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The Is-There-A-Run-On-Duct-Tape-Yet? thread

Posted on 02/11/2003 10:56:58 AM PST by BurbankKarl

Has anyone bought plastic and tape as mentioned by Tom Ridge. I am sure some hard core Freepers already have it, left over from Y2K. I remember reading stories how the Israelis had all this stuff at the ready.

When is the Hajj over? When does Hajji come home? Will MSNBC run a Countown to Hajj ticker?

Maybe we should tape Gravis into his chair.

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To: BurbankKarl
I bought a couple of rolls. Waiting for the stores to run out, and auction it off on EBAY! $$$$$$$$$


41 posted on 02/11/2003 11:23:29 AM PST by spectre (spectre's wife (Grins..))
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To: BurbankKarl
Hajj ends February 13th.
42 posted on 02/11/2003 11:24:54 AM PST by suekas
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To: keithtoo
I hate to say it, but this recommendation from Ridge is as boneheaded as anything the Dim's could come up with.

Normally, I would agree with you. The entire concept of Obergruppenfuhrer Ridge and his Department of Love gives me the willies, though his color-coded charts are downright silly. Any warnings which are general enough to be shotgunned nationwide lack any useful specificity and are completely worthless, and sound more like CYA than useful intelligence.

In this case, however, the "duct tape and plastic" remark has a tinge of practicality for people in certain locations. If I lived east (downwind) of New York City or Washington, DC, duct tape and plastic might provide effective protection in the event of airborne fallout from a "dirty" bomb. That and some rain. But I doubt that folks in Bumfart, Mississippi should be overly concerned.

43 posted on 02/11/2003 11:25:12 AM PST by Always A Marine
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To: fight_truth_decay
Not calling you a bonehead, calling the panic-mongers bonehead. If you feel the designation applies to you, feel free.
44 posted on 02/11/2003 11:27:08 AM PST by Vast Buffalo Wing Conspiracy
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Another satisfied customer!
45 posted on 02/11/2003 11:29:38 AM PST by The KG9 Kid
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To: BurbankKarl
Here in Georgia, duct tape holds together our cars, plumbing, boots, cracked windows, etc.

Everyone has a few rolls on hand, but I'll stop at the dollar store and pick up a few more rolls.

46 posted on 02/11/2003 11:30:22 AM PST by CFW
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To: BurbankKarl

47 posted on 02/11/2003 11:32:28 AM PST by MadelineZapeezda
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To: Diverdogz
In the south, we call it "Alabama Chrome".


48 posted on 02/11/2003 11:32:29 AM PST by TonyInOhio ("Be ye men of valor")
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To: waspguy
For what it's worth - using plastic sheeting and duct tape is pretty standard defense against airborn poison and radiactive dust. From what I've read, using it to create in home shelters is SOP in Israel where they've been worried about this for sometime.

In other words, good defense against the kinds of weapons terrorists are least likely to have. The only protection against modern chemical and biological agents is complete airtight protection and air recirculation; in other words, a full body suit and gas mask, or a sealed residence with some kind of air filtration system.

Otherwise, if you can seal off the air in your house enough to protect yourself, you will also suffocate. The only real prepardness in that case would be to have a real shelter with air filtration. Otherwise, the only option is to get out of the affected area, if possible.

Not that I believe these "warnings"; just as the Dems play politics with foreign policy, so do the Republicans. Bush's administration has been milking 911 for all it's worth. Giving endless scare-mongering but useless "warnings" serves to ratchet up the tension and to keep people convinced that war abroad and a police state at home are the only options left to them.

49 posted on 02/11/2003 11:35:03 AM PST by Vast Buffalo Wing Conspiracy
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To: BurbankKarl
We actually always keep duct tape in stock as 1/2 of the answer to any problem in life (the other half is WD-40):

"If it doesn't move and should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use duct tape!"

50 posted on 02/11/2003 11:35:48 AM PST by hispanarepublicana (successful, educated unauthentic latina--in Patrick Leahy's eyes, at least)
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To: waspguy
Don't forget that Honeywell air filtration system as well. Thye filter down to .1 microns in some cases.
51 posted on 02/11/2003 11:38:12 AM PST by Centurion2000 (Chance favors the prepared mind.)
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To: BurbankKarl
What I don't understand is why there was also no mention of using WD40 to decontaminate. I thought that Duct Tape and WD40 fixed EVERYTHING!


52 posted on 02/11/2003 11:39:51 AM PST by Stefan Stackhouse
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To: keithtoo
but I hadn't been aware that ANYTHING can be prevented with duct tape also.

Oh, my, yes - it can be used as an emergency condom. There is, of course, the removal issue, but a couple of pints of acetone ought to take care of that...

I have a friend in the HVAC biz who - get this - uses the stuff to repair ducts! Freak...

53 posted on 02/11/2003 11:40:11 AM PST by Billthedrill
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To: fight_truth_decay
We can spend all our lives preparing and worrying about what we forgot. But when God calls, we're outta here, no matter what efforts we've expended to stop it. Personally, I don't see that as a bad thing. I'm ready when He is. I know there are many who aren't.
54 posted on 02/11/2003 11:40:27 AM PST by MEGoody
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To: BurbankKarl
I own a hardware store...I haven't sold any duct tape today, but I have sold some plastic.

Remember to buy the expensive 6 mil fact, I think you should cover your whole house with it, just to be safe.

I also have the expensive, 200 MPH Nascar duct tape. I wouldn't bet my life on the cheap stuff.

You will also be needing a box of nails, and some dust masks.

55 posted on 02/11/2003 11:40:35 AM PST by NeonKnight
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To: Snowy
I did feel silly though. I didn't see anyone else buying any.

I just felt a little silly buying my big roll at the grocery store. I DID get the last one, though. If anyone made a comment to me about it, I was going to say I was getting it to treat my daughter's wart (which is true) :-) Forgot the batteries though, rats.

56 posted on 02/11/2003 11:41:18 AM PST by FoxGirl
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To: Billthedrill; All
I have had way too much fun reading this thread. Thanks
57 posted on 02/11/2003 11:42:04 AM PST by Bahbah (Pray for our Troops)
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To: BurbankKarl
Yep. Just got a 5 pack of duct tape from Sam's. One for each car, a couple for home. It's not like we don't use it ANYWAY. Sam's was prepared. HUGE stack ready to move.

Being LDS we have our two year's food storage (not that we'll be happy eating some of it--that hard red wheat does NOT agree with me) and after listening to Glenn Beck this morning I went out and spent $400 at Sam's replenishing the 72 hour kits. (Well, okay, I bought myself a new Tempsoma pillow and a couple of other goodies too.) We have one more kid than we had when last I really paid attention to this matter. She doesn't even have her own SLEEPING BAG! And our tent is too small. But after tonight, each vehicle will have 72 hours worth of supplies for each family, including water. GAH! The gourmet water market has REALLY messed things up. I paid more for liter bottles of water than I think I would have paid for soda. But so be it.

72 hour kits, some cash on hand, keep your tank 3/4 or more full of gas, some clorox, pick up a few 5 gallon bottles of water and some charcoal, and some batteries. Make a plan for where your family can meet if you are away from home but can't GET home for some reason. (We have had this problem already once when a tornado cut us off from one another. The cops weren't letting ANYONE through the damaged area.)

THEN when you've done all this, FORGET ABOUT IT, and don't stress, because the odds of being one of the people who NEED these precautions are really pretty low!

But I am sure wishing more people would take this stuff seriously, especially my NEIGHBORS!!! because even without terrorism, we all are eventually going to run up against some crisis or other, and if everyone is prepared there can be a lot more kindness and charity and a lot less fear, panic, and violent redistribution of needful commodities! I saw people fight over drinking water in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot after Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina. But after the May '99 tornado in central Oklahoma, donations to displaced families overwhelmed those who needed them. Which paradigm do you think would follow a major terrorist attack?
58 posted on 02/11/2003 11:44:04 AM PST by ChemistCat (We should have had newer, safer, better, more efficient ships by now, damn it.)
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To: Just another Joe
Is the inventor of duct tape a millionaire?

You've never heard of Scrooge McDuct? He swims in gold coins...
59 posted on 02/11/2003 11:44:57 AM PST by vrwinger
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To: Gamecock


The men at the Lodge decide to convert their vehicles to run on firewood.Red demonstrates how to put on a spare tire with duct tape. Eddie is electrocuted by a homemade karaoke machine. Red shows how to rustproof your car by covering it with linoleum.The Lodge uses a fuel pump from a Russian missile to collect maple syrup.Red makes a full set of living room furniture out of a used car. Red Green's Duct Tape Forever

60 posted on 02/11/2003 11:45:08 AM PST by fight_truth_decay (first beer's on me)
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