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Charlton Heston Speaks Out On Clooney's Cruel Alzheimer's Joke

Posted on 02/04/2003 3:55:46 PM PST by yankeedame

Charlton Heston Speaks Out On Clooney's Cruel Alzheimer's Joke

Gallant Alzheimer's victim Charlton Heston is refusing to react in anger to George Clooney's joke about is tragic medical condition.

"I don't know the man - never met him, never even spoken to him," the 78-year-old silver screen legend told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview. "But I feel sorry for George Clooney - one day he may get Alzheimer's disease.

"I served my country in World War II. I survived that - I guess I can survive some bad words from this fellow."

Clooney ignited a firestorm of fury while accepting a Special Filmmaking Achievement Award from the National Board of Review in New Tork by telling the audience: "Charlton Heston announced again today that he is suffering from Alzheimer's."

And despite the hurt he caused, former "ER" star was unrepentant.

"I don't care," he said defiantly. "Charlton Heston is head of the National Rifle Assiciation - he deserves whatever anyone says about him."

Heston has often been the focus of controversy over his leadership of the NRA, but he was universally praised for his courage last August when he went public with the admission that he was suffering from the incurable - and fatal - disease that has also stricken former actor and President Ronald Reagan.

"I've still got a busy life going," Heston said. "I have no problem remembering things or being aware of things at all."

But if Heston was inclined to forgive Clooney's callous mockery, many others were not so forgiving.

"We've been inundated with e-mails from people across the country expressing outrage," Elizabeth Wilson, of the Alzheimer's Association, told The ENQUIRER.

"It was a totally insensitive joke at the expense of a man who had the courage to come forward, reveal that he had been disgnosed with this tragic disease - and by doing so gave hope to others that attention would be focused on it and perhaps hasten a cure

"It was particularly hurtful to the four million Americans who suffer from Alzheimer's and the 18 million more who love and care for them."

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To: onebox
I disagree with Heston on alot of issues.

What exactly are those issues and whether or not he is a good actor is irrelevant to this thread. What is relevant is his contribution to the civil rights movement and to the Hollywood actor's guild. So, once again, what are your issues?

83 posted on 02/04/2003 6:21:15 PM PST by Hot Tabasco
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To: Go Dub Go
"But are you trying to say that George Clooney and Trent Lott should be held to the same standards?"

No, but neither should Clooney's petty, cruel attack on Charlton Heston been virtually ignored (with the exception of perhaps Bill O'Reilly.)

"That an actor and the elected Senate Majority Leader should be held to the same standards?"


"I certainly expect more from my elected representatives than I do from a guy who works in the movies."

No arguement there.

"And on the one hand, everyone around here is always saying that what actors say doesn't matter, that they're not informed, etc. -- then they get all upset at what liberal actors say, and fawn all over an actor who is Republican."

I don't fawn over Republican/conservative actors.

"So does what a conservative actor have to say have
some validity, while what a liberal actor says is spew?"

It depends on WHAT they say.

"Or are they all meaningless, uninformed fools? And if we don't care what they say, why does everyone get so upset when they say something?

I don't get upset when a so-called "star" makes a political statement. I've heard Ed Asner & Martin Sheen rant and rave ad infinitum and ad nauseum. I just shrug it off.

However, Clooney's insults towards Heston are not your run-of-the-mill political comment.

E.G. While I enjoyed the movie "Beelejuice," I think Alec Baldwin's statemetn (as best I recall) about stoning to death the family of Henry Hyde, etc. crossed the line. Now, as a result of those comments, when something with Alec Baldwin comes on TV, I flip the channel.

Likewise, Goerge Clooney's politics do not interest me in the slightest. However, I believe Clooney's attack on Charlton Heston also crossed the line.
84 posted on 02/04/2003 6:24:26 PM PST by holymoly
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To: Wolfstar
Computers have already all but eliminated the need for extras, especially on long shots. Hehehehehe...computers, and those of us who despise what Hollyweird has become, will have the last laugh eventually.

Excellent point! Gollum is your proof!

85 posted on 02/04/2003 6:24:49 PM PST by Hot Tabasco
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Comment #86 Removed by Moderator

To: onebox
sexual persuasions

I've never heard of a person's chromosomes changing, no matter how much one might try to persuade.

87 posted on 02/04/2003 6:41:42 PM PST by unspun ("When I consider your heavens... what is man that YOU are mindful of him?" - Psalm 8)
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To: Bonaparte
I'm pretty sure Jack Lord (aka McGarrett) was stricken with Alzheimer's as well. He was a very private man, and when he died in 1998 it was called 'congestive heart failure', but it's pretty much assumed he had Alzheimer's.
88 posted on 02/04/2003 6:47:47 PM PST by JacksonCalhoun
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To: yankeedame

89 posted on 02/04/2003 6:48:37 PM PST by unspun (LIBERATE CALIFORNIA)
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To: onebox
Are you opposed to any values that have been distorted by some for vile purposes? In that case you must be opposed to everything.
90 posted on 02/04/2003 6:50:16 PM PST by falfa
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To: SerpentDove
These so called actors are mere puppets who speak words and perhaps have a slightly better appearance than the average person. They take themselves far too seriously. They are just jokes.
91 posted on 02/04/2003 6:51:48 PM PST by mel
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To: Bonaparte
I'm not quite sure how the rankings work in the NRA but Charleton Heston is the President of the NRA and Wayne LaPierre is the Executive Vice President.
93 posted on 02/04/2003 7:21:37 PM PST by Shooter 2.5
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To: onebox
Before judging another person please take the time to experience life in their shoes.

I would agree with that, but too often it seems to only be applied to conservative Christians and their values whereas the beliefs of many other groups (PETA, Greenpeace, fat police, PC language experts, etc.) seem to get a pass.

And it is always fair game to label Christians - as a group - as being judgemental when this stereotyping would be considered reprehensible with other groups. (Jews = greedy, Irish = drunks, Asians = lousy drivers, etc.)

94 posted on 02/04/2003 7:27:29 PM PST by falfa
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To: yankeedame
What a maroon. His partner in cinematic hate, Mikey Moron, who's book Stupid Fat Men sold well on DUh and movie (2 Kids Who Didn't Go) Bowling (On The Morning They Shot Up) Columnine is up for raves and award nods (for what, best fiction?) has also spoken out about Charelton Heston's Alzheimer's disease.

Mikey said in promotional interviews for his hoaxed up "documentary" that Mr. Heston is faking it.

95 posted on 02/04/2003 7:28:43 PM PST by weegee
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To: bayareablues
Clooney's an uneducated loser.

But he played a doctor on tee vee!

96 posted on 02/04/2003 7:30:23 PM PST by weegee
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To: yankeedame
Heston is a class act.
97 posted on 02/04/2003 7:31:04 PM PST by Nachum
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To: arly
Looney Clooney! BUMP
98 posted on 02/04/2003 7:34:32 PM PST by weegee
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To: billorites
You know, the more I learn about my formerly favorite actors/actresses, the less able I am to enjoy watching them onscreen. Hollywood's golden age saw unequaled patriotism among its elite. Now the list of truly patriotic, level-headed performers is MUCH shorter than the mob of uncouth, ignorant, liberal loudmouths. One thing's for sure...I've been saving a lot of money lately on movie tickets. If I can't stand their politics, I don't stand in line to see them anymore.
99 posted on 02/04/2003 7:34:49 PM PST by lsee
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To: Rightly Biased
Add James Woods(?) to that short list as well.
100 posted on 02/04/2003 7:37:40 PM PST by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi)
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