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To: Gail Wynand; looscannon; Lonesome in Massachussets; Freedom'sWorthIt; IVote2; Slyfox; Registered; ..

Viacom should really ask itself: "At what point does quid-pro-quo redundancy begin to dull?"

VIACOM/CBS/Simon & Schuster gives the CLINTON-WAS-AN-UTTER-FAILURE Containment Team Scheme a quid-pro-quo (will the senator recuse herself?) primetime venue (AGAIN!) even as it pays the rapist a $ 1 million bribe for the honor of doing so...even as the rapist -- a rapist is a coward, by definition, after all--rejects CBS' "dream choice," Rush Limbaugh, a REAL opponent...







Bill Clinton is getting $12 million for his memoirs; Hillary is getting $8 million dollars for hers, for a total of $20 million. Not bad for a couple that for eight years swore under oath they couldn't remember anything.


YOO-HOO Mrs. clinton
A '68 Mustang is not exculpatory
by Mia T, 1-29-03

link to movie

 HALF A HOUSE, HALF A BRAIN: Why the clintons hit on Simon & Schuster

by Mia T

Hillary Clinton's equal and inapposite reactions seem to be, at first blush, instances of the immutable First Law of The Betrayed and Humiliated Wife: Outdo the errant hubby's all cost.

Thus, Vanity Fair's glamorous Marilyn-Monroe spread of Monica's digitally reduced spread was answered by Vogue's lushly Elizabethan, gauzy-focus, hindquarter-cropped-pleated-and-flounced, Queen-Hillary-for-President cover.

And now we have Hillary Clinton doing a Martha Stewart, who herself, is purported to have been "done" by the aforementioned errant rogue (notwithstanding the plain fact that Martha is more well-known for her tarts than for being one).

Seems Hillary Clinton is now writing a book titled "An Invitation to the White House" in which she will follow the format of the Martha Stewart classic, "Entertaining", claim multifarious Martha-Stewart talents and wrap her indecorous and corrupt, backwoods, backroom style of White House "entertaining" in Martha-Stewart elegance and purity. (NB: Written years before Martha ImPloded.)

"The Clinton White House has been noted for the...innovation of its events," said Carolyn Reidy, president of Simon & Schuster's Trade Division, the book's publisher.

Hillary Clinton's spokeswoman, Marsha Berry, added that the book will focus on how the Clintons have "advanced the availability" of the White House by increasing the number and diversity of people; that it will "highlight the access that the Clintons have given to more people, more types of entertainment..."

It should be emphasized that it was without even a trace of irony or the slightest smirk that both women related the above.

On closer inspection, Hillary Clinton's bizarre behavior is more than simple Ivana Trump-eting. It is vulgar, compulsive, shameless, smarmy, contemptuous, demagogic, megalomaniacal, in-your-face naked clintonism.

It is one thing for the frumpy, chipmunk-cheek, huge-hindquarter fishwife to insinuate her image -- albeit Elizabethan-shrouded and low-res-clouded -- onto the cover of Vogue; but it is quite another for the corrupt harpy to trumpet White House access even as new charges emerge of the clintons' rapes and other predations, of the clintons' corrupt quid-pro-quo arrangements with a menacing and motley assortment of drug dealers, gun runners and nuclear weapons makers.

For Hillary Clinton to vaunt White House access just as the clintons' China treason is becoming increasingly, patently manifest to all requires a certain level of contempt for the people and for the country that is uniquely clinton.

Thank heaven for small favors...

Or as the real Martha Stewart would say,
"That is a good thing."

10 posted on 03/12/2003 1:36:47 AM PST by Mia T (SCUM (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations))
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To: Mia T
Mia, the clintons never could have slithered into power without the aid, abbettment, collusion, and co-operation of the ever-worshipful media:

Professor's Study Shows Liberal Bias in News Media

CyberAlert -- 05/07/1996 -- NQ CyberAlert
... recent Freedom Forum survey of Washington reporters and bureau chiefs revealed 89
percent voted for Clinton versus 7 percent for Bush in 1992. Do you think the ...

Great Debate#9
... opinions skew their professional writing. Nuzzo pointed out that a 1995 Freedom
Forum survey showed 89 percent of the media voted for Bill Clinton while the ...

Break up Microsoft?...Then how about the media "Big Six"? [ ...
... Why? They're usually wrong. 92% voted for Clinton. Libertarians, by contrast,
much enjoy being Right. You may (continue to?) derive your understanding of ...

-Poll confirms Ivy League liberal tilt--

And then there's this:

"Has that clinton "legacy" made you feel safer yet?"

Lest Americans ever forget why the clintons, and all their enablers need to be hectored, hounded, and harried into silence, until "clintonese is only spoken in Hell," look here:


-The Clinton Files--

Liars-- and Sleaze, Incorporated... ( my files on the clintons and friends )

The Holiday *Best* of Bill Clinton & his Friends!

FOB and FOFOB... the clinton friend files

Hodgepodge O' Hillary

12 posted on 03/12/2003 3:02:07 AM PST by backhoe (North Korean Nukes, Hamas, OBL, 9-11... that was some "legacy" Clinton left us...)
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To: Mia T
"The New Bridge to FReedom!!"
(To be sung to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven")

(TheBigMan on twelve-string...MUD on flute...)

DemRATS Party's been skewered...
All Left's Minions Are Dolts...
They're defilin' Right's New Bridge to FReedom.
When Left first hears...they know...
Medyuh Whore'd is RATS' HO!!
HollyWeirdSlick will git what he raped for.
Ooh~ooh~ooh Ooh~ooh~ooh~ooh~ooh.
And RATS're lyin' 'bout Slick Willie's Treason.
There are signs Left Shall Fall!!
'Cuz Truth haunts Left fer sure...
And you know Willie's words have no meaning.
In a cave, reading books,
There's a Patriot who sings...
"Lib'rals, all of yer thoughts are BULL-Streisand!! makes me wonder.
Ooooh...don't it make YOU wonder?!

There's a feelin' I get...
When I look at the Left...
And my spirit starts crying "They're dimwits!!"
Yes, MUD's thoughts Right Shall Sing...
Rings of smoke from MUD's cave...
Heed the voices of those who HEAR Limbaugh!!

Oooh...Rush makes me wonder.
Oooh...don't Rush make Left shudder?!

Next, MUD whispered that soon...
"If Right all sings in tune...
Then, George Dubyuh shall lead US with Reason!!
And a new day shall dawn...
For those who Stand Strong...
And our children will burst out in laughter!!"

(Does Anybody Remember Laughter?!!)

Oh~ooh whoah~ooh whoah~ooh whoah~ooh

If there's a question in your head, folks,
Don't be alarmed now...
It's a reaction to the RAPE-King!!
Yes, there are two paths you can go by,
And, my Lib'ral FRiends,
Folks, there's still time to change the road you're on!!

Folks, it makes me wonder.

The Left is drownin' and DemRATS won't go...
To where Ol' Slick's goin'...
John Ashcroft's callin' US to join him!!
Sweet ladies, can you hear Left's Lies Flow?!
And did you know...
Yer FReedom lies with the RighteousRightWi~hahh~ah-ohh?!!

And as we Fight DemLib'ral HO's...
Dutch Reagan's larger than Left knows!!
There walks a Nation Strong and Bold!!
Who Knows WE're Right...WE want to show...
How America's future is gold...
And if you listen very hard...
MUD's tunes will come to you at last.
When All are 0ne and Guv'ment's small-yeah...
'Cuz Right Shall Rock and Then We'll Roooooollllll!!

And Right's Building a New Bridge to FReedom!!

1 posted on 11/15/2002 4:06 PM EST by Mudboy Slim


15 posted on 03/12/2003 5:00:31 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (The A.N.S.W.E.R., my FRiends..."DemonRATS LOATHE EqualJustice Fer ALL!!")
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To: Mia T; carlo3b; scholar; joanie-f
"Viacom should really ask itself: 'At what point does quid-pro-quo redundancy begin to dull?'"

An excellent question.
Although in all fairness?
For the network ghouls to be found crawling over rotting corpses -- again -- to reach a buck, isn't all that unusual if one pauses to think about it a moment.

But I'd also like to know what CSPAN-2 has been up to for the past couple months, also.
I've noticed on every Friday (or Saturday) night at around 7pm (CST), CSPA-2 has been running some*thing* called, "The Clinton Presidency."

I mean what in the hell's that all about, anyway?
Just perusing past those two words alone -- "Clinton Presidency" -- is quite nearly enough to turn my living room into a full-blown vomitorium.


...enough already, CSPAN.

36 posted on 03/12/2003 6:34:54 AM PST by Landru
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