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Boycott Hollywood Anti-Americans List Updated ^

Posted on 02/07/2003 7:22:37 AM PST by jonalvy44

updated list to include Dustin Hoffman, who recently opened his big mouth...

We the undersigned American Citizens stand against Wealthy Hollywood Celebrities abusing their status to speak for us. We do not believe that they have a clear understanding of how we live, what we fear, and what we support. We believe that celebrities Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Tim Robbins, Rob Reiner, Barbara Streisand, and others with them are using their celebrity to interfere with the defense of our country. We believe that Hollywood Celebrities use their wealth to make their own personal issues known while Americans would never have the resources to speak out in this manner. We support President Bush in his efforts to defend our homeland, to defend democracy, and to take any measures to end the threat of terrorism. We do not claim to know more than anyone, especially President Bush. We elect a President who we can trust to make proper decisions based on facts available to him and not available to the rest of us. This is one reason trustworthiness and character is important in the people we elect into office. War is not easy, there are many before us who sacrificed their lives for freedom and if supporting citizens in other countries who cry out for democracy and freedom aids in the war against terrorism we support it. This Statement and its signatures will be published publicly and or delivered to Martin Sheen and Mike Farrell.

From Merriam Websters

PATRIOT : one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests

The follwing people are on a de facto boycott list being circulated on the net and no products of their will be purchased:

1. Martin Sheen 2. Alec Baldwin 3. Jessica Lange 4. Sean Penn 5. Susan Sarandon 6. Ed Harris 7. Woody Harrelson 8. John Cusak 9. Mike Farrell 10. Robert Altman 11. George Clooney 12. Barbara Streisand 13. Tyne Daley 14. Ed Asner 15. Bradley Whitford 16. Danny Glover 17. Casey Kasem 18. Sally Kirkland 19. Oliver Stone 20. Sheryl Crowe 21. Michael Moore 22. Harry Belafonte 23. Jane Fonda 24. Tim Robbins 25. Kevin Spacey 26. Steven Earle 27. Gillian Anderson 28. Kim Basinger 29. Ed Begley, Jr. 30. Jackson Browne 31. (REM)Peter Buck and Michael Stipe 32. Diahann Carroll 33. Don Cheadle 34. Jill Clayburgh 35. Peter Coyote 36. Lindsay Crouse 37. Matt Damon 38. Vincent D’Onofrio 39. David Duchovny 40. Olympia Dukakis 41. Charles S. Dutton 42. Hector Elizondo 43. Cary Elwes 44. Mia Farrow 45. Laurence Fishburne 46. Sean Patrick Flanery 47 Bonnie Franklin 48. Jeananne Garafalo 49. Melissa Gilbert 50. Elliott Gould 51. Robert Guillaume 52. Ethan Hawke 53. Ken Howard 54. Helen Hunt 55. Anjelica Huston 56. Samuel L. Jackson 57. Jane Kaczmarek 58. Melina Kanakaredes 59. Tea Leoni 60. Wendie Malick 61. Camryn Manheim 62. Marsha Mason 63. Richard Masur 64. Dave Matthews 65. Esai Morales 66. Ed O'’Neill 67. Chris Noth 68. Alexandra Paul 69. CCH Pounder 70. Bonnie Raitt 71. Carl Reiner 72. Tony Shalhoub 73. Gloria Steinem 74. Marcia Strassman 75. Loretta Swit 76. Studs Terkel 77. Lily Tomlin 78. Blair Underwood 79. Dennis Weaver 80. Bradley Whitford 81. James Whitmore 82. Alfre Woodard 83. Noah Wyle 84. Moby 85. Robert Redford 86. Kathleen Turner 87. Joan Cusak

88. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

89. Dustin Hoffman

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KEYWORDS: activistactors; antiamerican; antiamericanwar; antibush; antisemtism; blacklist; boycott; boycotthollywood; hollyweird; hollywood; hollywoodboycott; hollywoodleft; hollywoodliberals; israel; lovedclintonswars; mccarthywasright; notapeacemovment; propalestinianwar; prosaddam; rats; reddupes; redmenace; simpleminds; theredmenace; traitor; traitors; treason; unamerican; usefulidiots
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Comment #21 Removed by Moderator

To: SassyinLa'all...updated list....

Altman, Robert
Anderson, Gillian
Asner, Ed
Baldwin, Alex
Basinger, Kim
Begley, Ed, Jr
Belafonte, Harry
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Browne, Jackson
Carroll, Diahann
CCH Pounder
Cheadle, Don
Clayburgh, Jill
Clooney, George
Coyote, Peter
Crouse, Lindsay
Crowe, Sheryl
Cusak, Joan
Cusak, John
Daley, Tyne
Damon, Matt
D'Onofrio, Vincent
Duchovny, David
Dukakis, Olympia
Dutton, Charles S.
Earle, Steven
Elizondo, Hector
Elwes, Cary
Farrell, Mike
Farrow, Mia
Fishburne, Laurence
Flanery, Sean Patrick
Fonda, Jane
Franklin, Bonnie
Garafalo, Jeananne
Gilbert, Melissa
Glover, Danny
Gould, Elliot
Guillaume, Robert
Harrelson, Woody
Harris, Ed
Hawke, Ethan
Hoffman, Dustin
Howard, Ken
Hunt, Helen
Huston, Angelica
Jackon, Samuel
Kaczmarek, Jane
Kanakaredes, Melina
Kasem, Casey
Kirkland, Sally
Lange, Jessica
Leoni, Tea
Malick, Wendie
Manheim, Camryn
Mason, Marsha
Masur, Richard
Matthews, Dave
Moore, Michael
Morales, Esai
Noth, Chris
O'Neill, Ed
Paul, Alexandra
Penn, Sean
Raitt, Bonnie
Redford, Robert
Reiner, Carl
Robbins, Tim
Roberts, Julia
Sarandon, Susan
Shalhoub, Tony
Sheen, Martin
Spacey, Kevin
Steinem, Gloria
Stone, Oliver
Strassman, Marcia
Streisand, Barbara
Swit, Loretta
Terkel, Studs
Tomlin, Lily
Turner, Kathleen
Underwood, Blair
Weaver, Dennis
Whitford, Bradley
Whitford, Bradley
Whitmore, James
Woodard, Alfre
Wyle, Noah
22 posted on 02/07/2003 8:14:56 AM PST by goodnesswins (Thank the Military for your freedom and security....and thank a Rich person for jobs.)
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To: jonalvy44
This is way too many people to remember. Why not just post a list with acceptable hollywood stars if there are any. Seems like it would be shorter and easier to remember.
23 posted on 02/07/2003 8:19:35 AM PST by Intimidator
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To: jonalvy44
Sorry, I just can't go along with boycotts like this. There probably isn't a movie made that doesn't have some left-wing Hollywood idiot associated with it. If it's a good movie I'll watch it, even if I can't stand one of the actors in real life. For example I can't stand Alec Baldwin, but Hunt for Red October and The Edge were good movies that he was in.

BTW, you forgot Nick Nolte, Ben Affleck, Lucy Lu, Carmen Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Anison, Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a host of others.
24 posted on 02/07/2003 8:26:47 AM PST by Hugin
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To: goodnesswins
Where are those Charlies Angels that wore the I won't vote for a son of a Bush to the premier of their movie. Re no talent My wife would disagree with you on Dave Matthews but He's Canadian.
25 posted on 02/07/2003 8:30:51 AM PST by GodBlesBush
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To: CaptRon
Call me tragically unhip, but who the hell is Bradley Whitford and what does he do that I am able to boycott?

All're 'tragically unhip' but I'm in worse shape than you...I don't recognize about half the names on the list and the one's I do recognize are all has-beens or I thought they were dead!!
26 posted on 02/07/2003 8:34:05 AM PST by aardvark1
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To: lawgirl
I HAVE to watch Ken Howard. He's on Murder She Wrote so often. Otherwise, I can live without most of these characters. I never go to movies and I don't watch sitcoms--just FOX News Channel and mystery movies or Christian stations. Once in a great while I see a good movie there but not very often. I must be tv challenged...oh well.
27 posted on 02/07/2003 8:43:32 AM PST by Marysecretary
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To: Joe_October
You mean to tell me you won't miss watching Bonnie Franklin?
28 posted on 02/07/2003 8:46:41 AM PST by GSWarrior
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To: dark_lord
While I deplore what some of these people do and say, they still have First Amendment rights. Let's never forget that. OTOH, I've been doing a personal boycott of jerks like Ed Asner, Candace Bergen, B. Streisand, etc. for years.

I think our boycott efforts are pointless though. Most of these people make themselves targets only after their accountants tell them they have enough money socked away so they'll never have to work another day in their lives. And we're not making enough of a ruckus about the Norman Lears of the country who translate liberal Hollywood activism and media propaganda into direct political action: wander around in the People for the American Way web site a little,

This is the man who gave us Archie Bunker (conservative stereotype), Maude (pro-abortion 'freedom fighter,') etc. The same types of people are hard at work battering down cultural barriers in regard to homosexuality and spreading anti-Christian messages. We're several decades late and millions of dollars short in combatting TV-transmitted cultural decay and subversion. Wake up and smell the latte, people! The best thing to do with your TV set is fix it so it can only receive the Fox News Channel or, failing that, haul it to the dump.

29 posted on 02/07/2003 8:47:45 AM PST by Bernard Marx
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To: fish hawk
I'll start that list.....

1. Dougherty, Shannen
2. Gibson, Mel
3. Russell, Jane

Any additions?
30 posted on 02/07/2003 8:48:08 AM PST by Maigrey (Part of the Gonzo News Service)
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To: Maigrey
Oops. It should be
Doherty. Damn spell checker.
31 posted on 02/07/2003 8:49:08 AM PST by Maigrey (Part of the Gonzo News Service)
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To: jonalvy44
I rarely believe in boycotts, especially one as amorphous and downright silly as this, but I do believe in proofreading. Before you show some compassion for the poor fools who sign this, and alphabetize the damn list, act to show you aren't blatantly illiterate, and fix their names:

8. John Cusack
12. Barbra Streisand (two "A"s)
13. Tyne Daly (no "E")
20. Sheryl Crow (no "E")
48. Janeane Garafalo
66. Ed O'Neill (one apostrophe is enough)
69. C.C.H. Pounder (those are initials)
87. Joan Cusack

32 posted on 02/07/2003 8:52:08 AM PST by Greybird (One-fourth German. Proud of it. We helped build this country. Get used to it.)
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To: Maigrey
Any additions?

Bo Derek, Dennis Miller

33 posted on 02/07/2003 8:55:45 AM PST by paul51
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To: jonalvy44
What did Jane Kaczmarek ever do to get on this list?
34 posted on 02/07/2003 8:59:58 AM PST by Kryptonite
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To: Joe_October
Actually, I enjoyed watching Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking last night. Sarandon won an Academy Award for Best Actress, and Penn was nominated as Best Actor. Truly great film.
35 posted on 02/07/2003 9:02:31 AM PST by Kryptonite
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To: Maigrey
Dennis Miller
James Woods
36 posted on 02/07/2003 9:02:56 AM PST by Sloth
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To: Hugin
Sorry, I just can't go along with boycotts like this.

I understand how you feel but I have come to the point where I have just about totally lost interest in movies which makes it very easy to boycott them. I will watch a movie where the offending celeb has a minor roll if I really, really like the leading characters. However as I said previously I just don't watch movies anymore that much. I can't stand these people just as much as I can't stand the clintons. I do like "The Lord of the Ring" and "Harry Potter" movies but other than that I have more or less sworn off then dang things...too expensive as well.

37 posted on 02/07/2003 9:09:53 AM PST by blackbart1
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To: Sloth
How can Moses (Charlton Heston) be kept off the 'good guys' list?

Although Paul McCartney's pretty liberal, I think he's spoken in favor of the War on Terror.

Jim Caviezel - devout Catholic, and very open about that.

38 posted on 02/07/2003 9:11:53 AM PST by Night Hides Not
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To: Bigg Red
You wrote:

" I am happy to say that I don't even know who half of these slimeballs are."


Color me in your camp.........


39 posted on 02/07/2003 9:12:43 AM PST by Osage Orange
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To: Hugin
Sorry, I just can't go along with boycotts like this. There probably isn't a movie made that doesn't have some left-wing Hollywood idiot associated with it.

Exactly. Why should I have to boycott "The Matrix" sequels because Morpheus signed a piece of paper? He has the right to his opinion as do the few Freepers who have reservations about the war. It's not like I'm going to marry the guy.

BTW, you forgot Nick Nolte, Ben Affleck, Lucy Lu, Carmen Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Anison, Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a host of others.

No kidding. It'd be easier to keep track of the conservative actors as other Freepers do since it's a shorter list. And the real outspoken actors like Clooney are much more annoying then the regular actors who just okayed this through their publicist. I'd say less than half of that list is well known, if that.

40 posted on 02/07/2003 9:16:34 AM PST by Hawkeye's Girl
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