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Suggestions for a 72 hour kit
2/11/2003 | Important vanity

Posted on 02/11/2003 8:58:10 AM PST by Utah Girl

Since the alert level is now high, and there have been many articles and TV blurps about preparedness, I thought I would post suggestions for a 72 hour kit. I keep mine in my front hall closet of my home.

A lot of the stuff was lying around the house, I didn't buy hardly anything new. I did buy a solar, battery operated radio from Radio Shack for ten dollars. Here is the total list in one spot. I probably spent under 25 dollars for my kit, but I am single without children. The most money was buying the stuff for the first aid kit. One extra thing I threw in the first aid kit is four sanitray napkins. They work really well for compressing against a bleeding wound that needs to be staunched. I also store my sleeping bag and blanket right next to the 72 hour kit. I still use the sleeping bag when I go camping, so I didn't buy another one.

This 72 hour kit should meet the needs of your family. Use ready to eat foods your family will eat and hobbies and entertainment your family likes to do. Include individual medication as required by your family members. Whatever container is used should be portable. I use two duffel bags.

You should have:

  • Immediately available
    • Battery powered radio
    • Flashlight and extra batteries

  • Emergency Needs
    • Instruction Manuals on Emergency Preparedness
    • Water storage
    • Sleeping bags and blankets
  • Sanitation Kit
    • Plastic bucket with tight fitted lid
    • Plastic bags and ties
    • toilet paper
    • disinfectant
    • improvised toilet seat (for bucket)
    • feminine hygiene needs
    • paper towels
    • soap
    • paper cups
    • paper plates
    • plastic utensils
    • can opener
    • utility knife

  • Stress Factors
    • Children - coloring book, crayons
    • Adults - books, needle work
  • In the Car
    • Standard First Aid Kit
    • Blanket
    • Flashlight and batteries
    • Reflectors and flares
  • Individual Medical Needs
  • Suggested Additions

    • Family Photographs
    • Medical Information Sheet
    • Insurance Information
    • Identification for each Family Member
    • Will or Trust Information (copies of each)
  • Food - Ready-to-eat

    • Meats: canned
    • Fruit Cocktail
    • Peanut Butter
    • Powdered Milk
    • Infant Care: Canned milk and bottles
    • Dried Fruit: (caution - drink plenty of water.)
    • Raisins, prunes, fruit leather
    • Crackers
  • Stress Foods
    • Sugar Cookies
    • Sweetened Cereals
    • Hard Candy

  • Standard First Aid Kit
    • First Aid manual
    • Spirits of ammonia
    • Scissors
    • Table salt
    • Baking soda
    • Eye drops
    • Safety pins
    • Matches
    • Adhesive or paper tape
    • Bandages
      • Telfa pads (4"x4")
      • Triangle Bandage (37"x37"x37")
      • Roll of Gauze
      • Elastic Bandage

    • Splints
      • Popsicle sticks
      • shingles or thin board
      • 40 page newspaper or magazines
    • Heavy String
  • At least one change of clothing for everyone
    • including shoes

I've also thrown in a sweatshirt with a hood, an inflatable pillow, my scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon)

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To: Utah Girl
Paper plates??? Spirits of ammonia?? Changes of clothing???!

Look, chickie, all you need is a fifth of Cuervo and a backup carton of Marlboros. Make sure you don't smoke the Marlboros beforehand.

Wellll okay, maybe TWO fifths of Cuervo.

201 posted on 02/11/2003 2:23:51 PM PST by maxwell (Well I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation...)
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To: Neenah
I read somewhere that 10 sq ft of space (in a room) will last one person about 5 hours (for air) are right, this is a temporary shelter.
202 posted on 02/11/2003 2:27:06 PM PST by goodnesswins (Thank the Military for your freedom and security....and thank a Rich person for jobs.)
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To: goodnesswins
Thank you !!
203 posted on 02/11/2003 2:42:08 PM PST by Neenah
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To: Xenalyte
If you have to seal yourself off, you might consider putting a note on the front door (inside an envelope marked "Rescue Personnel" or such) with the date/time you sealed yourself in and the names and ages of all who are sealed inside.

Figure about three to five hours of air depending on how many adults/children are inside.

If you haven't heard an ALL CLEAR report on the radio by that time you might try putting kittie out the door to check the "air quality" before going out yourself.

Take care,

204 posted on 02/11/2003 2:53:53 PM PST by Have Ruck - Will Travel
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To: Utah Girl
Listing has some of the necessaries, anyway.

205 posted on 02/11/2003 3:21:15 PM PST by steve86 (O.J. did it.)
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To: Mears
I saw it on a website a while ago and also a segment of a Shark week show on the Discovery Channel-- had a Japanese man that survived a shark attack by packing cigarettes into the most severe of the wounds.

(Of course I wouldn't use it other than as a last resort and the only other option was bleeding to death.)

For some reason I can't find the site again and all the searches have only had NEGATIVE info about tobacco uses...go figure.

206 posted on 02/11/2003 3:47:29 PM PST by CARDINALRULES (if anything is misspelled --too damn bad --in a hurry ;-`)
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To: MarkL
Is it a .38, or a .357? What's the model? What's the frame made of? What's the barrel length?

Actually the gun I was shooting (that I'm considering buying) is a S&W .357 Magnum, barrel lenth is approx 3". I believe it is an alloy steel, and felt goooooood pulling the trigger at 25'....and accurate too...according to my targets :)

207 posted on 02/11/2003 5:36:26 PM PST by kstewskis ("Aim small, miss small"...Benjamin Martin)
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To: Denver Ditdat
Ha! It had better be 599, sending text over the Internet... (grin)
208 posted on 02/11/2003 5:59:25 PM PST by Chemist_Geek ("Drill, R&D, and conserve" should be our watchwords! Energy independence for America!)
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To: Chemist_Geek
sorry QRM got you OM.
209 posted on 02/12/2003 7:35:10 AM PST by Prof Engineer (Space Geek)
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To: arm958
No, but they do target Hill Air Force base nearby.
210 posted on 02/12/2003 8:02:02 AM PST by Paulus Invictus (Coke make)
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To: discostu
Your credit cards will be worthless in the event of an attack. CASH, buddy! Cash!
211 posted on 02/12/2003 8:05:40 AM PST by DCPatriot
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To: RightWhale
You are correct! Very few take this seriously, so if it comes to a real emergency, those that have the foresight to store food had better be armed too. By the way, we bought a whole case of 72 assorted MREs from a military supply store last week for $70. A real steal and these meals taste pretty good.
212 posted on 02/12/2003 8:05:41 AM PST by Paulus Invictus (Coke make)
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To: mikegi
Yesterday, speaking of fears, the local hardware stores were selling out of duct tape and large rolls of plastic films. Seems that someone on TV mentioned how useful they would be to protect your house and selves from a poison gas attack. The local supplier of 5 gallon bottled water was swamped with orders. People are preparing, who knows for what, but this is the most anxious I have seen people for a long time.
213 posted on 02/12/2003 8:12:13 AM PST by Paulus Invictus (Coke make)
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To: neutrino
Coffee (freeze dried) and tea bags would be good.

They put coffee in little tea bags now, much better than freeze dried coffee IMO.

214 posted on 02/12/2003 8:17:45 AM PST by muggs (553 L)
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To: DCPatriot
Any attack big enough to make my credit cards worthless will probably kill me, and screw up civilization to the point that the survivors are reduced to barter. The infrastructure is a lot more stable than people give it credit.
215 posted on 02/12/2003 8:21:03 AM PST by discostu (This tag intentionally left blank)
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To: thesharkboy
***Do I really have to get feminine hygiene products? Checking out at the store is SO embarassing. ***

No, just order this over the internet and you'll never need to run to the store for those embarassing unmentionables again. :)

216 posted on 02/12/2003 8:25:22 AM PST by muggs (553 L)
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To: discostu
Not true about the magnitude of a local attack.

It's a big country. First, they will shut off the credit cards in the State where the attack occurs...."for security reasons".

For example, to ensure that nobody has looted the dead and stolen their cards or bank info.

It's commons sense for them to do that.

217 posted on 02/12/2003 8:27:13 AM PST by DCPatriot
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To: Utah Girl
218 posted on 02/12/2003 8:27:36 AM PST by Salvation (†With God all things are possible.†)
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To: geege
I hope you were being sarcastic here. Humans are more important than animals.
219 posted on 02/12/2003 8:28:27 AM PST by Salvation (†With God all things are possible.†)
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To: Utah Girl
Good list. Rather than the candy I would use protein bars. Need plenty of water however.
220 posted on 02/12/2003 8:30:37 AM PST by Salvation (†With God all things are possible.†)
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