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New York Post | 1-25-03 | NY Post editors, Mia T

Posted on 01/25/2003 2:21:31 PM PST by Mia T

MYTH EXPOSED: Why America Will Never Again Elect a clinton

Post Opinion - Editorial


January 25, 2003 -- Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday delivered herself of a blistering attack on the Bush administration's national-security policy:

"Time has passed and our vigilance has faded," claimed New York's junior senator. "We have relied on a myth of homeland security - a myth written in rhetoric, inadequate resources and a new bureaucracy, instead of relying on good, old-fashioned American ingenuity, might and muscle."

Hmmm. What to make of that?

Well, not to visit the sins of the husband on the wife - okay, maybe a little bit - but let the record show that the first attack on the World Trade Center took place in 1993, two months into the Clinton co-presidency.

And, as Rep. Peter King (R-Long Island) noted yesterday, "[After the first attack], nobody from the Clinton administration, including the president himself, ever even came to New York to visit the site, and they did nothing from 1993 until they left office to protect New York."

The contrast with the current administration couldn't be more stark.

For the record also shows that the previous administration did little to respond to subsequent attacks on U.S. interests: the Khobar Towers marine barracks in Saudi Arabia in 1995, the two U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998, USS Cole in Yemen in 2000.

Again, contrast that with the current administration's response - both in Afghanistan and across the world in the broader war on terror.

Certainly looks like "old-fashioned American ingenuity, might and muscle" to us. But what about the "new bureaucracy" that Mrs. Clinton so scathingly condemns?

Well, first, it was the Democrats who got out in front and demanded the creation of a Department of Homeland Security - and then blocked it for months afterwards in a happily failed attempt to lard up that bureaucracy with union-protecting language.

Sen. Clinton has, as the saying goes, a right to her opinion. What she doesn't have is a right to her own set of facts.

And the fact is, the previous administration - in which she held a significant behind-the-scenes role, and from which her current position devolves - failed to respond forcefully enough when American interests were attacked, both at home and abroad.

The Democratic Party, as a whole, has scant standing to criticize the efforts of the current administration regarding national security.

Mrs. Clinton, individually, has none.


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"Well, of course," she said. "But what is character? The sum total of who you are. The color of your skin and how you deal with it is part of your character."

hillary clinton, King Day 'A Call to Arms'

YOO-HOO Mrs. clinton!

The color of

and how YOU dealt with it is part of YOUR character.

play tape

LEFT-WING TALK RADIO 2: "It's the terrorism, stupid."

by Mia T, 1-21-03


NOTE: Program in two parts.

Hear clinton stupidity, smallness, banality, fecklessness, ineptitude, prevarication, corruption, perfidy and utter failure directly from the rapist, himself. clinton provides the perfect foil for Bush, who makes a cameo appearance or two.

Pay special attention to Dan Rather's little story about terrorism hitting the U.S. "bigtime" during the clintons' tenure.

In particular, connect the following dots: the '93 WTC bombing. a certain bin Laden protégé and clinton's admission that he passed up bin Laden. Note clinton's spurious argument for this monumental failure.

To this day, clinton seems not to understand that bin Laden is -- and was in 1996 -- an enemy of the state, not a simple criminal.

clinton still seems not to get it -- the same terrorist (the terrorist he couldn't bring himself to capture) hit the same building in '93.

Notwithstanding this, to hear clinton tell it, his disastrous decision not to take bin Laden when offered on a silver platter by Sudan, (arguably the worst decision ever made by a president), derived from his scrupulous avoidance of abusing power and trashing laws...

Yeah, right.


  • the attacks on America

  • Dan Rather saying: terrorism came to America "bigtime" during clinton years

  • Dan Rather relating OBL protégé, Ramsey Yousef threat to clinton FBI that the terrorists WILL complete the job

  • clinton non-response to terror

  • FDR response (says national security a president's raison d'être)

  • Bush response, "I can hear YOU...," "I [as opposed to clinton] will not wait on events, while dangers gather," etc.

  • Mike Moran "Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my royal Irish ass" battle cry

  • "go home hillary!" chant, etc.





 Thou art arm'd that hath thy crook'd schemers straight.

Cudgel thy brains no more, the clinton plots are great.

Mia T, On Neutered and Neutering

by Mia T and Edward Zehr



By Mia T, 3-3-02


It is obvious to anyone who bothers to remove his political blinders. It is so patently obvious that even those whose political blinders are a permanently fixed fashion statement -- that is to say, even Hollywood -- can see it. (Just ask Whoopie Goldberg...or Rosie O'Donnell...) Bush's poll numbers are a reflection of this self-evident truth.

What is manifestly obvious and confirmed on a daily basis is the plain fact that Democrats are, by definition, constitutionally unfit to navigate the ship of state through these troubled, terrorist waters. Democrats were unfit pre-9/11, but few could see it then. It was 9/11 and its aftermath that made this truth crystal clear even to the most simpleminded among us.

The unwashed masses, the uninformed, the disinformed can see it now. All America can see it now. Self-preservation is kicking in, trumping petty politics at every turn.

And this is why Democrat demagoguery and stupidity and sedition are achieving new lows...

 We are witnessing the last gasp of a political relic. The Democrat party is not merely obsolete. As 9/11 and clinton-clinton-Daschle action and inaction have demonstrated, the Democrat party is very dangerous.

 We must now make sure that this fact, too, is obvious to all...

Clinton's failure to grasp the opportunity to unravel increasingly organized extremists, coupled with Berger's assessments of their potential to directly threaten the U.S., represents one of the most serious foreign policy failures in American history

Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize



Bill Clinton may not be the worst president America has had, but surely he is the worst person to be president.*

---GEORGE WILL, Sleaze, the sequel

Had George Will written Sleaze, the sequel (the "sequel" is, of course, hillary) after 9-11-01, I suspect that he would have had to forgo the above conceit, as the doubt expressed in the setup phrase was, from that day forward, no longer operational.

Indeed, assessing the clinton presidency an abject failure is not inconsistent with commentary coming from the left, most recently the LA Times: "Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize."

When the clintons left office, I predicted that the country would eventually learn--sadly, the hard way--that this depraved, self-absorbed and inept pair had placed America (and the world) in mortal danger. But I was thinking years, not months.

It is very significant that hillary clinton didn't deny clinton culpability for the terrorism. (Meet the Press, 12-09-01), notwithstanding tired tactics (if you can't pass the buck, spread the blame) and chronic "KnowNothing Victim Clinton" self-exclusion.

If leftist pandering keeps the disenfranchized down in perpetuity, clinton pandering,("it's the economy, stupid"), kept the middle and upper classes wilfully ignorant for eight years.

And ironically, both results (leftist social policy and the clinton economy) are equally illusory, fraudulent. It is becoming increasingly clear that clinton covertly cooked the books even as he assiduously avoided essential actions that would have negatively impacted the economy--the ultimate source of his continued power--actions like, say, going after the terrorists.

It is critically important that hillary clinton fail in her grasp for power; read Peggy Noonan's little book, 'The Case Against Hillary Clinton' and Barbara Olson's two books; it is critical that the West de-clintonize, but that will be automatic once it is understood that the clintons risked civilization itself in order to gain and retain power.

It shouldn't take books, however, to see that a leader is a dangerous, self-absorbed sicko. People should be able to figure that out for themselves. The electorate must be taught to think, to reason. It must be able to spot spin, especially in this age of the electronic demagogue.

I am not hopeful. As Bertrand Russell noted, "Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so. "

Mia T, hillary clinton blames hubby for terrorism

(SHE knew nuttin')

Meet the Press, 12-09-01






*George Will continues: There is reason to believe that he is a rapist ("You better get some ice on that," Juanita Broaddrick says he told her concerning her bit lip), and that he bombed a country to distract attention from legal difficulties arising from his glandular life, and that. ... Furthermore, the bargain that he and his wife call a marriage refutes the axiom that opposites attract. Rather, she, as much as he, perhaps even more so, incarnates Clintonism


Q ERTY3 co-rapist  bump!

1 posted on 01/25/2003 2:21:31 PM PST by Mia T
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To: Gail Wynand; looscannon; Lonesome in Massachussets; Freedom'sWorthIt; IVote2; Slyfox; Registered; ..
Q ERTY8 clinton Complex-Question Fallacy Scheme 69% of Voters Nationwide NEVER Want hillary clinton to Run for Prez BUMP!

Sen. Clinton's Virtual Office Welcome Header

Sen. Clinton's Virtual Office Welcome Header

Sen. Clinton's Virtual Office Welcome Header





clinton Complex-Question Fallacy Scheme 



It won't s-p-i-n 


"There isn't a shred of evidence."


Privacy Policy 



Dear new sucker--er--New Yorker,

This virtual office was established because you are absolutely forbidden to set your peasant foot in my real one. This is how I got here, and this is how I did it.. This helped, too. And this. And this. You had better take a moment to genuflect before the newly erected clinton altar. Additionally, I am pleased to present my new clinton crime family video greeting and video farewell. You would be wise to study them carefully. And don't bother E-mailing me. I couldn't care less what the little people think.

A missive from the smartest woman in the world. Study it.


Latest clinton News


69% of Voters Nationwide NEVER Want hillary clinton to Run for Prez


SpyLies and Audiotape




HALF A HOUSE, HALF A BRAIN: Why we were compelled to hit on Simon & Schuster,our personal agitprop & money-laundering machine)






Hardball's Softball hillary clinton 'Interview'


Q ERTY8 Democrat Debacle of '02


Buddy Death Report Raises More Questions Than It Answers


But they are space aliens


Q ERTY9 BUSH: "I will not wait on events, while dangers gather."


Q ERTY6 utter failure


What did he know. . . and when did he know it ?






The Real Danger of a Fake President: Post-9/11 Reconsideration of The Placebo President






copyright Mia T 2003


2 posted on 01/25/2003 2:23:08 PM PST by Mia T
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To: *Clinton Haters
3 posted on 01/25/2003 2:24:11 PM PST by Libertarianize the GOP (Ideas have consequences)
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To: Mia T
From your keyboard to God's ear!
4 posted on 01/25/2003 2:27:30 PM PST by martin_fierro (Alpaca: The Other White Meat)
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To: Mia T

"let the record show that the first attack on the World Trade Center took place in 1993, two months into the Clinton co-presidency."

"All The Best Tricks Went To Hillary"

Bill Clinton's Lies and Promises - Did He Cause 9/11/01?

5 posted on 01/25/2003 2:28:23 PM PST by Happy2BMe (It's All About You - It's All About Me - It's All About Being Free!)
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To: Mia T
I love it, they just can't help making jackasses of themselves. They must really take the American public as being complete dunces.
6 posted on 01/25/2003 2:33:26 PM PST by muslims=borg (Whats this space for ?)
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To: All

But even as the clintons fails to grasp the scandal's metabolism
they understand all too well its most significant byproduct.
You can see it in their eyes. 
Once reflecting a Machiavellian confidence,
they now dart back and forth reflexively,
searching futilely for approval,
attempting desperately to dispel their own certain knowledge
that their moral authority is gone. . .
Mia T
It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope.
We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth,
and listen to the song of that siren
till she transforms us into beasts.
Is this the part of wise men,
engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty?
Are we disposed to be the number of those
who, having eyes, see not,
and having ears, hear not,
the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation?
For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost,
I am willing to know the whole truth;
to know the worst, and to provide for it.
Patrick Henry
In a dark time, the eye begins to see.
Theodore Roethke

7 posted on 01/25/2003 2:40:20 PM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday delivered herself of a blistering attack on the Bush administration's national-security policy:

Maybe his policies are hurting the Chicom's? What Hipocracies will spew from this witches mouth!

Scary thought is that enough people in NY believe her and put her into the US Senate.

8 posted on 01/25/2003 2:41:11 PM PST by jedi150
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To: muslims=borg
An awful lot of americans are dumb asses and they will vote for hillary when the time comes. I only hope that the pubbies will not try and run another Dole against her.
9 posted on 01/25/2003 2:43:19 PM PST by fifteendogs
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To: Mia T
George Bush the Elder tried to warn the people about Clinton. From his closing comments from one of the 1992 presidential debates:

"...And, lastly, the other night on character Governor Clinton said it's not the character of the president but the character of the presidency. I couldn't disagree more. Horace Greeley said the only thing that endures is character. And I think it was Justice Black who talked about great nations, like great men, must keep their word.

And so the question is, who will safeguard this nation, who will safeguard our people and our children? I need your support, I ask for your support. And may God bless the United States of America."

10 posted on 01/25/2003 2:52:02 PM PST by Cloud William
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To: Mia T
11 posted on 01/25/2003 2:52:04 PM PST by janetgreen
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To: All

Thou art arm'd that hath thy crook'd schemers straight.
Cudgel thy brains no more, the clinton plots are great.

Mia T, On Neutered and Neutering,

by Mia T and Edward Zehr (EZ)



The Real Danger of a Fake President: Post-9/11 Reconsideration of The Placebo President

What did he know. . . and when did he know it ?




BUSH: "I will not wait on events, while dangers gather."



 rodham-clinton reality-check

YOO-HOO Mrs. clinton:






HALF A HOUSE, HALF A BRAIN: Why we were compelled to hit on Simon & Schuster,our personal agitprop & money-laundering machine)


utter failure

Democrat Debacle of '02

The REAL clinton Virtual Office Update



12 posted on 01/25/2003 2:53:24 PM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
Hey Mia, like my new tagline?
13 posted on 01/25/2003 2:54:20 PM PST by copycat (Ridicule Hillary! to someone you know TODAY!!)
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To: Mia T
Of course slick willie responded to all the terror attacks on our country. He formed a commission and then forgot all about it. What more did you want???????????????

Damn them all for all time.

14 posted on 01/25/2003 2:55:29 PM PST by OldFriend (SUPPORT PRESIDENT BUSH)
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To: Mia T
Hiya Mia (-:

Thanks for the ping, hope your weekend is nice
15 posted on 01/25/2003 3:00:04 PM PST by firewalk
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To: fifteendogs
Bill/Frist and Condi Rice should be the ticket!!!
16 posted on 01/25/2003 3:01:07 PM PST by netmilsmom (Partly cloudy because I'm a mom)
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To: muslims=borg
They must really take the American public as being complete dunces.

Did a complete DORK like Gore damn near get elected
And more dumbed down boobs are being created daily in our school systems

And respond about election corruption.
With a DORK like Gore it shouldn't have been close enough for corruption to be viable
17 posted on 01/25/2003 3:43:52 PM PST by uncbob
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To: Cloud William

Great quote. Prescient of Bush -- very sad for the world. Would be a great addition to the tape archives.

There was a third chance to get rid of the co-rapists. In '98... Perhaps there was still time to go after bin Laden...The failure to remove the clintons in '98 is directly traceable to the logic of pathologic self-interest.

Recall in particular:

  • THE LIEBERMAN PARADIGM: (clinton is an unfit president; therefore clinton must remain president)
  • THE SHAYS SYNDROME (clinton is a rapist; therefore clinton is a fit president)

The Lieberman Paradigm debuted during Joe's misconstrued and erroneously lauded Monicagate speech.

The Shays Syndrome was borne of the impeachment trial fully formed, like a humunculus, a breech presentation.

Shays, you may recall, examined the evidence in the Ford Building, concluded that clinton did, in fact, rape Broaddrick and was going to vote to impeach, but changed his mind after a tete a tete with the rapist.

Any cognitive dissonance Shays may have experienced rendering that verdict was no doubt assuaged by the political plum clinton had given Mrs. (Betsi) Shays...

Well, with the help of the 100 corrupt and cowardly cullions, clinton walked. The senators' justification for their acquittal votes requires the suspension of rational thought (and, in the curious case of Arlen Specter, national jurisdiction).

--Mia T, Musings: Senatorial Courtesy Perverted


by Mia T

Hypocrisy abounds in this Age of clinton, a Postmodern Oz rife with constitutional deconstruction and semantic subversion, a virtual surreality polymarked by presidential alleles peccantly misplaced or, in the case of Jefferson, posthumously misappropriated.

Shameless pharisees in stark relief crowd the Capitol frieze:

Baucus, Biden, Bingaman, Breaux, Bryan, Byrd, Cohen, Conrad, Daschle, Dodd, Gore, Graham, Harkin, Hollings, Inouye, Kennedy, Kerrey, Kerry, Kohl, Lautenberg, Leahy, Levin, Lieberman, Mikulski, Moynihan, Reid, Robb, Rockefeller, Sarbanes, Schumer.

These are the 28 sitting Democratic senators, the current Vice President and Secretary of Defense -- clinton defenders all -- who, in 1989, voted to oust U.S. District Judge Walter Nixon for making "false or misleading statements to a grand jury."

In 1989 each and every one of these men insisted that perjury was an impeachable offense. (What a difference a decade and a decadent Democrat make.)

Senator Herb Kohl (November 7, 1989):

"But Judge Nixon took an oath to tell the truth and the whole truth. As a grand jury witness, it was not for him to decide what would be material. That was for the grand jury to decide. Of all people, Federal Judge Walter Nixon certainly knew this.

"So I am going to vote 'guilty' on articles one and two. Judge Nixon lied to the grand jury. He misled the grand jury. These acts are indisputably criminal and warrant impeachment."


Senator Tom Daschle (November 3, 1989):

"This morning we impeached a judge from Mississippi for failing to tell the truth. Those decisions are always very difficult and certainly, in this case, it came after a great deal of concern and thoughtful analysis of the facts."  


Congressman Charles Schumer (May 10, 1989):  

"Perjury, of course, is a very difficult, difficult thing to decide; but as we looked and examined all of the records and in fact found many things that were not in the record it became very clear to us that this impeachment was meritorious."


Senator Carl Levin (November 3, 1989):

"The record amply supports the finding in the criminal trial that Judge Nixon's statements to the grand jury were false and misleading and constituted perjury. Those are the statements cited in articles I and II, and it is on those articles that I vote to convict Judge Nixon and remove him from office."


* * * * *

"The hypocrite's crime is that he bears false witness against himself," observed the philosopher Hannah Arendt. "What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core."

If hypocrisy is the vice of vices, then perjury is the crime of crimes, for perjury provides the necessary cover for all other crimes.

David Lowenthal, professor emeritus of political science at Boston College makes the novel and compelling argument that perjury is "bribery consummate, using false words instead of money or other things of value to pervert the course of justice" and, thus, perjury is a constitutionally enumerated high crime.

The Democrats' defense of clinton's perjury -- and their own hypocrisy -- is three-pronged. 


clinton's perjuries were "just about sex" and therefore "do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense."

This argument is spurious. The courts make no distinction between perjuries. Perjury is perjury. Perjury attacks the very essence of democracy. Perjury is bribery consummate.

Moreover, (the clinton spinners notwithstanding), clinton's perjury was not "just about sex." clinton's perjury was about clinton denying a citizen justice by lying in a civil rights-sexual harassment case about his sexual history with subordinates.


Presidents and judges are held to different standards under the Constitution.

Because the Constitution stipulates that federal judges, who are appointed for life, "shall hold their offices during good behavior,'' and because there is no similar language concerning the popularly elected, term-limited president, it must have been perfectly agreeable to the Framers, so the (implicit) argument goes, to have a perjurious, justice-obstructing reprobate as president.

clinton's defenders ignore Federalist No. 57, and Hillary Rodham's constitutional treatise on impeachable acts -- written in 1974 when she wanted to impeach a president; both mention "bad conduct" as grounds for impeachment.

"Impeachment," wrote Rodham, "did not have to be for criminal offenses -- but only for a 'course of conduct' that suggested an abuse of power or a disregard for the office of the President of the United States...A person's 'course of conduct' while not particularly criminal could be of such a nature that it destroys trust, discourages allegiance, and demands action by the Congress...The office of the President is such that it calls for a higher level of conduct than the average citizen in the United States."

Hamilton (or Madison) discussed the importance of wisdom and virtue in Federalist 57. "The aim of every political constitution is, or ought to be, first to obtain for rulers men who possess most wisdom to discern, and most virtue to pursue, the common good of the society; and in the next place, to take the most effectual precautions for keeping them virtuous whilst they continue to hold their public trust."

(Contrast this with clinton, who recklessly, reflexively and feloniously subordinates the common good to his personal appetites.)

Because the Framers did not anticipate the demagogic efficiency of the electronic bully pulpit, they ruled out the possibility of an MTV mis-leader (and impeachment-thwarter!) like clinton. In Federalist No. 64, John Jay said: "There is reason to presume" the president would fall only to those "who have become the most distinguished by their abilities and virtue." He imagined that the electorate would not "be deceived by those brilliant appearances of genius and patriotism which, like transient meteors, sometimes mislead as well as dazzle."

(If the clinton debacle teaches us anything, it is this: If we are to retain our democracy in this age of the electronic demagogue, we must recalibrate the constitutional balance of power.)


The president can be prosecuted for his alleged felonies after he leaves office. (Nota bene ROBERT RAY.)

This clinton-created censure contrivance -- borne out of what I have come to call the "Lieberman Paradigm" (clinton is an unfit president; therefore clinton must remain president) -- is nothing less than a postmodern deconstruction in which the Oval Office would serve for two years as a holding cell for the perjurer-obstructor.

Such indecorous, dual-purpose architectonics not only threatens the delicate constitutional framework -- it disturbs the cultural aesthetic. The senators must, therefore, roundly reject this elliptic scheme.

In this postmodern Age of clinton, we may, from time to time, selectively stomach corruption. But we must never abide ugliness. Never.


18 posted on 01/25/2003 4:02:21 PM PST by Mia T
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To: Mia T
I hope everyone "clicks" on that audio tape and listens. It made my day!

Thanks Mia T. Fabulous stuff here!

19 posted on 01/25/2003 4:12:22 PM PST by YaYa123
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To: Mia T
Mia T, keep on truckin', God Bless you and your threads! I want to see Bill and Hillary meet the same fate that El Douche and his woman got, upside down from thier ankles from a balcony while the masses cheered! They are criminals with criminal menalities.

My grandmother in law was a journalist in Nazi Germany during WWII, she was a Selesian Countess and married to one of Hitler's Prussian generals (who after the war was sentenced to 20 years at Nuremberg) and she was jailed early on for her opposition to Hitler. Hitler found out she was incarcerated and signed a release, which she hid and was ashamed of all her life. Hitler was busy courting the Prussian Generals as he lacked their gravitas and wanted badly to have the appearance of their support.

Once,when she and I were talking about her life,and I asked her about her husband,Count Udo von Eichborn, she said he was of a criminal mentality, as was all of the Nazi Party and she opposed them every way she could. She very nearly died and just in the quick of time got her family out of Germany, her daugher, my mother in law,to England and her parents to Switzerland.

She was writing her memoirs, but her daughter destroyed them when she died. I would have dearly love to have them. They were ashamed of being German and paranoid about what would happen to them if it was known who they were.

I see the Clintons as criminals and deserving of a terrible retribution. They must be kept from ever having power again.
20 posted on 01/25/2003 4:39:47 PM PST by wingnuts'nbolts
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