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Iraq's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Facilities (Detailed List)
foreign military intelligence agencies ^

Posted on 02/06/2003 3:37:44 AM PST by Boot Hill

Iraq's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Facilities

This is a list of Iraqi facilities engaged in work on nuclear weapons (nw), biological weapons (bw) and chemical weapons (cw). The Iraqi National Congress has received this information from sources in Iraq. Some of these facilities are not currently functioning but are maintained in a condition to allow work to start again as soon as sanctions end (Violation of UN Resolution 1441).

Name of facility Location Products and specialisations

  1. Badr General Establishment
    Yousefiya (30 km south of Baghdad)
    missile casings, mobile launchers, spare parts for casings

  2. Qaqa'a General Establishment
    as above
    missile fuel, warheads

  3. Al Wafa'a Gen.Est.
    Jurf Al Sakhar (west of Karbala)
    missile research

  4. Al Faris Gen. Est.
    Abu Ghraib
    mechanical parts and outer structures of missiles

  5. Al Wathiq Gen. Est.
    Al Taji (north of Baghdad)
    epoxy and fibreglass for missile casings

  6. Ibn Majid Gen. Est.
    missile structures, distilling vats, large metal parts

  7. Heavy Industrial Gen. Est.
    Al Doura (Baghdad)
    nuclear reactor parts, high pressure equipment for reactors

  8. Al Hareth Gen. Est.
    missile reasearch, chemical weapons containers

  9. Thaet Al Sawari Gen. Est.
    Al Taji
    missile production

  10. Oxide Magnesium Gen. Est.
    Khawr Al Zubayr (Basra)
    heavy water

  11. Metal Conversion Gen. Est.
    Al Tajiyat district- Al Taji
    labs for nuclear fuel for PWR reactors

  12. Al Kindi Gen. Est. (Identified by Colin Powell on Wednesday)
    UCL4 for the production of Uranium 235 for nuclear weapons

  13. Jaber bin Hayan Gen.Est.
    for the production of Uranium 235 for nuclear weapons

  14. Al Asil Gen. Est.
    Al Tuweitha (south of Baghdad)
    headquarters of the Iraqi Nuclear Commission

  15. The Iraqi Factory
    Al Taji
    houses the new engineering centre for the nw programme

  16. Salahudin Gen. Est.
    mechanical spare parts for nw/bw programmes

  17. Al Mansour Est.
    on the farm rd. bet. Qadmia/Muthana
    equipment for laser-guided weapons

  18. Al Youm Al Adeem
    Jurf Al Sakhar
    R&D for SCUD missiles

  19. Al Jazirah
    Skarkat (south of Mosul)
    chemicals for the cw programme

  20. Ibn Al Athir Est.
    Jurf Al Sakhar
    nuclear warheads for the future

  21. Technical Research Centre
    Salman Pak/Baghdad/Jurf Al Sakhar
    support and research for bw programme

  22. Sabah Nisan Est.
    Jurf Al Nidaf (Baghdad)
    equipment for nw programme

  23. Saddam Gen. Est.
    nuclear parts, lasers and optical equipment, Tahmouz missile

  24. Bilad Al Shuheda
    Al Taji
    R&D for missile launchers

  25. Al Muthanna Gen. Est.
    near Thartar Lake (outside Baghdad)
    biggest factory for production of chemical weapons

  26. Hateen Gen. Est.
    Latifiya (south of Baghdad)
    different types of ammunition, missile parts

  27. Al Faw Est.
    a number of locations around Baghdad
    digging equipment, building underground sites

  28. Sabahasher Nisan Est.
    a number of different locations
    delicate measuring instruments

  29. Nasr Est.
    Abu Ghraib (on Agarquf Road)
    R&D of missile control systems

  30. Ur Gen. Est.
    metal casings for missiles

  31. Al Fida Est.
    nuclear warheads, containers for missile and nuclear fuels

  32. Al Qadissiya Est.
    centrifuges for productions of U235

  33. Al Yarmouk Gen. Est.
    missile parts, ammunition with special specifications

  34. Saad 16 Est.

  35. Project 946
    U235 production

  36. Al Az Est.
    computer centre for missile control systems R&D

  37. Al Rafah Est.Jurf Al Sakhar
    permanent launchers for surface to surface missiles

  38. Al Jihad Gen. Est.
    construction of military industrial facilities

  39. Al Mujahid Gen. Est.
    Rashidiya (Baghdad)
    biological weapons facility

  40. Al Walid Est.
    south of Baghdad
    training school for the Military Industrial Organisation

  41. Umm Al Marik Est.
    missile fuel and warheads

  42. Project 710
    under Presidential Palace in Baghdad
    production of long-range missiles (over 710 km) (Prohibited range)

  43. Project 707
    as above
    production of short-range missiles (under 707km) (Prohibited range)

  44. Project 505
    heavy water

  45. Al Rashid Gen. Est.
    mouldings and technical equipment for Nasr Est.

  46. Babel Est.
    secret locations in the Hamrin Mts.
    was responsible for Supergun, now nw programme

  47. Optical Centre
    Jadriya (behind the Science College)
    lasers, headed by Saddam's nephew Dr. Nafa Al Tikriti

  48. Sad Al Adhim Project
    Hamrin Mountains
    disguising and transporting equipment associated with nw

  49. Lithium Collection Project
    Hamrin Mountains
    headed by Dr. Ahmad Abdul Jagar Shansal

  50. Heavy Water Project
    as above
    as above

  51. High Pressure Project
    Al Qadissiya
    generators for making U235

  52. Aqaba Ibn Nafa'a Gen. Est.
    metal casings for Project 946

  53. Project 212
    Jurf Al Sakhar
    production of chemicals used in making U235

  54. Saad 13 Est.
    electronics for weapons with help from CSF Thomson of France FRANCE!

  55. Project 2000
    Jurf Al Sakhar
    missiles over 2,000 km range (Prohibited range)

  56. Pure Lead Project
    Al Tuweitha
    insulation for nw programme

  57. Industrial Thermal Gen. Est.
    high temperature ovens (over 2000 deg. C.)

  58. Al Shamouq Gen. Est.
    R&D for Lithium Project

  59. Oxide Aluminium Factory
    Al Taji

TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Front Page News; Government; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: biological; chemical; nuclear; warlist; wmd
This list was current as of the end of inspections in 1998. Obviously, not all locations identified are current as of today. Some have moved, some have been hidden, some are mobile and you can be very sure that none were voluntarily closed by Saddam Husseing and that there are certainly new ones to add to the list.

This list is not offered as proof of Saddam's complicity in WMD (if you haven't got it by now, you never will), it is offered as a sobering reminder of just what our best and bravest will be up against, sometime this month. This will be no small task. The risks are high. But the risk of not doing it, are far, far greater.


Boot Hill

1 posted on 02/06/2003 3:37:44 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: Boot Hill
Good grief, has it finally come to this? I'm reduced to the ignominy of bumping my own threads!
2 posted on 02/06/2003 4:07:03 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: Boot Hill
btt It's only 6:20 am in Memphis after all. And there is about an inch of snow on the ground. A rarity for Memphis.
3 posted on 02/06/2003 4:17:38 AM PST by GailA (Throw Away the Keys
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To: Boot Hill
Soon to be "former" facilities.
4 posted on 02/06/2003 4:21:20 AM PST by twyn1 (God Bless America !)
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To: GailA
Good morning GailA in Memphis at 6:20am, this is Boot in a cold and dark redwood forest in CA at 4:30am.

Boot Hill

5 posted on 02/06/2003 4:27:57 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: twyn1
I guess I'd rank those facilities as "tertiary" targets, to be dismantled (carefully) by our forces after we've wiped up his army and air force.

--Boot Hill

6 posted on 02/06/2003 4:32:35 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: Boot Hill
Many people are still asleep - especially out west here. You might try posting later in the day if you want people to see your posts. I say that, because it will be a shame if people miss the information you have provided here.
7 posted on 02/06/2003 4:58:07 AM PST by JudyB1938
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To: Boot Hill

Where is the smoking gun?
I don't see any reason for WAR!

8 posted on 02/06/2003 5:00:04 AM PST by vannrox (The Preamble to the Bill of Rights - without it, our Bill of Rights is meaningless!)
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To: JudyB1938
What? They're asleep? Well then go wake the slackers up! Just kidding. Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion. I'll try bumping this periodically (hiding my face in shame) and see what comes of it. Thanks.


9 posted on 02/06/2003 5:13:20 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: Boot Hill
Does anyone have a link to the photographs Powell showed yesterday?
10 posted on 02/06/2003 5:16:08 AM PST by Straight Vermonter (I don't believe in hyphenating Americans)
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To: vannrox
You want a smoking gun? You get a smoking gun!

We "aim" to accommodate!


11 posted on 02/06/2003 5:17:00 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: Straight Vermonter
I haven't seen them posted on any threads yet (but I haven't looked at every Powell thread).


12 posted on 02/06/2003 5:20:42 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: Boot Hill
Very interesting. I see no mention of Salman Pak. Am I overlooking it?

Mylroie: Clintonized CIA Blocking Iraq-9/11 Evidence

The country's biological weapons programme is believed to have started in 1974 at Salman Pak in the al-Hazan Ibn al-Hathem Institute, where Dr Taha arrived in 1980.

Five years later, Salman Pak was taken over by the Technical Research Centre and, in 1987, Dr Taha moved her team into the new al-Hakem facility at Salman Pak, where construction of facilities for production of anthrax began, among other agents.

At the time of the Gulf war, Iraq later acknowledged the large-scale production of anthrax spores and to have filled 50 bombs and five missile warheads with anthrax.

However, even in its "full, final and complete declaration" regarding its BW programme, submitted in September 1997, Baghdad continued to present the UN weapons inspectors with a false picture.

Iraq approached Porton Down in Britain for the Ames strain of the anthrax bacterium, said Dr Spertzel. "That [request] was fortunately denied," he said.

Iraq obtained much of its anthrax supply from the American Type Culture Collection. Between 1985 and 1989, it obtained at least 21 strains of anthrax from ATCC and about 15 other class III pathogens, the bacteria that pose an extreme risk to human health.

One strain had a British military pedigree and three of the other strains were listed as coming from the American military's biological warfare programme.


Weaponized Anthrax in Iraq: Anthrax spores were not developed for laboratory use alone, but were actually weaponized on a large scale by Iraq. UNSCOM inspectors found traces of anthrax spores in seven warheads from long-range al-Hussein missiles, with a range of 640 kilometers and thus capable of reaching Israel. Around 200 biological aerial bombs were additionally produced.

However, according to the UN, Iraq's most effective biological weapons platform was a helicopter-borne aerosol generator that worked like an insecticide disseminator (perhaps this was intended for domestic use or against Iranian troops close to the Iraqi border). The disseminator was successfully field tested. Dispersal research for biological weapons was conducted by the Salman Pak Technical Research Center. Iraq engaged in genetic engineering research in order to produce antibiotic resistant strains of anthrax spores. The success of this research is unknown

13 posted on 02/06/2003 5:30:24 AM PST by honway
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To: Boot Hill

WSJ:One conspiracy theory goes mainstream

Ms. Davis's evidence was examined by Patrick Lang, a Middle East expert and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency's human intelligence collection section. In a memo to Ms. Davis, Mr. Lang concluded that Mr. al-Hussaini likely is a member of Unit 999 of the Iraqi Military Intelligence Service, or Estikhabarat. He wrote that this unit is headquartered at Salman Pak southeast of Baghdad, and "deals with clandestine operations at home and abroad."

John Doe 2 from the OKC bombing stated he worked at Salman Pak. More interesting stuff.

14 posted on 02/06/2003 5:35:51 AM PST by honway
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To: All
John Doe 2 from the OKC bombing stated he worked at Salman Pak.


Patrick Lang wrote that al-Hussaini was likely a member of Unit 999, headquartered at Salman Pak.

15 posted on 02/06/2003 5:47:51 AM PST by honway
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To: honway
honway asks:   "Very interesting. I see no mention of Salman Pak. Am I overlooking it?"

You'll find Salman Pak at item #21 in the list, but keep in mind that Salman Pak is primarily (as far as we know) a terrorist training center while this list is limited to sites involved in the production of nuclear, biological or chemical munitions (or their delivery systems).

--Boot Hill

16 posted on 02/06/2003 6:05:17 AM PST by Boot Hill
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To: Boot Hill
I've never seen the like. The lazy bums won't get up. See if THEY get any worms.

17 posted on 02/06/2003 6:08:38 AM PST by JudyB1938
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To: Boot Hill
Thanks for pointing out #21. Clearly I did overlook it.
18 posted on 02/06/2003 6:26:29 AM PST by honway
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To: *war_list
19 posted on 02/06/2003 7:05:18 AM PST by Free the USA (Stooge for the Rich)
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20 posted on 02/06/2003 7:31:38 AM PST by JudyB1938
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