" led by the US against the civilian population of Iraq that has resulted in the
 death of at least 500,000 children and well over one million total? I ask whom did former Secretary of
 State Madeline Albright speak for when she said this death toll was, "worth it?" Sanctions that have
 strengthening the once beloved, now despised trading partner to the US, Saddam Hussein. All this
 made even more disgusting by Bush's plea to the world to support his new war against Iraq because
 Hussein "has even gassed his own people," always failing to mention that while daddy Bush was in
 the White House at that time, not only did the US not punish Hussein for this horrendous crime, but
 actually rewarded him by providing economic and agricultural support. Support that continued right up
 till the Gulf War some three years later.

 I watch in awe as I see America's latest war criminal George W. Bush declare to the world that
 Ariel Sharon is a "Man of Peace" while telling the world that "If your not with us, you are with the
 LOYAL TO HIS AGENDA. In other words, I am not with the nation of my birth or its "elected"
 government or anyone who supports their insane policies. I say to the majority of people in the US,
 you have been duped in the biggest of ways. Your legacy on the current path may well be the launch
 of World War III and possible total global annihilation. But don't worry, your "representatives" will be
 sheltered from the nuclear fallout in the mass of underground complexes built to house them for that
 very purpose.

 The truth stares us in the face in every way yet we continue to blind ourselves in order to avoid the
 discomfort that comes with the responsibility and power of knowledge. Ah but the luxurious
 "ignorance is bliss" lifestyle you have so ignorantly and selfishly embraced is in its final days. In the
 prosperous society from which I come I have developed almost overwhelming shame for my
 ancestors and many of my contemporaries who for the sake of this comfort remain in denial and
 literally sacrifice the future of their own children. Shame on you. I want no part of it. Instead I will
 fight till death with all those who see the madness and know the stakes. For those of you who will
 condemn me or worse, I can assure you that your children will thank me, if they get a chance that is.

 I give all my respect to many great writers and speakers for their courage and integrity in helping me
 to see the truth. I include Noam Chomsky and Malcolm X at the top of this list. I say that Noam
 Chomsky will go down as one of the noblest American's (persons) ever and his truthful accounts of
 our world are an invaluable source of truth in a world full of lies. I can hear the jeers in my adoration
 of Malcolm yet I say with pride that I love Malcolm as my brother and that he truly lives in me. Most
 who would criticize him have no idea who this wonderful man was, what he stood for in the end, and
 where he was going. Had he been allowed to live I can only imagine the progress that could have
 been made for all people. My deepest love and admiration goes out to them and the countless others,
 many who remain unknown, for their courageous rejection of tyranny.

 I stand with all those that resist oppression "by any means necessary." My love for you is not
 conditional, but I argue once again that those who resist do so non-violently whenever possible.
 Outsmart your enemy; do not be lured into your death by him. I point to perhaps the most beautiful
 and brave example provided by Gandhi and his seemingly impossible defeat of the most powerful
 empire of its time, but with the understanding that many of Gandhi's followers were slaughtered in
 extreme adherence to the principle of non-violent civil disobedience. I cannot in good faith suggest
 that everyone take this path. The end goal is peace but it is the powerful tyrants who must first put
 down the weapons, not those who are the victims of tyrants.

 I resent the mass of hypocrites in the West who preach peace while condemning those who have no
 such luxury. Those who preach peace while paying taxes to produce and employ ungodly weapons of
 mass-destruction for so-called "National Security." These hypocrites who have no desire to
 understand what it is to live the life of a Palestinian in the West Bank, a black South African under
 Apartheid, or a peasant farmer facing the Nazi fashioned "Death Squads" of El Salvador freshly
 trained in the School of the America's. These cowardly hypocrites who by their own logic would not
 have fought the Nazi's. Or is it that violence is ok when the oppression and murder hits Europe?
 Yeah, that is what I thought.

 I am even more sickened by the mass of people who justify the fire-bombing of Dresden, the atomic
 bomb attacks of Hiroshima & Nagasaki and the indiscriminate bombing of Southeast Asia by the US
 that used more bombs than in all of World War II combined. "Patriots" who sanctioned the "Cold
 War" that rewards us today with the unbridled superpower rogue nation that is America. The "War
 on Drugs," that leaves America ("Land of the Free") with the biggest prison population in the history
 of the world and more drugs on the street than ever. And now the disgraceful farce that does mortal
 injury to the collective intelligence of humanity known as the "War on Terror." The fact that the
 worlds leading terrorist by legal definition of the word is leading this war is providing the nails for our
 own coffins. Stupid, bloody stupid I say.

 I apologize from the bottom of my heart to the rest of my human family. Many of whom being
 doomed by the shear stupidity of my societies sanction or complicity in their "democratically elected
 representatives" and their horrendous policies. I so foolishly ignored you in my previously comatose
 state of ethical unconsciousness. I hereby devote the rest of my life to your cause, which is of
 course, every ones cause.

 Having this perspective it was only logical for me to divorce myself of association with the champions
 of global environmental destruction, mass murder via the use and sale of weapons of
 mass-destruction, and the enforcer who degrades life for the majority while increasing the wealth of
 a tiny minority. In short, renunciation of United States citizenship was absolutely necessary for me.
 No matter how "extreme" it may seem to most. Once my mind was made up, nobody could stop me.
 I first publicly announced my intent to renounce my US citizenship at US Federal Hearings in
 Honolulu on December 11, 1999. I repeated my intent and right to renounce several more times in
 public hearings. After making the required written request for the legal renunciation papers in the
 summer of 2000, I was given the date of March 1, 2001 to renounce my citizenship at the US
 Consulate in Vancouver, Canada. I did so under oath and I relinquished my passport for the first
 time. Although citing UNITED STATES PUBLIC LAW 103-150 and its legal confession to stealing
 the Hawaiian Nation, while further citing the legitimate Hawaiian Government (
 and my allegiance and citizenship within it, the US "rejected" my renunciation based on my returning
 to Hawaii. They of course ignored every single reference to the existence of the Hawaiian Nation
 recognized in their own federal law.

 In the aftermath of 9-11, with an unlawful bench warrant issued for my arrest I decided enough was
 enough, and I left Hawaii, my business (, my home and my family to seek
 political asylum in Holland. Upon my arrival I filled out the same renunciation documents and
 relinquished my passport once again. In my added declaration I made clear that I would not return to
 the United States. I have cited International Law, Human Rights Law, and even US Federal Law
 that all affirms my right to renounce. I have even been compelled to burn my US passport after
 having it returned to me for the second time on July 1, 2002. I have done everything required by law
 and more, I have fulfilled all of my obligations to renounce, and yet the United States, as of July 16,
 2002, still considers me a US citizen! Ask yourself, what possible reason could the mighty US have
 for attempting to deny my human right to "Self Determination?" The answer is more powerful than
 most can imagine. It is in this right to renounce that brings me closer to achieving absolute freedom
 than perhaps anyone in history and others are beginning to join me. We the People can take this
 world back, indeed the power resides within us and the time to act is now.

 In response to the latest US attack on my human rights, I will be filing many legal documents to law
 abiding international bodies. I will speak to international media in all mediums. I will publish my book
 in October 2002, tentatively entitled "Kenneth Nichols vs. the United States of America." And in a
 meaningful non-violent yet powerful civil disobedience action, I will burn the American flag within the
 next month in public. I will have with me many victims of the US from Palestine and around the
 world. For those who view this as extreme, or who no longer wish to be associated with me, I say
 peace be unto you. For those not disturbed by my honesty, I welcome your positive energy and
 promise to use it with the ultimate goal of truth and justice for all and the peace that inevitably
 follows. We have been blinded by the madness for far too long; the time for action is now. "Power to
 the People." To view the actual State Department documents dated July 16 go to my site at The site provides the real reason the US cannot approve my renunciation and
 the true power of my actions.

 Peace Love Aloha,
 Kenneth Nichols - Stateless
 Universal Kinship Society

64 posted on 01/22/2003 10:26:31 AM PST by jedi150
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To: jedi150
Hopefully Joe Sobran, Charley Reese, and the good folks at Original Dissent will all join them there.
65 posted on 01/22/2003 10:31:00 AM PST by Zionist Conspirator (G-d's laws or NONE!!!)
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To: jedi150
"The major rallying point for Muslims, however, is in Jordan. There, a campaign led by leftist parties and civic bodies is seeking 100,000 shield volunteers."

This is just SOOO unfair!
They're making it much MUCH too attractive to start a war and launch some missiles!

66 posted on 01/22/2003 11:38:07 AM PST by Redbob
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To: jedi150
Iraq is a very good place for these people. They will do a great service to the world byinterposing their bodies between Saddam and the JDAMs. Send more JDAMs.
67 posted on 01/22/2003 11:41:06 AM PST by arthurus
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To: oyez
Organ donors, huh?

Do you think there will be any orans left ?

68 posted on 01/22/2003 11:43:25 AM PST by arthurus
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To: ppaul
Patriotic way to go, proud of ya'll BUMP!!
69 posted on 01/22/2003 11:43:27 AM PST by exhaustedmomma (TAG, your it.)
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To: Lion's Cub
Wait 'til they find out their insurance won't pay for death or injury caused by acts of war

Doesn't pay for death by suicide either. If they commit suicide by war do their beneficiaries have to pay the insurance companies?

70 posted on 01/22/2003 11:46:30 AM PST by arthurus
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To: jedi150
Now this is the very best chance that we have had to get rid of these nuts! So let us take full advantage of it.
When they leave this country to support an enemy, they should never be allowed back in, for they are traitors to their country.
71 posted on 01/22/2003 1:40:44 PM PST by tessalu
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To: jedi150
Born in Napa, California Ken left there as an infant. He was mostly raised in San Diego and remembers going to the beach and "Boogie Boarding " as his favorite activity as a young boy. He played and excelled at soccer but gave it up in High School because it conflicted with surfing. The ocean always tugged at him and many classes at school were missed because surf was up. On graduating from Mira Mesa High School in 1987 he found employment at one of San Diego's finest restaurants and worked there happily for eighteen months. Happy with his job but feeling complacent, Ken joined the United States Marine Corps in 1989 in the hopes of instilling initiative and discipline. Serving as an infantryman based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Ken was deployed to the Gulf War where he earned a Combat Action Ribbon. "I would be hard pressed to do it again, but the most valuable lessons in my life were learned in my experiences in the Marines." The number one lesson was the beauty of freedom. "I think that once freedom is taken away from you, you never treat it the same." This tremendous belief in freedom is what has driven Ken to fight for causes of human rights, ethics, and ecology ever since. After leaving the Marines Ken was employed by Greenpeace. Proving to be highly effective in communicating ecological issues he was one of the most successful fundraisers in the in the history of the San Diego office. In 1993 Ken had a life changing experience when he became a certified scuba diver. "I knew with my first breath underwater that I would become an instructor." In 1995 Ken moved to Hawaii where he obtained his instructor rating. A year later they started "Flippers Scuba" which is now "Deep Ecology." More than just a desire to work as a diver his biggest goals in business is to improve the area where Deep Ecology operates and to compel other dive operations to do the same. "I believe it is our highest obligation as business persons who derive our incomes from the oceans to protect them in every way we can." - Ken Nichols

Ken with Dr. Peter Singer who is currently Professor of Bio Ethics at Princeton University. September 1, 2001.

72 posted on 01/22/2003 1:49:38 PM PST by fight_truth_decay (this space for rent)
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To: jedi150
Citizenship Renouncer Ken Nichol's Powerful Interview with Al-Quds Newspaper

"The U.S. is hostile in every way towards International Law, unless of course, it is advantageous to their agenda. "...Ken Nichols [Editor's Note: Ken Nichols is a native of Hawaii who has publicly renounced his US citizenship and has burned his passport (see

He is now living in Holland. The state department won't allow him to recognize his right to "self determination", making an utter mockery of the Constitution and the lofty words chisled on our federal buildings. In this interview with an arab newspaper, Al-Qud, Nichols does an admirable job of making liars of the Liars and monkeys of the Monkeys. His assessment of who and what the United States government represents today, and the corrupt criminals who are in charge of it, are dead on target. Let Freedom (and Truth) ring ...Ken Adachi] By Ken Nichols Juyu 22, 2002

To My Friends & Family,

I am very happy to be getting the chance to speak directly to the Arab people. I am including a copy of the interview I did with Al- Quds. I am working on something very big right now and will send its contents to those of you on my email list as soon as it is ready. For those of you who are not knowledgeable about the Middle Eastern press I have included an email from the lady who interviewed me (Nada) below. The interview was published on July 20.

Aloha & Peace, Kenneth Nichols


73 posted on 01/22/2003 2:01:42 PM PST by fight_truth_decay (this space for rent)
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To: fight_truth_decay
I just called the David Tyree show on WWL-870AM (New Orleans.) I first cautioned him and his other listeners NOT to discuss any military information they may have, since an earlier caller said something which fell into the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" category. I then commented about the war and the (sub)human shields, and brought up FreeRepublic on the air, mentioning the post some time ago where a diligent Freeper researched the status of these traitors as defined by the Geneva Convention. The short version: they're legitimate targets. I then said I was thinking about buying them all some Target logo shirts to help keep warm while in Iraq. That got a hearty laugh from the host, and from a lot of listeners too, I'm sure. It was a pretty good call.
74 posted on 01/22/2003 2:08:00 PM PST by gbunch
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To: jedi150
What sre human shields in Iraq
A.) Targets
B.) Speedbumps for our tanks
C.) Traitors
D.) All of the above
75 posted on 01/22/2003 2:46:26 PM PST by armyboy (I support President Bush in the war on Iraq!)
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To: jedi150
LONDON: A first wave of mainly Western volunteers will leave here at the weekend on a convoy bound for Iraq to act as “human shields” at key sites and populous areas in case of a US-led war on Baghdad.

Hey! Once we're over with our Freepathon, let's start one for this group of bozo's!!!!!

76 posted on 01/22/2003 4:35:44 PM PST by Brad’s Gramma (Rid the country of the Clintons Donate $5 a month to Free Republic.)
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To: fight_truth_decay
Ye gahds! That photo will meet the recommended minimum daily serving of ugly for the next twenty years!

Slings and Arrows

77 posted on 01/22/2003 4:36:25 PM PST by Slings and Arrows (Democratic Underground is thus now redundant.)
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To: Keith in Iowa
I agree. They can go for their little jaunt--they just shouldn't be allowed back here, since they prefer Saddam to their own country. Oh well, looks as though the gene pool is about to improve.
78 posted on 01/22/2003 8:27:38 PM PST by skr
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To: metesky
79 posted on 01/22/2003 8:54:00 PM PST by I'm ALL Right!
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To: FR_addict
Here's my list so far...more to come, I'm sure:

alec baldwin
susan sarandon
martin (I-think-I'm-really-a-policital-giant) sheen
barbra streisand
tom cruise
julia roberts
john cuzack
rosie o'donnell
sean hayes (just because he is incredibly annoying)

Please add on!!!

80 posted on 01/22/2003 9:02:16 PM PST by I'm ALL Right!
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