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FReeper Gets Internal N. Korea Documents via FNN; Concern Now Is Over Public-Order Collapse (Hot!)
Fuji TV Network from Sankei Shimbun from Internal DPRK Sources (in Japanese) ^ | 6 February 2003 | AmericanInTokyo

Posted on 02/05/2003 3:16:30 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo

[Sensitive Documents From North Korea the Japanese Recently Obtained]

As a service to Free Republic (and the cause of Truth, Freedom, and National Security) it is my pleasure to synopsize-translate-comment, link to the original report, and pass on to you a quite interesting report today from Tokyo, Japan. This comes through the services of Fuji Television (FNN News). It has to do with internal Communist Korean Worker's Party government documents smuggled out of North Korea which seem to show an increasing level of internal concern and nervous tension over a break up of public order (i.e. 'loss of control') and decline in socialist thought-control over average North Koreans.

This may explain exactly why Kim Jong-il appears to be acting uncharacteristically bold these days, and that brinksman North Korea seems intent to "go for broke" as perhaps there seems to be few options left for the cruel despots clinging to state-terror power.

Please read on, below (from the original Japanese-languge web report).

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KEYWORDS: dprk; fujinewsnetwork; internaldocs; kimjongil; northkorea; nukes; regimecollapse; socialorder
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To: AmericanInTokyo
Then, I began to wonder, what does this really mean. One poster had it right...short time, could mean more suffering for the N. K. people...long term, it probably is the beginning of the end and Kim knows it.

The North Korean Communist party rule is iron clad, but brittle. They literally can't squeeze their people any harder under the system they have now. If the people no longer fear death and imprisonment because they have found a dim sliver of hope, the government may well be doomed. This is not to say that a grass roots uprising is in the works, or would even be effective. It does mean that the government is losing control, and a climate where rebellious military units, officials or key personnel may be able to take advantage of the situation.

Among the 'elites', they may pay lip service to the high command, but if the peasants are learning the truth, they may want to position themselves to take advantage of what may come of it. Brutal but incompetent regimes breed clever, ambitious survivors. Many a stagnant Asian emperor has fallen before a bold, rebellious official, because of how powerful certain individuals are in the autocracy.

Given how extreme and terrible the rule of Kim Jong Il is, any rebellion or civic breakdown is likely to be sudden, unexpected, and unstoppable. If Kim senses that the whole system is falling apart, he may be motivated to try anything before he wakes up deposed.

81 posted on 02/05/2003 4:12:55 PM PST by Steel Wolf
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To: Indy Pendance
thanks. will do. thanks to others for comments and some neat graphics. aw shucks
82 posted on 02/05/2003 4:13:21 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo ("Interesting times", indeed. Interesting times.....)
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To: spokeshave
Given the significant smuggling and black market sales of Chinese-made TV sets and VCR's to North Korean regime elites (obviously for viewing videos given North Korean TV), I suggested the following to Trent:

1) Create our own dubbed-in-Korean pirated videos of whatever videos are popular in North Korea - porno, chock-socky, popular action/adventure, etc. With our own special trailers. Maybe advertising too.

2) Create our own black market distribution system for those in Manchuria, or form partnerships with existing Chinese criminal syndicates - we pay them to distribute the stuff.

3) Undercut the existing pirate dubbed-in-Korean video market by selling these videos, either by offering them for almost nothing in hard currency or for worthless North Korean currency.

4) And counterfeit our own North Korean currency.

5) Smuggle or even air drop the real and counterfeit North Korean currency into North Korea to further collapse its currency.

It would be fun too.

83 posted on 02/05/2003 4:13:59 PM PST by Thud
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To: Steel Wolf
Very thoughtful. An excellent contribution to the discussion and analysis of what this means.
84 posted on 02/05/2003 4:14:27 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo ("Interesting times", indeed. Interesting times.....)
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To: Thud
Quit your day job. You are needed ;-)
85 posted on 02/05/2003 4:15:15 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo ("Interesting times", indeed. Interesting times.....)
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To: Chad Fairbanks
The Baath Party, which rules Iraq, is actually the Baath Socialist Party... but for some reason, the media rarely mentions that...

They don't? But that is so unlike them! They are always so careful to call the Nazi's the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Oh, sorry, that's me. Not the media

86 posted on 02/05/2003 4:15:26 PM PST by Harmless Teddy Bear (Where does she want you to mail the armadillos?)
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To: AmericanInTokyo
One thing I was thinking, remember right after 9-11, and the speech Bush gave? He had said the war on terror would be long. Some battles we would know about and some we would never learn about. Makes you kind of wonder how much of this internal disinformation is getting to the North Koreans by way of US intervention?
87 posted on 02/05/2003 4:16:39 PM PST by Indy Pendance
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To: Steel Wolf
NK refugee comments about ordinary soldiers having lost discipline, i.e., acting like thieves, indicates that the rot has spread from the top to the ranks.

See my No. 83 in this thread.

88 posted on 02/05/2003 4:16:55 PM PST by Thud
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To: AmericanInTokyo
I was really wondering why NK's were being so bold. They really have nothing to loose. All or nothing, and they need it all right now. This makes the leadership very dangerous. This has to be the hottest potato on W's plate. It won't go away and it won't be still.
Another 30 days of this level of escalation will lead to direct military action. I am truly amazed at how fast the NK's have pushed this brinkmanship. They are not waiting for a response before they go to next step. Hang on!!
89 posted on 02/05/2003 4:17:21 PM PST by duk
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Now is the time to feed them the benefits of a limited government.
90 posted on 02/05/2003 4:18:24 PM PST by Maelstrom (Government Limited to Enumerated Powers is your freedom to do what isn't in the Constitution.)
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To: RobFromGa
"What is causing the North Korean people to rebel spontaneously in a land with no free speech and no due process?"

Hunger. Fear.
91 posted on 02/05/2003 4:18:31 PM PST by RecentConvert
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To: Thud
The US, in my opinion, for too long has not worked on ways to get the truth into North Korea on the standard AM band through some kind of clever technology to fiddle with the NK bandwith spectrum, and get broadcast in just below or above NK frequencies, (or silence and broadcast over), in order to reach the masses who have radios set in the factories only at select channels. (Literally, when you turn on a North Korean Radio or TV, you will see that it has three or four switches: On/Off, A, B, and C. ) The A, B, and C are all tuned/set to DPRK frequencies. You can tear the radio open and play around if you know what you are doing, and tune in S. Korea, but people have been caught and publicly executed for that.
92 posted on 02/05/2003 4:18:59 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo ("Interesting times", indeed. Interesting times.....)
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To: Steel Wolf
I remember watching something about the holocaust. One man interviewed stated, they can torture me, they can starve me, the can force me to do vile things, but they can never alter my most inner thoughts.
93 posted on 02/05/2003 4:19:03 PM PST by Indy Pendance
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To: Capitalism2003
Chills ran down my spine when I read this, as it should to every free and woman.

Fellow patriots, this is exactly what the left in this country wants for us, but first they have to do something about that pesky 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of these here beloved United States. Read the above article again and imagine this same thing here, and further imagine that guns in the hands of the citizenry is outlawed. First, they will take your guns, last they will take your food and in between they will take your liberty. Think about that long and hard! The left will stop at nothing to get this country and it's people to where North Korea is today. Of course, they would be in control, because that's the only way socialism would work (regardless of the fact that it's never worked anywhere it's been tried). Socialism is a power grab for the elite lefty skum, it has nothing to do with the good of the worker. Anybody that still believes that crap needs to contact me about the purchace of some prime resort real estate in the Louisiana swamp.

Elect socialists and you give away your liberty, and my liberty as well. Once you lose that precious thing you will never get it back.

94 posted on 02/05/2003 4:21:26 PM PST by timydnuc (FR)
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To: AmericanInTokyo; MadIvan
95 posted on 02/05/2003 4:21:32 PM PST by Mr. Silverback (Husband, McCool, Anderson, Chawla, Brown, Clark, Ramon)
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To: duk
flak jacket, ciprol, potassium iodine, all at the ready (and even THAT won't help in many cases! ;-) )
96 posted on 02/05/2003 4:21:34 PM PST by AmericanInTokyo ("Interesting times", indeed. Interesting times.....)
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To: AmericanInTokyo
Outstanding report, AIT.
97 posted on 02/05/2003 4:24:50 PM PST by Cultural Jihad
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To: AmericanInTokyo
Very informative post.

I wonder if other folks saw what I thought was a startling image on a cable news channel last weekend.

I can't recall the program but the TV screen was filled with a night-time satellite view of the entire Korean Peninsula.

One could see a very bright display of city lights emanating out in all directions from Seoul...but...immediately across the border North Korea was almost totally dark.

I couldn't even detect a glimmer around Pyongyang with a population, I believe, of over a million.

98 posted on 02/05/2003 4:29:20 PM PST by JimVT
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To: Grampa Dave
Send them Kripsy Kremes!

99 posted on 02/05/2003 4:29:49 PM PST by Domestic Church (time to make the donuts)
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To: CyberAnt
>>Are you going to give this info to FOX ...??

It's been posted here, therefore it has been. I'd bet you even money this item is on Brit Hume's show tomorrow evening. I'm amazed at the semi-obscure stories that I see on FreeRepublic, that show up there or on one of the earlier FNC shows, the next day.

Any news outlet that doesn't have a staffer glued to FreeRepublic is plain-and-simple *stoopid*. This site is the best news filter going. Period.
100 posted on 02/05/2003 4:31:50 PM PST by FreedomPoster (This space intentionally blank)
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