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Ramsey Clark: An American Traitor ^ | March 4th, 2003 | Adam Sparks

Posted on 03/08/2003 10:57:42 PM PST by sfwarrior

Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them (America), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court." U.S. Constitution Article III, Section 3.

Ramsey Clark, a former attorney general under President Lyndon Baines Johnson, seems to fit the definition of having committed treasonous behavior in spades. I think we can find the necessary "two witnesses."

The key words are giving "Aid and Comfort" to America's enemies and particularly in the supporting of those who are conducting a war with us. You be the judge.

Mohammad Daoud al-Owhali, a student of Osama bin Laden, guided a truck packed with explosives into the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya in 1998. He was also seen throwing grenades at the guards, before he fled. The bomb-laden truck killed 213 and injured scores of others.

American Embassies are considered American soil and attacking our embassy is an Act of War. The same al-Owhali was implicated in the bombings at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which killed 224 and critically injured 4,500.

Defending a Terrorist Bomber

Fortunately, al-Owhali was finally caught and brought back to justice in the United States. Only one attorney would volunteer to handle this brutal murderer and sworn enemy of the United States: Ramsey Clark. Clark soon began to use the courtroom as a bully pulpit to rail against U.S. policies around the world.

For decades, this icon of the American Left has vilified America at every turn while siding with and giving Aid and Comfort to nearly every single one of America's sworn enemies from North Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Libya and Iraq, to name a few.

Former Attorney General Clark, in his capacity as founder and head of International Action Center (a major organizing component of the current anti-war A.N.S.W.E.R.), which was founded both by Clark and the leaders of the Workers World Party several years ago, produced a document called an "Appeal To Troops."

Urging Insurrection

Clark urged insurrection and mutiny of our soldiers while a war was raging in Europe with our troops. He wrote:

"President Clinton and the Pentagon generals have put you in danger … Kosovo is Vietnam. During that war, the Pentagon had ordered--a burn all, kill all assault on the civilian population. Atrocities like that also led many U.S. soldiers to drug addiction, suicide and mental breakdowns. But there were other U.S. troops that resisted the war. Hundreds of thousands refused to go into aggressive action." Hundreds of thousands? Holy smoke! And ne'er a peep from anyone in the mainstream media. Whad'ya know?

Isn't inciting an insurrection during wartime a traitorous behavior? A traitor, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Edition, is "... One who betrays one's country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason."

Friend of Tyrants

I think we've met the test of betrayal that far exceeds a constitutionally permissible peaceful protest. Ramsey has been busy. He's a longtime pal and on a first-name basis of nearly every ruthless thug and enemy of America from Libya's Qadaffi to former Yugoslavia's brutal mass murderer Slobodan Milosovic.

It seems that in order to be a friend of Ramsey one must hate and wish to destroy America. Or as the Arab adage goes, the "enemy of my enemy is my friend."

In fact, it was due to Ramsey's close association with another world mass murderer, Saddam Hussein, that enabled news anchor Dan Rather to get his big puff-piece interview late last month with Saddam. These machinations...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: abdulrahman; clark; constitution; lynnestewart; ramseyclark; saddam; stewart; traitor
Editor's note: Adam Sparks, token conservative columnist at (San Francisco Chronicle), submitted this essay to after SFGATE rejected it.
1 posted on 03/08/2003 10:57:42 PM PST by sfwarrior
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To: sfwarrior
It seems that we do have a traitor on our hands.
2 posted on 03/08/2003 11:02:15 PM PST by tessalu
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To: tessalu

Got Rope?

3 posted on 03/08/2003 11:03:52 PM PST by Travis McGee (--------------VISUALIZE TRAITORS HANGING FROM LAMP POSTS----------------)
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To: Travis McGee
Rope is reusable for many traitorous commies....... ;-)
4 posted on 03/08/2003 11:06:22 PM PST by CARepubGal
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To: Travis McGee
5 posted on 03/08/2003 11:07:25 PM PST by EggsAckley (nuke the vegan tree-hugging gay whale terrorist ACTORS for jesus)
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To: sfwarrior
I have a suspesion that Clark and Dr. Kivorkian are really twins. separated at birth when put up for adoption. (Or brainwashing, or whatever.)
6 posted on 03/08/2003 11:10:32 PM PST by Waco
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To: sfwarrior
You are correct, Clark along with others, is a treasonous scoundrel, deserving of a long imprisonment. Here's a Ramsey Clark interview from 2000 you might find interesting.

Neighborhood Bully

7 posted on 03/08/2003 11:11:05 PM PST by O.C. - Old Cracker
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To: sfwarrior
He'll probably be AG again if Hillary gets elected.
8 posted on 03/08/2003 11:11:52 PM PST by TheClintons-STILLAnti-American
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To: sfwarrior
"...against all enemies, foreign and Democrat..."
9 posted on 03/08/2003 11:24:28 PM PST by Consort
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To: sfwarrior
Nothing new here. Ramsey Clark has been a traitor for a long time. He was a real darling to the anti-war crowd during the Vietnam era. I'm glad to see some voices finally picking up on it.
10 posted on 03/08/2003 11:34:21 PM PST by nightdriver
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To: sfwarrior
Traitor he is but I damn sure wouldn't call him an American.
11 posted on 03/09/2003 1:03:52 AM PST by dc-zoo
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To: sfwarrior
His report on war crimes against a lot of administration members and the first President Bush found THEM guilty! If you can believe THAT!!!
A Report on United States War Crimes Against
Iraq to the Commission of Inquiry for the
International War Crimes Tribunal

by Ramsey Clark and Others

The members of the International War Crimes Tribunal, meeting in New York,
have carefully considered the Initial Complaint of the Commission of Inquiry dated
May 6, 1991 against President George H. W. Bush, Vice President J. Danforth Quayle,
Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf Commander of the Allied
Forces in the Persian Gulf, and others named in the Complaint charging them with
nineteen separate crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in
violation of the Charter of the United Nations, the 1949 Geneva Conventions, the First
Protocol thereto, and other international agreements and customary international law:

having the right and obligation as citizens of the world to sit in
judgment regarding violations of international humanitarian law;

snip snip snip

The members of the International War Crimes Tribunal finds each of the named
accused Guilty on the basis of the evidence against them and that each of the nineteen
crimes alleged in the Initial Complaint, attached hereto, has been established to have
been committed beyond a reasonable doubt.

12 posted on 03/09/2003 1:13:34 AM PST by Sammysun
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To: sfwarrior
Ramsey Clark and Lynne Stewart were also attorneys-of-record for Shiek Abdul Rahman, the convicted terrorist. Stewart has been indicted for facilitating communications between Rahman and terrorist organizations and is facing a 40 year sentence if convicted. I have not seen any recent news regarding Stewart's trial.
13 posted on 03/09/2003 6:58:27 AM PST by Ben Hecks
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To: dc-zoo
I wish someone would create a wall of shame after this war is over and we uncover the horrible truth of Saddam.
14 posted on 03/09/2003 7:12:04 AM PST by my right
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