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To: Mia T; carlo3b; scholar; joanie-f
"Viacom should really ask itself: 'At what point does quid-pro-quo redundancy begin to dull?'"

An excellent question.
Although in all fairness?
For the network ghouls to be found crawling over rotting corpses -- again -- to reach a buck, isn't all that unusual if one pauses to think about it a moment.

But I'd also like to know what CSPAN-2 has been up to for the past couple months, also.
I've noticed on every Friday (or Saturday) night at around 7pm (CST), CSPA-2 has been running some*thing* called, "The Clinton Presidency."

I mean what in the hell's that all about, anyway?
Just perusing past those two words alone -- "Clinton Presidency" -- is quite nearly enough to turn my living room into a full-blown vomitorium.


...enough already, CSPAN.

36 posted on 03/12/2003 6:34:54 AM PST by Landru
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To: Landru; Alamo-Girl
Sounds like Washington Whispers got it wrong..CSPAN 2 is more obsessed than we are... and what about 60 Minutes, Helen Thomas, and Alamo thats OBSESSED... :^)
39 posted on 03/12/2003 6:47:22 AM PST by carlo3b (THE CLINTON'S DID IT... THEY DID EVERYTHING!!)
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To: Landru; Mudboy Slim
Thanks for the ping, Dan.

Allowing our memories of the Clinton era to fade from our minds would be the easy way out. Who, after living with a rotting, festering tooth for eight years, finally to have it extracted, would want to spend even one moment of his time reliving the memories of the pain, debilitation, and ugliness of it all?

But we have to.

If the Clintons had merely slithered away (having defaced our White House, and no doubt stolen much of what was not nailed down) once their term in office had expired, it might be advisable for the sake of national healing for us all to dismiss them (and their eight-year deadly, degrading orgy) from our minds.

But they have not merely slithered away. They are simply on hiatus, waiting in the wings for the next round to begin. Still rubbing elbows, no doubt, with the behind-the-scenes leftist power brokers. Still doing everything within their power to degrade and weaken this republic and its current leadership. And all the while considering these last three years a mere respite from the Clinton (and their self-serving minions) dynasty.

When Bill Clinton was elected in ‘92, I don’t believe many of us (with the possible exception of his victims in Arkansas) knew him well. When he was re-elected in ’96, any American who didn’t already know what he was made of (and recognize the long-term damage he had done to this country) was living in a world of denial.

Senator James Inhofe, on the floor of the senate in March of 1999, gave a speech describing the true Clinton legacy (All here on this forum know what that entails – treason, rape, perjury, murder complicity, moral degradation, etc. No need to go into detail.) Inhofe ended his speech with the words, ‘Mr. President, everything I have said during the course of the last thirty minutes is absolutely true. I hope America is listening. We’ve got a nation to save.’

We still have a nation to save. The Clintons are still out there. She is serving (against the best interests of our republic, and individual liberty in general) in the senate. He is actively campaigning for a position of global power from which he can affect this republic from the outside, and seizing every opportunity to degrade, weaken and denigrate the current administration. She is even now being groomed for the presidency – with no more qualification for that office (if you discount chutzpah, that is) than you or I – and probably significantly less (if you count duty, honor, character, and integrity).

The American public is woefully ill-informed (by the mainstream media, and as a result of rampant apathy to look much further than their left-leaning offerings). Those of us who have a real awareness of the true, (and unbearably) ugly nature of Clinton legacy need to see to it (as has Mia so brilliantly here) that that legacy is burned into the brain of every American. Now …. tomorrow ….and the day after tomorrow. Four years from now, as she is putting her presidential campaign into high gear, will be way too late. There needs to be a constant drumbeat. Each time we find ourselves (or our neighbors) minimizing the deadly effects of the Clinton era, we have to shake ourselves and remember. America will be decades recovering from the Clinton era – if the madmen and enemies he willingly and knowingly empowered don’t destroy us first. Our greatest charge is to remember what they did to this republic, and to guarantee that their brand of history will not repeat itself ever again. America couldn’t survive the sequel.

72 posted on 03/12/2003 7:11:47 PM PST by joanie-f
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To: Landru; FBD; goodell70
"...a full-blown vomitorium."

Oh, the way you turn a phrase, Lan!!!

86 posted on 03/13/2003 9:48:00 AM PST by sultan88 (Every picture tells a story, don't it?)
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