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New York Post ^ | 3/09/03 | AL GUART

Posted on 03/09/2003 12:42:32 AM PST by kattracks

Edited on 05/26/2004 5:12:33 PM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

HEAVILY armed al Qaeda thugs practiced storming a school, shooting children and taking hostages in a videotaped training exercise, The Post has learned.

The terror rehearsal took place under the mandate of al Qaeda's operations chief, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Breaking News; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: alqaeda; iraq; preparedness; school; schools; schoolshooting; target; terrorism; trainingvideo; war
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To: ET(end tyranny)
Look at 7, 18, 129 (for starters). Fyi, for future reference, you can identify the quote back reference numbers underneath the posting (in the blue links directly beneath the poster's name), and just click on that number to jump over to it, and you can (obviously) continue going back by using the same method. E.g., [To 7] < - that is what you click on.
141 posted on 03/09/2003 10:47:58 AM PST by DontMessWithMyCountry (It's serious business being an American in America these days.)
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To: kattracks
This is really scary- scary because it is so true. It very easily could happen. These wackos are willing to inflict harm upon Americans no matter the cost. As a teacher, married to a teacher, and as the father of a school aged child, this scares the bejeesus out of me. I am comforted, however, by the thought that President Bush and our military are willing and able to do something about it. We must defeat all forms of evil in this world before they bring it to our doorstep.
142 posted on 03/09/2003 10:51:04 AM PST by admiralsn (Except for ending slavery, fascism, nazism, and communism, war has NEVER solved anything.)
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To: DontMessWithMyCountry
I keep forgetting about that ' To 137'.... business. And it 'does' help.
143 posted on 03/09/2003 10:55:07 AM PST by ET(end tyranny) (Heavenly Father, please embrace, and protect, our Pres., our troops and those of our true allies.)
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To: admiralsn
144 posted on 03/09/2003 10:55:41 AM PST by admiralsn (Except for ending slavery, fascism, nazism, and communism, war has NEVER solved anything.)
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To: Noumenon
Then we'll the application of rope and lamp post, tar and feathers and Rule 308 to these monsters.

LOVE IT! (but Rule 308?...whatever it is, I'm SURE it's perfect, since it's coming from you!)

I wonder if it would do any good if 'we, the freepers' printed off a couple of copies of this article, and gave them to the local school teachers we KNOW to be 'right thinking'? Awwww heck...make an EXTRA copy to give to most left-tilting teacher, just to make it 'fun to watch'. (hehehe)

145 posted on 03/09/2003 10:59:17 AM PST by mommadooo3
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To: ET(end tyranny)
And it 'does' help.

Yes, it's a quite efficient tool, particularly when the threads grow so rapidly. ;-)

146 posted on 03/09/2003 11:03:11 AM PST by DontMessWithMyCountry (It's serious business being an American in America these days.)
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To: AppyPappy
"There is no one to stop them since guns aren't allowed near schools."

This is the real kicker! So what do we do... lard up all the schools?
147 posted on 03/09/2003 11:03:31 AM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG...tell the kids to start bringing baloney sandwiches for defense?)
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To: kattracks
Is it too much to ask for some evidence of this and the flury of other atrocity plans? I have not forgotten LBJ's woefully sincerely look in his presentation to the nation of the Gulf of Tonkin "facts."
148 posted on 03/09/2003 11:10:36 AM PST by gabby hayes
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To: Savage Beast
"These devil-worshippers will receive no mercy from the "god" they serve so well. Satan will fry them in the hottest depths of hell as he laughs at their stupidity."

It won't be Satan frying them -- the eternal fire is prepared for Satan and his angels (Matthew 25:41, fulfillment Rev. 20:9-10). The unrepentant go there because sin has corrupted the entire human race, and thus God cannot stand sin or the sinner (Psalm 5:4-5).

That's why Christ had to become cursed, or hated, for us on the cross (Galatians 3:13). By trusting in Him, and His perfect provision, there is no condemnation, for He took it upon Himself (Matthew 26:39, Romans 8:1). The cup in Matthew 26:39 stands for the cup of God's wrath (an Old Testament concept).

God Himself will excercise His never-ending wrath toward the unrepentant as a demonstration of His perfect righteousness forever. Either Christ took the wrath on the cross for those who believe, or the unrepentant experiences that wrath for himself.

That, my friend, is what Hell is -- experiencing nothing but the wrath of God. No grace, no mercy, no love. That is certainly a far worse fate than anything Satan could do to us.

149 posted on 03/09/2003 11:17:42 AM PST by scott7278 (Peace had it's chance, now it's bombs away!)
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To: mommadooo3
"And I STILL believe armed teachers are the way to stop trouble when it starts and to protect the defenseless kids."

Amen to that! We're getting to the point (hopefully) to where legislators are just going to have to throw their hands up and admit that we have the right to carry. The best defense against terrorists and terrorism is a well-armed society in public and private.

150 posted on 03/09/2003 11:26:33 AM PST by scott7278 (Peace had it's chance, now it's bombs away!)
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To: mommadooo3
I've already printed out multiple copie to take to the twins' high school. My question to the school 'authorities' will be, "What do you plan to do besides die when this happens here?" I'll record the answers and post them here on FR for all to see. I encourage others to do the same. Let's get our beloved school authorities' intellectual dishonesty and moral bankruptcy on record. Let's hoid them accountable for it.

Rule 308 will be applied to the worst of the America-haters. What's Rule 308? That's the caliber of the world's great battle rifles: FN FAL, M14, HK 91/G3.
151 posted on 03/09/2003 11:41:08 AM PST by Noumenon
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To: baggadonuts
Find in Scripture anywhere that killing "infidels" is prescribed. And I'm not talking about the Old Testament nation of Israel, which was a theocracy directly ruled by the LORD. He ordered pre-emptive strikes against other nations because of the threat to His beloved people.

But what didactic (teaching) passage of Scripture could even be partly twisted to invoke war against flesh and blood?

Christians who live according to the Word of God are the evil ones according to the Koran. Any Christian who would claim Jesus Christ as both Lord and God are "blasphemers" in their sight. Islam is not a religion of peace, as some claim, but submission -- voluntary submission first, forced submission second.

152 posted on 03/09/2003 11:43:25 AM PST by scott7278 (Peace had it's chance, now it's bombs away!)
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To: Mo1
Makes you sick, doesn't it? Ramsey Clark, what a filthy piece of garbage.
153 posted on 03/09/2003 12:08:23 PM PST by rep-always
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To: kattracks
Columbine x 1000.

Let's roll. Take them all out before their wet dream of slaughtering our kids becomes a reality.
154 posted on 03/09/2003 12:13:37 PM PST by Palladin (Proud to be a FReeper!)
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To: Noumenon
Rule 308 ............

Ummmm, I SEE! Love it. QUICK. Check that rule book of yours. Is there anything in there that has to do with Rule Beretta 9mm?

I think I'll do what you are, with printed copies. I have a meeting with the local school soon. Might be fun to liven it up some more!

155 posted on 03/09/2003 12:16:43 PM PST by mommadooo3
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To: DontMessWithMyCountry
I think when folks say these people are "sick", they mean "sick" in the colloquial sense...cruel, morbid, perverted, offensive, etc. At least that's my understanding.
156 posted on 03/09/2003 12:21:32 PM PST by AmericanPhoenix911
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To: No More Gore Anymore
I really beg to differ. All bombers are at least potentially murderous. The distinctive feature of the Islamic practice--turning young people into willing systems for bombs--is brought into focus with the adjective "suicide".
157 posted on 03/09/2003 12:48:29 PM PST by The_Reader_David
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To: scott7278

Well, I'm at a loss. My understanding has always been that the monotheists or fundamentalist muslims certainly ascribed to the "voluntary submission first, forced submission second" mantra, however there has to be other sets of beliefs despite what the Shariah gang dictates.

My buddies are just as American and just as accepting of religious differences as the next guy. I'm going to have to ask them to give me their play-by-play. At that point we'll have this conversation again.
158 posted on 03/09/2003 12:49:56 PM PST by baggadonuts (God Bless our Troops)
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To: Northern Yankee
"Practicing intruder alerts"

My kid is doing that at school too....all while the doors remain unlocked, there is NO security, as the ONE element of security they have added (an iron gate to the inner courtyard) has been WIDE OPEN every single time I have gone to the school EVERY TIME. Makes me want to get a gun and do the security patrol myself.

159 posted on 03/09/2003 12:58:51 PM PST by I'm ALL Right!
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Never forget, never give up, kill 'em all.


Its the Terrorist Scumbag Scorecard
Name Function Status
These are the first-tier guys and the actual members of al-Qaeda's board of directors. Any one of them is a possible successor to Osama bin Laden. 
Osama bin Laden Emir-General  Possibly killed at Tora Bora in Dec. 2001, now believed to be at large 
Ayman al-Zawahiri  Second-in-Command/Egyptian Islamic Jihad Emir  At Large
Mohammed Atef  Supreme Military Commander  Dead
Abu Zubaydah  Global Operations Chief  Apprehended 
Rifa Ahmed Taha  Gamaa al-Islamiyyah Secretary-General  At Large
Thirwat Salah Shirhata  Egyptian Islamic Jihad Deputy Emir  At Large
Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri  Middle East Operations Chief  Apprehended 
Abu Musab Zarqawi  Former Southeast Asian Operations Chief, currently Global Operations Chief  At Large
Abu Zubair al-Haili  North African Operations Chief  Apprehended
Tawfiq Attash Khallad  Leader of USS Cole Operation At Large
Omar Al-Farouq South Asian Operations Chief  Apprehended
Abu Mohammed al-Masri * East African Operations Chief  At Large
Zaid Khayr  Operations Chief At Large
Mohammed Salah  Senior Explosive Expert, Central African Operations Chief  Dead
Tariq Anwar al-Sayyid Ahmad  Balkans Operations Chief  Dead 
Saif al-Adel  Former second-in-command of al-Qaeda's military, currently Supreme Military Commander At Large
Amin al-Haq  Shura Majlis Security Chief  At Large
Abu Hafs the Mauritanian (aka "Mr. Mauritania")  Theologian Formerly believed dead, now believed to be at large 
These are the guys who supervise the training, indoctrination, and assignment of al-Qaeda operatives worldwide. They also seperate all recruits into four categories: mujahideen (foot soldiers), shahideen (suicide bombers), takfiri (sleepers), and ansar (support personnel). Each category has its own version of the "Afghan Guide to Jihad," al-Qaeda's training manual (all four versions combined are roughly 3,000 pages in length) that provides instruction to recruits for just about any situation imaginable. 
Sheikh Ibn al-Liby  Terrorist Training Camp Commander  Apprehended
Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi  Terrorist Training Camp Commander  Apprehended 
Omar Bandon Terrorist Training Camp Commander  At Large
This is the committee that oversees al-Qaeda's legitimate and illegitimate businesses, charities, drug smuggling, ect. The top ten al-Qaeda donors have all been named by both the UN and the families of 9/11 victims as being the major financiers of al-Qaeda and remain at large
Sheikh Saeed (Mustafa Ahmed al-Hisawi?)  Head of the Financial Committee  Apprehended 
Mohammed Jamal Khalifa  Financier and envoy to the Saudi Bin Laden Group At Large
Abu Jafar al-Jaziri  Financier Dead 
Abu Salah al-Yemeni  Financier Dead 
Abdul Rahim Riyadh  Financier Apprehended 
Ahmed Saeed al-Kadr  Financier  At Large
Saad al-Sharif  Financier / OBL's Brother in Law At Large
Hamza al-Qatari  Financier  Dead 
This the group that manages and updates the websites, oversees the E-Jihad, and is responsible for all statements by the al-Qaeda leadership. Not a lot of declassified info on this one as far as names go.
Suleiman Abu Ghaith Spokesman  At Large
Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri  Spokesman/Recruiter  At Large
Sheikh Omar al-Bakri  Spokesman  At Large
Sheikh Abu Qatada al-Philisteeni  Spokesman Apprehended 
Al-Qaeda employs a number of Muslim scientists of various nationalities to assist it in procuring as well as manufacturing the necessary materials to create chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons. 
Midhat Mursi  Top scientist for nuclear weapons research  At Large
Abu Khabab  Biological and chemical weapons expert  At Large
Assadalah Abdul Rahman  Weapons of Mass Destruction Chief  At Large
Abu Bashir al-Yemeni  Unknown At Large
These are the definite guys to watch out for. Most have a great deal of combat experience either from serving in Arab militaries or else from fighting in Sudan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, or the Philippines. 
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Martyrdom Battalion Commander-in-Chief  Apprehended 
Abd al-Aziz al-Jamal  Unknown - Thought to be Atef's Successor At Large 
Bilal bin Marwan  Arabian Sea Commander-in-Chief  At Large 
Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi  Yemen Commander-in-Chief  Dead 
Mohsen al-Fadli  Kuwait Commander-in-Chief  Apprehended 
Essid Sami ben Khemais Southern Europe Commander-in-Chief  Apprehended 
Saqar al-Jadawi  Unknown At Large
Mohammed Omar Abdel Rahman Military Commander  Apprehended 
Ahmed Omar Abdel Rahman  Military Commander  Apprehended 
Abu Walid  Military Commander  At Large 
Abdel Hari al-Iraqi  Afghanistan Commander-in-Chief  At Large 
Abu Leith al-Lybi  Algeria/Libya Commander-in-Chief  At Large 
Shamil Basayev  Chechnya Commander-in-Chief  At Large
Amir ibn al-Khattab  Dagestan Commander-in-Chief  Dead 
Hanbali  Indonesia Commander-in-Chief  At Large
Imam Samudra  Java Commander-in-Chief  Apprehended 
Mas Selamat Kastari  Singapore Commander-in-Chief  Apprehended
 These are non-leader Al Qaeda members who are on the FBI most wanted list or have, in some way, come to attention.. 
Mullah Omar Supreme Leader of the Taliban At Large 
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah  African Embassy Bomber At Large
Sheik Mohammed Al Hasan Al-Moayad Financier / Cleric Apprehended
Mohammed Mohsen Yahya Zayed Financier / Cleric Apprehended
Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser Khobar Towers Bomber At Large
Muhsin Musa Matwalli Atwah African Embassy Bomber At Large
Ali Atwa Flight 847 (Lebanon) Hijacker At Large
Hasan Izz-Al-Din Flight 847 (Lebanon) Hijacker At Large
Anas Al-Liby African Embassy Bomber At Large
Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani African Embassy Bomber At Large
Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali African Embassy Bomber At Large
Fazul Abdullah Mohammed African Embassy Bomber At Large
Imad Fayez Mugniyah Flight 847 (Lebanon) Hijacker At Large
Mustafa Mohamed Fadhil African Embassy Bomber At Large
Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan African Embassy Bomber At Large
Abdul Rahman Yasin** 1993 WTC Bombing At Large
Fahid Mohammed Ally Msalam African Embassy Bomber At Large
Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Mughassil Khobar Towers Bomber At Large
Muhammad Atef African Embassy Bomber At Large
Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie Khobar Towers Bomber At Large
Saif Al-Adel African Embassy Bomber At Large
Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub African Embassy Bomber At Large
Ramzi bin Al-Shibh Planner and Organizer of Sept. 11 attacks Apprehended
Zacarias Moussaoui September 11 Conspirator Apprehended
Saad bin Laden Spawn of Satan Believed to be Apprehended
Hamza bin Laden Spawn of Satan Believed to be Apprehended
Zakariya Essabar September 11 Cell Member  in Hamburg w/Atta At Large
Said Bahaji September 11 Cell Member  in Hamburg w/Atta At Large
Mujib Susukan Abu Sayyaf Commander  Dead 
*Note: There has been some contradictory information as to the status of this individual. Abu Mohammed al-Masri is a nom de guerre, hence one should not confuse him with the al-Qaeda functionary of the same name who was recently killed in Algeria working with the GSPC. Mossad reportedly had intelligence that al-Masri might have been one of the suicide bombers involved in the al-Qaeda attack in Mombasa, but near as I can tell the findings were not corroborated

**Currently "at large" because he was released by the Clinton Justice Department after "cooperating" in the investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. It turns out that he was actually an Iraqi intelligence agent, and is believed to have fled to Baghdad. 

Click here for the Iraqi Scoreboard 

A Freeper Production-SV

160 posted on 03/09/2003 1:00:41 PM PST by Straight Vermonter (
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