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Boortz & Donahue Transcript (long read)
MSNBC News// ^ | 02.12.03

Posted on 02/12/2003 7:42:15 AM PST by yankeedame

‘Donahue’ for January 31

Read the full transcipt of Friday’s show

ANNOUNCER: Tonight: Conservative talk radio host Neal Boortz. Last visit, he felt shortchanged.


NEAL BOORTZ, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: I have tried to jump in on numerous occasions.

ANNOUNCER: Now he is back to go toe-to-toe with Donahue. From taking out Saddam to locking America’s border, Neal Boortz tries to expose the terrible truth about liberals with a live audience and your phone calls.
DONAHUE starts right now.
PHIL DONAHUE, HOST: Neal, we thought we knew you.
BOORTZ: You will.
DONAHUE: Good evening and welcome to DONAHUE.
Well, he’s back. Nobody has ever walked off a television show with my name on it. I can’t tell you how bad I felt.
BOORTZ: I can’t believe that.
DONAHUE: but here he is. He’s Neal Boortz. I want to show you a clip from the last. We were talking about reparations on the last show. This is the show from which Neal made a very surprising departure, just a piece of it.
Watch this.
DONAHUE: You feel paying reparations will shovel another load of guilt on white people? Well, dude, poor baby. Don’t want you to be guilty. Let him have it, Neal. What is your position on this?
BOORTZ: Oh, I love it, Phil, when you start out feeling sympathy for me that way.
DONAHUE: Neal, you only stayed for one segment. There is very little we agree on, so let’s get started with the biggest issue facing our nation.
I ask you for your thoughts on President Bush’s pending war, invasion of Iraq.
BOORTZ: Well, I hope it doesn’t come to that. The best possible solution is for Saddam Hussein to go into exile. And, in fact, I think that’s what will happen.
DONAHUE: You do? You don’t think there will be a war.
BOORTZ: Well, I think there may be a couple of cruise missiles lobbed his way. But, at that point, he is going to pack the Winnebago and he’s heading to Yemen or something.
DONAHUE: After two cruise missiles, he’s taking off?
BOORTZ: Well, if one hits close.
DONAHUE: You going to send these missiles into downtown Baghdad?
BOORTZ: Well, send them wherever he is.
DONAHUE: You’re not concerned about so-called collateral damage?
BOORTZ: Well, Phil, in every single war that this country has been involved in, innocent people have died. If we had people like you sitting around yelling about collateral damage in World War II, Hitler...
DONAHUE: We would all be speaking German.
BOORTZ: Well, I don’t know that we would be speaking German, but he would be walking funny.
DONAHUE: What is the point? Oh, you mean as in the German goose step.
BOORTZ: Goose step, yes.
DONAHUE: I am concerned-I’m impressed with how cavalier you appear to be, you and your fellow talk show hosts, about the innocent people that will inevitably die.
BOORTZ: You are mistaking cavalier for...
DONAHUE: The most powerful nation...
BOORTZ: No, it’s reality, Phil. The reality is...
DONAHUE: Stuff happens.
BOORTZ: Innocent people get killed in war. And if it happens, it is not the United States that didn’t follow the U.N. resolutions. It is Saddam Hussein that didn’t. If it happens, you blame Saddam Hussein.
DONAHUE: He didn’t follow the resolutions. Therefore, the most powerful nation on Earth should be sending cruise missiles into a downtown area of a city where old people and children are sleeping?
BOORTZ: If that’s what it takes to get rid of Saddam Hussein.
Phil, were you around in World War II to argue, we can’t send bombers over German cities, where innocent women and children live? I’m sorry. We didn’t start this thing, OK? He did.
DONAHUE: Where would we be without Hitler and World War II? Hitler gave war a good name.
BOORTZ: Do you think we should have fought that war?
DONAHUE: Yes, I do.
BOORTZ: He never attacked us.
DONAHUE: But I don’t think we should have ruined, for example, Dresden when the war was over.
I think we ought to at least look in the mirror and say to ourselves, is it-should the nation-should the world stand by and watch the most powerful nation on Earth bombing a city that is impoverished, to be sure, headed by a lousy guy? I have no intention of going to lunch with Saddam Hussein, but it doesn’t follow that you kill babies in order to get him.
BOORTZ: Look, Phil, Phil, first of all...
DONAHUE: Terrible idea. And it doesn’t make your safer.
BOORTZ: First of all, Hitler never attacked the United States. I am shocked that you would think that the United States should send bombs and bullets after a country that had never done anything to us at that point. You have to hand in your liberal credentials now.
DONAHUE: You are back now to World War II.
BOORTZ: No, the point is, Phil, you are making this...
DONAHUE: Does it make us safer, Neal?
BOORTZ: Yes, it will.
DONAHUE: It will?
DONAHUE: It’s not going-first of all...
BOORTZ: Not only us.
DONAHUE: Saddam Hussein has never been more powerful than he is right now. And we are the reason for that. He is the center of the world right now. He is Elvis. He’s replaced Osama. And if you can’t find Osama, then bomb Iraq. That is what it looks like this administration is doing. How do you respond to that?
That is a favorite line of liberal bed-wetters across the country. They like to tie the success of the war on terror with whether or not Saddam-or, excuse me, Osama bin Laden is dead, because that is a way that they can nail George Bush with failure: Hey, we haven’t had another attack on the United States. We’re capturing al Qaeda operatives all over the world, but we don’t have Osama bin Laden, so the war must be a failure. You’re better than that.
DONAHUE: You don’t think-you don’t —- Sean from North Carolina.
Hi, I’m glad you waited. Go ahead.
CALLER: Yes, Phil, my question is, why do liberals preach tolerance for everybody’s views, but...
DONAHUE: Shame on us.
Well, I’m sorry. Except for whom?
CALLER: When it comes down to a conservative speaking his mind, why isn’t our view tolerated in the liberal community? I just do not understand.
DONAHUE: I would argue the reverse. Conservatives don’t want to debate anybody.
A tip of the hat to Mr. Boortz for stepping forward here. Conservatives drop their tools and run when they’re asked to debate anything. In fact, Rush Limbaugh has a policy. He doesn’t debate. Oh, OK. That is nice and convenient.
I would like to go through life like that, offering my opinions and disallowing any debate. I disagree with you, Sean. I think the liberals are out there in the arena much more bravely, openly, and not covertly than are many conservatives.
BOORTZ: Ah, but I have a different point of view.
Let me tell you how liberals operate. They write columns and hide in their offices. They do commentaries on TV and hide in their offices. Why do you think talk radio is so...
DONAHUE: It’s the only thing left for you, is that it? You have been shut out of everywhere else?
BOORTZ: No, it is a format liberals can’t survive in.
DONAHUE: Why would that be? You make a point. There are not a whole lot of liberal voices on AM radio. Make your case here.
BOORTZ: OK. The reason that liberal bed-wetters can’t survive in talk radio is because they have no place to hide, Phil.
DONAHUE: Is that the reason?
BOORTZ: Look, you can write a column in “The New York Times” and then you sit up there in your office overlooking, have they taken over those poor people’s property yet? You can write a column and sit there. And if somebody wants to call and argue, you say, oh, I’m not talking calls today. If you are on the radio and you express those opinions, then you have...
DONAHUE: You get immediate feedback.
BOORTZ: Then you get the feedback. And most left-wingers can’t stand up to that feedback. That is why Mario Cuomo-that is why these people fail at talk radio. They aren’t prepared to deal with the reaction.
DONAHUE: Here is a just sense of what’s happening on AM radio.
You’ve got to listen to this.
We sent a camera crew to catch brother Boortz here at work in Atlanta this morning. Here you are on the air.
BOORTZ: Here comes the sandbagging.
DONAHUE: Go get them, Neal.
BOORTZ: Nelson Mandela is starting to show his age. The man’s age has started to affect his thinking capabilities. I still cannot believe, after all this country did to support him and the movement to end apartheid in South Africa, and then he comes out with this statement about the unspeakable atrocities that the United States has committed all over the world and that we-they just do not care for human beings, he says.
This is three days after George Bush pledges $15 billion of our money, money that you are working for today, money that you are working to earn today, $15 billion of that money to fight AIDS in Africa. And then that jerk, Nelson Mandela, says that the United States does not care about human beings.
DONAHUE: I believe that Nelson Mandela is the brightest light and moral voice on Earth today. And you just called him a jerk.
BOORTZ: Oh, that is because I was on the radio. If I had been off the radio, it would have been a lot worse than that.
This is a man that says that George Bush is ignoring the United Nations solely because Kofi Annan is black and that makes George Bush a racist?
DONAHUE: After all we did for South Africa, he is-he has a nerve to say that about our leader?
BOORTZ: Listen, I’m sorry. I happen to believe in this country. I love this country. I believe this country does care about human life.
I believe this country, Phil, does care about human beings. And this man, he is spending his-all of the credits that he has built up for being a hero of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Nobody can deny that to that man.
DONAHUE: Yes, you said we have done so much for South Africa.
BOORTZ: Well, now, Phil, you’re going to deny that?
DONAHUE: The CIA helped arrest him. The CIA helped the South African goons of apartheid know where he was located. He was disguised as a chauffeur when they arrested him. And they knew where he was because somebody in the ANC sang and the CIA reported it and their official.
The CIA-if it wasn’t for the CIA, they never would have been able to find him, wouldn’t have jailed him. And you’re saying he should have been grateful for that.
BOORTZ: Got the point. I’ve got the point.
If it wasn’t for the United States’ support of the movement to end apartheid, that situation may have gone over a long time afterwards, too. Look, Nelson Mandela is or was a hero of the anti-apartheid movement, no doubt about it. But I am not going to sit back and say, oh, the man is a hero. He’s such a great guy, and so I am just going to ignore it when he says the United States doesn’t care about human beings.
And, listen, I was watching several news programs the last couple of days. And I am not the only one that thinks that...
BOORTZ: Age may be affecting that guy at this point. It might be time for him to kind of tone it down and by a pravo (ph) and head to a national park somewhere.
DONAHUE: Right. Right. So, age can be a factor in how you behave and what you do.
BOORTZ: You betcha.
DONAHUE: That is probably why George Bush named Henry Kissinger to be the personal to preside over what happened on 9/11.
During the commercial break, Neal, I already established, walked off the show.
BOORTZ: By the way, I agree with you on that.
DONAHUE: On what?
BOORTZ: On the Henry Kissinger.
DONAHUE: That Henry shouldn’t have...
BOORTZ: What a horrible choice that was.
DONAHUE: And I’ll give you a chance to make your case.
Well, I invited him back.
Here you are, Neal, on your radio show this morning. Go get them, Neal.
BOORTZ: My spies tell me they have the video. And so, tonight, at some point during the show, they are most assuredly going to show the video of me ripping that IUD out of my ear and taking off the microphone and stomping out of the studio.
BOORTZ: In a rit of fealous jage. So what is that? Do we call that sandbagging or what?
DONAHUE: I’m glad you didn’t become an OBG-YN.
BOORTZ: Well, listen...
DONAHUE: An IUD is an intrauterine device. But that’s OK. That’s
BOORTZ: I am just not up on this TV terminology.
DONAHUE: You accused me of sandbagging you. You’re right. We are going to sandbag you.
DONAHUE: We’re going to show you Neal Boortz walks.
BOORTZ: And I’ll explain why.
DONAHUE: But first, this is a commercial program and we will be back in just a moment.
ANNOUNCER: Diversity is not a word in his vocabulary. When DONAHUE returns: the immigration debate.
We’ll be right back.
DONAHUE: We’re back talking to conservative radio talk show host Neal Boortz.
Here is the moment when Neal-this is the sandbag part-when Neal decided he had enough of DONAHUE and he walked off the show during a commercial break. The dude is mad.
Watch this.
BOORTZ: This is a little bit absurd. I mean, yes-well, listen, I have tried-I have tried to jump in on numerous occasions. And nobody hears it and nobody is listening.
And this is not-I didn’t come downtown to sit here and listen to these people have their fest up there in New York and not be able to get my 2 cents worth in. Look-no, listen, don’t tell me to calm down. You want me just to go ahead and take this equipment off and leave right now? If you want me to be a part of the show, I’ll be a part of the show.
OK. That’s fine. That’s it. I’m leaving.
BOORTZ: What a great moment.
BOORTZ: What a great moment.
DONAHUE: That was our executive producer, Marlane Selup (ph), in his ear, saying: Calm down. Please calm down. She wasn’t ordering him.
And, incidentally, you walked out eight minutes into the show. You had no idea what was after.
BOORTZ: Hey, listen, we are investing time here, Phil. And that investment wasn’t turning out as good as Enron.
DONAHUE: Kyle, we have a...
BOORTZ: No, no, listen. Now, it’s time for an explanation.
DONAHUE: Go ahead. Go ahead. You are entitled to make one. Go ahead.
BOORTZ: All through the first segment of the show, your producer is in my ear: Come on, Neal. Jump in. Jump in, Neal. Come on, Neal.
DONAHUE: And this guy wouldn’t let you.
BOORTZ: And every time up: Be quiet, Neal. You’re interrupting, Neal.
Well, how long am I going to put up with that? Even for a great icon like you, how long am I going to put up with that?
DONAHUE: That is so true, what you say.
DONAHUE: Kyle from Connecticut is on the phone.
CALLER: Phil, how you doing?
Gulf War veteran, former Marine Corps scout sniper.
CALLER: I want to thank you for allowing me to remain conservative, Mr. Boortz. God bless you.
You talk about all the people in Iraq, the women and children that are going to die. There isn’t a military man in the world that wants people to die. I’ll tell you that right now.
DONAHUE: Nobody’s saying that.
CALLER: But that’s what we’re supposed to do.
And before you go, remember all the kids who were in that day care center in the World Trade Center that went down. This is what my president needs me to do. And I’m going to back up any of those people that are over there fighting for my country. If that’s what they need, I’ll back them.
And you know what, Phil? I’m over 40 years old. And I’ve been out of the Marine Corps since ’95. But if a draft comes, I’m going back in, like my dad did when he went to Vietnam. You have got to back those people. I’m worried about them. I don’t want to see anybody die. But come on.
Let’s think about the kids that have died here. Come on, Phil.
DONAHUE: Yes. Your comment is on the record. I thank you for making it. I know there’s other leathernecks out there who would love an opportunity to chat with you.
BOORTZ: Can I ask you a question?
DONAHUE: Almost finished-just chat with you briefly, Kyle.
BOORTZ: See, you did it again.
DONAHUE: Chat with you briefly. I appreciate your passion. And certainly Neal appreciates your-go ahead.
BOORTZ: Talking about this innocent women and children being killed, can you paint me a scenario where you would approve of a military strike that would take the lives of innocent people?
DONAHUE: Let me think about it.
BOORTZ: Why should you have to think about it? You can’t imagine that there is one?
DONAHUE: I am sure there must be.
DONAHUE: But I don’t think, for example, we should have bombed Tripoli at night, killing Qadhafi’s kid. That was 1986.
BOORTZ: It sure calmed him down, didn’t it?
DONAHUE: I don’t think we should have killed a thousand Panamanians in this country that can hardly buy your lunch. In hovels, probably the poorest neighborhood in the Western Hemisphere, and here comes America. Boom.
We have a responsibility to exercise our rights as citizens and free speech to say: Don’t do this, America. This is not the way.
BOORTZ: This is a Hallmark moment.
DONAHUE: This is not the way to share with the world this wonderful idea called democracy, which is so beautifully expressed in this nation and in our Constitution.
BOORTZ: But Phil Donahue has admitted that there may come a time when the lives of innocent people...
DONAHUE: I am not brave enough to be a pacifist.
BOORTZ: Now, by the way, this thing about democracy, if you get a chance, in getting this book that I have autographed for you, read the chapter on democracy. We’re not one. We were never intended to be one. And it is one of the worst possible forms of government.
DONAHUE: Donna from Ohio, I’m glad you waited.
Go ahead.
CALLER: Yes, sir.
I’m really tired that, every time a real American speaks up, has the nerve to speak up and say something against Mr.-President Bush, that they’re automatically shot down by these so-called Republicans that they are anti-American, when we are the true Americans that are speaking up for our country. Our country is America, not Mr. Bush.
And, by the way, I am 46 years old. I am from a military family. My brother was drafted into the Vietnam War. And we learned a lesson there. I believe that you learn from your mistakes.
DONAHUE: I do, too.
CALLER: OK. And they didn’t even call it a war, by the way.
DONAHUE: Yes. It was a police action.
BOORTZ: It was an action, yes.
DONAHUE: How do you feel about her commentary?
BOORTZ: Oh, I agree with her. I do not call people anti-American, because I speak out against Bush. There is a lot of things that he has done that I don’t agree with. I am not a Republican. I am not a conservative. I am a libertarian. That’s a much scarier animal, Phil.
DONAHUE: Yes, because why?
BOORTZ: Oh, because I believe-I would put my love of and value of and appreciation of freedom probably stronger than yours.
DONAHUE: Really?
DONAHUE: You’re stronger for freedom than I am?
BOORTZ: We should end the war on drugs. Do you agree with me on that, no war on drugs?
DONAHUE: You are against the war on drugs?
BOORTZ: Absolutely.
DONAHUE: You’re against knocking down doors in black neighborhoods and endangering people...
BOORTZ: Absolutely.
DONAHUE: ... and absolutely destroying the Fourth Amendment right to privacy?
BOORTZ: Absolutely.
DONAHUE: I’m on your team on that one.
BOORTZ: Well, there we go.
DONAHUE: You wanted to say, young man, gentleman?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Back to Iraq, I just think America has a pretty short memory in general.
And I think that you’re looking at a regime who has crossed other borders, invaded other countries, killed their own people. And in the 12 years since the Gulf War, I don’t think they just packed up their stuff and went away. I think you have a regime that has demonstrated the ability to gather weapons, to have that mentality. And I you strike now while you can, before you do turn into a skirmish or a standoff, like we’re going to have with Korea.
BOORTZ: All he has to do is do what we promised to do in 1991: disarm and verify. That’s all he has to do. The sanctions are ended. The oil is flowing. The money is flowing. He’s safe in all 853 of the palaces. Just do what he promised to do, Phil, 12 years ago.
DONAHUE: Well, the inspectors are there. The inspectors are doing their job.
BOORTZ: And they have verified that he has not done what he promised to do and does not intend to.
DONAHUE: “Dr. Blix”-from an Australian newspaper-”took issue today with what he said were U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell’s claims that the inspectors had found that Iraqi officials were hiding and moving illicit materials within and outside of Iraq to prevent their discovery. He said that the inspectors had reported no such incidents.”
There are people in this country and in this administration who are misusing Blix and his statements. He is not-he is saying: I’m not saying go to war now. And they’re trying to suggest that my commentary means that we should be going.
BOORTZ: No, no, no.
DONAHUE: Blix is being misquoted and misused.
BOORTZ: No, he has it wrong.
DONAHUE: All right.
BOORTZ: Colin Powell is going to be telling the United Nations that there are American reconnaissance photos that show equipment being moved out of inspection sites to be inspected before the inspectors arrive. This is our intelligence, not their reports we’re offering up.
DONAHUE: You want to keep tabs on Iraqis living in the United States?
DONAHUE: You want to follow them?
DONAHUE: How do you do that? You just sort of sit in the car in an unmarked car?
BOORTZ: I don’t know. We could put GPS transponders on them, for all I care.
DONAHUE: And you want to watch those mosques, too, I’ll bet you.
BOORTZ: Absolutely.
DONAHUE: You want to send a whole lot of people on the federal payroll to copy down what is being said in mosques?
BOORTZ: Better than them copying down what I’m saying.
DONAHUE: You have-you are wasting a lot of money and a lot of time.
And, by the way, nobody is taking down what white people are saying in Buffalo because of Tim McVeigh. I mean, why would you want to do this kind of racial profiling?
BOORTZ: Am I going to have to call your probation officer? This isn’t about Tim McVeigh. Why do you bring up this Tim McVeigh? Is that all you have, Phil?
DONAHUE: Because he killed Americans.
BOORTZ: One-hundred forty-seven.
DONAHUE: Innocent Americans in Oklahoma City. Where is the..
BOORTZ: I understand that. I understand that.
But there is no nation of Tim McVeighs that are every day announcing their intention, in the name of their God, to kill as many Americans as they can find as soon as they possibly can.
DONAHUE: This is one of the voices on America’s talk radio, Neal Boortz.
And we will be back in just a moment.
BOORTZ: Maybe you would like to hear the voice mail message that Phil Donahue left on my phone this morning.
DONAHUE: Hey, Boortz. It’s Donahue. In all my years on television, nobody has ever walked off my show. And you did, baby. And guess what else? You’re coming back, tonight at 8:00 on MSNBC. We’re looking for you, because, when this is over, Boortz, you’re going to be a liberal.
BOORTZ: Yes, or a eunuch.
ANNOUNCER: Race relations in America: From reparations to affirmative action, Donahue talks race matters with Neal Boortz when we come back.
DONAHUE: Welcome back to DONAHUE live in New York City.
My guest is conservative radio talk show host-should I say, libertarian radio talk show host Neal Boortz.
Take a look at some of the moments from the show. This is the show you walked out on. Man, you missed a great show. Watch.
Oh, you walked out on reparations. This is immigration.
Go. Get them, Phil.
DONAHUE: ... Mexicans to come to the United States?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I think 15 million is enough. Don’t you?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This country has never been white. It was never founded by simply white people.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Once they come here, they got to want to be Americans, Americans first.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My father came here legally. But I think, if he had to come, he’d come here by whatever means necessary, even if it was illegal, to get here.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have 11 million illegals in this country. Half of them are here on extended visas. We don’t know where they are.
DONAHUE: You agree with them, don’t you?
BOORTZ: Which one?
DONAHUE: Well, all of them. Tell me your immigration-what’s your immigration-what do you tell your radio listeners?
BOORTZ: Ideal sense, that borders, international borders, ought to be open to all law-abiding people.
DONAHUE: Well, most of the people who come here don’t have a police record.
BOORTZ: That’s right.
DONAHUE: All right, so...
BOORTZ: I’m not complaining about them.
DONAHUE: So, let them in, then.
BOORTZ: Phil, do you imagine? We would have to shut down every golf course in this country if it wasn’t for Hispanic immigrants. You couldn’t get a lawn mowed. You couldn’t get a house built.
DONAHUE: That’s right.
BOORTZ: Now, my problem-my problem is when immigrants come into this country and immediately jump into our Welfare system. Now-now, that I have a problem with. But if you come to the country, you abide by our laws, you are self-sufficient, you get a job, you pay taxes, no problem at all. And by...
DONAHUE: Have you told this-have you told this to the people who build houses, to contractors? Have you told...
BOORTZ: Absolutely.
DONAHUE: Have you told it to growers who can’t get Anglos to pick lettuce?
BOORTZ: Absolutely.
DONAHUE: So why wouldn’t you be as thunderous in your condemnation of the people who exploit so-called illegal aliens...
BOORTZ: Oh, don’t-don’t...
DONAHUE: ... as the illegals themselves?
BOORTZ: Don’t feed me this...
DONAHUE: I tell you what. If I lived...
BOORTZ: ... exploitation...
DONAHUE: ... in Mexico and I had to feed my kids, I’d be-I’d do whatever I could to cross the river.
BOORTZ: That is a-that-I would, too. I would, too. I would sneak over every night and do whatever I could to get into this country...
BOORTZ: ... and taste some good, old American capitalism.
DONAHUE: You believe in the immigration today favors people from the third world, don’t you?
BOORTZ: Well, I do. I think, thanks to Ted Kennedy and his ’86 Immigration Reform Act.
DONAHUE: Well...
BOORTZ: Because his goal-his goal was not to bring self-sufficient, talented people into this country. His goal was to enforce his dream of some sort of a diversity through immigration policy. Phil, that’s another problem with you wonderful denizens of the left. You tend to look at people in terms of their group status, their color or their national origin.
I want people to come to the country who have job skills, who have intelligence, who have ambition, who have a love of freedom and a willingness to abide by the law, and I don’t care what color they are. This guy that says that America was not founded as a white country-he’s absolutely right. It was founded as a country of people...
BOORTZ: ... who believe in freedom...
BOORTZ: ... and hard work and individual responsibility!
DONAHUE: Yes. You know, your folks would-you know, you were echoing the people who wanted to keep Germans out of Pennsylvania. You know-you know who was the-one of the leading resistors to Germans?
BOORTZ: Oh, man! Phil...
DONAHUE: The Germans are coming, he said. You’re going to-they’re going to turn this country into a German-speaking country. It’s-the whole nation will become Germanic!
BOORTZ: Well...
DONAHUE: Benjamin Franklin!
BOORTZ: I’m German, and I’m from Pennsylvania...
DONAHUE: I know that!~
BOORTZ: ... and thank God it didn’t work!
DONAHUE: And you’re-well, I’ll tell you, we can only speculate that 100, 200 years from now, people are going to say thank God your ideas didn’t work!
BOORTZ: Oh, no!
DONAHUE: Or they wouldn’t be able to come in...
BOORTZ: Oh, no.
DONAHUE: You’re echoing the people who resisted your ancestors.
BOORTZ: Phil, you didn’t hear what I was saying, did you. You didn’t hear-you had your left-wing mindset all made up, and you didn’t hear a word I said.
DONAHUE: I think I did. I think you’re echoing the people who were terrified of the Germans, later to be called Pennsylvania Dutch, coming into the country.
BOORTZ: There you are. You see...
DONAHUE: And we would have lost the magnificent contributions made by German-Americans.
BOORTZ: When can you-when are you going to stop looking at people with their group status, Phil, and start looking at them as individuals?
DONAHUE: The young woman wanted to ask?
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you suggesting, Mr. Boortz, that we do with the Muslims that live here in this country, put them in internment camps like we did with the Japanese-Americans during World War II?
BOORTZ: Did I say anything-did I say anything that even...
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, you’re telling us...
BOORTZ: ... comes close to that?
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: ... to watch them. You’re telling us to see what they’re doing.
BOORTZ: OK, let’s...
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It’s the same thing.
BOORTZ: Let’s deal with logic here. No, you don’t put them in internment camps. But if you have a group of people-whether it’s an ethnic group, a racial group, a national group, a religious group, a-if the Rotarians all of a sudden say, We are going to go kill as many Americans as we possibly can, then it makes perfect, logical sense to me to keep a close eye on Rotarians. Now, if you have Islamic radicals who say, Go out there and find Americans and kill them wherever you find them, rational common sense would dictate you start keeping an eye on Islamic radicals.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And who’s going to make that decision, you? Are you going to make that decision?
BOORTZ: No, whoever is concerned-whoever is concerned for their own safety. Now...
DONAHUE: How much are you going to spend on this, keeping an eye-all you conservatives...
BOORTZ: I am a Libertarian!
DONAHUE: You accuse the liberals of tax and spend, tax and spend. And it’s been very effective, by the way. And you can’t wait to spend $30 billion to $100 billion on this war. You can’t wait to have an FBI agent following everybody of color who looks suspicious and has a beard.
BOORTZ: Let’s go back to the beginning of the show. Your words just now-you can’t wait to spend $30 to $100 billion on this war. What was my first statement on the show about what I would like to see happen to Saddam Hussein?
DONAHUE: You’d like to see him walk.
BOORTZ: I’d like to see him go into exile.
DONAHUE: Yes, you did.
BOORTZ: And then...
DONAHUE: You’ve also...
BOORTZ: ... you say, You can’t wait to spend this money on the war.
DONAHUE: And then you said let’s lob a few Cruise missiles in there...
DONAHUE: ... lob a couple-how-I mean-I don’t think you know what you’re saying, Neal. These instruments kill people!
BOORTZ: I have a-I have a better grip...
DONAHUE: They incinerate children!
BOORTZ: ... on what I’ve been saying than you do!
DONAHUE: Not a few people-not a few people will agree with you.
Antonio from Washington wanted to say? Antonio?
DONAHUE: How you doing?
CALLER: I just had a quick comment. He said that immigrant people come to America and automatically jump into the Welfare system.
CALLER: And my family’s from Central America. I was born here. But I disagree with that. Most of the people that come from Central America or from any Latin country, they don’t jump into the Welfare. They come here...
BOORTZ: Antonio...
CALLER: ... get a job...
BOORTZ: ... I didn’t say that. I did not say that.
CALLER: No. Yes, you did.
BOORTZ: No. No, Antonio. What I said was that I have no problem with people that come into this country and abide by the laws. I said I do have a problem with people who come to this country and immediately jump into our Welfare system.
DONAHUE: Well, it wasn’t his folks.
BOORTZ: Well, now, that was quite a bit different than saying all immigrants come into this country and jump into the Welfare system. But Antonio, I’m sure glad you gave me a chance to straighten that out.
DONAHUE: Are you there, Antonio? I wondered what Central America country he came from.
BOORTZ: He’s embarrassed. He went away.
DONAHUE: We’ll be back in just a moment.
BOORTZ: Most liberal institutions, like the institution of Affirmative Action, that racial discrimination program we call Affirmative Action-these-there was no law creating Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action is a creation of the courts. It is a creation of judges. And this is how liberals bring their agenda, through courts.
ANNOUNCER: Neal Boortz and the Democratic Party. When DONAHUE returns, why the conservative radio host thinks Democrats are devoid of logic. We’ll be right back.
DONAHUE: We’re talking to Neal Boortz. Here’s the man!
The show that you walked out on was on reparations. I want you to see some of what you missed. This is the hottest thing going on cable, and you missed it! It’s on reparations, monetary compensation for the descendants of slaves. Here’s what my guests had to say on the show that you missed. Go get ‘em.
CHARLES BARRON: A crime has been committed. A people have been injured. Compensation is due.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I’m a victim of injustice, as well as you are.
BARRON: Oh, please!
BARRON: No comparison.
JAMES HIRSEN: It’s negative. It’s victimization.
RON DANIELS: The wealth that was built off of the backs of slavery, all people in this country benefited from that.
MALZBERG: This is all designed to make blacks and young blacks feel like they’re victims!
DANIELS: We need economic justice, economic equity, and that will be provided...
DONAHUE: You don’t support reparations. Give ‘em your best shot, Neal.
BOORTZ: Oh, that idea is a non-starter. It is the beginning of a massive shakedown. Come on! There’s questions-first of all, that statement about wealth built on the backs of slavery-slavery was a Southern institution. And at the end of slavery and on into the next century, the poorest part of the nation was the South. Where’s all this wealth they built? Now, we had 3,000 black slave owners in this country-
3,000. How do we make...
DONAHUE: Should they have to pay?
BOORTZ: How do we make sure their descendants don’t get any of the money? This is reparations for the descendants of slaves, not the descendants of slave owners.
DONAHUE: The answer to that...
BOORTZ: That’s just one of the questions.
DONAHUE: First of all, would you oppose the payment of reparations to Japanese-Americans who were interned during...
BOORTZ: Who were interned?
DONAHUE: ... World War II?
BOORTZ: Absolutely not, and I would...
DONAHUE: You would not?
BOORTZ: Wait a minute!
DONAHUE: We already have, as you know.
BOORTZ: Phil, I would not oppose the payment of reparations to anybody who was held in slavery in this country, either.
BOORTZ: Well, you’re going to have to find me one. They’d be what, now, about 180 years old?
DONAHUE: This is not about individuals. It is about a national insult.
BOORTZ: With liberals, it’s never...
DONAHUE: And the nation would...
BOORTZ: ... about individuals!
DONAHUE: ... accept-the nation would accept the funds, and out of the national funds would be doled reparations...
BOORTZ: No, let me...
DONAHUE: ... to those who were responsible for the profits of other people and put in slavery with no freedom at all.
BOORTZ: Oh, Phil!
DONAHUE: I think it’s a noble idea.
BOORTZ: It is a crazy idea! There is not one person in this audience and there’s not one person watching on these TVs right now that cannot trace their ancestry back to somebody who was held in slavery. Not one!
DONAHUE: You also have grave problems with Jesse Jackson. What is your problem with Reverend Jackson?
BOORTZ: Oh, I feel sorry for Jesse Jackson. The guy’s out of the limelight. He cannot get-he couldn’t draw flies at a dump right now!
DONAHUE: Now, see, there you go...
BOORTZ: No, he couldn’t!
DONAHUE: ... overstating your case. And here is a man who’s gotten Americans out of cages...
BOORTZ: He’s a...
DONAHUE: ... around the world.
BOORTZ: He’s a shakedown artist!
DONAHUE: He has represented-he has registered more people to vote than anybody who’s ever alive. And you are getting off these typical kind of barroom insults against a great American.
DONAHUE: The Reverend Jesse Jackson released this statement after the president’s State of the Union message. I want you to comment on this.
DONAHUE: “All the major networks presented the same picture. There were virtually no black or brown analysts”-this is about the State of the Union...
DONAHUE: ... “interviewers and interviewees presented by any of the networks. The viewpoints and experiences missing are those who will be most adversely impacted by President Bush’s policies.” So said Reverend Jesse Jackson on the occasion of the State of the Union message the other night-largest audience in the history of the State of the Union...
BOORTZ: My turn?
DONAHUE: You’re on!
BOORTZ: My turn? OK, great. Now, this is typical liberalism. Liberals, once again, Phil, view people in terms of their group status, not in terms of their individuality. Jesse Jackson was looking at the color of the people who were talking, rather than listening to what they had to say. The most important thing that Jesse Jackson, after the State of the Union Speech is, I don’t need to hear what this guy is saying. I just need to know what color he is.
DONAHUE: He didn’t say that.
BOORTZ: He’s not black. He’s not brown...
DONAHUE: So it’s OK with you if...
BOORTZ: ... therefore it’s...
DONAHUE: ... they’re all white.
BOORTZ: No. I don’t care what color they are, Phil! I care...
DONAHUE: Do you care what color the Supreme Court members are?
BOORTZ: No. I care what they think of the Constitution. I care what their rulings are.
BOORTZ: I care what the pundits have to say. I could care less about what color they are!
DONAHUE: What-I assume your fellow talk shows-is that what they’re saying. the talk show hosts?
BOORTZ: I don’t know...
DONAHUE: I got to listen to more...
BOORTZ: ... talk radio.
DONAHUE: ... of these radio shows because you are a very successful member of this community of thunderous voices. What’s wrong with diversity? You don’t like the word diversity?
BOORTZ: I hate the word diversity!
DONAHUE: Tell me why.
BOORTZ: Because it only considers a person by their group status. Are they male or female? Are they black or brown or yellow or white? It’s a group-it’s a group status thing. I believe in individuals, Phil, not groups. And you remember, about a year ago, after the Patriots won the Super Bowl-not this one, but the one before it-Ted Kennedy comes out there-by the way, look up the origin of the word “Kennedy” sometime in Gaelic. You’ll love it.
Ted Kennedy comes out there and says, At this time-he was regaling the team effort. This is a great thing to happen at a time when we are at war in the United States against the concept of the individual. Well, let me name you some other people who also have preached the war against individuality.
DONAHUE: Go ahead. Briefly.
BOORTZ: Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Nikita Khrushchev, Vladimir Lenin, Hillary Clinton...
DONAHUE: And you...
BOORTZ: ... Ted Kennedy!
DONAHUE: And you have-and who?
BOORTZ: And Ted Kennedy.
DONAHUE: Well, there you go again.
BOORTZ: What do you mean, again?
DONAHUE: You know, the-I don’t see conservatives...
BOORTZ: I’m not a conservative!
DONAHUE: ... reaching out. I don’t see you reaching out. I see you lashing out, not unlike my country at this time.
DONAHUE: We have the greatest thing to sell this world...
BOORTZ: OK, Phil...
DONAHUE: ... of any other nation on earth, and instead, we’re dropping things that go boom...
DONAHUE: ... from airplanes high above.
BOORTZ: You have already...
DONAHUE: This is...
BOORTZ: ... admitted that there are circumstances under which you would support that, Phil.
DONAHUE: Yes, and I haven’t seen any in recent years.
BOORTZ: Well, OK, so we got to-but what...
DONAHUE: Are you an angry white man?
BOORTZ: Oh, that’s another-I am a concerned American!
DONAHUE: Concerned American?
BOORTZ: This “angry white man” is a thing that liberals use to take any-any-any expression of concern that comes from a white-Oh, we don’t have to listen to him. He’s just an angry white dude.
DONAHUE: But you call us jerks and that we can’t...
BOORTZ: No, bed wetters.
DONAHUE: Bed wetters.
DONAHUE: And we’ll be back-and let me consider that-in just a moment. Neal Boortz.
ANNOUNCER: Monday on DONAHUE: one on one with Pat Buchanan and a live audience. From immigration to morality in America, Phil goes toe to toe with one of the nation’s leading conservatives Monday on DONAHUE.
DONAHUE: We’re back talking to radio talk show host Neal Boortz.
Cindy from Florida, thank you for waiting. Hi.
CALLER: Thank you. Hey, Phil.
DONAHUE: You’re on the air.
BOORTZ: There you go.
CALLER: Yes, thank you. You know, I’m watching this show. I’ve listened to you for years, Phil, on your old shows. And Neal, I don’t know you very much, but I’ve got some concerns about you I need to share with you right now. I really do, sir.
DONAHUE: Tell me.
CALLER: I hear what you’re saying on one level, but yet you’re a very angry man. You’ve got issues.
DONAHUE: About whom are you speaking, Neal? Yes. Go ahead. Go ahead.
CALLER: Oh, am I-OK. I hear issues here. I hear anger. I hear war. I hear division. Everything you’re saying, you tend to contradict yourself. One of the issues is we need to be working on our energy with peace, love, understanding, kindness, teaching children, adults around us that this is a society that’s accepting in all of our global efforts.
DONAHUE: I know.
CALLER: We have so many other causes that we can be working on.
DONAHUE: Civility is not entertaining, though. That’s the problem. It’s more fun, as conservatives-Mario Cuomo made the point conservatives write in crayons, you know? Liberals have a finer pencil.
BOORTZ: And what a marvelous success he was as a radio talk show host, wasn’t he!
DONAHUE: Actually, it was-he-it wasn’t Mario that was the problem.
BOORTZ: He was a crashing bore!
DONAHUE: In your opinion. And we shouldn’t be surprised that someone...
BOORTZ: Well, tell me how...
DONAHUE: ... who competed with him...
BOORTZ: Well, tell me how...
DONAHUE: ... would make that case.
BOORTZ: How successful was his show?
DONAHUE: I don’t know whether you can measure the character of a man or the impact that he’s had on society on what number he may get as a radio — and incidentally, of all people, you should know the problems of radio promotion, the company you work for, and all those other things. Sony had no time...
BOORTZ: Well, now, let me-let me...
DONAHUE: ... for Mario. Go ahead. Make your case.
BOORTZ: Let me respond to Cindy. Cindy, I appreciate your concern about my mental health. I am actually not angry. I’m having the time of my life! I could not be happier. I am concerned. But you know what? I’m going to outrun this stuff.
DONAHUE: All right, good. Tell me how you feel about the United Nations. I want to get that in before we break.
BOORTZ: The United Nations is a-was conceived of-conceived as, developed as, and maintained as essentially an anti-American institution.
DONAHUE: Oh, come on! Eleanor Roosevelt gave birth to an anti-American institution?
BOORTZ: Let me-let me...
DONAHUE: The League of Nations in San Francisco?
BOORTZ: OK, quiz time. Quiz time. The United Nations General Assembly-we’re going to go back to the beginning. How many votes did the United States have in the General Assembly?
DONAHUE: I don’t know. You’ll tell us.
BOORTZ: One. How many did the Soviet Union have?
DONAHUE: In what-on what issue?
BOORTZ: Three!
DONAHUE: On what issue?
BOORTZ: The Soviet Union had three-on any issue before the General Assembly, the Soviet Union had three votes, we had one. Now...
DONAHUE: In there’s ever a time the United States of America needs the United Nations, it’s now. Terrorism is a global problem.
BOORTZ: Yes, it is.
DONAHUE: And it’s foolish for us to be turning our back on the United Nations. It’s important that we join the world community.
DONAHUE: Let’s celebrate our democracy here and also the United Nations!
BOORTZ: Once again...
DONAHUE: It can be very helpful in protecting ourselves against terrorists.
BOORTZ: Response time. Once again, we’re not a democracy.
DONAHUE: Twenty seconds hard break.
BOORTZ: OK. Second of all...
DONAHUE: You’re going to say?
BOORTZ: ... we need an international forum where we can sit down with other nations...
DONAHUE: I agree with you.
BOORTZ: ... and discuss our problems, our...
DONAHUE: Five seconds.
BOORTZ: But the United Nations is not that forum. It is anti-American at its core!
DONAHUE: And we’ll be right back in just a moment.
ANNOUNCER: Thursday on DONAHUE, ABC “World News Tonight” anchor Peter Jennings, with a live audience and your phone calls. More with Neal Boortz when DONAHUE returns.
DONAHUE: We’re back talking to Neal Boortz.
Yes, sir? With little time.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As long as the United Nations is made up of people, it will never work because people always forward their own interests.
DONAHUE: As long as you-what?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The United Nations is-oh, I talk fast...
BOORTZ: I understood him.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: See? He understood. Made up of people, it’ll never work because people will always forward their own interests.
DONAHUE: I see. So it won’t work.
Yes? Yes, ma’am? Please.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Reparations-where does it end?
DONAHUE: And where do we-when do we stop paying people? Maybe when everybody can get a legacy opportunity to get into a college. Maybe when everybody has...
Yes, ma’am, you wanted to say? In the hat. Yes? Oh, you don’t have a mike? Well, that’s all right. Say, Hi, Mom. I’m sorry. I thought you had...
Yes? Yes?
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wanted to know when the United Nations was going to do something to help us here in America.
DONAHUE: When will the United Nations...
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It seems like they’re always against us.
DONAHUE: ... help us.
Neal Boortz, I thank you. I’ve enjoyed it. WSB’s only own Neal Boortz.
Here’s Chris Matthews, the man who follows us every night at 9:00 o’clock here on MSNBC, and “HARDBALL.” Go get ‘em, Chris.

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1 posted on 02/12/2003 7:42:15 AM PST by yankeedame
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To: yankeedame
2 posted on 02/12/2003 7:51:36 AM PST by Sgt_Schultze
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To: Sgt_Schultze
Haven't watched Donahue's show... but this transcript makes him appear like an angry liberal, without any manners, who only interrupts people, before they can make their point. Donahue jumps from topic to topic, and doesn't listen. I cannot understand why this would be interesting to watch. Donahue is a dinosaur, and his opinions are completely irrelevant. I give Neal credit for trying to voice his opinion, but I doubt anyone could come away with an understanding of what Neal believes.
3 posted on 02/12/2003 8:13:21 AM PST by Pan_Yans Wife (Lurking since 2000.)
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To: yankeedame
Thanks for posting the transcript. I was glad to have the opportunity to read it all.

Donahue: Saddam Hussein has never been more powerful than he is right now. And we are the reason for that. He is the center of the world right now. He is Elvis.

Elvis is dead, Phil.

4 posted on 02/12/2003 8:15:04 AM PST by syriacus (Going to the UN is like being locked in the Castle of Despair. Better to stay far away, Pilgrim.)
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To: Pan_Yans Wife
Well, it's understandable why his ratings are so low and why he is not being renewed.
5 posted on 02/12/2003 8:29:20 AM PST by Sangria
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To: yankeedame
I actually watched most of this. It was an anihilation. Boortz destroyed Donahue every time he opened his mouth. The airheaded libbies in the audience were likewise summarily dispatched when the asked their silly libspeak questions.

It was a massacre.

6 posted on 02/12/2003 8:33:03 AM PST by Skooz (Tagline removed by moderator)
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To: Skooz
I actually watched most of this. It was an anihilation. Boortz destroyed Donahue every time he opened his mouth. The airheaded libbies in the audience were likewise summarily dispatched when the asked their silly libspeak questions.

Phil didn't know what hit him. I especially enjoyed Neil putting on the "I'm angry because of what you said" face only to break into a big smile.

7 posted on 02/12/2003 8:38:12 AM PST by amused (We came, we saw, we freeped their @ss)
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