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Communist Peace Movements: Then and Now (Expose on "Peace" Group #2) ^ | February 19, 2003 | Stephen Schwartz

Posted on 02/19/2003 10:25:32 PM PST by HighRoadToChina

Communist Peace Movements: Then and Now
By Stephen Schwartz | February 19, 2003

America and the Free World stand at a crossroads.  There are many historical echoes now of 1941, when America joined battle against Nazi and Japanese imperialism, and of 1950, when America rescued South Korea from Communist aggression.

America today leads a coalition facing as great a danger as those our fathers and grandfathers faced: that of Islamist extremism.   Fuelled by Saudi Arabia’s totalitarian Wahhabi death cult, armed by the Communazi-style dictator of Iraq and supported both by ungrateful past beneficiaries of American blood sacrifice in Europe and by a seditious and subversive pseudo-peace movement in the West, the coalition of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein threatens order and peace throughout the world.

It is up to America to restore peace, to rescue the victims of oppression, and to lead the way to a new era of stability, prosperity, and popular sovereignty in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Nevertheless, America is not united in this commitment.  For some months, a fake “peace movement” has sent its ragtag regiments into the streets to oppose our President and the effort he is waging.

It is often said there is nothing new under the sun, and as we watch the robotic Reds march by it is important to know who has organized these putrid parades.

The main entity involved in filling our streets with treasonous propaganda is a nasty little cult that calls itself the Workers World Party (WWP), controllers of a front group known as International ANSWER.  WWP isn’t a party organized by the workers of the world.  Rather, it is an embryo of the Communist secret police that its members and cult leaders would like to impose on the workers of America, and then of the world.

Front groups are old news in the history of Communism.  They first emerged in the 1920s when Soviet agents adopted the practice of hiding their agenda behind liberal slogans.  In fact, this represented a break with Leninist practice; when the Bolsheviks spoke of “useful idiots” they referred to liberals who knew what the revolutionaries intended, but who could be drawn into their orbit nonetheless.  Stalinism perfected the practice of recruiting duped people who believed they were supporting “peace,” “feeding the hungry,” and “human rights,” when they marched to advance the war aims of the USSR, planned famines, and the Gulag.

For seven decades in America, extreme leftists practiced this form of public deception.  They established phony cultural groups that sought to mask crude propaganda as art and literature.  They created “civil rights groups” that viciously attacked Black leaders like A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin for refusing to toe the Soviet line.  They proclaimed “unity” in unions they controlled, so as to cut corrupt deals with employers. 

But in the 1950s and 1960s they really came into their own, fostering “peace” movements that advocated far and wide for surrender to Russian imperialism.

WWP and International ANSWER today represent a classic example of such a strategy.  One of WWP’s outstanding “personalities” is a woman named Gloria LaRiva, with whom I have long personal experience.   From the middle of the 1990s to the end of the decade I was secretary of the Newspaper Guild in Northern California, a union representing the employees of the San Francisco Chronicle, Examiner, and other local newspapers.

I make no apologies for the militancy of the Newspaper Guild or for our role in winning the big strike of 1994.   But I feel I must apologize to the people of the Bay Area for the tolerance I and others showed to LaRiva and her band of saboteurs.

Comrade LaRiva dedicated herself, for many years, to the disruption of the union movement in the Bay Area.   They specialized in gossip, irresponsible accusations, and other forms of manipulation.  Their aim was simple: to gain power over the union workers as, a half century before, their mentors in the Communist apparatus seized and betrayed unions all over America.

She and her ilk fantasize about the day they can torture patriotic Americans, and even dissident leftists, to death in the cellars of secret prisons, as their mentors and models have done for decades in the countries they admire:  Cuba and North Korea, followed by Stalinofascist Serbia and Saddamite Iraq.

The WWP, of which Comrade LaRiva is a fanatical member, represents the very lowest of the low among leftist bottom-feeders.

The party has only a few dozen members.  Few of them are workers.  But they represent something especially filthy and vile in the Marxist-Leninist zoo: Trotskyists who became Stalinists.

For most readers such a description means nothing, so let me explain.

Trotskyists were Communists whose leader and other heroes were murdered  in Stalin’s purges.  Of course, conservatives despise all Communists.   But Trotskyists denounced the Russian purges when the liberals of the world were busy acclaiming the justice of Stalin’s system.  Trotskyists assailed Stalin’s long romance with Hitler, culminating in the infamous 1939-41 Nazi-Soviet pact that allowed the German dictator to unleash war in Western Europe.

The best leftist minds of their generation were Trotskyists.  They included many individuals who became leading conservatives and neoconservatives: James Burnham, Irving Kristol, and a long list of others.  That was because, even though they defended an illegitimate ideology, Trotskyists swam against the stream of admiration for Stalinism.  They learned the value of holding an independent opinion, and that led them, finally, to their break with the left.

Today’s equivalents of the ex-Trotskyists who moved over to the conservative and patriotic side of the spectrum 50 to 60 years ago include Ronald Radosh, David Horowitz, Christopher Hitchens, and myself (full disclosure here).

For a Trotskyist to become a conservative involves nothing more than, in some cases, growing up; in others, realizing that the defeat of Stalinism could only come through alliance with and support for the democratic West.  And for a few others, it meant recognition that capitalism and local democracy are surer means for the people of the world to attain prosperity than state economics and centralized government.

But there can be nothing more repellent than a Trotskyist who becomes a Stalinist.  The spectacle of a slave worshipping his chains would be less wretched than that of a Trotskyist who embraces the politics of Trotsky’s assassins.

WWP was founded by a miserable, obscure little man named Sam Ballan, based in Buffalo, New York.   He was a long-time member of the main Trotskyist group in America – the Socialist Workers’ Party, of which James Burnham was a founder.  In the mid-50s, he began to crave a party of his own.   He used the political alias “Marcy,” presumably a combination of “Marx” and “Trotsky,” though his heritage more justifies it being seen as a neologism coined from “massacre” and “messy.”  WWP was therefore known as “Marcyites.”

Messy Marcy began by hailing the suppression of the people of Hungary by the Russians in 1956 – at a time when other leftists, including many Moscow-lining Stalinists, recoiled in horror at the bloodshed in Budapest.

He went on to support the Chinese in their brutal attack on Tibet in 1959.

Throughout the ‘60s there was no Communist dictatorship in the world the Marcyites would not support.  They were viewed with contempt by most leftist activists during the Vietnam war period.

And then came the crash of Soviet Communism.   Russia had shoveled millions of dollars down the rathole of the world Communist movement, while its own citizens went without decent food and clothing.  Russia had also kept Castro’s Cuba afloat and used Havana as a pipeline for more support to ragged leftist fringe groups.  With the end of Communism, most of the sects with Marxist-Leninist monickers faded away.

But not the WWP.   They found backers.   In North Korea, in Saddamite Iraq, and in the Yugoslavia of Slobodan Milosevic, Communist butcher of the Balkan Muslims.

They traveled back and forth to exotic destinations like Pyongyang, issuing slick books and periodicals and holding meetings and demonstrations, promoting the worst human rights violators to appear at the end of the 20th century.

And now they lead thousands of “useful idiots,” burnouts, traitors, and terrorist sympathizers in marches through our streets, acclaiming a fake “peace.” 

If you want to understand what this “peace movement” represents, rent the classic Hitchcock film Foreign Correspondent, in which a British “peace” agitator is unmasked as a Nazi agent.

International ANSWER does not want peace – it wants its heroes to continue threatening peace.  It wants victory – victory for Saddam, so he can murder his own people; victory for Kim Jong-il, so he can starve his own people; victory for Milosevic, so his gangsters can continue to benefit from the riches they stole in Serbia, and placed in offshore banks in Cyprus, while their thugs cut the throats of Muslim grandmothers in Bosnia-Hercegovina and assassinated Albanian infants in Kosovo.

The organizers of these marches are serving the enemy’s agendas, and no American, regardless of his or her views on the impending conflict in Iraq, should find a place in their ratty ranks.  As you watch them parade, ask them who pays them?  Indeed, if you have time, why not produce and put up a sign, asking, WHO PAYS FOR THESE MARCHES?  SADDAM OR KIM JONG-IL? 

That is the real ANSWER we want.   And the true answer will come.  You can take that to the bank.

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More expose on the Communist connection and sponsorship of the "peace" movement.

Who is the Workers World Party and International ANSWER?

Remember of the 4 sponsors of the San Francisco 2/16/03 "anti-war" demonstration are the following:

1. Bay Area United Against War

2. International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition--a front group for Workers World Party (Salon, 2/12/03)

3. Not In Our Name Project--connected with the Revolutionary Community Party (Salon, 2/12/03)

4. United for Peace and Justice--works with Communist Party of USA ( Action Alert #5, dated 2/5/03)

1 posted on 02/19/2003 10:25:32 PM PST by HighRoadToChina
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To: JaguarCR; Teacher317; sharkdiver; Villiany_Inc; smug; freepersup; Dan from Michigan; Republic; ...
Anti-War "Peace" Groups--Communist Front Group Alerts! #2

Please ping your lists!

FRemail me if you do not want to be pinged for this!
2 posted on 02/19/2003 10:27:54 PM PST by HighRoadToChina (Never Again!)
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To: HighRoadToChina
A great post! To simply label these idiots as mere 'peace-niks' is to grossly minimize their threat potential. These people are actively communist inspired dupes. Firmly grasping that, their potential for creating serious problems becomes more apparent than the superficial and ignorant marginalization of the protestors as merely foolish.

One of these days I'll have to transcribe General Giap's observations on the Vietnam conflict and his assesment of the role that American 'peace protests' played in the strategy of the Paris Accords. Seems like the right-wingers of the time were right on that count too...
3 posted on 02/19/2003 10:36:12 PM PST by WorkingClassFilth (Defund NPR, PBS and the LSC.)
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To: sphinx; Toirdhealbheach Beucail; curmudgeonII; roderick; Notforprophet; river rat; csvset; ...

Please ping your lists!

Ok. Commie peacenik history ping. Know thy enemy.

If you want on or off the Western Civilization Military History ping list, let me know.

4 posted on 02/19/2003 10:38:59 PM PST by Sparta (Statism is a Mental Illness)
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To: HighRoadToChina
Excellent info...
5 posted on 02/19/2003 10:39:20 PM PST by Tamzee (There are 10 types of people... those who read binary, and those who don't.)
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To: WorkingClassFilth
Saddam is the last person who wants a war with the US. If only they'd figure out why....
6 posted on 02/19/2003 10:40:50 PM PST by Bogey78O (It's not a Zero it's an "O")
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To: HighRoadToChina

7 posted on 02/19/2003 10:41:20 PM PST by cartoonistx
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To: HighRoadToChina

8 posted on 02/20/2003 2:00:35 AM PST by Cindy
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To: HighRoadToChina
9 posted on 02/20/2003 3:04:01 AM PST by E.G.C.
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To: E.G.C.
10 posted on 02/20/2003 4:30:47 AM PST by FreedomPoster (This Space Intentionally Blank)
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To: HighRoadToChina
11 posted on 02/20/2003 5:01:11 AM PST by F-117A
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To: Tamsey
.."IS it SAFE?" = HILLARY on Armed Services Committee..
12 posted on 02/20/2003 6:24:35 AM PST by ALOHA RONNIE ( ..Vet-Battle of IA DRANG-1965 .)
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To: Sparta
13 posted on 02/20/2003 6:46:51 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: HighRoadToChina
bump for later read
14 posted on 02/20/2003 10:09:15 AM PST by Democratic_Machiavelli (The most important part of a post is the sauce...I mean, source.)
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To: Cacique; kristinn; rmlew; firebrand; Coleus; Dutchy; StarFan; RaceBannon; Oschisms; Clemenza; ...
Interesting read ping.
15 posted on 02/20/2003 10:57:13 AM PST by Black Agnes
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To: HighRoadToChina
A.N.S.W.E.R. is run by Communists, so call it what it is "Communist A.N.S.W.E.R." or as we call it C.A.N.S.W.E.R. (pronounced "cancer").

Freeper evilC came up with that one.

16 posted on 02/20/2003 6:11:22 PM PST by Doctor Raoul (The "Anti-War Leaders" Have Blood On Their Hands, look and you'll find, they are NOT anti-war)
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To: All

Tonight at 6pm on RadioFR! Interviews with Grover Norquist, John Hager and Michael Zak! Plus, Doug from Upland interviews Ted Hayes, homeless advocate and strong supporter of military action in Iraq!

Click HERE to listen LIVE while you FReep! HIFI broadband feed HERE!

Click HERE to chat in the RadioFR chat room!

Miss a show?

Click HERE for RadioFR Archives!

17 posted on 02/20/2003 6:11:37 PM PST by Bob J
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To: HighRoadToChina

We need to wait for ABCNNBCBS to ask that question, "Who paid for this demonstration?"

(Waiting ....................................)
18 posted on 02/20/2003 7:04:30 PM PST by Robert A Cook PE (ABCNNBCBS lie!)
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To: HighRoadToChina
I think I have a useful trace on the fourth organization:

"Bay Area United Against War"

One of their two chairs is Moises Montoya.
"Bay Area United Against War Meeting Minutes: January 4, 2003 Chairs: Moises Montoya, Carol Seligman"

Moises Montoya is a member of the Freedom Socialist Party:
"The position is non-partisan, so Montoya, a gay Chicano architectural assistant, won't be identified as a Freedom Socialist candidate on the ballot."

The Freedom Socialist Party are unreconstructed communists:
"FOR A MASS WORKINGCLASS PARTY History has proven that only a thoroughly democratic and centralized vanguard party can lead the proletariat and its many allies to power. The FSP, a product of the living tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky, aspires to become a mass organization capable of providing direction for the coming American revolution."

The Bay Area United Against War is lead by a communist.

19 posted on 02/20/2003 8:23:13 PM PST by Uncle Miltie (Peace is Good, Freedom is Better!)
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To: Sparta; a_Turk; FreedomPoster; Doctor Raoul

Please see above for documentation of the communist leadership of Bay Area United Against War.'

Pass it on!
20 posted on 02/20/2003 8:27:03 PM PST by Uncle Miltie (Peace is Good, Freedom is Better!)
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