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U.S. News & World Report (Washington Whispers) | March 11, 2003 | Paul Bedard

Posted on 03/11/2003 11:33:00 PM PST by Mia T

Free Republic is one of those groups obsessed with the Clinton era.

Word's out: Protest at Hillary's tonight (Freeper Named In Washington Whispers Article!!!!
U.S. News & World Report (Washington Whispers) | March 11, 2003 | Paul Bedard


I'll bet that Mr. Bedard is a member of "one of those groups" so "obsessed" with voting in the clintons that they--ooops!-- failed to notice the obvious danger of the lovely couple.


Thanx for 9/11, Paul...




Hear Bush 41 Warn Us--October 19, 1992*


*Thanx to Cloud William for text and audio


LEHRER: President Bush, your closing statement, sir.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Three weeks from now--two weeks from tomorrow, America goes to the polls and you're going to have to decide who you want to lead this country ...

On foreign affairs, some think it's irrelevant. I believe it's not. We're living in an interconnected world...And if a crisis comes up, ask who has the judgment and the experience and, yes, the character to make the right decision?

And, lastly, the other night on character Governor Clinton said it's not the character of the president but the character of the presidency. I couldn't disagree more. Horace Greeley said the only thing that endures is character. And I think it was Justice Black who talked about great nations, like great men, must keep their word.

And so the question is, who will safeguard this nation, who will safeguard our people and our children? I need your support, I ask for your support. And may God bless the United States of America.



"Well, of course," she said. "But what is character? The sum total of who you are. The color of your skin and how you deal with it is part of your character."

hillary clinton, King Day 'A Call to Arms'

YOO-HOO Mrs. clinton!

The color of

and how YOU dealt with it is part of YOUR character.



play tape


The color of your rapist husband's face when he rapes. . .

and how you have dealt with it is part of YOUR character.


The color of Ron Brown's skin

and how YOU have 'dealt' with him is part of YOUR character.


LEFT-WING TALK RADIO 2: "It's the terrorism, stupid."


by Mia T, 1-21-03





Hear clinton stupidity, smallness, banality, fecklessness, ineptitude, prevarication, corruption, perfidy and utter failure directly from the rapist, himself. clinton provides the perfect foil for Bush, who makes a cameo appearance or two.

Pay special attention to Dan Rather's little story about terrorism hitting the U.S. "bigtime" during the clintons' tenure.

In particular, connect the following dots: the '93 WTC bombing. a certain bin Laden protégé and clinton's admission that he passed up bin Laden. Note clinton's spurious argument for this monumental failure.

To this day, clinton seems not to understand that bin Laden is -- and was in 1996 -- an enemy of the state, not a simple criminal.

clinton still seems not to get it -- the same terrorist --the terrorist he refused to take--hit the same building in '93.

Notwithstanding this, to hear clinton tell it, his disastrous decision not to take bin Laden when offered on a silver platter by Sudan, (arguably the worst decision ever made by a president), derived from his scrupulous avoidance of abusing power and trashing laws...

Yeah, right.




  • the attacks on America


  • Dan Rather ruminating on the terrorism that came to America "bigtime" during clinton years


  • Dan Rather relating OBL protégé, Ramzi Yousef threat to clinton FBI that the terrorists WILL complete the job


  • the clinton non-response to terror


  • FDR response (says national security a president's raison d'être)


  • Bush response:
    "I can hear YOU...,"

    "I [as opposed to clinton] will not wait on events, while dangers gather," etc.


  • Mike Moran "Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my royal Irish ass" battle cry


  • "go home hillary!" chant, etc.




play tape

Thou art arm'd that hath thy crook'd schemers straight.
Cudgel thy brains no more, the clinton plots are great.

Mia T, On Neutered and Neutering
by Mia T and Edward Zehr (EZ)

A Fish Rots from the Head

Investor's Business Daily


Ijaz, an admitted Clinton supporter who helped negotiate these opportunities to nab bin Laden, said, "The silence of the Clinton administration in responding to these offers was deafening."

Ijaz says that three months before bin Laden's men blew up the USS Cole in Yemen, he "brought the White House another plausible offer to deal with bin Laden, by then known to be involved in the embassy bombings (in Tanzania and Kenya)... But senior Clinton officials sabotaged the offer."

Clinton's apparent boredom with vital information extended beyond Sudanese intelligence officers to his own intelligence officers. His first CIA director, James Woolsey, couldn't get a meeting with Clinton in the two years he served. Woolsey left the Clinton administration disgusted with its slovenly approach to national security. ...

To hear Clinton now say "We must do more to reduce the pool of potential terrorists" is thus beyond farce. He had numerous opportunities to reduce that pool, and he blew it.

The pool, in fact, grew larger on Clinton's watch, as he spent his final days giving pardons to drug dealers, Puerto Rican terrorists and Marc Rich, a fugitive who topped America's most-wanted list.



Hear the Bill Bennett epilogue

 In this light, Clinton's order to the CIA that it not use "unsavory characters" to collect information pushes irony to its outer limits.

hillary clinton blames better half for terrorism
(SHE knew, "you know," nuttin')

Meet the Press, 12-09-01


Mia T, 12-09-01



Clinton's failure to grasp the opportunity to unravel increasingly organized extremists, coupled with Berger's assessments of their potential to directly threaten the U.S., represents one of the most serious foreign policy failures in American history

Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize


Bill Clinton may not be the worst president America has had, but surely he is the worst person to be president.*

-GEORGE WILL, Sleaze, the sequel



Had George Will written Sleaze, the sequel (the "sequel" is, of course, hillary) after 9-11-01, I suspect that he would have had to forgo the above conceit, as the doubt expressed in the setup phrase was, from that day forward, no longer operational.

Indeed, assessing the clinton presidency an abject failure is not inconsistent with commentary coming from the left, most recently the LA Times: "Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize."

When the clintons left office, I predicted that the country would eventually learn--sadly, the hard way--that this depraved, self-absorbed and inept pair had placed America (and the world) in mortal danger. But I was thinking years, not months.

It is very significant that hillary clinton didn't deny clinton culpability for the terrorism. (Meet the Press, 12-09-01), notwithstanding tired tactics (if you can't pass the buck, spread the blame) and chronic "KnowNothing Victim Clinton" self-exclusion.

If leftist pandering keeps the disenfranchized down in perpetuity, clinton pandering,("it's the economy, stupid"), kept the middle and upper classes wilfully ignorant for eight years.

And ironically, both results (leftist social policy and the clinton economy) are equally illusory, fraudulent. It is becoming increasingly clear that clinton covertly cooked the books even as he assiduously avoided essential actions that would have negatively impacted the economy--the ultimate source of his continued power--actions like, say, going after the terrorists.

It is critically important that hillary clinton fail in her grasp for power; read Peggy Noonan's little book, 'The Case Against Hillary Clinton' and Barbara Olson's two books; it is critical that the West de-clintonize, but that will be automatic once it is understood that the clintons risked civilization itself in order to gain and retain power.

It shouldn't take books, however, to see that a leader is a dangerous, self-absorbed sicko. People should be able to figure that out for themselves. The electorate must be taught to think, to reason. It must be able to spot spin, especially in this age of the electronic demagogue.

I am not hopeful. As Bertrand Russell noted, "Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so. "




*George Will continues: There is reason to believe that he is a rapist ("You better get some ice on that," Juanita Broaddrick says he told her concerning her bit lip), and that he bombed a country to distract attention from legal difficulties arising from his glandular life, and that. ... Furthermore, the bargain that he and his wife call a marriage refutes the axiom that opposites attract. Rather, she, as much as he, perhaps even more so, incarnates Clintonism


TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Extended News; Foreign Affairs; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Arkansas; US: District of Columbia; US: New York; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: clinton911; clintoncorruption; clintonfailure; clintonineptitude; clintonlegacy; dcchapter; mediamorons; mediamyrmidons; projecthillary; theterrorismstupid; usefulidiots; wot
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To: carlo3b; Mia T
Thanks for the flag..LOL..Great post as usual Mia..and a good add for the cookbook (after that link you may need a second printing :)

I did not see a post..did some one report Chelsea Clinton's new 3 figure jos as a consultant..LOL...daddys connections pay off well

I wonder if we can stop paying the secret service for her "protection" (read government nanny) now??

21 posted on 03/12/2003 5:36:13 AM PST by RnMomof7
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To: MinuteGal
Go for it Leni...The Clintons bring out the best in us....YeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
22 posted on 03/12/2003 5:41:14 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: carlo3b
I don't want to think about those two, and I wouldn't if they didn't annoy, hagride, harass, harry, pester, plague, tantalize, tease, that make me OBSESSED? I don't think so..maybe.. 8^)
23 posted on 03/12/2003 5:43:54 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: RnMomof7
Chelsea Clinton's new 3 figures

Is she going to end up with a figure like her mom if she adds any more? I hate thinking about Clinton women figures, it ruins my dinner. Gives me the urps... :o)

24 posted on 03/12/2003 5:47:39 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: dansangel
Morning Sunshine... Huggggggggg...~ obsessed
25 posted on 03/12/2003 5:50:00 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: Mudboy Slim; Mia T
I've been thinkin about it Mud, your not really obsessed... But Mia, is really T'ed off...I think she might be obsessed... o<]:P
26 posted on 03/12/2003 5:53:47 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: carlo3b
27 posted on 03/12/2003 5:55:37 AM PST by RnMomof7
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To: carlo3b; Mia T; jimrob
Nope...I'm DEFINITELY more obsessed than Mia T...LOL!!


BTW...JimRob's REALLY obsessed!!

28 posted on 03/12/2003 5:58:38 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (The A.N.S.W.E.R., my FRiends..."DemonRATS LOATHE EqualJustice Fer ALL!!")
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To: carlo3b
The KorruptKlintonKlan wherrets me, too...MUD
29 posted on 03/12/2003 6:00:15 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (The A.N.S.W.E.R., my FRiends..."DemonRATS LOATHE EqualJustice Fer ALL!!")
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To: carlo3b
Obsessed? Nah!
Just because we spend all our time on the internet trying to expose him,
just because for so many years we Freeped where ever he was,
just because an internet site became the most wonderful,
successful site in the world because of him,
just because his every move was monitored,
just because there was a constant presence at the WH on Saturdays,
just because----------

That's called obsessed??

30 posted on 03/12/2003 6:00:43 AM PST by Exit148
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To: Exit148
"Ring Dem Bells"
(To be sung to Bob Dylan's "Ring Them Bells")

Ring Dem bells, you heathens with yer Big Guv'ment schemes...
Ring Dem bells from yer sanctuaries where Vile Lib'rals preach!!
"Re-Impeach!!" Mudboy cried...
"We got Truth on our side...
"And Clinton's Power's fractured...Sweet Justice be thine!!"

Ring Dem bells, good FReepers, let yer OUTRAGE show!!
Ring Dem bells...make yer righteous stand, so John Ashcroft will know!!
Folks, it's Rush Hour now...
Help us FReep 'gainst the Power!!
Lord, the sun is goin' down upon Left's sacred cows!!

Ring Dem bells, Sweet Justice, tell yer Congressman...
Ring Dem bells so the World will know McAuliffe's SCUM!!
Folks, the Networks are asleep...
But their Power's weak...
And the Country's still filled with lost sheep.

Ring Dem bells...fer Left's Blind Ignorance!!
Ring Dem bells for those morally-bereft!
Ring Dem bells for Left's chosen few...
Who would judge the many...
Yet say, "Slick is KEWL!!"
Ring Dem bells for the Chi-Com SPIES...
For the kids that died...
When innocents FRIED!!

Ring Dem bells, brave Patriots, shan't let Tyranny bloom!!
Ring Dem bells for our Sailors whom Slick Willie entombed!!
List of crimes is long...
But Bold FReepers are strong...
And we're breakin' down resistance to Rightin' Wrongs!!

Mudboy Slim

Folks, it's time we demonstrated the Power of FReepin' to those who would deprive us of Justice and Liberty!! Terry McAuliffe, outspoken proponent of Campaign Finance Reform and Chairman of the DNC, has committed multiple FELONIES to get to his position of prominence in the DemocRATic Party, yet no one seems willing to hold him accountable!! As Bill Clinton's Chief Fundraiser in the '96 Presidential elections, McAuliffe was the mastermind behind the Union/DemocRAT scheme to bilk hard-working blue-collar workers out of Millions of Dollars of Pension Funds so as to provide Bill Clinton with the cash to retain his position of Power, and no INDICTMENT has been forthcoming. Elle Bee tells me there is a 5-year Statute of Limitations--expiring this Fall--on this Crime, and George Bush's Attorney General, John Ashcroft, has not said one word about holding the DNC Chairman accountable for his crimes!!
A small contingent of Justice-loving FReepers have--for over a month--been promoting a series of threads exposing McAuliffe's long criminal history, but now it's time to take the Truth beyond FreeRepublic!! Please assist our efforts with your emails, phone calls, and snail mails to those who need to expose this lowlife SCUM for all the World to see!!

Thanks for your help in Ringin' the Bells of Justice!!


1 Posted on 08/17/2001 22:59:43 PDT by Mudboy Slim (NOW or NEVER Time, FReepers!!)

31 posted on 03/12/2003 6:12:17 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (The A.N.S.W.E.R., my FRiends..."DemonRATS LOATHE EqualJustice Fer ALL!!")
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To: DeBug=int13; ALOHA RONNIE
If they had stayed in power

If ...
As far as the DNC goes ...
it would seem to be still obsessed with the presence of the Clinton war room, just look at how it is still layed out - McAuliffe head of DNC, Hillary chief DNC senate spokesperson, Steponallofus at ABC, Polls are manipulated, etc.

Careful, they haven't really gone away and appear poised to get their way to do what you warn about.

"Remember the Agenda, Bill."

32 posted on 03/12/2003 6:14:38 AM PST by flamefront (Take the oil money from the islamofascists! And not for the UN. Only UN-Americans ignore U.S.)
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To: carlo3b
carlo, I would gladly quit harping on the clintons if they
( and their odious supporters )
would do one little thing-

Stay Out of My Face

... and just go away.

Since they won't, I will keep on hectoring, hounding, and harrying until

"clintonese is only spoken in Hell."

33 posted on 03/12/2003 6:21:09 AM PST by backhoe (North Korean Nukes, Hamas, OBL, 9-11... that was some "legacy" Clinton left us...)
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To: carlo3b
34 posted on 03/12/2003 6:24:06 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
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To: Mia T

The tragedy is that a stunning majority of the body politic in this fair republic is either ignorant of or indifferent to the facts of the reign of error of Bubba Rex and Hillary Regina.
35 posted on 03/12/2003 6:31:25 AM PST by esopman (Blessings on Freepers Everywhere)
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To: Mia T; carlo3b; scholar; joanie-f
"Viacom should really ask itself: 'At what point does quid-pro-quo redundancy begin to dull?'"

An excellent question.
Although in all fairness?
For the network ghouls to be found crawling over rotting corpses -- again -- to reach a buck, isn't all that unusual if one pauses to think about it a moment.

But I'd also like to know what CSPAN-2 has been up to for the past couple months, also.
I've noticed on every Friday (or Saturday) night at around 7pm (CST), CSPA-2 has been running some*thing* called, "The Clinton Presidency."

I mean what in the hell's that all about, anyway?
Just perusing past those two words alone -- "Clinton Presidency" -- is quite nearly enough to turn my living room into a full-blown vomitorium.


...enough already, CSPAN.

36 posted on 03/12/2003 6:34:54 AM PST by Landru
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To: Exit148
.. trying to expose him..

OMG...uggg ..Now theres a visual that will bring up my breakfast as quick ar you can say Cattlefutures... but obsessed..not a chance.. ;)

37 posted on 03/12/2003 6:39:38 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: carlo3b
"They said FreeRepublic is obsessed with the Clintons>"

FreeRepublic is just doing what the - bewitched, dominated, gripped, held, possessed, prepossessed; bedeviled, beset, dogged, harassed, haunted, plagued, troubled; overcome...- media should be doing.

38 posted on 03/12/2003 6:44:58 AM PST by malia
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To: Landru; Alamo-Girl
Sounds like Washington Whispers got it wrong..CSPAN 2 is more obsessed than we are... and what about 60 Minutes, Helen Thomas, and Alamo thats OBSESSED... :^)
39 posted on 03/12/2003 6:47:22 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: malia
Yeah!...LOLOLOL Hillary changed her hair style again...did you see this one, it hides that 666 thingy so much better...~ (/OBSESSED)
40 posted on 03/12/2003 6:50:37 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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